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May 26th, 2005, 3:55 PM
Hopefully this will catch on!^^; And please be literute!

A long time ago an orb of an ancient lion, was destroyed and shattered into one million pieces. This orb, if fallen to the wrong hands, can create total chaos and evil. That is why the ancient lion protected it with such great caution. But one day, he stepped on it while trying to fight a robber.
Now it has somehow put itself back together, and guess what? An evil organization, Shadow Craft, is trying to take it. So you will try to get it from them. Sound easy? One problem, only a specific person can actually touch this orb. He/she is called an orb gatherer. Can the orb gatherer, along friends, protect the ancient lion Sankao's orb?

Here is the form:

Race: (check the list)
History: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
RP Sample: (just so I know that you're literute, because if you're not, I will kick you off the RP.)


Orb Gatherer ~ As you know, he/she gathers orbs. The orb gatherer uses orbs for battle. Such as lightining orbs. He/she can use any element of orb. He/she is the most important and is the only one who can touch Sankoa's orb.

Warrior ~ This is the fighter in the group. He/she is the one that is most determined to protect the orb gatherer. The warrior can only use swords and sheilds, and they cannot cast magic.

Mage ~ The mage uses magic for his/her power. The mage can cast spells using a staff. The mage is never very good for up-close combat, and normaly fights behind every one.

Shape-Shifter ~ This race can shape shift. Normaly into animals, but if he/she trys hard, they can change into mythical creatures. They're not too magical, unless you count shape-shifting as being a magical ability. They only weild small daggers.

Half-Blood ~ Half-bloods are half human and half with something else. Like a cat, or vampire. They are very powerful, and shouldn't be fooled with. They are more powerful than the warrior, but they're quite weak in defense.

If a person has already taken the race, you cannot take it. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!^^

Name: Haru
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Shape-shifter
Weapon: A small crystal dagger
Appearence: I will find a picture!
History: (optional)
Personality: Impetious, undauntful, intelligent

May 26th, 2005, 7:06 PM
Name: Rine Shard
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Half-blood (Human and vampire)
Weapon: Sword/chain-blade (Usually appears as a normal sword, but may unfold into a many-bladed chain at the user's will); katana (usually uses katana)
Appearance: Dark hair, cold blue eyes, lightly built to allow for great speed and agility; only armor is a pair of armguards and shin-guards
History: Originally, Rine had no interest in gathering the shards of the orb. However, after his sister died in such a pursuit, Rine felt he was obligated to fulfill her duty and her mission.
Personality: Calculating and focused, Rine is serious, cold, and dark. Although he often seems rude, he has no intention of being such. Being a vampire, Rine has a natural dislike for the sunlight and desire for blood.
Other: Rine's speed and agility are far above those of a human--superior to the degree that, in most of his battles, his speed allows him to "vanish" until the battle is over. However, his extreme speed, agility, and reactions are his main defense against his "fatal flaw"(to be discovered).
RP Sample:

Rine leaned silently against a large elm, dancing shadows playing across his features amidst the silver moonlight and midnight wind. His eyes closed, the male gave no visible reaction at the rustle of parting bushes behind him. As several steps approached, the vampire softly questioned, "Is this wise . . . attacking me during the night?"

The steps stopped. "We can take you down anytime, half-breed. The villagers want you out of this forest. And we're here to make sure you get goin'."

"Truly?" Rine questioned, he voice filled with a cold calm. Straightening, he brushed dust and bark fragments from himself. "Then why did the villagers not inform me themselves?"

"Hah. Don't think you're getting away that easily," the gruff voice responded. The sounds of blood-stained steel rang out amidst the thick woods. "We're the top mercenaries in the area," another voice bragged arrogantly. "You're not getting away from us."

Two minutes later, four dismembered corpses lay amidst their pools of crimson. Idly raising a fallen forearm, Rine paused to inspect his work. I'm becoming inefficient and wasteful . . . a lack of practice, I suppose. Pausing, the vampire sniffed the flesh. It could be better. But, three days without food doesn't allow for much choice.

Closing his eyes gently, Rine sank his pale fangs into the arm and began to drink.

May 26th, 2005, 7:12 PM
Name: Kinst Risest
Age: 23
Gender: male
Race: Mage
Weapon: Old Gnarled Staff
Appearence: Adorning himself in a cloak, usually pulled over his head to keep himself less noticeable in strange environments, Kinst has very pale skin, and short, quite unkempt orange hair, much like a hue of fire. His icy blue eye contrast his hair well, and the man's stature is that of the common mage: thin, bony, and frail. Underneath the black cloak, Kinst wears traditional black and gold mages' robes, and oddly enough, sandals on his feet.
History: A great magician, and portal traveler from another world, trained by one of the greats there. Kinst has seen many things, and been to many places in his life, which isn't even half over. His wisdom and intelligence will be an obviously needed addition to the group.
Personality: Though Kinst attempts to keep himself relatively unnoticed amongst strangers, when he finds a friend, he is more than happy to blab on about random and sometimes pointless experiences he's had or theories he's come up with. He's friendly, polite, although doesn't take kindly to rude, unintelligent, or fast-acting individuals.

RP Sample: ooc- First of all... literate* :-P
IC- With a quick tap of his staff to the dirt below him, the mage's cloak swayed and flapped around him, as energy for the spell was being gathered. He let out a sort of warrior-like bellow, and pointed the tip of the gnarled stick at the nearest troll. With an intense whooshing sound, a gust of wind shot forth, obviously intended for the goblinoid.

May 27th, 2005, 6:33 AM
Yay! Two people who are literute! Now all we need is a warrior and orb gatherer.

May 27th, 2005, 10:38 AM
Name: Okita
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Warrior
Weapon: A blue bladed sword(styled like the Master Sword from Zelda) with the symbol for courage on the hilt and a blue shield(styles after the shield from Zelda) with the symbol for courage on the front.
Appearence: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v...Girl/illu17.png Her shield and sword are on her back and she doesn't have the pole.
History: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
RP Sample: The dark forest was eerily silent as Okita walked along the well known path. The light of the setting sun drifted through the trees and cast strange shadows across the ground. But Okita wasn't worried. She had traveled this path many times before. The last rays from the sun vanished and the mystical glow of the bright moon appeared. But even so Okita did not stop. She had to get home soon. But as she continued to on a cold chill crept down her spine. She looked around casually and quickened her pace. Anything could be hiding in the dense thicket of trees on either side of her. Her hand moved to the hilt of her sword and her gold eyes darted here and there. All at once there was a low moaning sound. Okita stopped, every sense on alert. The sound came again, but louder. Goose bumps crept up her arms as she turned. Though she couldn't see anything, she knew that something was standing on the path a few feet away. Her sharp eyes scanned the darkness trying to catch sight of what was there. But it was too dark. The minutes slipped by. Okita's hand never left the hilt of her sword. Then without warning the creature bolted. Okita only had enough time to draw her sword before the creature was upon her. A razor sharp claw as long as a dagger ripped through the air. The sound of metal hitting metal rang through the night as Okita swung her sword to block. The creature leapt backward then attacked again. It swiped with it's murderous claw again and again and each time Okita would block and counter with her sword. The battle grew fiercer and fiercer until both Okita and the creature were exhausted. The creature leapt backwards into a pool of moonlight. Okita's eyes widened as she saw what it was who had attacked her. Her sword fell to the ground with a clang and she stepped backwards in horror. "Senora?" She whispered in a shaky voice.

愛Forgotten Angel愛
May 27th, 2005, 10:54 AM
Name: Undrii Foun Yanitf
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Shape-shifter
Weapon: One visible dagger and about 10 attached inside a coat
Appearence: She has white skin and black hair down to her waist. She wears baggy, khaki pants and a black coat over her blue, half-shirt.
History: (optional)
Personality: She hates talking to people. She seems very stuck up, but, if you get to know her, she is very kind and protective.
RP Sample:
Undrii looked up at the sky and frowned. The wind blew her hair back and forth across her face. She took out her dagger and flung it into the ground. She got another from her coat and flung it into the ground next to the first dagger.

She repeated this process until she had a small circle of daggers surrounding her. She closed her eyes and focused on the the picture of the wolf she had seen. It had had a black fur coat. No, not entirely black, there was some grey. The snount was like...that. The ears...like that. The paws, the legs, the tail...like that. She reopened her eyes and felt her four paws on the ground. She tilted her head upwards and howled. A long, lonely howl. She barked, she yapped, she did anything she could to draw attention to herself. Then she laid down. She put her head on her paws. She whipmered. She longed for a time when there were others around. She longed for the time when she was open. She longed for the time when he had been alive. Then she slept; a deep sleep.

She dreamt about being with the ones she loved. Then, out of the blue, they had daggers in them. Her daggers. She ran away screaming. She woke up and yelped. She stared at the daggers around her. She decided she was tired of being in the wolf's body and returned to her own. She looked up at the morning sky.

"Just...a dream," she mumbled. "Just a dream..."

Lu Fei 21
May 27th, 2005, 3:53 PM
Name: Shiro
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Orb Gatherer
Weapon: Any type of orbs. And a staff. ( I will find a picture of the staff soon).
Appearance: May appear young and weak but is strong at heart. Blue eyes, black and red robes. A
black wizard's hat.
History: The lion Sankao is Shiro's pet, after taking care of Sankao, Shiro had soe quick business to
attend to, and that was when a robber tried to attack Sankao, thus creating the orb to break when
Sankao steps on it. So Shiro's mission began, to bring back the pieces together.
Personality: He is very quite and to himself. Not very self-confident, and no matter what he will always
be loyal to his friends.
RP Sample: I was walking in a strange town with no one around until, i heard a sound from the buildingon my right. As i walked closer it got louder, then the sound stopped all of a sudden, and i noticed thata young boy, about my little sister's age, was making an iron sword for someone important. He wanted me to deliver the sword (it was a thick and very beautiful looking sword and there was a nameinscripted onto the handle, Sir Lybalt).

May 28th, 2005, 8:23 AM
Unidine Shade, I'm the shape-shifter ^^;. And Sankao can't be your pet, Lu Fei 21. Maybe I didn't describe him well enough. Here's his history:

Created by the gods, Sankao, Lion of the Dreams, set his paws on fresh earth. He was created to protect the orb, that wasn't named yet, from the grips of darkness. As kept succeeding in task, the gods thought of what to name the orb. Finally, they came to the desicion of calling it Sankao's Orb.
Sankao was able to protect this orb, because he was very powerful. But because of his power, he was blinded by what was good or bad. Anything that came close to him, he killed unmercifaly. Eversince, he has been the most feared creature, but luckily he was on the right side.

Lu Fei 21
May 28th, 2005, 10:33 AM
Oh ok, thank you for telling me that he was made by the gods. I'll remember that. :D