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May 27th, 2005, 3:31 PM
This is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever written. I put every fiber of creativity and love into it...for the whom I love the most.

Joie de Vivre - For Alex

No words can describe
How I feel
In the sweet evening's bliss
I give my life to you
Forever binding
There is no me
There is no you
There is only us
Us. Our love. Our world.
Our pain. Our blood.
We are one under the
Sunset that blossoms the sky
like a rose
Your eyes are like newborn
Hazel nuts...I can't look away
Whispering three words in my ear
"I love you," and I look back
"I love you too,"...this is a lie
You see...love is not strong enough
It does not even begin to cover
How I feel...you are so much more
You are my life. My rose.
My earth and sky, the single star
still fighting on past dawn's first light
My hankerchief for my tears
My ice on the scrape
to make the pain stop
Your words flow like the
soft summer's wind in May
With the birds singing to us
The trees grow their leaves
As new life begins on this Earth
With new love...our love.
My love.
Your love.
Our love.
You are my life-giving drink
to a parched throat
Everything you are is beautiful
Like a rose...a rose...
So perfect, so you...
Like every kiss under the rose sunset
In May...when the flowers bloom
My world, my life, my love
My Alex...
My Joie de Vivre.

joie de vivre -

the life force or "soul" of a person