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May 27th, 2005, 7:22 PM
[color=deepskyblue]Well sweeties, ahh you'll get it when you read, you'll get it. XD

~The Pain Inside~
Everyday I think of you
thinking of what we've been through
and all the times that we were together
But now you have some one better
It was a sad that we're broken up
But why do I feel so messed up
I try to lie myself that its over
But I don't think my heart could get over

I wanna cry
I don't even sigh
Trying to hide
Pushing you away from me
Hoping that you'll let me be
Lying to myself that I don't love you
Acting like a stubborn fool
Pretending that I'm not sad
Acting glad that I can't have you back anymore
Pretending that things can't go back like before

Tangled in emotion and lies
Bearing the pain that hurts deep inside
Trying to let it go
Drowning you in your sorrow
But really I'm hurting me
It's too late, I must let things be
Can't go back and undo the things I done
Did them out of spite, not for fun

It's best that you forget about me and let me die
Because I still got the pain that hurts deep inside...