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January 21st, 2004, 4:53 AM
this is sapphire latios(scotts)rpg im not in it but im making it into a fanfic Copyright 2000 - 2004
(i may skip a few posts)(later on everyones posts will be here)
This is an fanfic about 8 people who go to a lab that said that they invented real Pokemon by using The Pokemon Ruby Game! when the 8 kids get there one of the scientists accidentally activates the transporter that sends the 8 kids into Pokemon Ruby! What will happen to the 8 kids? will they be eager to get out or will they try to become Pokemon Masters and save the World of Pokemon from Team Magma and Aqua?
Scott was walking to Allys house when he saw a box on the side of Allys garbage can it read: 'Dark Magician Girl costume, Have your friends be amazed!' "oh, no, i forgot, its Halloween in a couple weeks!" Scott said to himself as he walked up Allys steps to her house, but he got distracted when he got a call on his cell phone, it was his Uncle Jim he wanted to bring video games (preferablly Pokemon) to life! "Hello." Scott said answering his phone "Scott! Scott! Come quick to the Lab! iv made a breakthrough! i think we might be able to bring Pokemon to life! Bring all your Pokemon games! Green & Red-Ruby & Sapphire! Bye Scott! oh, iv invited some other people too!" Uncle Jim said as he hung up the phone "oh my god! Hes really gonna do it this time!" Scott said and ran up the stairs and knocked on Allys door.

Ally answered the door fully dresed in a Dark Magician Girl costume "Oh, Hey Scott!" Ally said as she opened the door "C'mon in!" She finished as Scott walked in "Hey, Ally...um, nice costume! ^_^;" Scott said as he sat on the couch "Remember my Uncle Jim?" Scott asked as Ally grabbed two cokes "Ya, the Proffesor that keeps trying to bring video games to life?" Ally said as she handed Scott one of the cokes "Yep, hes the one, but he claims hes really done it this time!" Scott said as Ally started laughing "You cant be serious!" She laughed "Well, he wants me to go there A.S.A.P so maybe you and i should head out that way!" Scott said "Well...Okay! lets go now!" Ally exclaimed "Um, Ally...Do you want to change your costume?" Scott asked scanning the costume, it didnt look to warm "Nah, It probly wont take that long!" Ally said as she started walking out the door with Scott

Ali and Julez continues to walk across the street, hey Ali, where do we go from here? Julia asked, looking out from the corner of a street. Erm Maybe we should turn that way
Hey look! It looks like the loon made one of the yu-gi-oh games come to life! She said, pointing to what looked like a dark magician girl. Whoa Ali said, in astonishment. Julez quickly ran up to her. She poked the girls nose, expecting a response. Uh Julez I dont think shes actually the dark magician girl -_- He ran up beside Julia, Oh, uh Sorry about that! Ali said, grabbing Julez by the arm, he continues to walk mindlessly up the street, not knowing if it was the correct direction or not.
~As Ally and Scott ran down the street Ally stopped. "Do you really think that your uncle really made this huge break-through? I mean, videogames really only have one purpose, to have fun." "I dunno, he seemed pretty excited when he told me." "Oh, Okay Scott." Ally said to him as they continued down the street
Kris was lying on her window becnh in her room as she was drawing a picture of her dog, wolf. 'Its not that good, but is better thann i did last time.' she thought. Then she heard her mom calling her. "Krissie! Krissie! Come down here now! your lunch is ready!" Kris yelled back, "My name is not Krissie! Its Kris! K-R-I-S! KRIS! " She put her notebook down and marched downstairs, when she got tehre her mom did not look to pleased. "Why did you yell at me? Krissie? Just because you dont like your first name doesnt mean anything, Kris is only a nickname, dear, why dont you just take a nice walk around outside, you hardly ever go out." Her mom told her while she put plates on the table. Kris looked displeased. "Fine, I'll walk around, okay? " Kris opened the door, then stopped. "Im sorry, mom. see ya later." Her mom smiled. " okay hunny, see you later." And Kris got outside, when she saw two kids, one a girl running in a strange outfit, and a guy, they looked like they were in a hurry. Kris decided to follow them. Little did Kris now, she wouldnt see her mom not just in a while, a long while..
Julia and Ali continued to walk along the street, just a few meters away from Ally and Scott. Hey, Ali What if the loon really did it this time? I mean, which pokemon would you want with you? Julia asked. Ali was surprised to hear Julia talk in such a mature tone, What? You actually think he mayve done it?
Well theres always a possibility, I guess Ali day-dreamed to think what it would be like, just to run around in the long grass, looking for pokemon. . Well, which pokemon would you want with you? Julia asked, again. Hmm I never really think about it all that much Definitely a Raichu, thats all I can really say so far
Raichu? Id probably go with Marill, theyre so soft and cute and fuzzy!
Erm Wouldnt Marill be rubbery?
I dont know! All Im saying is that a Marill would be cool to have!
Haha, I get it I really dont care all that much, Id even settle with that annoying little Pika-thingy
You mean Pikachu? How can you hate Pikachu, but love Raichu? It makes no sense
Well, lots of things dont make sense now-a-days But yknow whats way better than a Pikachu? A Pichu!!!
Hahaha! Now youre creeping me out! The two of them made an unconscious turn to the right. Whats so great about Raichu and Pichu that Pikachu doesnt have!?
Meh, I guess Pikachu has just kind of worn out on me, Its on every episode of the pokemon show, its on every t-shirt, every back-pack, every
Keep going ;)
I dont know, lets just keep going till we get to the looney-bin Did he leave directions?
Uh Not that I know of Ali was shocked, He didnt leave any directions!? What do you think youre doing!? Maybe we can ask those two behind us where the lab is
Hey Ali, the dark magician girl is following us!
Ugh Its probably just a costume, now come on! Ali turned around, and ran up to Scott and Ally, Hey, uh Would you happen to have any knowledge of where professor Jeralds lab is? Julia turned to Ali, after poking, pushing, and squeezing Allys nose, still awaiting an odd response, Its professor Jim! She exclaimed, going back to poking Allys nose, Erm right, professor Jim Julez, what do you find so amusing about her nose? Ali asked, strangely. I ono, just get the directions!
Yeah, so Do you have any clue at all where his lab is
"Um, yeah, sure, its this way!" Scott said pointing to a very large building about 100 yards away. "Yep, thats my Uncle Jims Lab! Hes gonna turn pokemon to life!" Scott said as the 4 walked into the Lab "HEY! UNCLE JIM!!! WE'RE HERE!!!" Scott shouted as a man approached the 4 "Well, Hello Scott and Ally! Good to see you two! All of you, Come quick!" Jim said as he ran to a little creature on a desk, it was a very deformed looking Pikachu "Um...What is that?"
Scott asked looking at the Deformed Pikachu........

okay I have school but this is chap I

January 25th, 2004, 12:39 PM
*sues Nick for using my idea* hey cool! My RPs so good it got made into a fanfic! :D great job Nick! :)

January 25th, 2004, 12:50 PM
Cool! a fanfic of it, then maybe I can print it out and read it!

January 26th, 2004, 9:02 PM
*Ahem* DON’T FORGET THE LITTLE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE IT THE SUCCESS IT IS TODAY! *Cough*… Think about it! Who would Julia have kissed if Adam didn’t join for that short amount of time? THE WHOLE-…. Yeah, I’m not gonna ruin it…

January 27th, 2004, 12:17 PM
am i going to be mentioned on this at all when my time comes? just curious, dont care either way :-)

January 28th, 2004, 7:24 PM
we all made it a success even Adam who unfortunatly left...