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June 1st, 2005, 2:51 PM
Well, I decided to remake this. The new part to it is underneath the plot.

Battle Island, or BI, is a humongous island positioned in a realm seperate from all others. Here, various fighters from the reaches of time and space are brought here, strong or not, and placed randomly within the islands jungles, deserts, mountains, and icy tundras. Run by the "Grand Masters," who only brought them here, hoping that, once they came across each other, they would battle. Their reasons for doing this are unknown, but something odd is brewing, bent on destroying the fighters. Who exactly are the "Grand Masters?" Are they the ones out to destroy the fighters? Only time will tell...

Basically, you play a character from an anime universe, who is transported to BI, and is oblivious to what's going on. You can choose a character from an anime that already exists, or make up your own character, as long as they're from an existing anime universe. I'm also allowing up to 2 characters per member. Also, if your character has a mech, or something similar, I ask that you make it so its somehow even with the others. Since mechs are a lot stronger then most characters are. However, if you intentionally choose a character that isn't that strong, that's fine.

*~NEW~*- New to this version of Anime Rumble, you must also play a human from the real world who is transported to Battle Island. Will they unlock special powers of their own? Meet up with their favourite anime character? Only time will tell.

Remember, don't join this RP unless you're:
1) Dedicated enough to continue the RP. (Meaning don't just suddenly stop posting)
2) Able to post at least once every 2 days.
3) Can follow all the rules of this forum, including the one paragraph per post rule.


Anime Realm: (What anime is this character from?)
Character Summary: (Here, give a summary about your character, like what it was doing in his/her world, ect. Also include what powers he\she has here)
Other: (For anything I forgot) XD

Real World Human Form (Be best if it was based off your RL self):

History: (A brief history of his/her life)
RP Sample: (I require a sample of your RPing skills for this RP. If you do not meet my standards, you will not gain entrance. If you RP poorly during the RP, you'll be kicked)

Zero ex
June 1st, 2005, 5:23 PM
Name: Kyosuke Date.
Gender: male.
Anime Realm:The soultaker.
Appearance:Just as my avatar. He is sort of tall.
Personality: He is well adjusted and determined.
Character Summary: He finds himself killed and awakes with the unwanted ability to transform into a monster. Kyosuke finds allies in enemy in search for the truth until he found that his father is a monster to. But only one person could tell him the truth and it was it sister "Runa".
Other: His ability, it can only be used as the soultaker, is the "sonic cross". With that ability he is able to bend space and suspend his enemy in crucifix form in mid-air. His "lighting breaker" is the ultimate weapon, able to free the light of a soul to pulverize the enemy.

Real World Human Form (Be best if it was based off your RL self):

Name: Leon
Gender: male
Appearance: He have black hair and his hair is short. Weareing a black jacket.
Personality: Always happy, including with the enemy.
History: A normal life.
Other: He knows some martial arts and how to use both a sword and a gun.
RP Sample: As Kyosuke saw the sky he saw 3 Kirihara soldiers. Kyosuke avoided them and said " You can not beat me, i am the Soultaker" once he said that wings came from his back cutting his cape. " Could it be.... is the Soultaker" the soldier said with a scary voice. Some spikes came from one of the soldier arm. " What the ...." Kyoskue said with a expresion of anger. " I am sorry but i will have to kill you" Kyosgue said. He flew to the sky and said "Sonic cross" killing two of the soldiers. But still there was the monster-soldier. "And you shall die fast" Kyosuke said and used his lighting breaker and killed the third soldier.

June 1st, 2005, 5:29 PM
I'll use her American name/status mixed a little with the Jap. version...

Name: Zoey Hanson (I think that's how you spell her last name...)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Anime Realm: (What anime is this character from?)
Appearance: http://images.quizilla.com/L/Lynex/1103318953_yoMewMew01.jpg (From left to right-- Battle form with her weapon, battle form without weapon, normal form) Full Cat form (http://groups.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nGAAAAEkH20cOXSgkbOAXpzNcJx9KAv</font><font color=)
Personality: She's a normal cheery girl. Her biggest fear is ghosts. She is the first to discover the DNA transplant of the 5 Mew Mews. She acts very much liek a cat, and has cat insticts sometimes.
Character Summary: Zoey Hanson is a girl in Middle School who has a HUGE crush on a boy named Aoyama, but hasn't expressed her feelings yet. She is one of 5 girls chosen for the "Mew Mew" project, in which they were injected with the DNA of endangered animals to help fend off an attacking alien race. She is mixed with the DNA of an Irimote Yamaneko (Irimote Cat). When she gets nervous or excited, her cat ears show up, and when she gets REALLY emotional she turns into a cat. In this stage, only a kiss can turn her back to normal. When in her half-cat form, she can use her Mew Mew powers. Her weapon is called the Strawberry Bell, and her attacks are "Ribbon Strawberry check" and "Strawberry Bell".
Other: Hm... Think that's all for now. XD

Heh, I'll play me. XD

Name: Rachel
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Boyish haircut, dark brown hair, a varying wardrobe, and hazel eyes, almost green. She's skinny but curvy, and has a small but not flat chest. She likes to wear shirts featuring her favorite anim or dragons, and usually wears shorts or jeans.
Personality: She has a temper that flares fast and dies quickly. She can be impatient sometimes, and get annoying to those older. But if she doesn't know the person, she's kind of shy and quiet. NEVER give her any form of cafine or sugar. She loves adventures and fighting, even though she's not that good at it.
History: A pretty normal life, she has soem experience with electronics since her father is an electrical engineer. Her mother is goign to school to become a teacher, and she has two extremely wierd and annoying 8-year-old sisters.
Other: Hm.. Not much here either. XD
RP Sample:
Starclaw walked slowly around the waterfall, her large paws padded and silent on the grassy ground. She gazed with awe at the sight of thundering water that she had never, ever dreamed of being able to see at her old home. She was filled with a mixed emotion of excitement and sadness, though neither showed on her black, emotionless face. She continued on to the rugged shore of the streaming water, and bent down to drink. Dirt came off and drifted slowly away as she lapped at the choppy surface with her tongue. Her speckled brest nearly scraped the ground as she bent lower, the cool water running over her snout. It felt good. She slowly lifted it out, shook to get the last droplets of water off, and layed down in a patch of slightly browned grass. It scratched and pricked at her skin under her black fur, but she did not care. She was too tired to make a proper bed, too tired to do anything. Going without food or water for days was not exactly relaxing, as was finally having a place to sleep. She suddenly pricked her ears and let out a low growl.
Another wolf was coming.

June 2nd, 2005, 6:37 AM
I would use Roan-kun... If only I knew more about him. So, I'll use:

Name: Yoh Asakura
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Anime Realm: Shaman King
Appearance: Click here for Yoh (http://www.manga.li/images/charakter/yoh_asakura.jpg)
Personality: He's easy-going and cheerful, but is sometimes a slacker.
Character Summary: Yoh is a shaman; he can see, talk to spirits and ghosts. He could even let them merge with his body. He comes from a long line of Japanese shamans, and even though he is only in Junior high, he is engaged to marry Anna Kyouyama, an itako (a traditional Japanese shaman). His spirit ally is Amidamaru, a 600 hundred year old samurai.
Other: Um, when Yoh integrates Amidamaru into his sword, Harusame, he creates an over soul; basically a materialization of his ghost... Click here for another image (http://www.asakurakatayama.blogger.com.br/amidamaru%20and%20yoh.jpg)

Real World Human Form (I'll base this on moi!):
Name: Cyril
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sholder length black hair with brown eyes. She normally wears a normal white shirt with baggy jeans.
Personality: Kinda boyish and is very shy, especially to strangers and elders. However, she goes along well with others of around her age.
History: Pretty normal life I guess. Well, she has a 15-year-old brother that keeps annoying her...
Other: THIS DOES NOT EXIST... for now o.o

RP Sample:
The wind blew furiously over the once calm waters. Giant waves emerged from the surface. Large droplets of water flew off the sea landing meters away from where it jumped. Birds who flew even yards away were captured by this salty grave. But beneath this was something far greater. Something that will bring fear to anyone's hearts. It casted a large shadow, slowly rising. A horn, a massive horn, pierced the raging waves. However, something was different about the creature this time. As its head rose, something was stuck to the creature's forehead. It was a sword. A simple sword, stuck to the creature. This was a sign. Kimihiro had done it after all! But at what price...

At the shoreline, the village people stared at the amazing sight of the creature, but insted of being filled with fear, they were happy; happy that finally, someone was brave and daring enough to even step close to this beast. Roars of cheers that could be heard from miles away was shouted. However, this halted for a moment. A figure rose from the sea, near the village. It was Kimihiro! He survived! He took a slow step by slow step to the crowd. He stopped, smiled, and fell in a heap in front of the people.

June 2nd, 2005, 6:58 AM
Do I have to have the anime form? And do I have to RP myself?

Name: Susaki San-Rei
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Susaki (http://img66.echo.cx/img66/6664/1102113854sanimeguy16fu.jpg) doesn't have ears, and his staff isn't with him, but that's what he looks like. Pretty modern don't you think?
Personality: Impetuous, cunning, competetive, someone who is rough on the outside, but soft on the inside.
History: Susaki's parent's died from a terrible bus accident, so he now lives with grandfather. His grandfather has teached him the ways of a bo staff. And he is most known for his ways with the bo.
Other: (This isn't a weapon!) He has a small ferret that's on his shoulder named Ryou.
RP Sample:
Susaki sat in the that large waving field. His bo in hands. He started practicing, intensly. Each yell, was a deadly move. His grandfather was secretly watching to see if he wasn't goofing around.
I must do better. I've got to be stronger! He thought.
After the his whole form was done, he set his staff down and sat aswell. He wiped the sweat from his fore head and sighed.
He looked around, and spotted his grandfather.
"Grandpa, why must you watch me?!" growled Susaki.
"I need to see how well you're doing," smiled Grandpa.
"But I tell you!"
"Sometimes I don't believe you. Anyways, you're doing fine."
Susaki stood up, and stormed away.
I'm 15! I don't need an old man watching me constantly!

Hopefully that was good enough!^_^

June 5th, 2005, 6:26 AM
Sorry, almost forgot about this thread ^^;; Ill make the opening post later >>

Name: Shinku
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Anime Realm: Rozen Maiden
Appearance: Shinku 1 (http://shinnoir3.free.fr/RMaiden/rozen007.jpg) Shinku 2 (http://shinnoir3.free.fr/RMaiden/Well_rozen020.jpg)
Personality: The 'elegant' doll of the Rozen Maiden. Shinku may seem fairly selfish during some moments, but usually shares her concern for most. Especially if it involves any of the other Rozen Maiden, or her Median, Jun. Her personality is basically hard to put into words, so I'll leave it at that, XD
Character Summary: Shinku met up with Jun one day after he tried a mysterious trick as said on the internet. Soon after, they were attatcked by a mysterious clown doll. Shinku offered Jun 2 choices: He could die at the hands of the clown, or he could become her Median. He obviously chose to live, and Shinku made him kiss the rose ring on her hand. Following this, Jun gained one on his, a sign of their connection. Eventually, they run into the other 4 members of Rozen Maiden. Hinaichigo, who ends up staying with Jun, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, and Sugintou, who is trying to steal the Rosa Mystica from the others.
Other: Shinku is a doll of the Rozen Maiden, and has the ability to bring dolls to life, as well as utilize other mysterious powers.

Name: Jun
Age: 12/13
Gender: Male
Anime Realm: Rozen Maiden
Appearance:Jun (Other characters from right to left are Suiseiseki, Shinku, and Hinaichigo (http://img164.exs.cx/img164/4133/rozenmaidenep04069hu.jpg)
Personality: Since he never goes to school, and is always in his house, he lived a lonely life until Shinku came around. Slowly, but surely, his experiences with the Rozen Maiden are improving his personality for the better.
Character Summary: As explained before, Jun always stayed locked up in his room, until he met up with Shinku that day. Due to a deep trauma at school, he refuses to return there. As Shinku's medium, he gives her his energy so she can fight.

Name: David
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'11" with short red hair and blue eyes. He wears a grey sweatshirtwith a hood, with a pair of navy blue jeans. Though he is tall, he has very thin arms. He also has a pair of black running shoes.
Personality: N/A
History: David lives a pretty boring life, since he lives practically in the middle of nowhere, and only socializes during school. His dream is to go on an adventure, and it seems that may come true.
Other: N/A

Trainer Ben
June 9th, 2005, 9:23 AM
Is it against the rules to bump a 4-day old topic?

Name: Ranma Saotome
Age: 16
Gender: Male/Female
Anime Realm: Ranma 1/2
Appearance: http://img298.echo.cx/img298/8177/ranmasaotome5id.jpg
Personality: Stubborn, overly-honest. If you ask him if there's anything unappealing about you, he'd try to make a list. XD When's he determined about something, he'll fight to the end.
Character Summary: Ranma, with his fiancee Akane, was walking to school, as usual, when he was ambushed by his three rivals (Kuno, Ryoga, and Mousse). Also as usual, he defeated them easily. Before he got a chance to rub it in, though, a bright light shone under him and whisked him off, leaving everyone baffled.
Ranma has some powerful attacks, like the Kachuu Tenshin Amiguriken technique, which is a rapid punching move. Another move, the Hiro Shoton Ha technique, which sends a furious water dragon at the foe. He can also use the Saotome shooting star kick, which pretty much explains itself.
His second most powerful technique, the Moko Takabisha, sends an enormous ball of chi energy at the opponent.
Ranma's most powerful technique, which pretty much makes him invincible, is the Neko Ken, or Cat Fist. Ranma has a great fear of cats, so whenever a bunch of them get near him, he gets freaked out. However, when that fear elevates to it's greatest climax, Ranma becomes a cat himself. His speed increases harshly and he becomes ultra strong.

Other: Well, whenever Ranma is splashed with cold water, "he" become a "she". XD

June 9th, 2005, 11:18 AM
(You said we can make our own characters, so here goes. This guy is based on the Hellsing universe)

Anime Realm: Based on the rules of Hellsing
Appearance: Tall, thin, with shoulder length dirty silver hair. He wears a red and black suit, similar to a business suit, but slightly different. He is very pale and underneath the suit he has a series of intricate tatoos, denoting his Rank in the Vampiric community. The only evidence of these when he is fully clothed are markings on the palms of his hands. His hands are usually gloved of course. His eyes are a pale grey, but turn red when he enters Bloodlust or is badly injured.

Personality: Quiet, polite and calculating. Like all vampires he tends to be arrogant, but for the most part he is refined and nice to everyone...unless they are demons, or they try to kill him. He believes that Humans and Vampires could live in peace, if only their worlds were combined, and he works night after night to try to discover how. As a result, he has been seen as a hermit. He dislikes violence and killing, as he sees it as tiresome, but he has the powers to place him in the upper tier of any fight.

Character Summary: He is the second vampire ever created, a close friend to the man that became the Vampire Lord, Dracula. He voluntarilly allowed himself to be turned into a Child of the Night, as he philisophically supported Dracula's cause. Since then, he has seen the birth of the vampire race, and all the wars and events that have defined them. He was a key figure in the Vampiric Revolution, which freed them from the control of Lucifer, and for 400 years he was the head of the Vampiric Council.

Nowadays he has become something of a peacemaker, and is now the only one who sees The Master (Dracula) in person, and he conveys his will to the others. He is striving to unite Humans and Vampires, and believes that a strict discipline is the only way for their race to achieve its true potential, which clashes with the popularity of Bloodlust that the rest of his kind share. As a result, the current Council are constantly trying to find ways to kill him, or make sure he is out of the way...for good.

Lazarus himself is highly skilled in the weapons he uses: A silver Scythe, and a silver Epee (long rapier). He is also one of the most powerful demonic mages, being the only one to retain the lost knowledge of demons and their powers. As a result of this however, he lacks a great deal of proficiency in Shape-shifting, one of the Vampire's most used arts. He also retains the usual weaknesses that Vampires have, but thanks to his great age, he is far more resistant to all of them but Sunlight, which he is now more sensitive to. He, of course, keeps the standard vampiric strength, speed and cunning that is inherent to his species.

Also, in very rare occurances, usually after having fed on an incredibly powerful being (Aka, another powerful vampire, a powerful demon) he can enter his True Brood form, which is a temporary, very powerful behemoth. This is similar to the Vampiric Bloodlust, basically a berserker mode, but he is more dangerous, both to himself and to anyone around him. He fears this abilty, and only uses it when he absolutley must.
So, is this ok?

June 9th, 2005, 11:24 AM
RP Sample: (This is really long, so it needs another post. This is from another RP i've done, but its a good set-up for Lazarus)

He stood in front of the Council, their needley eyes boring into him.

"Lazarus, you stand accused of murdering three council members. How do you plead."

Lazarus grinned.

"Plead? Come now, you're acting like humans! You want me to tell you whether or not I commited this crime? My answer is meaningless! You'll cast me to the Pits no matter what I say!"

The head of the council grinned.

"That's right. You've been the final thorn in our side Lazarus. We've been waiting centuries for a good excuse to kill you, and now we have one! The Master has retired to his Slumber...he won't find out of your death for another 500 years. By then, you won't even be a memory."

Lazarus sighed.

"Though these may be worthless, I have some words in my defense. I cannot activly recall killing our council members. Save one. I killed Galagrin. He was a traitor, and he revealed your plot to me. The other two deaths however, cannot be placed on my shoulders. Unless inside me there is a force acting out of my control, those two deaths were orchestrated...by you!"

The council leapt to their feet, shouting and cursing. It took ten minutes to restore order.

Lazarus smirked.

Unbelievable. He had served this council for almost 900 years. He was the first Child of the Night to be turned by the Master...he had been head of the council for 400 years. Now, the very cause he had pledged himself to had turned into a rabid pack of beasts.

He had learned of the council's corruption 20 years ago, while hunting down a Paladin, serving the Vatican. Apparantly, there had been talk of a truce between the Children and the Humans. One of the conditions was for Lazarus...and the Master to be killed.

The Master's death would destroy half of the world's Vampires, a fact the Master had kept to himself. Only Lazarus knew, for when the Vampire which had cursed you is killed, you die with him.

Lazarus had never suspected that the council themselves would be the ones doing it. Over the past ten years he had tracked down any information he could, traversing the globe. He and the Master made a plan. They would both go into their Slumber, a sleep of protection for 500 years, in a hidden place, in Tokyo. The Master would go first, making the obvious decisions and putting everything to order.

Lazarus would follow, pending the council didn't catch up to him, he would fake his death, and also go into the Slumber. Why the Master chose Tokyo confused Lazarus. the only clue he had was the final conversation they had. The Master told him that they were to go to Tokyo.

"But why?"

"Lazarus, soon the corrupted and the pure shall be swept clean. Our reign, in its current state, will soon end. Everything will be brought back to Creation. When all is ready, Lucifer...our creator, though I hate to say it, shall guide you."

Lazarus was confused.

"Whats going to happen?"

"The folly of man is going to bring about a new beginning. Our time is short, you must enter the Slumber at the date I give you. Otherwise, you too, will be lost."

That was all that had been said.

Lazarus stared at the head of the council, then at the clock. two hours till midnight. Time to leave.

"Now, Lazarus, it is time for you to die...guards!"

Lazarus laughed.

"How young you all are..."

There was a flash of red light, and Lazarus rushed forward, his True Brood form bursting out of its confining flesh. The head of the Council, Silvian, never stood a chance. He was ripped, limp from limp, his soul wrenched out of his living torso and crushed, in seconds.

The Red Beast burst through the walls, traveling on the roads of Shadow. He was in Tokyo in an hour, running through the empty streets, heading for the secret place.

He stood in front of the huge sarcophogus, the runes of protection upon it just beginning. He stepped into its earthy confines and lay, closing his eyes. The ritual began, and with seven minutes to spare, the coffin closed shut.

What awaited Lazarus upon awakening was beyond anything he would've dreamed...

June 9th, 2005, 2:09 PM
OOC: Ah, Ranma, gotta love the classics, XD Anywho, i'll truly make the opening post later. I've got homework. ^^;;

June 9th, 2005, 3:02 PM
Um, did my character pass the test?

Trainer Ben
June 9th, 2005, 3:33 PM
Oops! Forgot my other two characters! :nervous:

Name: Vash the Stampede
Age: Looks about 20 (Is really more than 100 years old)
Gender: Male
Anime Realm: Trigun
Appearance: http://img298.echo.cx/img298/7686/vashthestampede6ix.jpg
Personality: Good natured, silly when he wants to, serious when needed. Also loves Donuts.
Character Summary: Vash, in his world, is known as a cold-hearted terrorist. He is far from that. He loves almost all living things, and he will never kill anyone/anything. He does have a gun, but only uses it to scare off criminals or to stun enemies.

Real world form

Name: Ben
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blue hair, orange shirt, blue jacket, black pants, orange arm bands, blue tennis shoes with white stripes.
Personality: Quiet, tends to keep to himself. Can be outgoing, though.
History: Grew up normally, now lives in Sierra Vista (not much of a history)
Other: N/A
RP Sample:

Ben continued to ride down the hillside. The wind he felt in his hair was refreshing. It helped take his mind off the recent events that had occurred...

The Newsreport still burned inside his mind. She said it as clear as day:

Are we all really safe from kidnappers? This incident proves something.

Local teenager Crystal Lily was kidnapped June 5, 2005 11:00 P.M. No signs of struggle were present, and there was no blood. Oddly enough, no DNA of either the kidnapper nor Crystal were found. Police are still investigating, although they say she may have vanished off the face of the earth. According to her mother, friends, and even family, Crystal's face has completely been wiped off every picture taken of her, with the background and other objects still present. Are we at the mercy of a force beyond our comprehension? Only time will tell...

Coming up next: The world's fatest man accidentaly eats an encyclopedia. Stay tuned for a full report of the indigestion.

Ben's thoughts were interrupted when the terrain started getting bumpy. More rocks appeared, and started getting taller, until he collided with one. He went flying into the air, his body swirling. Odd thing was, he didn't stop. At least 3 minutes passed and he hadn't landed anywhere. Suddenly, a strange vortex appeared in the sky, and he was heading towards it!

"Hey! I didn't ask to be on Twilight Zone!" Ben yelled, trying to get at least one joke in before going to his doom. Finally, the portal sucked him in, and black was all he could see.

Edited my first post and added Ranma's picture

June 9th, 2005, 4:52 PM
Name:Melody Orina
Anime Realm: Rave masters
Appearance:has long blonde hair and crimson eyes white skin and freckles wears a tight shortcut purple dress and black pants
Personality: is a knd and caring but somewhat a hothead sometimes lets her pride get in the way of what she is doing she is always bugged b guys because she is so pretty hates flirt crazy guys and will slap any guy like that then step on him
Character Summary: Melody had just met up with Haru and friends when her melody board a magic hoverboard that can turn into differnt weapons depending on the tune it hears from the flute that comes with suddenly started taking her up higher and higher until she was teleported to BI

Appearance:has short brown hair and blue eyes wears glasses and a blue t-shirt with blue and white pants and black shoes
Personality:is smart and serious but has a lighthearted side when you get to know him
History: is just the modern everyday suoer smart kid with a nack for anime when he found himself surrounded by his favorite anime stars was very excited
Other:falls in love with Melody and searches for a way to keep seeing her after the tournement also uses his mnd to help solve the mystery of the grand masters
RP Sample: "well Haru I guess I'll be going." Melody said as she mounted the melody board it suden;y lifted her up and into the sky higher and higher she fluted a melody that the board could hear and translate
whats the matter" she said than fluted a melody corresonding with the words it didnt respond she suddenly disappeared and when she awoke she was in a hotel room with another girl she had jet black hair and a bow.
"oh your awake My name is Kagome"
"Where am I" Melody said
"well according to the tv we are in someplace called Battle island" this girl named Kagome said Melody grabbed her borad and went to explore

June 9th, 2005, 6:03 PM
Oh! Can I add another character? Sorry. XD
Name: Kish/Kishu/Dren
Age: Looks about 13-ish
Gender: Male
Anime Realm: Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/avr_il_lavi_gne/ichigokish/ichigokish6.jpg (He's the one to the right)
Personality: He's a pervert, at least to Ichigo. He has a temper that's quick to flare, and he enjoys tormenting people. He hates most humans.
Character Summary: Hmm... well, he and two other aliens, Tart and Pai, were tryign to destroy humankind and take back earth as their planet. They were using a substance called "Mew Aqua" to do so. Kish has two swords he uses for weapons, he can fight normally with them or send a shiney blue ball of light that probably hurts. XD He can levitate and teleport also, and has a strong mental power. He also controls predisites(sp?), small alien blob things that can posses the souls of animals and turn them into monsters, called "Chimara Animals".
Other: Hm... not that I can think of. Except that he has a huge crush on Ichigo. XD

Zero ex
June 9th, 2005, 7:28 PM
hey i want another character

Name: Mugen
Age: like 20 to 22
Gender: Male
Anime realm: Samurai champloo
Personality: Lazy, some times gets angry easily, and sometimes a pervert.
Apparence: http://www.absoluteanime.com/samurai_champloo/index.jpg the one in the center.