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June 1st, 2005, 8:28 PM
On a place far away named planet zi,humans and gigantic metal beings known as zoids are used to keep order in the world.....

"Sir Athle!!I come with urgent news from the kingdom of Phalteria"A guard from the entrance of the castle of Arcadia was confronted from a zoids warrior of the Phalteria Kingdom,there was a message to be delivered to the prince of Athle
"At ease soilder now explain to me what is the news which you speak of?"
The guard explained that the man that confronted him told rouge group of bandits was rampaging through their towns and destroying all that stood in their way,they requested immediate support from the arcadia kingdom,it seemed as though there zoids were all destroyed in a suprise bombing that took place right before the chaos
"Thats awful....of course we cant let the people of that kingdom die,besides my brother and his family live over there,hurry now get my Trinity Liger ready and the Zaber Fangs set! we leave as soon as we are ready!"
Athle walked towards the field outside his palace,there stood a dazziling trinity liger in the color of ruby,beside it stood three yellow zaber fangs ready to go
"Ok everyone we leave now!Phalteria is our destination"
"Sir,yes sir!"Athle and his army of three took off for Phalteria......
As they arrive at the kingdom it is a horrific sight to behold,the place is up in flames and smoke,as the trinity liger took a turn around a street he saw a child on a fence post....dead...the child was hung over on the fence with the sharp object stuck in him
Athle was outraged and very sad for the people of this kingdom,at the main gate of the palace athle saw his brother at the gate
with the princess of Phalteria looking very sad
"Brother!"Athle lept out of his zoid to confront his brother "Brother what has happened here?!"
"Athle!Oh thank goodness,it seems a group of rouge bandits have found a new zoid they call it the Gojugas Giga"Athles brother responded
"Whatever the cause i wont let them destroy this place i will take them out!"
"No brother wait-"But it was too late Athle boarded his Liger and took off towards the bandits,Athle encountered the zoid called "Gojugas Giga" it was a sight to behold,the height of this zoid amazed athle
"Hey you!your not welcome here so you need to leave or i make you leave by force!" The pilot in the GG responded
"Huh?...your just a kid,you really think we will listen to you!?Ha dont make me laugh junior!here why dont you have a taste of my strength!" The pilot shot his particle beam straight for Athle,Athle frozen in fear couldnt move,he just sat there and watched.But in nearly half a second there was a blinding light and the only thing that could be heard was the cries of the people......

"Van!!!!!!!!! Prepare to lose!!"Raven a zoid warrior was battling with a fellow warrior name Van "ha you really think your gonna win Raven!?" Once bitter rivals now close friends,Raven and Van were having a friendly battle,Van's Blade Liger aganist Raven's Proto Zaber,on the side of the field a ancient zodian named fiona was watching them go at each other,next to fiona stood two reptillian figures which appered to be smaller zoids only they had emotion,there was a silver one which went by Zeke and the other one which was black went by the name of shadow.
"Ugh!!"Van has struck Raven hard malfunctioning its right leg
"Ha see i totally rocked you raven!"
"Hmph you just got lucky van dont let it get to your head now" Raven responded
"Yea well-"Van cut himself short when he saw a blinding white light
"Van! wh-what is that!?" Raven yelled
"I-i dont know!" Van responded
Raven,Van,Fiona and the two little zoids dissappered in a blinding light!

Future(Our time-line):
"Its has been over 1000 years since the rampage of Phalteria was stopped because of the interference the Aracadia Kingdom caused!......and the day prince Athle went missing...that was a time of dispair and greatness"A mysterious voice was speaking to his assistant
"Phara please go and inform the "People" that the time has come to up rise up and take over not just the Phalteria kingdom but of the whole Planet Zi,with the new zoids that are in the process of being made we shall over come everyone and everything that might get in our way!"
"Yes sir" the female assistant left and did as she was told.

One week later.....
"Everyone we are in very high alert!Nerby Zoids have started to attack towns"The news was in reporting attackes being had on Imperial and Republic bases and not just that they were also on towns that had nothing to do with the conflict between the Imperial and Republic forces,what everyone thought the guardian force was a combination between the two to protect the Planet from anything bad has gone terribly wrong,conflict has been happening and the courupption(SP?) for power has sprung up.The news also stated that a whale king was seen flying over city's letting out zoids to attack towns,nobody knows who they are and why they are doing that.
"Come on captian we have to send the Emerald Dragons to stop them!!Give me the order to send them!"A soilder was telling his captain to send the Emerald Dragons a team known for its surperior tactics and power
"I-i dont know if we should i think this is to much for even them to handle"the captain responded
"Dammit captian im giving the order now!Send the ED'S!"as the soilder didnt wait for his captian to give him the order he gave the order himself to alert the Emerald Dragons the most superior force the guardian force has.
"ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!"at the base where the emerald dragons were stationed they heard the alarm and knew one thing...it was time to go..they already had knowledge about all the mishaps that were taking place in the world all they needed was the command to let them go help.As they all got mounted on their zoids they started off towards the closest place...the Aracadia Kingdom.

You are one of the Emerald Dragons fill out the forum below so we can proceed.

Zoid: (No Uber powerful zoids such as: Death Saurer,Mad thunder,stuff of that nature)
Weapons Mounted:

I think that to fully enjoy this RP you will have to have some knowledge of zoids

June 2nd, 2005, 4:28 AM
Name: Dragoness
Age: 15
Gender: F
Personality:kind and helpful but the quote 'next mood swing 5 seconds' applies on the battlefield
Description:long blonde hair, flawless tan,
Zoid: http://images.hasbro.com/common/images/products/83190_imageMain400.jpg but with a longer mid section and black wings (basicly dragon like)
Weapons Mounted: Cyber shield, lazer claws, plasma cannon (in mouth) & beserk cannons on frount sholders

June 2nd, 2005, 7:41 AM
name: Tai
age: 15
gender: female
description: sholder length blonde hair, blue eyes, white tank top with a red sleveless denim jacket, dinim shorts. She is short(about 4'2)
zoid: http://www.gadgetsville.co.uk/images/Tomy%20ZOID%20zaber%20fang%202.jpg The purple parts are dark red.
weapons mounted: gatling gun on top, side blades...on sides, energy beam in mouth

June 12th, 2005, 4:30 PM
Name: Dart
Personality: Kind and almost always happy Dartt loves a challenge and takes battles without much thought to it. He sometimes in battle can get incredibly focused and serious while somehow seeming like he doesn't care at all
Description: He has shart red hair an blue eyes. He is about 5'7 andwears blue jeans with a grey t-shirt. He was lightning fast reflexes and is very knowlegable when it comes to ziuds.
Zoid: A black Command Wolf
Weapons Mounted: Double-barreled beam barbette on its back.
Other Weapons: electron bite fangs

June 12th, 2005, 5:32 PM
is it ok if I use a made up zoid because it has been some time sinse I have seen the show and I remain clueless I know not to make it some ultimate zoid I am no amataur at this

June 13th, 2005, 2:44 PM
Name: Yami Shinigami
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious, calculating, observant, usually level-headed and cautious
Description: Dark hair with a silver streak, silver eyes, has a distinctive headset that he usually wears
Zoid: Stormsworder (Name: Rai)
Weapons Mounted: Dual Wingblades, Steel Claws, Twin 40 mm Wingcannons, Headblade

June 13th, 2005, 3:11 PM
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, sweet and kind. Serious when it comes to battling
Description:5'2, long brown hair she keeps in a braid and beautiful blue-green eyes. Wears black pants, a black tanktop and black boots.
Zoid: Lighting Saix
Weapons Mounted: Double-barreled Vulcan Gun, Pulse Laser Rifle