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Mr Cat Dog
June 2nd, 2005, 11:14 AM

Welcome to The Pokecommunitys first reality based game to grace FTiP. If you havent read the thread in Announcements, then you dont have to, as this thread has all the info youll need on the game.

So what is The Mole?
The Mole is a game loosely based off of the television game show of the same name. In the television show, contestants tried to win money by completing set challenges each week. As contestants got kicked off of the show (by means of which Ill explain later) there eventually is a winner. The PC version shall use the same concept of weekly challenges to determine a winner, although the prize shall not be of a monetary value of course.

No I meant, what is the mole? The brown furry thing?
Not in this context. In the television show, the mole was basically trying to sabotage the game for other players and reducing the total prize money at the end. The mole did this because he/she would have been paid by the network doing the show (although it would have been less than the eventual prize money). In PCs game, the mole will be trying to make it hard for the other players.
The mole in the game will be a contestant trying to trick you, so dont be fooled by anyone.

OK. This sounds nothing like The One Above. How do you play?
Basically, all the contestants who apply will be grouped into teams, and I shall give them a certain amount of imaginary Monopoly money (say $10,000) for which they can wager each week on the challenge I set for the teams. These challenges could be trivial or just completely random. Once the challenges have been completed, certain teams will go to ELIMINATION ROUND! Some teams will go to ER because they lost the challenge, or I might be evil and say that the winners of the challenge go to ER, or I might just send random teams no matter how they did in the challenge because Im very evil. In the Elimination Round, players there will have to answer a series of questions, and the contestants that get the most wrong will be kicked out of the game. This continues until we only have 2 people left: the winner, and the mole.

Whats the prize?
Ive yet to arrange it with Steve or Kwesi, but there probably will be some prize in one way or another.

Great! How do I sign up?
PM me with your time zone (e.g. GMT+3 or GMT-6, NOT Pacific Time), and the answers to the following questionnaire:

Which forum member would you like to snog?
Who would win in a fight Mihara or Dakota?
What would be your ultimate breakfast?
At what age do you wish to die?
Which forum member would you wish to be stuck in an elevator for 24 hours with?
Does Mr Cat Dog have a girlfriend?

Your PM must be clearly labelled to be involved with The Mole (I get too many reports these days -_-) and must reach me by Saturday Midnight (GMT+1). If yo dont, then you wont be taking part, Im afraid.

Well, as this thread will be called Important Stuff, Ill go ahead and close it to stop n00bish spam. If you want to ask questions or queries, then dont be afraid to ask in the discussion thread, or via PM. Ill just go ahead and close/sticky this so good luck everyone.

Case closed - Stickified

Mr Cat Dog
June 7th, 2005, 7:25 AM

Darth Vader's Little Green Aliens

Hotaru - Captain
Lil' Schu - Captain
Baker's Bulbasaur
Punk Skater
Emerald Ex

Fluffy Bunnies With Intense Acne

The Hunk
Miyu-chan - Captain
Kira - Captain
^^NICK^^ v.4.0
Legendary Pokemon Master

Jessica Fletcher's Mystery Solvers

Crush on May
Happy Dude
Digital Phoenix
Super Torchic
Arcanine - Captain
Dark Sora



Lil' Schu
Happy Dude

The Sylvester and Tweety SUPERTEAM!

The Hunk
Baker's Bulbasaur

Mr Cat Dog
June 11th, 2005, 3:08 AM
Monopoly Money/Mickey Mouse Piggy Bank of Cash!


$30,000 split equally between 3 teams

Round 1

DVLGA - $10,000 + $2,000 = $12,000
FBWIA - $10,000 + $1,800 = $11,800
JFMS - $10,000 + $0 = $10,000

Total = $33,800

Round 2

DVLGA - $12,000 - $200 = $11,800
FBWIA - $11,800 - $200 = $11,600
JFMS - $10,000 + $1000 = $11,000

Total = $34,400

Round 3

DVLGA - $11,800 + $0 = $11,800
FBWIA - $11,600 + $25,000 = $36,600
JFMS - $10,000 + $0 = $11,000

Total = $59,400

Round 4

DVLGA - $11,800 + $5,000 = $16,800
FBWIA - $36,600 + $3,000 = 39,600
JFMS - $11,000 + $5,000 = $16,000

Total = $72,400

Team Re-shuffle

Round 5

Plop - $36,200 + $40,000 = $76,200
TSATST - $36,200 + $40,000 = $76,200

Total = $144,800

Round 6

No money wagered

Round 7

Plop - $76,200 + $0 = $76,200
TSATST - $76,200 + $4,000 = $80,200

Total = $148,800