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June 3rd, 2005, 8:43 PM

There is a place where dreams can come true. Where life is infinant, where time itself can be altered. This is the story of a group of pokemon who find out that they were born with the gift of time travel. But one of them has gone bad and wants to make it so people never came to be. It is up to Sparkplug the Pikachu, Coin the Meowth, Moonday the Umbreon, his brother Daymoon the Espeon and for Fee the Eevee to stop Deamon the Houndoom from altering time itself.

oni flygon
June 3rd, 2005, 8:46 PM
This is more of a summary than a prologue. A prologue is meant to set a feel to the story... it's the introduction and it's supposed to be the thing that propels us to read your story. I say to improve the prologue a bit.

June 3rd, 2005, 8:49 PM
Yah I am not good with prologues at all. But here is the first chapter:

Sparkplug, Coin, Moonday and Fee were all sitting outside starring up into the night sky. Moonday looked over to see his brother Daymoon running up to them.
"Sorry I am late you guys. I got caught up with a Persian," Daymoon said as he sat down.
"A Persian? Havent seen those guys around for very long," Sparkplug said as he turned over to Daymoon who had just sat down.
"Well thats because you defeated them," Daymoon replied.
"So. That doesnt mean they should just leave!" Sparkplug said as e starred at Daymoon. Daymoon soon started to laugh.
"Whats so funny?" Sparkplug asked as he crossed his arms.
"And where's Coin gone to?" he added. Coin had slowly moved behind Sparkplug and was now giving Sparkplug bunny ears.
"What the!? Coin!" Sparkplug said as he turned aorund and faced Coin.
"I'm sorry but it couldnt be helped! It was just to perfect!" Coin said as he toppled over into the night grass and started to laugh histarically. Off in the distance a Torkoal was running towards the five pokemon who were playing on top of a hill.
"Help! We need help!!! Its Deamon!" yelled the Torkoal. The five friends herd the Torkoal and all rushed down the hill. They couldnt believe their ears. They thought that they had wiped Deamon out for trying to get rid of both the Meowth and Pikachu population.
"Whats wrong? What has Deamon done this time?" Moonday asked as his rings started to glow.
"He is going to travel back to the past to prevent humans from ever existing!" the Torkoal said.
"We have to stop him!" Fee said in anger. The five pokemon agreed and all set off to the mountains. Thats where Deamon would be.
"Wait!" the Toarkoal yelled. "He's not where you think he is! He is already traveling back through time to kill the early humans!" the Torkoal yelled as he turned around. The five firends stopped and all quickly turned around and faced the Torkoal.
"You mean to tell us that Deamon has already gone back to the past and you couldnt get to us sooner!" Moonday yelled as he became more and more angry.
"Hey I am a Torkoal and we are usually slow!" te Torkoal said as it turned back around and started to walk away.
"We need to get moveing you guys! Or else we might be to late!" Fee said as she looked at the others. They all agreed and opened a rip in time. They all jumped in and headed for Deamon.

(sorry if it is confuseing)