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June 4th, 2005, 10:21 AM
Rules are not suggestions, they are ultimatums. You MUST obey PC's rules. By not obeying the rules, you run the risk of being temporarily banned by the Admins/S-Mods depending on the rule(s) broken & the circumstance(s) in which you broke the rule(s).

Pokemon Community Rules (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54097)

SC Rules
(Sprite Comic Rules)

1. When visiting a members comic thread & you decide to comment on his/her comic(s), don't just say "that's good", "I like it" or "that's bad", make a substantial post. Describe what's good about it & what's bad. If you just say "that's great" it's counted as spam.

2. This is a must. If you borrow any sprites, you must always give the creators credit We have had a series of sprite thefts in the SC forum and it would help that if you borrow any sprites, whether it's by a person or it's from a resource, you must always give credit. Those who do not; will be questioned and be told to so, if the person refuses to give credit, then they shall be given a warning. We do not tolerate Sprite thieves at any rate, people work hard on the sprites they make, they do not appreciate other people using their work without crediting them.

3. Please do not make excessive topics for your comics. In other words, don't make a thread for every comic you make. Just make one thread and show all of your comics in there.

4. No comics above a PG-15 rating may be shown here. Also, all comics above a PG rating must be labeled as such, in order to give a warning to people who might not want to see the content in such comics.

5. Joining comics are no longer allowed.

I will be adding more as they're needed.

Thank you for your time.