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June 5th, 2005, 4:53 PM
Awright, I havn't RP'ed in a while so I'm a bit rusty people ^_^; work with me :P This is a story that I'm working on writing, so i decided to return to PC and make a *hopefully* succesful RP! (Hope the story dont sound to clique'd!)

Long ago on the ancient continent of Saruz, all was peaceful on the continent, Saruz celebrating it's centenial of peace throughout it's nations...until one day a conspiracy in one of Saruz's nations caused an uprising of 7 powerful Dark mage's and their henchmen brought chaos across the continent, the 7 dark lords (as the dark mage's called themselves) each controlled a different Kingdom of the continent of Saruz, overthrowing and murdering each emperor and seizing control of each kingdom and it's throne. After 29 years of turmoil under the tyranny of the Dark Lords, a few people living under the rule of Dark Lord Macros discoveres a hidden temple underneath the city they occupied, a spiritual palace where the spirits of the elements reside...each person, now with the power of one element within their body must decide which route they take...wheather that is to release Saruz from its Tyranny of the Dark Lords...or to back away from the problem and watch as your life is lived out in turmoil...This is Crescent Moon...

Alright Here's what you need to fill out (no fine print needed to be read either! You can have up to two characters)

Weapon: *such as a lance, axe, whip, sword, or magic*
Element: *will come once the temple's discovered such as Light, Dark, Fire, Plant, Earth, Water, Metal, Lightning, Wind, or any other earthly element*
Description: *what your character looks like*
Hobbies: *what your character likes to do, without being caught or executed...*
History: *the history behind your character*

Here's Mine!

Name: Cloud Hawkins

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Weapon: Prefurs bo staffs made of wood or light metal

Element: Wind

Description: Around 5'11", Thin, Spikey bonde hair, sapphire eyes, wears a blue shirt with gray sleves, baggy blue jeans, white and black shoes

Hobbies: Cant do much since he's often restricted to leave his home, once patrols leave he takes off on his jet board and soars the skys, often looking up at the main source of his hatred towards the Dark Lords, The floating Hourglass Kingdoms Castle in the Sky (The Dark Lords Central Control Base), soaring above all of Saruz

History: Once Cloud was 13 he had to leave the home of his parents, according to laws under Dark Lord Macros and lived in somewhat of an apartment for 6 years, him and his friends often hang out at his house since its one of the "nicer" ones, The Hourglass (the name of the Dark Lords Organization) abducted Clouds 7 year old sister when he was 10 for reasons unknown, Cloud has vowed to rescue his sister if she is still alive, he may get his chance once he finds the Element Temple...

And #2 is...

Name: Fawkes Sasuke

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Weapon: A sword handed down from his family, he calls it "Destiny"

Element: Fire

Description: Almost 6 feet tall, spikey red hair (not normal orange red hair, just RED hair XD), green eyes, thin, wears a white shirt with a blue overshirt ontop, baggy blue jeans, with a black belt, white and blue shoes

Hobbies: Being a menace to the Hourglass with Cloud, the two never get caught, he often shoots pool at the local bar, has a makeshift motorcycle made from rusty parts in the junkyard, obviously loves to build things.

History: Fawkes has been an orphen since he was 6, his parents trying to revolt against the dark lords and the hourglass were murdered, he lived with Clouds parents and moved out with him when he was 12, gazes up at the stars at night, wondering if theres a greater calling for him. Has always hated the hourglass but has never known anything different...

Well i hope this story gets some people to join XD ill start it sometime next week (whenever i have free time, could be Monday after school, tuesday, wednesday...so on XD LOL)

June 5th, 2005, 5:41 PM
My god, Scotty is alive. XD It's David btw... I lost a bet, thats whats with the layout, XD

Name: David
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Weapon: Magic
Element: Light
Description: David is medium built, and stands at the height of 5'11". He has long red hair that flows to his shoulders, and blue eyes. He wears a black cloak to conceal everything but his head, hands, and feet, and he wears brown sandals on his feet made out of tree bark.
Hobbies: David is a monk in training, and has been the past year. Along with his master, he travelled the country helping those who couldn't help themselves. However, his master was mysteriously killed one night approximately one month ago, haulting David's training, and leaving him with very few skills and power.
History: As a child, David was used as a slave for an extremely wealthy family. He worked, was abused, and was barely fed and sheltered until his was 14, when his master, the monk Shinuza stumbled across the building, and found that David possesed a heightened amount of spitual energy compared to most humans. Following this, he was taken under his custody, until he was killed.

June 5th, 2005, 5:43 PM
ROFL david you poor poor thing XD I remember when i was a wee lad and had to be a girl for a week...well im gonna get this moved to the Advanced RP's place, can you go there? XD

EDIT: scratch that David...forgot you were a mod XD
EDIT EDIT: Awright since im very picky about people who get into my RPs please PM me a sample of how you RP before you can get in sorry XD but i hate one lined RP posts XD

Lu Fei 21
June 6th, 2005, 8:36 AM
Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Weapon: Sword of Darkness
Element: Dark
Description: Green eyes, black hair, blue clothing, and a dark looking face.
Hobbies: He like to go out and hunt people down, giving people the cold shoulder, and cooking.
History: James had loved his family very much when he was a young lad, but when his family was killed right in front of him, all he ever wanted to do was seek revenge on the whole world, eventually he killed the evil men for murdering his family, after that he had kept himself away from the world. Soon he found an old man that was dying, when he ran over to help the old man up, the old man touched James and bestowed him an elemental power "Dark" is what the old man's dying word was. James then realized that he should save this human race from any danger instead of letting it rot away. Afterwards he was teleported to some temple and he heard a voice next to him "Well lookie here we got another elemental to join us" said the voice. "What am I doing here?" asked James. "We cannot leave this place until they find us." said the voice. And that is what James has found out for the rest of the time he was in there, Who, What, When, Where, and How?

June 6th, 2005, 3:13 PM
Actually guys i take what i said earlier back, if you're interested in this RP just go ahead and join XD LOL just PLEASE dont be putting things like "I then jumped from the attack and struck back" as your post XD we'll start this some time after Wednesday (Im swamped with end of the year stuff until then)

Lu Fei 21
June 6th, 2005, 3:16 PM
Oh ok thanks, but I'm sorry that must suck, I ended school like a week and a half ago.

June 6th, 2005, 6:51 PM
Name: Tallain
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Element: Lightning
Weapon: Lance
Hobbies: Lance practice(always his favorite), carving, and inventing odd items that always seem to work.
Description: Wears blue shirt with red trimmings, and black pants. His brown hair just covers his ears. Stands around six feet, and wears a dark blue cloak while traveling. Has a lance strapped across his back.
Personality: Tallain is quiet and thoughtful, and never charges into battle without thinking. He'd rather use his lance to help others, instead of kill with it.
History: Tallain's parents died while he was very young, and raised himself in the streets. He became a mercenary when he was 16 in order to make a living off the money he earned. During his job hunting, he came across a man claiming to be his grandfather. The man gave him one peice of advice be fore wandering off: "Never say that you will not do something that you will do in the end."

I'm swamped with end of school stuff until the 15th >.< Consider yourself lucky!

Ok, I've decided, this character is a must :D

Name: Leila
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Element: Metal
Weapon: Twin Knives (if that's ok with you)
Hobbies: Leila enjoy watching people allies with the dark lord suffer, blowing things up, and overall, getting away with it all.
Description: Leila is tall, standing at 5'11 and has long black hair. She wears stealthy clothing that makes her difficult to spot. She has two knives sheathed and strapped to her belt.
Personality: Leila is a short-tempered young woman who is respected and feared by her co-workers. However, she is a caring person when it comes down to it.
History: Leila has a long contact with Tallain for undercover acts agaist the dark lords. Since she was 17 she has been acting against the Dark Lords in secret, never getting caught. When Leila turned 18 her father was taken, accused of acting against the Hourglass. Later that year, she saved Tallain from a near fatal fall off the cliff of his hometown. She has mastered her martial arts skills along with her knife fighting, to make a rather deadly blow to the Hourglass.

June 6th, 2005, 7:29 PM
Name: Willow
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Element: Earth
Hobbies: A girl who loves to do anything outside, Willow enjoys hiking, swimming, surfing, and just about anything that keeps her from being indoors. She also loves music, and plays a few instruments. She also trains in martial arts.
Description: A very earthy girl, no coincidence of course, Willow is usually found in loose fitting pants and shirts of varying and often mismatched colors. Her footwear of choice is usually barefoot or sandals. She has long, blond, wavy hair and piercing green eyes. She usually wears her hair back in a braid. Her body is slender and elegant, but don't be fooled by her outward appearance. This girl can pack a punch.
Personality: An evergetic and thoughtful girl, Willow is easy to get along with, but she stands very firmly in her beliefs.
History: Out on her own for reasons she does not wish to disclose, Willow lives near the coast. She is from a lower class family, but does not live with them, nor does she stay in much contact.

Prof. Pine
June 7th, 2005, 9:39 AM
Name:Kaivious Universe
Description: Kaivious is 5'7" and wears a cloak, and a blue shirt and pants. His face is covered by his hood most of the time but when its not you can see his brown eyes and black hair. Sometimes Kaivious may seem a little unfriendly at first but he is acualy a ggods friend when you get to know him.
Hobbies: Kaivious is a collector of rare items when he's out at night doing stuff. when he's not practicing his abilities with his sword he draws and writes during the day.
History:Kaivious grew up in his home near a pond. He was facinated with the waterlife in the pond. Many of his stories included water creatures and some of his drawings were of water creatures. He is still facintaed with the water and its life today.

June 11th, 2005, 3:10 PM
Okay time to start this bad boy up! XD

This RP is rated PG-14 for cursing and violence :D

The sun was slowly setting on the horizon, Cloud sat on his roof and stared out at the broken down city, this was the only life he has known, Cloud layed down on his back and closed his eyes as sunset approached when, VREEEEEOOOOOMMMM!!! Cloud was startled and jolted up. To his surprise he saw his best friend Fawkes starting up his self-proclaimed street rover, oil shot out from under the hood where Fawkes was working on it "Crap! NOT AGAIN!!!" Fawkes yelled as he wiped the grease, which made a grease smear on his right cheek "hmm...wrench...*mumble mumble*" Fawkes mumbled as he searched through his toolbox and pulled out a wrench, he quickly whacked his street rover on the engine, which caused it to rev up and ram into the garage "AAAHHHHHH!!!" Fawkes screamed in rage as he chucked the wrench backwards, only to hit a 'parol' officer of the Hourglass who roamed the streets. The man in the black cloak walked up to Fawkes menacingly as Fawkes monkeyed around under the hood of his machine after pulling it out. "Yeah, yeah, leave me alone moron..." Fawkes said from under his vehicle "You seem to not know who i am..." The man said as he pulled Fawkes out from under the street rover "Oh crap..." Fawkes said sofltly with wide eyes. "Fawkes what have you done this time..." Cloud thought as he quickly got up and jumped down to the retractable latter on the side of his house and slid down "Sir, im sorry, my friend he's...not all there!" Cloud said, trying to get convince the man that Fawkes wasn't in the mental care to go to jail (very strict "laws" under the dictatorship of the Dark Lords) "He seems fine to me Fool!" the man said as he lifted Fawkes up by the coller and held him up, Fawkes closed his eyes and prayed humorusly "Alright..." Cloud said as he threw a rock at the engine starter for the street rover. The lights flashed on and blinded the man, Cloud leapt into the seat of the vehicle and sped by the man, knocking him over and getting Fawkes into the passanger seat. "Thanks Buddy!" Fawkes laughed as he reclined the recliner (makeshift, as i said XD) and put his feet on the dashboard. "Geez Fawkes this is like the fourth time this month i've had to save you from getting your *** beat..." Cloud said as he shook his head "Fifth!" Fawkes laughed "Fifth wha-nevermind..." Cloud laughed as he steered down towards the outskirts of town.

June 11th, 2005, 6:14 PM
Secluded from much of the tyranny that had overtaken the land, Willow sat in the branches of a tall conifer, watching the sun set on the horizon as it had since the beginning of time. Completely silent against a background of evening noises, Willow tossed her long blond braid behind her back.

Her eyes were tired, but not because of the day's events. Her eyes were a kind of worn out, troubled tired. They had seen much...and endured much more. Alone now, with no one to call family or friend, she spent most of her time avoiding the minions and cronies of the Mage that ruled the land.

She would have liked very much to return to her little cottage by the sea, but only spent time there to sleep or eat. Most of her time was spent in the forest, or out surfing in the ocean, as secluded and far away as she could get from the troubles her world faced day to day.

The sun was setting....nearly gone. The warmth she had grown so accustomed to over the daytime would soon be transformed into the chill of night. She climbed down from the tree slowly, and walked down the forest path she had created back to her home by the sea.

She sat out on her small porch with a cup of herbal tea. She sipped slowly and carefully, her eyes on the horizon, her heart beyond it....there had to be something better out there than this.

Prof. Pine
June 11th, 2005, 7:23 PM
Kaivious watched the sunset and then turned towards the river he was practicing his swordplay near. He had thought about what had happened that day concerning his instructor. Earlier that day he had been challenged to face his instuctor. The practice battles were fierce becauce of kaivious' great abbilites with a sword, but in the end his instructor was struck by arrows from the sky around the river. Now being practices his instructor or the stundent would of stoped the battle without death, but someone had killed Kaivious' instructor.

He sat near the river pondering over who could of killed his instructor. He endend up come to one conclusion, he couldn't figure it out. So he grabbed his cloak and started wandering of to search for items along the street,"Hopefully I can find something tonight." He walked into the shadows of the city and into the streets.

June 11th, 2005, 7:32 PM
OOC: Doh, just now saw this RP. Is it too late to join? If not...

Name: Logane
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Weapon: Double-sword (think of a thin sword with a long hilt, and a blade on each end)
Element: Soul/spirit (If that won't work, pleasetell me, and I'llpick something else)
Hobbies: making a living fighting in duels, brawls, and just about any other form of combat.
History: Once a member of a solitary religious order that focused on both physical, religious, and mental fortitude, he was the only survivor of a passing epidemic, and spends his time passing as your regular commoner, even with such a strange weapon that's practically never seen.

June 12th, 2005, 10:47 AM
OOC: Sure Shimmy (shimmy, hehe XD shimmy) go ahead and join its never too late (more the merrier, unless we all get drunk and drive off a cliff...XD) your element is fine, dont quite understand but it should be a fine ingrediant for the RP XD

Cloud and Fawkes were relaxing under a tree as the sun set and Fawkes rusted up 'vehicle' stood out like a sore thumb around all the greenery of the surrounding land "It's sad isn't it..." Fawkes muttered from above on a sturdy branch with his eyes closed "Waddya mean?" Cloud asked from below, listening to the radio "I mean just think about 50 years ago this place was in total peace...I've never known what that was...ya know, struggling to survive basically, practically half the people in town carry some sort of weapon for protection and we're always-...did you hear that?" Fawkes ended as quitly as possible as he heard footsteps on the rock road ahead of them "Crap it's that guy you hit with the wrench!" Cloud exclaimed as he got up and pulled out a 7 foot long retractable bo staff from his back, Fawkes jumped down and pulled out his familys sword, which had many odd sympols on the sheath and blade itself. "You thought you would escape again, but you are wrong, Lord Macrose doesn't want the streets poluted with your filth!" the cloaked man said as his staff started to glow "VERTIGO KNIX!" the claoked man yelled as he cast a magic attack that struck the tree, causing it to fall, Fawkes leaped on the falling tree and kicked off of it, as he branded his weapon and slashed the man across his chest, blood fell from the mans body as he fell to the ground. "Is he..." Cloud asked with wide eyes "No, He aint dead...yet...but when he wakes up he's gonna be pissed...all of Macroses' cronys in town will be after us probably." Fawkes said in a light tone "y'know i doubt it this kinda thing happens everyday almost..." Cloud said as he walked up to the bleeding man and threw a rag from the street rover on the mans wound "Clean yourself up!" Cloud laughed as he and Fawkes got into the vehicle and sped off further through the forest until they came across a cottage by the sea...

June 12th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Willow, rather deep in a somewhat meditative state, heard two sets of feet approaching her home. She stirred ever so slightly, turning her head to the side to peer at the two figures. Her tea cup lay empty by her feet. She blinked, her expression blank.

Slowly, her slender, lean form rose to her feet. She watched the two boys approach with a wary curiosity, wondering what had brought them so far out of the way.

June 12th, 2005, 11:28 AM
Cloud and Fawkes walked up to the girl about the same age as them and waved "Uh...Hi...Could you...uh...Be so kind as to tell us where in town we are? See we're kinda...Lost...heh..." Fawkes studdered as the two walked up to the young woman on her porch "Hi sorry if my friends scaring you," Cloud laughed as he smacked Fawkes in the head "...Well My names Cloud and this is my friend Fawkes, we're from Scito, thats about 30 miles that away!" Cloud said as he threw his thumb backwards.

The pair were about 15 feet from where the girl was standing on her porch and could hear the crashing of waves on the near beach.

June 12th, 2005, 11:29 AM
"The prices for supplies around here are unbelievable..." I muttered as I exited yet another shop. As an attempt to avoid any unecessary trouble, I was taking the scenic route to my destination. The damp, cold, and dark alleyways along the edges of the town. If I was even so much as seen, I would be thrown in prison, just because of the profession I've pursued. There was a time when monks were highly respected members of society, famous for dispelling demons and such. Nowadays, if we're seen, we're thrown in the slammer. Then again, I'm not even fully a monk yet. I'm in training.

Alas, I ran into an Hourglass at the beginning of my final exit, looking for conflict. I'm not really that strong, but I'm strong enough to take out a single crony of the darkness. I summoned a small ball of light overtop my palm, and threw it towards the Hourglass, knocking him out into the streets, and out cold. That would attract some attention...

June 12th, 2005, 11:31 AM
[OOC: sorry guys I was away yesterday, otherwise I would have posted. @.@]

Tallain sat back and watched. He was enjoying this quite a bit, Leila was occupying herself with yet another dozen of the Hourglass henchmen. "Well... Looks like it's my turn," he said to himself as three of the magic users spotted him. Taking his lance from his back, he noticed Leila had finished with her opponents and was about to beat him to his own. "Do I ever get to kill anything by myself?" he murmured as two knives flew through the air straight at his opponents. He reattached his lance and walked over to Leila, obviously happy about her work today. "Hi," she said looking over her shoulder. "Did I go a bit overboard today?" Tallain sighed, she had been this energetic since a week ago after another one of her killing sprees. "Possibly, you do know how much attention this will attract, don't you?" She stared at him in disbelief, "If this is all they're going to send, is that called attention or suicide?" He shook his head, then noticing something past her he said, "Want to stop by the beach?"

June 12th, 2005, 12:15 PM
Willow walked over to the pair of boys. She had a small, friendly smile on her face, seeing that these two were not bad people. With a small chuckle at Fawkes' question, she replied:

"Your best bet is to head back to Scito then. I'm the only one who lives here for miles at least. It's quite a long walk though. You could spend the night here if you want, since it's getting late. The Mage's henchmen will be out as soon as the sun goes down, and I assume by the looks of it you aren't on their side? In any case, my name is Willow. It's nice to meet you."

She entended her hand for Cloud and Fawkes to shake, her long blond ponytail swaying gently in the ocean breeze.

June 12th, 2005, 12:50 PM
OOC: Just a warning, it is not a good idea to patronize my character. .o

IC: In the alleyway the young man with red hair was standing outside, a large shape appeared, suddenly rushing towards him. He stopped in his tracks, however, when a thin sword blade protruded from his chest. The blade was pulled back, and he fell, revealing me, with my grey hair, but otherwise ageless look, with no wrinkles. I could have been as old as him, standing there in a long black coat that covered everything but my head. "You're lucky I was here." I said flatly, pointing at the cudgel in the thugs hand, before I bent low to the ground, searching his body for any money. It was how I got by, preying on thieves, until someone was stupid enough to accept a duel. I was mostly ignoring the boy, if he proved to be a threat, I was confident I could dispatch him easily enough...

June 12th, 2005, 12:55 PM
"I didn't need to help of someone like you. I could've handled him myself." I stated, knowing in my head that after using that earlier spell, it would've taken me twice as long to turn around and deal a blow. I probably would've died. I know I was a monk in training, and I was supposed to be nice to everyone, but this guy was really creepy.

June 12th, 2005, 1:02 PM
OOC: I warned you, I warned you. >_> You'd better not push him *too* Far. ^_^;;

I glowered back at the boy. My order may have been religious, but we were far from peaceful, and we did not take insults like that. Still, some people might not have taken that as an insult, so I would let it pass for now. "You should be greatful," I said finally as I took the thugs pathetically small money pouch, and added it to my own, wiping my blade clean on the back of his shirt. "I am Logane." I said. It wasn't the custom of my order to give ones name at first meeting, yet it did seem to be everywhere else, and I couldn't follow the rules any more, with such dark ones as ruled nowadays in control...

June 12th, 2005, 1:49 PM
"I should be grateful for you doing something I could've done myself?" I muttered in reply as I began to exit the alley. However, I turned around as I noticed the gathering of Hourglasses in that area. I guess my earlier assult had attracted them. "I'll just be going now..." I said, before tripping and landing on my face.

June 12th, 2005, 1:52 PM
"You're very ungreatful, and you complain far too much.." I began, walking over to where he had fallen. I could take some insults, but this was far too much. I focused, channelling the flows of energy every man had, a trick I learned in the order. "You sound far too much like a woman to me." I said, placing my palm flat, facing down, and struck him softly on the back, the special flows of energy leaving me, and entering him...

June 12th, 2005, 3:08 PM
Might I join. Pwease? Need... RP...

Name: Bane
Gender: Male
Age: 234
Weapon: Psionics
Element: Fear
Description: Bane was long ago corrupted by the power of ther Old Ones, gods long forgotten by mankind. Their power has twisted his body into a cruel parody of humanity. He stands almost seven feet tall, but whip-thin and pale. Straight black hair hangs down to about mid-back, lanky and unkempt. His eyes, all of them, pupils, iris, and whites are dead-black. Never really bothers with a shirt anymore. Tattered pants end just below his knee.
Hobbies: trying to stay away from people, lest the power flowing through him corrupt them too, or his insanity take over and he kill them.
History: Remembers little to nothing about his life before the Old Ones, and relatively little about life afterwards. There are moments of startling lucidity, and at others, massive blank patches, weeks long. These often end with a recollection of a town or city slaughtered in a fit of madness.

June 12th, 2005, 3:37 PM
"What are you doing to him?" Tallain was seeing a rather strange scene. He had decided to take a detour to the beach, and ended up running into a clumsy red haired boy and a strange man. "Step away from the boy, he's not dangerous." The man didn't move, and Tallain drew his lance. "Look, if you don't move away from him I'll have to assume you're one of The Hourglass minions." Leila stepped up beside him, "You should probably do as he says, you won't like him in a bad mood."

June 12th, 2005, 4:36 PM
OOC: Holy moly Adament...thats...quite a...erm...character you've got there ^_^;;

IC: Cloud and Fawkes smiled at Willow's kindness towards the two. The duo fought over who shook the beautiful girls hand first...Cloud one, happily shaking Willow's hand "Thank you so very much, we were so lucky to have ran out of solar power right at your cottage!" Cloud laughed gratefully as he turned his head to see the last lights flickering on Fawkes' Street Rover

The trio walked inside of Willow's house, Cloud and Fawkes looked around the desserted home "Y'know i was expecting more people...like a brother or sister...or boyfriend?" Fawkes said as he looked around at the nice house, much nicer then what he was used to in the city

June 12th, 2005, 5:00 PM
Willow merely chuckled at Fawkes' comment. She stoked the small fireplace in the living room with the utmost care.

"Nope...I'm on my own," she told the two, and took a seat in the large chair closest to the fire. She gestured to the worn-in couch that stood nearly adjacent to the chair. "Have a seat." Would you like some tea or something?"

She got up from her chair, as if suddenly remembering that they were guests in her home, and walked to the rounded doorway that led to the kitchen. She looked back at the two.

"Would you like some tea or something?" she asked them.

Try as she may to remain cool about the situation, she could not help but notice their attention towards her, espeically Fawkes. She did the best she could to not let it get to her, but it definitely felt awkward, especially since she never allowed such attention to penetrate her defenses before.

June 12th, 2005, 5:06 PM
Fawkes look at Cloud, but to Fawkes surprise Cloud didn't look back, just stared at Willow, something was wrong with the way she was acting "N-No we're fine, please it's alright Willow," Cloud started as he smiled at the young woman and looked at Fawkes, who was making a dehydrated look to his friend.

"So...uh..." Cloud studdered, as he tried to break the awkward silence "How long have you lived here Willow?" Cloud asked as Fawkes obliviously and rudely (hey he's not too bright XD) started walking around the room and looking at Willows belongings.

June 12th, 2005, 5:39 PM
I drew a shuddering, stuttering breath, looking at the town. The voices flickered through my mind. You could kill them you know... Kill the blasphemers, make them pay. Lord Cthulhu would be most pleased... He would grant you more power... I almost screamed at the thought. MORE power. I couldn't hanle that, I knew it... More power would rip me apart, destroy me utterly... But it was enticing, too. Very enticing. "No" I whispered, feeling the thoughts invade my head again.
"No, no NO!!!!" I clutched my head, grbbing my hear and screaming senselessly.

June 12th, 2005, 6:02 PM
"Ah, I've been here for a while," Willow said quickly, regaining her seat in her chair. The fire crackled idly.

She watched Fawkes wander about the room, passing a few paintings on the wall, mostly landscapes she had painted herself. On the mantle of the fireplace hung her katana, a very beautiful, light sword with its trademard twin tassles handing from the hilt. It was tucked safely in its sheath, made of black leather and decorated with gold-colored dragons. Between the many windows that seemed to randomly dot the living room, there were various hangings, from paintings to potted plants. Finally, leaning against the wall near the small entrance hall of her home was her surfboard, which she had crafted herself, fitted perfectly to her form and surfing style, and painted with Japanese style bamboo.

"What brings you all the way out here?" she asked them quietly, watching the stars slowly make their way into the darkening sky. She glanced over at the board, longing to be out on the sea.

Asura Nirosuki
June 12th, 2005, 6:23 PM
Am i able to join here sweetie's?.^_^

June 12th, 2005, 6:29 PM
My body Bounced lightly as he pushed down on my slightly. Following that, I felt different, and heard another voice asking Logane what he had done to me. I finally sat myself upright, and asked " What do you mean? He didn't do any-" I froze there, after hearing my voice. "Is this some kind of dumb illusion?" I asked. "Because theres no proof that you've really changed me. Just the voice." Boy, I was oblivious to the truth.

OOC: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/48617nakorimu.jpg one on the left, wearing same clothes as in the pic now.

June 12th, 2005, 6:37 PM
I looked up, and stepped away from the boy. "He was very disrespectful of my services, and he deserved all that he recieved." I said, placing my double sword on my back as I turned to the boy-turned-girl "Believe what you will, but it won't change facts. You'll discover for yourself soon enough." I said, waiting for herresponse.

June 12th, 2005, 6:41 PM
OOC: Okay i have no idea what you and Shiney are doing...but...it's scaring me...

IC: Cloud sat in silence for awhile after Willow's question, and then explained why the duo were out so far at that time of night. Fawkes continued looking around the room being increasingly impressed by the paintings on the wall, until he came upon the katana "HOLY MOLEY!" Fawkes yelled out of the blue at the sight of the beautiful sheath of the sword "Fawkes be quiet!" Cloud sneered at his friend and continued

"Like I was saying earlier Willow, We 'accidently' left an hourglass elite, i think, for dead in the middle of the field, more then likely his troops will be scouting out for us until they find us..." Cloud sighed at the looming terror of coming face to face with the nations tyrant, Macrose, it was a great offense to get into a fight with an hourglass alone, yet attempted murder on an elite would guarantee the heads of the two.

After about an hour of the trio chatting of light subjects, a light came from outside the cottage "Whats..." Fawkes whispered as he looked out the window and saw roughly 20 hourglass members, in red and black robes, a few were checking the Street Rover and found the I.D. of Fawkes in the glovebox "Oh my god..." Cloud whispered as the hourglass approached the house "WILLOW WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!" Cloud screamed as one of the members threw a bomb conjured of dark magic through the window of the cottage..."That should do it..." The group leader said to his troops as the cottage exploded in different colored lights and flames...

June 12th, 2005, 6:51 PM
Tallain stared at the man, "Why don't you just reverse whatever you did?" This was crazy, first a bunch of those goons show up and now this. Something was definitely going on in the world that wasn't right, besides the Hourglass itself. Leila knelt down beside the person on the ground. "You might not want to look, it would probably be better if you didn't anyway." Tallain sighed, today was going badly. "Alright," he said to the man, "What did you do, and who are you anyway?"

June 12th, 2005, 6:57 PM
"It's better if I don't look ay what?" I asked the newcomer, still under the impression that only my voice had changed. Though, Logane did look a bit taller, and I was having problems balancing my upper body for some reason. I kept leaning forwards... Man, t at faceplant really knocked me out of it. I still hadn't even noticed my clothes were different...

June 12th, 2005, 7:12 PM
"I won't reverse it until I think it's appropriate, and what I do is my own concern." I said calmly, stepping over to the orangey haired girl. "I think he was referring to these." I said in that same calm tone as I kneeled down a bit, and poked her chest slightly to get her attention. I wasn't angry with her for being disrespectful, now that she had her punishment...

June 12th, 2005, 7:18 PM
My face suddenly changed a to a bright redand I felt my arm fly back and my hand contact the side of Logane's face. "This... has to ba some sort of illusion... right!?" I cried, still bright red. I knew in my head that it was true, I had felt him poke me there, but I needed to deny it for the sake of my mental health.

June 12th, 2005, 7:21 PM
I felt the reddening on my face from the blow, but I didn't show he slightest trace of pain. "What do you think? I know you felt that. It's as real as you were before." I said, not really paying all that much attention. "I have given you my name, what was yours?" I asked, using 'was' because it might not suit her any longer.

June 12th, 2005, 7:22 PM
"That's just not right..." Leila said, "I might have to do this now." She spun around and elbowed to man in the stomach, and then swiftly gave him a neat little upper-cut to the chin. "Now let's see how you enjoy punishment." She started, a malicious grin on her face as she moved over to where he had landed. Tallain shook his head, "Leila, let him be... I'd just like to know why there was a rather loud noise on the BEACH just now." He glanced down at the used to be young man. "Looks like you have your work cut out for you, until either he has a change of heart, or we find a way to reverse the effects."

[OOC: sorry about the slight beating on your character in this, I made Leila a bit of a violent character.]

June 12th, 2005, 7:42 PM
"Why should I give my name to the likes of you!?" I yelled at him, panting. My face still red, and my heart still beating frantically. I looked myself over, trying not to faint at the same time.

There was a large blue bow in my now brown hair, and I wore a violet top of sorts that flowed down to right above my knees. On my legs were some sort of white pants. There was white cloth wrapped around my waist acting like a belt, and a piece of pink material stuck out my neck, weird patterns on my sleeves.

"Thank you for your concern." I said to the newcomers as I stood up, trying to keep my balance. "If I'm going to be living like this from now on, I'll need to seek a female companion, as I know nothing about mys lf anymore. That, and since my master died, I've been searching for companions."

June 13th, 2005, 6:29 AM
Willow's eyes went wide as she saw the disturbance in the quiet of the night. She leapt with catlike reflexes for her katana, tied it securely to her waist, and grabbed Fawkes' and Cloud's hands.

"Let's GO!" she exclaimed, practically throwing them out the front door, and turning back only in time to grab her surfboard. She pushed the boys over the railing of the porch, which sent them rolling down the dunes to the shore.

The house exploded.

Shards of debris fell all around them. Willow, looking very much like this kind of stuff happened to her all the time, sprinted for the water, her 9-foot long board carried like a shield over her head.

"Grab that motorboat!" she told Cloud and Fawkes, gesturing towards the red and white motorboat that lay tethered to a dock nearby. "Get a move one! They're coming!!"

Willow, long braid flying wildly behind her, sprinted into the waves, the hem of her board shorts becoming dark with water. She looked over her shoulder at the two of them quickly before setting her board in the water. She got atop it, and started paddling out to sea, her katana resting faithfully at her side. She hoped the Cloud and Fawkes were close behind...

June 13th, 2005, 7:10 AM
OOC: No problem, Logane is always prepared. ^_^;;

I rolled as I hit the ground, and sprung up to my feet again, rubbing my jaw, but otherwise seemingly fine. "Who says you'll have to spend forever that way?" I asked, ignoring the others. They could wait. "It's until you seem fit to be aman, which I certainly haven't seen yet." I said, though my hands were tensed, in case someone else tried attacking me...

June 13th, 2005, 11:35 AM
"I wasn't speaking literally. Idiot." I muttered, now even more pissed then earlier. "I'm heading towards the shrine outside of town now. It's the reason I came here to this god awful town, but I suppose I can't exactly call myself a monk-in training now, can I? What should I refer to myself as..." I had realized that panicing at this moment was not going to help my situation, so I was attempting a calm approach.

June 13th, 2005, 11:58 AM
"If you could all stop fooling around," Tallain glared at both of them, "We could go see what is going on right now." Tallain began to walk around them and towards his previous target. "Fooling around also means changing her* back, now if you'll excuse me..." He walk futher away from the peculiar scene, it was rediculous, grown adults were behaving like children, and vice versa. Leila shouted back to him, "I'm staying here, there may be a small problem here." He waved the comment off as the beach came into view. Five robed figures stood near a wrecked house. A girl with a surfboard stood not too far off, along with two young men running for a motorboat. "This is just might make my day..." He said to himself as he walked towards the robed figures.

*[OOC: (him?)]

June 13th, 2005, 12:04 PM
Cloud and Fawkes watching in horror as Willow's cottage exploded, the two quickly untied the speedboat at the docks and hopped in "how do you turn this **** thing on!?" Fawkes exclaimed quietly as he managed to get the boat working, the two sped off and caught up to Willow.

"Willow...I...It's all our fault this happened." Cloud said with a heavy tone "I'm so sorry..." Cloud appalogized and Fawkes kept a lookout to see if any of the Hourglass were following them "Hey, i think they might think that we're dead...until they find theres no bodies..." Fawkes gulped as he said those words but kept going.

"Okay we've gotta find someplace to stop on the beach down the coast...out in the dense part of the forest should be a good stop!" Cloud excitedly said to Willow before remembering that the forest was at least 30 miles past where Willow's cottage lie.

The Hourglass members stood and watched the flames dance around from where Willow's roof used to be...Beep...Beep..."Yeah what is it?" A voice came from one of the Hourglass's communicators "Sir Vincent? Keno here, I think we may have gotten rid of the two who tried to murder Grotto." The Hourglass Elite, Keno said into a hi-tech communicator "Really? Y'know I don't really care, this sorta thing happens practically monthely, if not weekly, and you manage to kill off the people who attempted it, and personally i wish Grotto would have died, the cocky bastard...Well see too it that you get back and see if you can get ahold of that Logane man you've been after, Vincent out..." The man named Vincent said as he left the conversation of Keno.

"Awright Men, our work here is done." Keno said as he took his men and left the cottage, he was sure that the 2 or more they were after were most certainly dead after the explosion they made inside the house.

June 13th, 2005, 12:20 PM
The men were leaving, Tallain took his lance. "Having a problem gentlemen?" he asked sarcasticly. "If not, may I be one?" The men stared at him, one got into a spell casting position. "Well well," one of the men said, "If it isn't our infamous little friend the lancer." Tallain smirked, "In the flesh, now I must be going. Off to investigate your little demolition demonstration here." He held his hand out towards the house. "Unless that's against your laws." The man laughed, "No no, be my guest, after I send you to the Underworld!" He let loose a spell, narrowly missing Tallain's head. "Big mistake." He commented, thrusting his lance through the man's chest. "Anyone else wish to make a challenge?" They stared at him, and one by one fell to a blow each.

June 13th, 2005, 12:46 PM
I witnessed the explosion from my position, which was atop a hill. I had left Logane behind, and began travelling to where I saw survivors flee. I firstly noticed the two young men on a boat, but at first couldn't see anyone else. I ran along the edge of the water as they fled, panting. This form wasn't as strong physically apparently. I began waving my arms in the air at them, hoping they'd see me. After becoming too tired to wave anymore, I leaned over and grabbed my ankles with my hands, panting furiously.

June 13th, 2005, 12:46 PM
Keno and 3 other of the Hourglass remained "Hehe...Don't you understand yet?" The Keno laughed as he pointed to the dead bodies "Oh...you don't do you? Well That's good i suppose, no one really needs to know about this, you're free to go, why else do you think Macrose is so 'easy' on the citizens on this town when murders occur of lower members of the Hourglass? Well ponder that thought!" Keno teased as he threw his cloak over him in a cloud of dark magic and the 4 men vanished.

Fawkes' eyes widened as he saw a young man single handidly take down roughly 10 hourglass with a lance "WILLOW CLOUD STOP! I THINK THAT GUYS ON OUR SIDE!" Fawkes yelled as Cloud turned his head at the commotion and saw a young man watched as the surviving hourglass vansih "MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP!" Cloud yelled over the high winds and crashes of the waves.

Prof. Pine
June 13th, 2005, 12:59 PM
OOC: Sorry I haven't post in a while...

BIC:Kaivious walked from the city with a book he found around the city. Returning to his home he notice some people and descided to see what had happened. Kaivious removed the hood of his cloak,"Hello," he said to the one who had yelled to two other people,"I'm Kaivious and I was wondering what had happened here, or if you don't want to tell me I can leave you be."

June 13th, 2005, 1:50 PM
Tallain glanced around, the motorboat was slowing. There was blood everywhere, "I guess I went into a bit of battle rage..." He walked over to the remains of the house, and picked up a small shard of glass. He snapped it in half, "Why did they have to do this to people? So many innocents die every day..." He looked more closely at the men he killed, there was no huge differences in the composition of their bodies. Just the differences of the builds. He sighed, that was it, he wouldn't fight anymore today. He hoped no more mages would show up to force him away. He cleaned off his lance in the ocean water, watching the waves crash against the shore. "This is the worst day of my life..."

Lu Fei 21
June 13th, 2005, 6:03 PM
Ooc: So sorry every body, I haven't been on the net in a while.

Ic: James has just escaped the dreadful cave and wound up some where that wasn't near his companions. He found druids that were created by the dark lords made approaching him. "Hm, where is every one? Oh well no worries, more blood for me, haha I laugh at you pathetic druids, now you all must die by my blade, he is thirsty for blood." said James with a big grin across his face. James pulled out his sword called Sword of Darkness and spent his time slashing away at everything that stood in his way. After killing about half of them he noticed the sky was turning red, like blood, but he knew that he needed to kill more to have it turn red, so it was only one thing. The other's were killing things themselves. "Alright then listen up guys, I have to kill you quickly, for I want to reunite with my companions." chuckled James.

June 13th, 2005, 6:40 PM
Willow shook her head to dismiss the apology, only slightly out of breath. She lay atop her board, and when she was sure the enemy wasn't looking, sat up on her board, and looked over at the figure on the beach who was waving to them.

"We'd better be careful," Willow said warily. "It's diffecult to know who is on whose side."

Her toes barely touching the water, she perched readily on her surfboard, looking back as the large waves came crashing by. Selecting one that was looking to be fairly powerful, she positioned her board perpendicular to the wave. Making sure she was clear of the motorboat, she caught the wave, and it carried her board easily towards the shore. She stood up on the board, quickly, easily. She had done this a million times. Her long blond braid whipping about her small body wildly in the ocean wind, she squinted at the figure waving to them in the darkness.

Her board reached knee-deep water, and she hopped off her board, guiding it to the shore.

"Have they driven you out of hiding as well?" she asked the stranger, her hand hovering near the hilt of her katana.

June 13th, 2005, 6:51 PM
"You need not draw your weapon." I ensured her as I glanced her over. "I'm a mon- er, priestess, in training of course, travelling these lands." Too much was going on at once, and it was becoming difficult to think properly with all these events piling up. "I'm not armed, however, if you do not trust me, you can tie me up."

June 13th, 2005, 7:53 PM
Tallain had seen one of the survivors of the explosion had swam to shore. He began to walk over where they had come in, but waited awhile before making it there. It was a hill and two young women were there, including the one from town. He stopped and turned to look out at the motorboat, the two young men were still there. He removed his travelling cloak, and started to wade out into the water towards the boat. He unstrapped the lance from his back and tossed it back to his cloak, "I'm coming out there, I'm unarmed!" he shouted to them.

June 16th, 2005, 9:50 AM
"Wow...Two hotties on the beach all we need now is-OW! HEY WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" Fawkes yelled after getting hit on the head by Cloud "Thought you needed it!" Cloud laughed as the two sped towards the shore.

"Ahoy, Willow whose your friend?" Cloud asked as the boat hit the sandy beach, the two hopped out not caring to secure the boat, Fawkes walked solomly passed the three and walked up to his Street Rover, it was beaten up and scratched "MY BABY!!!" Fawkes sobbed over his vehicle, the glove box was open and his ID was gone "It's okay baby, I'll fix you up for you" Fawkes cryed on the hood of his vehicle, and saw a man who Fawkes suspected to be around his age was walking towards the beach, not knowing if he was friend or foe Fawkes kicked the bottom of the Street rover, revealing a compartment with his sword "Destiny" in it. "HEY WHO ARE YOU!?" Fawkes yelled running up to the young man with his sword.

"...Well like I was saying, the Dark Lords will probably seding Mercenaries and Assasains to take care of us after killing those minions so our best bet would be to head off into the deeper part of the forest so they think we died in that explosion seeing as how the ones that escaped didnt know if we were dead or alive!" Cloud suggested to the two young women and waited for a response.

June 16th, 2005, 12:00 PM
"HEY WHO ARE YOU!?" A young man yelled running towards Tallain. "What's the sword for, I already told you I was unarmed!" He shouted back, and stopped moving forwards. "I'll wait back here, you can come closer if you want." He looked back at the rust stained sand on the beach, "I just wouldn't go back there if I were you, it smells pretty bad." He then turned his glance over to the lance to was a good ten yards away. I just hope he isn't angry, he thought.

June 16th, 2005, 12:18 PM
Fawkes had a good sense of honesty and slipped destiny back into his sheath on his right hip "This guy doesn't look like he'd be apart of the hourglass" Fawkes thought and smiled "Sorry about that, it's just that me and my friend Cloud over there havn't been having the best of luck today. My names Fawkes whats yours?" Fawkes asked wondering what the young man was doing so far out of town like they were, the countryside was even more dangerous then Scito at night

A white haired man named Vincent walked calmly through a long corridor where he came across a large oak double door where four sentries stood, two on each side "Permission to enter..." Vincent said without taking his purple eyes off of a piece of paper in his hand "Permission granted." A lance wielding sentry said and stepped aside as the two doors opened widely.

June 16th, 2005, 1:14 PM
"My name is Tallain, and if you're wondering why I'm out here, I'm a mercenary." He stretched and continued, "I heard an explosion and found a demolished house along with Hourglass henchmen. By the way, why are you out here?" He looked at Fawkes and gave him a questioning look, "Unless it's personal."

June 16th, 2005, 1:29 PM
Fawkes laughed and put his right hand behind his head "Well uh...^_^;;...Be and Cloud kinda got an Hourglass elite pissed off at us and we ended up taking a run for it in Street Rover over there and ended up here...getting her," Fawkes pointed down the slope to Willow "...house blown up because that Houglass jerk followed us here with his buddys..." Fawkes sighed and started to go down the slope "Hey I'll introduce ya!" Fawkes said to Tallain as he continued down the slope to the sandy shore.

Vincent was in a large room with an over view of the country of Murllee (Dark Lord Macrose's Country) "M'Lord, New from Keno." Vincent said as he bowed down before a tall man with a red and black cloak with silver trimmings on, he was a bearded man, but his eyes and nose were invisible with his hood on "Yes?" the man said in a large throne-like chair "Sir some rebels from Scito we belive have been murdering the dopplegangers like mad, and almost all of Keno's dopplegangers we let him use have been defeated." Vincent said, now standing, his purple eyes fixed on the tall man "Keno has always been a disapointment..." the man said from his throne "Do you wish of me to send more men to take care of the rebels?" Vincent asked "No, I have a better idea...Send Kaine and three dopplegangers to take care of them." the man laughed as the throne rotated back to a large monitor "Yes...Lord Macrose..." Vincent said and departed the throne room.

June 16th, 2005, 4:06 PM
"You got her house blown up, getting chased by some Hourglass goons?" Tallain shook his head, "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get my stuff." He ran back to his possessions put everything back on, trying to ignore the smell. He sprinted back and said, "Alright let's go, you said her name was Willow right?"

June 16th, 2005, 5:40 PM
Willow nodded even though the question was not aimed at her. Her eyes searched the darkness around her, keen and alert. Her surfboard lay face-down on the beach. She knew she would probably have to leave it behind, and it saddened her slightly.

"Where do we go now? How can we escape them when they're everywhere?" she demanded, feeling tense and irritated.

June 17th, 2005, 9:07 AM
Cloud sighed and looked towards the forest "There should be a shrine with a priest out in the dense part of the forest, but it's only a rumor i dunno if its true or not, but hey anything helps right now..." Cloud said and looked towards the Street Rover, it had seen better days "So...how do we get there, the only thing that could take us that fast is...CLOUD!!! DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! SR's (street rover) is only built for 3 people, and we got 5!" Fawkes accused as he looked at their small group, Cloud, Willow, Tallain, the girl, and himself were the only ones at the chaotic battlefield "Well, we're just going to have to make room!" Cloud laughed and looked at the brown haired man, who was slightly older then them.

"Whose that anyway?" Cloud asked Fawkes "Who? Him? That's Tallain, i figured he could help us out seeing as how he beat the crap out of those goons earlier!" Fawkes laughed, remembering seeing a brown haired man singlehandledly take down the 10 or so hourglass. "Well let's go!" Cloud ignored Fawkes comment about only fitting 3.

June 17th, 2005, 11:42 AM
I remained silent throughout the entire conversation, looking back and forth as the four talked. At this point, I was extremely confused as to what was happening, and why. Heck, I was still getting over the trauma of my transformation.

Lu Fei 21
June 19th, 2005, 6:31 PM
James had spent too much "Fun" time (that's what he called it), killing those druids, and lost sight of his companions. "Um ok I guess I'm alone again, that's life for ya." James said to himself under his breath with disappointment. James started walking again for about half an hour up a slop[e then he noticed someone strange, and he realized that it was his good pal Cloud from town. "Hey Cloud remember me, James your good buddy." James yelled hoping Cloud would recognize him.

June 20th, 2005, 6:40 AM
Cloud and the others had decided not to use a vehicle since it would make too much noise, and make it easier for Hourglass to find them, they were about to reach the thick part of the forest when they spotted another young man who seemed to know Cloud "Dang some party huh?" Fawkes joked around, with all these people showing up "Err...Uhhh...Sorry...no..." Cloud said unfortunately, not remembering anyone named James.

"James?..." Fawkes started trying to remember also "OH! Hey Cloud! Remember...that really annoying kid who would follow you around a few years ago, i think thats him!" Fawkes proclaimed at James "Wow...you've changed...alot..." Fawkes said as he looked at the much darker version of James, Cloud still not fully remembering "Well...If you say so Fawkes...Well James what brings you out here at this time of night?" Cloud asked, knowing it was a stupid question.

Fawkes walked over by Tallain, Willow, and the girl, Fawkes approached the girl "So...What did you say your name was again?" Fawkes asked somewhat suspiciously, trying to strike up a conversation with the girl who barely said anything.

Lu Fei 21
June 20th, 2005, 8:59 AM
"Well I came to kill everything I see, ever since the dark lords came. So what are you guys doing, hm I see you have a big group, so don't mind me I'll just be leaving you all for your own enjoyment." said James knowing Cloud didn't remember him.

June 20th, 2005, 1:30 PM
Willow watched the others warily, feeling tiredness sneaking up on her conciousness. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, keeping rather quiet. The woods were dark, strange noises seeping through the night. Normally, she was very comfortable in the forest, but today was different....she had been uprooted, like trees torn from the earth.

"We'd better keep moving," she said darkly, tossing her long braid behind her head and looking over at Fawkes. "We'll have a better chance of avoiding attention if we keep moving..."

Princess Corina Bridget
June 21st, 2005, 9:34 AM
Weapon:a Japense sword
Description:tantop and mimi skit with long,black hair,purple eyes,and pale,raident skin and boots that only cut up to her thighs.
Hobbies:stealing rare,valuable items,cast spells and help her allies.

June 21st, 2005, 4:49 PM
Tallain looked at James for a long while, before getting up and moving over towards the Street Rover. "We'll need more room to get everyone out of here, I'd expect more Hourglass personel to show up soon." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a radio. He pressed the talk button, and said six words, "Leila, beach now, bring your car." He pocketed the radio and looked north, the cliff loomed in front of him. He remembered his fall and shuddered. "She'll be here soon." he said.

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