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ok he;s a fic of mine I have alot of it done but I dont want to get ahead of myself so I only posting 1 chap right now wait for a few comments and post another so lots of people have a chance to read it so none gets lost I will probally post one chap every other day until I run out and all my already written chapters are posted now yhat you know that I hope you enjoy my story

Past and Present
Chapter 1: A Tour to Disaster
My name is Kaden Shret Im from Pterny one of the islands of The Gemity Islands. I like baseball and Pokemon but Im not a trainer all I have is my Sworcrad. You probably havent heard of it though because it only lives in Gemity.
If your wondering what I look like I have black hair that I like to spike up which has earned me the nickname Sandslash. That probably explains length its long enough that it reach my shoulder blades if I left it straight. I have dark green eyes and a pointed face. In the general description I could be called handsome but that means nothing. My favorite outfit is a black t-shirt, dark green vest, black jeans, and black tennis shoes. My friends say I have a negative outlook on the world but they see the world in black and white. Now that I have introduced myself lets get to the story
Thief! I heard someone shout
Huh? Oh no, I thought.
Earlier that Day
Are there yet I said annoyed. I am moving from Pterny a large island in the Gemity Islands to MossDeep Island in Hoenn. It's an hour boat ride from Arias the port city in Pterny to Lilycove then another half an hour to Mossdeep BORING!
When we arrived in MossDeep the first thing I noticed was the calming colors that the small island had. The ocean mist gave the place a cool green blue. I like that kind of color.
Kaden dont just stand there help me move these boxes! my sister groaned. My sister name is Kayti. She's17 and we have been living together ever since my parents died and my brother started his Pokemon journey. If you were wondering my sister has long red hair down to her butt. She has green-yellow eyes that match her yellow dress that she liked to wear.
I coming Kayti So we moved the stuff to our new house.
Hey Kat Im going to go look around call me when dinners ready, I said. So I went looking around there was a gym and a museum and a strange white called the Wishing Rock. Silly, huh? After about an hour I decided to grab my fishing pole and go fishing.
This place is boring I want to go back to Pterny, I thought to myself then I felt a tug Whoa what a catch! It almost pulled me under!
Spheal! it yelled as I pulled back and it came above the clear blue water
Present Time
Thief! I heard someone shout
Huh? Oh no, I thought.
Thief! Thats my Spheal I heard come from the water
W-Whos there I said I saw someone come out of the water.
She had long brown hair down to her mid-back and dark blue-green eyes. Thief how you dare steal my Spheal whats your name, she screamed loudly.
Um Im Kaden Shret I just moved hear from Pterny in the Gemity Islands. Im sorry about your Spheal. I was fishing when your Spheal got caught on my line Im sorry, I apologized, bowing my head.
Oh so you were the people in the ferry. Nice to meet you Kaden Im Mayu Enigo, she said.
I looked up. Nice to meet you to Mayu, I said smiling. So she changed clothes. Of course I wasnt looking Im not a pervert! She was wearing a lavender long sleeved shirt and blue jeans and tan sandals. For a while we just sat and talked.
Do you have any Pokemon Kaden? She asked
Yeah one, but Im not trainer yet. For Two years Ive taken that **** Pokemon license exam yet I never pass. My Pokemon is actually my brothers, I sighed. May I see your Pokemon, Kaden? Mayu asked so I let out Swordcrad it gurgled its cry like it always did.
Wow Ive never a pokemon like this, Mayu said She gazed at him like he was some of work of art.
His name is Swordcrad hes only found in the Gemity Islands; would you like to pet him? I asked so we talked at petted Swordcrad.
P-O-K-E-M-O-N, My cell.
It was Kayti it was time for dinner I got to go Mayu seeya, I said I headed home when I heard; Kaden meet me here tomorrow, Ill give you a tour of town, she yelled.
Okay, see ya tomorrow, I yelled back when I got home Kayti was already setting plates for her and me so we ate dinner all I could talk about was meeting Mayu.
It looks like you have a crush on this girl, huh Kay, Kayti giggled
NO! What would give you that idea? I shouted.
You're blushing, she said. But it was true I was blushing.
Shut up Im going to bed, I said and stomped up angry and embarrassed. I couldnt sleep I was busy thinking about Mayu. When I woke up I ate breakfast got dressed grabbed my lucky charm. It was an orange star-shaped rock and headed straight for the place where Im supposed to meet Mayu. I was early so I went fishing.
Are they biting I heard someone say.
No, huh Mayu I said surprised.
So are you ready to go? she said.
Go? Where? I asked.
I spun around dazed. Huh what was that for? I said dazed.
You forgot Im going to give you a tour of MossDeep, she said annoyed
Oh yeah now I remember, I said laughing. She slapped me again but she couldnt help but laugh. So we started our tour at the MossDeep Air & Space Museum. It was boring; Mayu looked as bored as I was.
So do you want to go on to our next stop? she asked and I said yes. We headed out of the museum and went right next to it to that white rock I saw earlier. This is the Wishing Rock legend says that if you have a wishing charm and you place it on the rock something amazing will happen, Mayu said.
Whats a Wishing Charm? I asked. I thought it was a bunch of rubbish but I was still curious.
A wishing charm is six wish tags and a star piece I have always wanted to make a wish with a wishing charm but I have never found a star piece. I have six wish tags but star pieces can only be found deep underwater and I dont have a Pokemon that can dive yet, she said.
What dose a star piece look like I asked.
A star piece is an orange rock shaped like a star, she said so I took out my lucky charm
Does it look like this? I showed her my charm she looked amazed.
T-thats it! A star piece do you think we could use it to make a wishing charm? she asked.
I gave her my charm and she stuck the six of her wish tags on it and placed it on the rock.
So now what I asked
Just wait," she said then I saw a bright blue light.
Huh what the! the wishing charm started to glow blue and spin rapidly emitting a warm blue glow and then I blacked out.
Huh what the where am I I said.
Ahh! I heard a scream
if you want a pokedex anyalis on any of my made up pokemon just say so

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