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June 7th, 2005, 12:43 PM
I hope all of you like this story.

Chapter1: Tragedy
Come on White Fang! Called the young trainer as she sprinted down the hill. White Fang, a Vulpix, bounded happily after her. As the girl reached the bottom she tripped and tumbled end over end before landing sprawled at the bottom of the hill. She sat up and brushed long navy hair out of her brilliant brown eyes. She looked around and saw White Fang leap high into the air. Te girl held out her arms and caught her little fox friend before she hit the ground. They both laughed and the girl tossed her Vulpix into the air again before setting her down gently on the grass. They both laid there for a while catching their breath and watching the clouds roll by. Finally the girl spoke. Guess we should get moving.
White Fang nodded. Youre right. She replied in Pokemon tongue. The girl seemed to understand though. She got up and allowed White Fang to jump to her shoulder the to her head. She smiled ad walked back up the hill. They walked for a few minuets before arriving in a small town. It had that old timey look about it. The girl straightened her navy tunic before entering one of the houses. Inside the house was dark and musky.
The girl lit an oil lamp and called, Mother Im home. There was no answer. Thats odd. Mother is always home at this time. She shrugged and deposited White Fang on the floor before walking into another room and sitting on a soft bed. She pulled off her boots and gauntlets then belt and dagger. It was late and she should have already been in bed but she had lost track of time outside. She yawned and laidback down on the bed. White Fang jumped up beside her. Without even removing her head band or firestone around her neck the girl fell asleep.
Kaena. Kaena wake up. The girl stirred. She opened her eyes and saw an old man Vesquaz standing there. He looked worried.
Kaena sat up and asked Mr. Vesquaz whats wrong?
I am afraid your mother is ill. We found her early this morning out side the chapel.
Kaena leapt up. She pulled on her boots, gauntlets, belt, and dagger then hurried out of the house. Mr. Vesquaz and White Fang followed. It didnt take long for Kaena and White Fang to reach the chapel. Mr. Vasquaz took a little longer though. A group of people was already there. Most of the village from what Kaena could see. She pushed her way through them and bent down beside a woman lying on the ground. Everything became quiet. The womans eyes were closed and her breathing was shallow. Her beautiful brown dress was damp with sweat. When Kaena touched her face the woman opened her eyes. They were rich green but their color was faded and her eyes were glazed.
Mother? Whispered Kaena. White Fang whined. The woman looked at her.
Kaena? She gasped. Kaena Im so sorry. I should have told you earlier but I didnt want you to worry.
What do you mean?
Her mother smiled sadly. Kaena I have been sick for a long time now. I knew my time was short and didnt want you to worry.
There were tears in Kaenas eyes when she replied. Mother dont talk like that. Youll get better. No sickness has ever beaten you before.
Yes I know but Her mother coughed violently the said, Listen I want you to go on a adventure. Have fun and live life. Take White Fang with you. I want you to be happy. I dont want you to mop around and feel sorry. I dont want you to experience the pain and grief.
Tears streamed down Kaenas face as she watched her mothers eyes glazed and become dull. Mother. There was no reply. Mother please wake up. Dont leave me. Please. Still there was no reply. White Fang nudged the woman and felt her skin grow cold. She whined again and stepped back. Kaena stood up. Before anyone could stop her she grabbed White Fang and taken off. Outside the village Whit Fang jumped out of Kaenas arms and ran beside her. They ran and ran. Kaena didnt know where she was going but she didnt care. All that mattered now was she got far away from the village as she could. Maybe if she kept running she could leave it all behind. Maybe if she just kept moving all the pain would go away. Eventually they found themselves deep in a berry forest and other kinds of fruit. But neither of them was hungry. Kaena collapsed from exhaustion. She sat down with her back against a tree and closed her eyes. White Fang laid down beside her. After a few minuets both of them had drifted off to sleep.

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