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June 7th, 2005, 10:53 PM
A/N: Mm... My first fanfic, I keep working on it (and its crap grammar and description). Very appriciate Comments and critics, and will open the dictionary hundred times if I must ^^. Thanks.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hisakata woke up and yawned. It’s already 10.00 AM! A Mudkip, named Rinequa, jumped into her lap, licking her cheek. Hisa laughed and pat Rinequa, but then she gets up from her bed and opened her closet.

“What should I wear? Hum, okay, as usually,” Hisa smiled, and then grabbed a black shirt and a white shorts, with a silver bandanna plus a special belt to put her Pok Balls. Then she stepped out from her big bedroom, Rinequa at her heels, and walks toward her bathroom nearby.

After a refreshing shower, Hisa brushed her long silver-blue hair, and ran to the lower floor of her big house. She was an only daughter of a boss of Yakuza. She got everything she needs. She got her skills, money, everything. And that makes her very bored. But not now, after one year she traveled with her Pokmon. She loves adventure.

She stays at home too long. Now it’s already one week. Rinequa and Hisa can’t wait to continue their journey again.

“Dad! Good morning!” Hisa smiled and walked to her dad, who was eating his breakfast. Hisa kisses his cheek as usual, then sits down next to him, and grabs some bread for herself. Rinequa gets her breakfast too, a delicious Pokblock.

“So you gonna leaving today, Hisa?” Dad said, with his I-don’t-want-you-leave-me-alone-again looks. “Can’t ya’ stay here again for a while?”

“It’s already been a week, Dad,” Hisa said, biting her bread. “I promised I would visit Professor Oak. Prof. Birch said that he is a great professor. I have to meet him, and find out more 'bout Pokmon, Dad.”

“You wanna go to Kanto?!” Dad said in shock, his eyes widened and stared at Hisa. “You can’t go too far. It’s too dangerous.”

“Nah, and besides, I have Pokmon with me, I don't fear anything, Dad,” Hisa said, patting Rinequa. “You don’t have to worry. I can take care of myself.”

“Okay then. Do you have enough money with you there? You can take as single ferry to Kanto, you know. Then you just have to walk a bit, and you will arrive at Pallet Town,” Dad said. Hisa raised her eyebrow, wondering how her Dad knows that much about Kanto. “I went there before.”

“Oh,” Hisa answered, nodded. “I have enough money, Dad. Thanks.”

Hisa swallowed the last bit of the bread, and then stood up.

“I have to go now, Dad. See ya,” Hisa smiled and kissed her Dad on his cheek again. She runs outside, with Rinequa chasing her.

Hisa reached the harbor within an hour, and immediately ask the staff there, which ferry she should take to reach Kanto. She found the ferry, hands off her ticket, and then takes the ferry along with Rinequa and the other Pokmon.

“Hey, are you a Pokmon trainer?”

A boy’s voice fills up Hisa’s mind, and she turns around. A boy, probably year older than her, is holding a Pok Ball, staring at Hisa with his challenging face. Hisa smirks.

“Yeah I am. Want a quick fight, pal?” Hisa stood up calmly and looked down to Rinequa, who is preparing to fight. Without any of Hisa’s command, Rinequa already stood on front, ready for the battle. The boy nodded and throws his Pok Ball.

“Go, Furret!” the boy shouted with confidence. Just a second after the red light comes out from the Poke Ball, a Furret stood up in the battle arena. The Furret growled softly, answering her master’s order to battle.

“Rinequa, it’s yours,” Hisa said with a calm voice, she has same confidence like he does. Rinequa jumps to the battle arena. “OK, Rinequa, let’s start with Bubble!”

The Furret try to dodge like what her trainer said. It seems like the trained-well Mudkip can concentrate and strike Furret, but not very hard. Furret growled in pain, but back and stood on her legs again. Her trainer commanded to tackle Rinequa, so she prepared to do it.

“Watch your timing,” Hisa grinned with victory, watching the Furret ran toward Rinequa, ready for the tackle attack. Rinequa stood still, waiting for her trainer’s command. Hisa nodded, knew what her Pokemon’s thoughts. “Rinequa, now Hydro Pump!”

Rinequa's Hydro Pump damaged the Furret a lot. The helpless Furret fell to the ground, growled slowly. The boy knew that Furret can’t go for the fight again, looks worry and dissapointed, “Furret, you did a great job. Return.”

Hisa smiled happily. The boy replied her with his weak smile, then walked and shaked Hisa’s hand.

“That was a really quick fight, but I know you’re a great trainer. My name is Ryuuseiu. You can call me Ryu,” the boy explained kindly. Hisa smiled; she finally knows the boy’s name.

“I’m Hisakata. You can call me Hisa,” Hisa laughed. She looked down to Rinequa, and then hugged her little blue pal. “And this is my Mudkip, Rinequa.”

Chapter 2: Ryu's Story

“Hey Hisa,” Ryu muttered, and as he sat down in a wooden chair on the boat as the ferry start moving. “Where will you go? I mean, in Kanto.”

“I want to visit Prof. Oak…. I heard he has a lot of information and knowledge about Pokmon. And maybe a little adventure, to take me out of my boring life,” Hisa answered jokingly, but it seems that the boy take it too serious. “How about you? Why are you here?”

“It’s… it’s a long story….,” Ryu’s face suddenly changed, from cheerful one to a deep mature. Hisa waits for Ryu to something again, and he does. “But I think…. I can tell it to you….”

And the silence fell upon them -- until Hisa break it with her low voice.

“Well?" Hisa asked, and watched Ryu sighed. Hisa looked deep into his eyes, trying to read his thoughts, but failed.

A bird flying over them would've seen a boy is standing up on the ferry, looking at the bright sky, with his trademark smile. He mutters a bit, which makes a silver-blue haired girl raise her eyebrows. She is trying to keep the utter silence.

“It’s was a year ago, when I was always still using my cocky attitude to anyone, anywhere, anytime…,” the boy finally begun. Hisa smiled, and sat down on another wooden chair and sat down to hear the story. As Ryu begins, he thinks to himself, why should he tell it to Hisa? Is it because she is a good trainer? Or…?

“It’s was a stormy night, starless night.... It was me and my Pokmon. Or maybe she wasn't Pokmon…,” Ryu muttered again, forcing Hisa to hear him patiently. He sighed again and again, like it’s the end of the world and continues his story. “She looks like a horse, but she has a weird power. She’s not a Ponyta, or Rapidash….

She was a…. I don’t know what she was, but one thing I know: she has fire powers that can destroy anything… just like my house and my village…. She burned it, turning it all into ash….”

“She did that?!” Hisa stood up and shouted in surprise. After a second, she calmed down and sat down again. “So what happened that night? In that stormy night?”

“I was her trainer…. But I feared her power, which maybe was an evil power. I don’t think it was, because she was just a little horse. I abandoned her in a dark forest that night. It’s a dark forest with no way out. I was afraid that she would burn the whole forest, but I hope she wouldn't,” the boy said in a really flat voice. Hisa could tell that he was really stressed with this problem. “But then, when I turned around because she was crying loudly, I realized that a very bright light blinded my eyes. A really, really beautiful bird, with purple feathers and yellow sparkling eyes, stared at me. I didn’t know if it was mad or what, but it stared at me. Then it took my weird horse Pokmon and flew away….”

“What was the Pokmon that looks like a giant purple bird?" Hisa asked curiously to Ryu, who is still digging his memories. "Was it a legendary bird like Zapdos or something?”

"I don't know, I couldn't really tell... until I heard something about the legend of the ‘Guardian’s Feather’…,” Ryu mumbled, but Hisa could clearly hear everything.

“What does the legend say?” Hisa asked, impatiently yet curiously.

June 9th, 2005, 5:58 PM
Ok, I can immediately tel lby the first paragraph that english is not your first language. I woud suggest learnign more abotu english and its grammar rules (especially about how you cant keep changing tenses) before you continue

June 9th, 2005, 7:34 PM
Yes, it isn't my native language. Please re-read it, I already redo it with better (hopefully) grammar. ^^