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Mystical Mewtwo
January 23rd, 2004, 7:45 PM

Welcome to the Ancient Days.

Our story starts, and occurs, long ago, in an age forgotten, long before gods ocean wiped all traces of it clean. It happened on this earth, in this dimension.

Before I can tell you out true story, you must know the story of James A. Godspeed. People in those days had last names such as that. James A. Godspeed was a wizard. Not a powerful or even well renowned wizard, just the everyday sort of wizard. His spatiality? Animals. He bred all sorts of magical animals; from Unicorns, to flying pigs. But his favorite of all animals was the griffin.

Griffins in those days were rare, but were more like advanced horses. They were used for riding in the air. They were, for those that dont know, a mix in between lions and the giant eagles of the old east. They were gold or brown, and unfortunately, unintelligent.

But, our James fell in love with them when he saw one fly. The personal carrier of the King, it was. It was beautiful, trained, and strong. He could fly for hundreds of miles with the king on his back. He was a bright gold, and very proud. He was also the guard of the King, for his great lion strength and powerful beak could help him kill any man.

James, I should mention, also had married a wizard, who was very good at every day sort of spells. Her name was Maria.

Well, one day, while Maria was pregnant with there first child, he went for a walk in the valley in the back of his town. He studied a few animals, and grew tired. He decided to go in. However, before he could do that, he heard an eagles cry; only much deeper. This was the call of a griffin.

A distressed griffin.

When she flew in to James, she landed at his feet; panting. She was blood soaked and was going to die. Although James had promised not to disturb the balance of life and death, he did all he could to keep her alive. How she got this way, he never found out. But soon enough he found something she was lying on; something she flew in with in her jaws with the utmost care.

It was an egg.

There was nothing he could do for her, and she died a few hours later. The egg, however, was fine, and although James told himself to let life go on as it would, he took the egg and brought it home.

He analyzed it, and discovered it had just been laid. His pregnant wife came into his room and asked him what it was. When he told her he was going to raise it, she could hardly say no. She knew his love for the beasts.

But soon, his dreams of being able to talk with a griffin, to learn what its thinking, overcame all. And he made a dissention.

He would use the DNA of himself and Maria, along with his magic, and make this griffin an intelligent creature. And he did. It was stressful, and it took him all of the three months he had while the creature inside the egg was still developing, to finally have everything ready. You see, he could of done it as soon as he thought of it, but he wanted to make sure that everything was perfect so the creature was not hurt.

He did so, yet by looking at the egg, no visible change was seen.

We now must go to the hospital, a few months later, while Maria was having her baby; any, by coincidence, the egg was hatching in the same room, five minutes of each other. The two were twins.

The human was a boy, and the griffin was a girl. These are the two who are the main characters of our true story. They both, surprisingly, were registered as the children of James and Maria.

The world in those days were not safe, for there were pirates, robbers, and murderers, not to mention so may kingdoms at war, that no one was safe. The Red Blood army, a powerful, evil, and corrupt kingdom, came by the small town that James and Maria lived in.

By this time, a year has passed, and the boy, who they named Kevin, had now learned a few words. And, believe it or not, so had the griffin, who was now named Abbey. She was showing the same intelligence as any human, but, fearing what the world would do, James carefully hid her.

But I suppose hiding from the flood that was the Red Blood army was no use, and the attack went on. The RB army eventually made it to the house of James and Maria Godspeed.

They were both killed immediately, while they spared the child and griffin. They took all valuables.

The survivors took the baby and griffin, found there names, and asked the town what to do. The small, barely surviving town head told them that the boy should be sent to an orphanage and the griffin to the nearest griffin training facility.

However, when they discovered that Abby could talk, she was immediately sent away. Too where? No one was sure but those who worked there, and no one found out except one. And thus the world forgot Abby F. Godspeed.

For now.

Our story starts many years later, at the orphanage of Kevin, at the age of 14, when he is beginning to wonder about his past, his father, his mother, and even though he does not know he has one, his twin sister
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Mystical Mewtwo
January 24th, 2004, 9:59 AM
Ch 1, Library of Luna
Kevin sat at the library, head deep in papers. This was the library of Luna, a city some miles away from his home town. He would glance to a paper on one of the many piles, and slowly move his finger down the page. He was carefully writing things down in a small black book.

But now I suppose that Kevin needs a description? He was a boy of 14, but of average height and below average strength. He was very thin, and his hair, which was rather short, was a deep black. His freckles and kind blue eyes gave away his personality, of a nice, yet not innocent boy. He wore a robe, brown and made very poorly. But the most important characteristic of young Kevin, except maybe his inquisitiveness and bravery, was that he was a mage.

Unfortunately he lived at a very poor, horribly kept orphanage. The people there did not care about you, only the money that got for taking care of you. And, unfortunately, they did not give there wizards a proper education. They were simple taught control so they wouldnt burn anything with there magic, but they were not advanced in spells and such.

So here is out poorly trained, mistreated, very kind character, Kevin.

He was now going through all the records of the city to see if he could find anything about his family, for no one he knew had know his family. Unfortunately, when the Red Blood army swept across the city, they practically destroyed everything, including the library. It was rebuilt, but the records were never put back in order because no one bothered to.

His hand went slowly down the page. Godsforge, Godsguild, Godsheat, he thought as he looked town the page to try and find his last name, which was the only clue he had. Some sections were still in order, but when he flipped to the next page, it went from Godsspeak to Archmage. He put his head down hard on the table of exation. He had, after all, ben searching the library for hours.

Where is it? he asked himself in frustration.

Putting his hands deep into his pockets, he walked outside into the cold winter night. He slowly walked down the streets of Luna, thinking deeply of his family. The streets of Luna, if your not in a bad mood like our Kevin, was not a sight to be missed. Filled with shops and trade caravans, everything could be found here; from exotic birds, to the rarest bread; from magic jewels, to staffs for the wizards. Kevin did not have a staff, nor could he afford one.

After walking for some time, he finally made it our of the city and into his home town of Merochia. He walked into the center of the town where his orphanage lay.

Walking in, he was immediately nagged by the owner of the orphanage, Mrs. Draque.

Where have you been? she asked, her voice sounding like a hinge that desperately needed oiling. She was a very old woman who always wore a black robe, and she was very cruel. I should tell you it was not her fault, but that is a story for another time. None the less, she treated her orphans poorly.

To the library, miss, Kevin answered simply.

Trying to find out about your family again? Their dead, boy-o. Give up your chase.

He kept eye contact, but did not say anything for a minute. Miss, he began, Where was I from; you know, when I was put here?

Now, Mrs. Draque was cruel, but perhaps not that cruel. She would not keep a persons past hidden.

Listen, boy-o, she began, I really dont know. They just dropped you off and went on their way. The only place to find answers is the library, I suppose, but if you look there names are all youll find out. There dead, boy-o.

He nodded gravely and made his way up the creaky stairs to his run down room, and collapsed on the bed. He immediately feel asleep.

The next day, he immediately got up and went to the library. But this time, something odd happened. He was walking down the old records isle, when, all of a sudden, a paper fell out of the sky. It landed right on the table he always worked at. He sat down, to read Godspeed.

Kevin gasped. He looked up to see a cat on the top of the bookshelves, looking down curiously at him. Kevin immediately got down on his knees and thanked the god of cats, who was also the god of luck, for this paper.

He read down the list of Godspeeds. He looked down to children until he found Kevin.

His heart was racing. His eyes were wide open, his mind wide awake. He looked up to the top of that section. It read

James A. Godspeed and Maria L. Godspeed.
Town of York.
Children: Kevin Godspeed, born on January 24, 1489 (there time, not our time; this was BC)
Abby F. Godspeed, born on January 24, 1489

Kevin gasped and read the small, yet the most important he would ever read, section of this library. He read it over and over.

He suddenly jumped up onto his table. I have a TWIN sister! he exclaimed. He ripped out that section of the page and put it into his black book. Going outside, he went to buy the necessary items for a long journey, for he was going to find York if it killed him.

He was on the lookout for his sister, but little did he know she was not even of his species
YAY! Done with this chapter! Dont worry, youll meet Abby next chapter!
Next chapter: York

Mystical Mewtwo
January 25th, 2004, 8:38 PM
Kevin stood outside the small, unimportant town of York. He looked into the small farming town, seeing nothing but a few houses and a shop. The town sign hung just outside the store, with a poorly painted, red York.

Kevin took a deep breath, and walked slowly towards the small store. He opened the door, and the bell that was attached to it rang, surprising the store clerk. He jumped up from his chair behind the register and gave Kevin and odd look.

The man was small and fat, but looked kind and happy. He said, May I help you?

Kevin walked up to the register before saying, Yes. Did you ever know a man named James Godspeed?

The man, who now got very uneasy, shifted in his seat and said, And who, if I may be so bold, is asking?

Kevin Godspeed, said Kevin, not having any reason to not trust the man. The man looked incredibly surprised and got up and walked around the desk. He moved close to Kevin; almost uncomfortably close; and looked into his eyes.

Yes you have your mothers eyes.

Kevin gave a gasp of surprise and suppressed joy when he asked, You knew my mother?

Yes, answered the man Gravely, As a matter of fact, I am her brother. Small world, eh? As you probably know, she is dead. Kevin nodded gravely at this statement. But you probably want a few questions answered, right?

Yes what was my mother like? asked Kevin as he sat down on a barrel while the man sat back down in his chair.

She was wonderful. Kind, caring, and the nicest woman youve ever met. She was beautiful as well. She had your blue eyes as well. The man, who revealed himself as Jordan, gave a deep description of Maria. But your father, he said after, was not as plain wonderful as she. He was a little different, as was his magic. He specialized on animals he even had a unicorn, you know that? But they all got stolen except a few.

Jordan stood up. Listen, thats what I can tell you, but the rest you have to find out on your own. I can give you an address to there old house; no one actually fixed it up and we dont have many robbers here. You can find your other answers there.

Kevin thanked Jordan and went to the address to find a broken down, half destroyed log cabin on a large field. He saw pens where animals used to live. He entered the destroyed house.

The broken glass on the floor cracked as he slowly made his way through the house. It looked as though a tornado had passed through couches were tossed around, as were chairs, tables, and books. He made his way to a room with a desk in the middle. He assumed this was his fathers or mothers desk.

He began to search the desk, but didnt find anything immediately. He finally found a small, magical recording device. The person who used it; proably his father, used to record memos. He played the first part of the record.

I have completed the research what James said was unimportant to Kevin, just the fact that he was hearing his father. It was a deep, but kind voice. He then paid attention to what James was saying. I have what I need, I just hope the critters OK in there end.

He went to the last recording. She is showing intelligence beyond any animal I have Maria? What is it? What? Who? Maria, calm down well be alright, dont worry, get the kids in here yea dont worry, just stay in here with the kids. I can handle them! Just stay here.

He then heard crying in the back round of two children. Two! thought Kevin. He then heard a female voice, cooing the two children, causing them both to go to sleep. Her voice was angelic; so kind and soft.

He then heard something on the recording that was not good. He heard yelling; lots of it, from far away by two masculine voices. Then he heard something he REALLY didnt like.


The sound of mage fire and lightning as James fought against some mysterious person. Would he win? What would

I recommend you run, little girl, said a new voice. I declare this house in the name of the Red Blood Army. CRACK VOOSH BOOM

He heard an earsplitting scream as Kevins blood boiled. He was listening to the murder of his Mother. He began to hear screaming in the back round. He was about to burst into tears; he was hearing his mothers death, but he had to listen to find out if his sister lived.

The kids? said a new voice.

Leave em said the other voice.

Kevin turned the recoding device off and headed out of the house, holding back the tears.

He went back to Jordan. Wheres Abby? demanded Kevin.

Abby? asked Jordan. She was sent away far away, to a place unknown but to a few people. Including me. Technically they couldnt take her away without my permission, but she would have a better life where they sent her. Here, ill tell you were to go.

Kevin took the directions, and, after a few weeks of travel, made it to a small, unimportant looking shack in the middle of the Mountains. He entered, to find in deserted. Thinking that Jordan had betrayed him, he took a rock on the floor, and with a scream, threw it at a stove. It hit, revealing a hidden stair.

After staring at it for a few minutes, Kevin went down the stairs. He entered to find an underground facility, with metal and flashing lights of all kind around him. Kevin took a few minutes to admire the senery before he noticed a large glass case that this entire facility seemed to be centered around. It had something inside it, a brown ball of feathers no

A griffin.

He stared for a few minutes before he heard a voice from behind him say, Prity, aint she? It was said in a most menacing way.

He spun around to see a large, strong man standing behind him. He lifted Kevin up by the cloak and opened the latch to the cage, and threw him in quickly before the sleeping griffin could away. Hearing the noise, she did.

You see, said the man, We feed our little pet here once a day. But for a few days, I seemed to have forgot. Shell tear you limb from limb. Good luck!

My god, said Kevin, staring at the worn out beast, Can something so beautiful be as terrifying as he says?

Did he just call me beautiful? thought Abby, for this is who this griffin was. She perked up her large head and looked at the boy.

Because she was stuck in this horrible lab for so long, being tested on, she grew to hate humans very much. Very, very much. And now Kevin was stuck in an unbreakable cube with her.

Lucky Kevin.
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January 26th, 2004, 12:02 AM
You seemed to really put your efforts into your fan-fic, which resulted in a overall very written story, Kevin seems like a interesting chacter in your fan-fic Mystical Mewtwo.

Mystical Mewtwo
January 27th, 2004, 12:11 PM
well, here goes.
Kevin sat; the only human in the room now; in the cage with the female griffin. He looked at her wondrously; which was amazing that he could even think inquisitively; especially at a time like this. He began to wonder, Are they all that golden color? How do they fly? Can they have magic?

He read once that beasts, such as bears and such, could be calmed with a voice. So he began to talk. My name is Kevin.

This surprised Abby, for the boy had been quite for hours, stuck in the cage, but even more surprised because no one (that she could remember) had ever told her anything in such a kind tone.

I am sorry that you are hungry; this I cannot cure. Unless you eat me, that is. She winced at his statement; did he really think that she would eat him? But I notice you have a broken wing. He said, pointing at Abbys wing.

It does hurt, she thought.

The walking stick I have can be used as a splint. I can use some of my robe to tie it to your wing. I have healed pigeons; I imagine this will be like a bigger one. May I do so?

Abby did nothing. There was a long silence. Then, slowly, Kevin got up, and moved toward Abby.

But Abby, although she understood this perfectly, still held very little trust in this new human. She snapped her beak angrily. Kevin got the message and sat back down.

I suppose you didnt understand any of that, did you? he asked. Ah well. I must say you are unlike any griffin I have ever seen.

Abby still stared at the new boy.

At first I thought you were just another griffin, but then I though, why would they keep you here? This looks like a testing facility to me. Then I noticed something when you looked at me.

Abby tilted her head slightly in wonder.

Your eyes. They were so full of intelligence and glowing with curiosity. Yet, they seemed to be covered in a fog of weariness. I could see through though. It almost seemed like like you were Human.

When the clock struck twelve, Abby suddenly got up and stretched her wings; which reached from tip to tip of the cage. Kevin now saw that they were cut so she could not fly.

But even so, she began to flap her wings. She flapped and flapped and flapped until she suddenly folded her wings back into herself. Then she lowered her head and turned to a wall of the glass cage.

Letting out a loud squawk that almost broke Kevins eardrums, she suddenly charged the glass; letting her entire body slam against it. She backed up and tried again. She did so again and again until she didnt have the energy to continue, and flopped on the floor.

It then hit Kevin. She tries to escape every day at twelve exactly.

You see? he said. The will to survive is a human characteristic. You see, when you cage a lion, it slowly loses the will to live. Humans, throughout there lives, will try to escape.

Abby may have replied right then, but she was too tired. And when he, once again, approached her, she didnt even click her beak.

He came closer and began to split her wing. The people Abby knew, the evil ones, would bandage her loudly, very hard, and with no care how they did it, if at all. This boy was talking in a calming voice, carefully putting the splint on, and did it very well. Her respect for the boy went up a few notches.

He finished. There. It is done. I also see you have a few bruises would you mind if I applied a healing spell?

Abby made no attempt to move. Besides the comfort of a boy who seemed to be kind, she was mentally scared.

Kevin said a few words in Elvin, and suddenly Abby felt better. She stood up, totally revived. She found herself liking the new boy.

There, he said. Is that better? I suppose you are still hungry; but I can do nothing. I wish I could help.

You have done more for me than any other human I have ever met.

Well, it was no he suddenly stopped, realizing who was just talking. You you just you can

Talk, answered the griffin with a giggle. It seemed to be a normal 14 year old girls voice trapped in a rather large griffin body.

A large smile spread across Kevins face after the shock had passed. I knew it! Perhaps now we can escape.

What? replied Abby.

You physical strength, combined with my magic, and I bet we can break this glass. He said, tapping the window. But lets wait a while while your wing gets better. I am Kevin Godspeed. Do you have a name?

Yes, of coarse. Although I dont know my last name, they call me Abby.

Next part: escape from the lab!

Mystical Mewtwo
January 27th, 2004, 4:45 PM
Kevins eyes opened in surprise and his eyes, although kind began to dart around her face.

Is something wrong? asked Abby.

It makes sense. I I thought it was a metaphor!

Umm what are you talking about? asked Abby.

She can fly, my wonderful girl, she can fly! That is what my father said on the device! He was a breeder, he was a Wizard, you can talk, your name is AbbyTwin!

As Abby looked on with an odd face, and Kevin began to dance around. He did it very oddly and she watched as he twirled and danced in complete joy. And he was laughing as he did. It was a long time since he had laughed.

And for no reason in particular, she joined in the laughing. She laughed at seeing such joy. She felt such happiness flow through her as never before as she looked at the small human express such joy as she never knew.

Youre my sister! he exclaimed suddenly/

What?! she asked, and suddenly stopped laughing.

You see and he told her his whole story, form beginning to end. They sat down. When Kevin told her the part when there parents died, she looked sad. When he told her the part where he found out he had a sister, her eyes too brightened. After he told her that, he said, So you see, my; no, no our father created you! An intelligent griffin!

So, in that small cube, with no one watching, they both began to danced and laughed until they could no longer even stand. They both were missing a family, and now they both had one. Abby began to cry after the dancing.

What? What is it? asked Kevin.

II always wanted a family. I always sat here and thought what it would be like to have a mom and a dad and I dont have those, but I always dreamed of having a little brother.

Little? said Kevin, whipping away the rather large tears with a peace of cloth. Young sister, I am five minutes older than you.


We are twins, he said happily.

She now began to cry harder, but a cry of unbelievably joy to find a friend and find family in this horrible world.

He hugged her, which was hard to do, across her neck.. She rubbed his back with her beak in a most griffin like manner.

Now, he began, If you can handle it, Id like to be out of this place for dinner.

She chuckled at his crude joke and faced the glass wall.

Do you think you could hit it, maybe three times? Hard as you can. I can take the rest.

She nodded and ran and slammed against the wall. Then she backed up, and did it once more. She backed up, but did not charge, because she heard footsteps.

It was, of all people, Jordan. So, he said, Kevin, thank you for your assistance.


You see, as you probably figured out, we want to do studies on how your father got this creature intelligent. We want animals solders to do the same. But, we had no proof that she was intelligent when she stopped talking. So, we brought you in, by laying the necessary clues, and you came. You got her to talk, and thats all we need. We no longer are in need of your service. Thank you.

You tricked me? asked Kevin, quietly.

Yes. What are you going to do about it?

Me? I cant get out of here. But she can.

What? asked Jordan.

Kevin nodded at Abby who ran towards the wall only to run right through it. It was a difficult bit of work for Kevin, who had very little training, and nearly drained him all of his energy. But the look of Jordans face when he saw a griffin who towered over him mad it worth it.

Jordan ran. Quickly, Abby ran to the cage and opened it. Kevin jumped out with a weak Thank you.

Are you alright? she asked, a bit concerned.

Getting you through the wall was a bit much for me he said as he slowly sank to the floor.

She threw her newfound brother on her back, and, with a last ear piercing screech, flew towards the exit at full speed. The stair would barely hold her now, but it did, fortunately. She carried him far away from the evil place and laid him down in a large valley. She made her best attempt at a fire, but failed at doing so, and as the night grew cold, she lay next to the cold, weakened Kevin with one wing over him. She immediately fell asleep.

End of Part 1: Escape from the Evil Place

The two became very close, and while Abby built her strength back up, Kevin trained to the best of his abilities to become a great mage. They strength would be called upon, one more time, when the Red Blood Army would march again, two years later.

Part 2: A flood of blood

What did you think of part 1? Did u like it? Please, i if i can imrove, tell me!

Mystical Mewtwo
January 28th, 2004, 6:45 PM
Kevin and Abby have been traveling for about one year. They are now both in considerable shape, magically and physically. Abby, who used to be thin and weak, now looked more like the griffins Kevin had seen: sleek and with a deadly look to them of natural born hunters. Kevin had grown into an average mage, which is very spectacular considering the fact that he learned it all on his own.

Kevin, who usually always woke up first (griffins need there rest), got up extra early. Why? It was about one year after there escape, but more importantly, it was their birthday. And, being Abbys second celebrated birthday (the first she could remember), he wanted to make it a special one. He remembered just how he got her present.


They were at the town of Morbat. She sat and looked into a store window. It was a jewelers shop, and she was looking sadly at a gold necklace.

What are you looking at? asked Kevin in a whisper. They did not want people knowing of her intelligence.

The jewelry, she answered in the same whisper. I wish I could have one. You see, Abby had every 14 (almost 15) year old girls yearn for jewelry. Kevin often felt sorry for his sister, who just wanted to be normal.

He suddenly had an idea. He told her that the supplies she got for the trip south were fine, and that she should go back to the inn. She did, with her head hung low, and her wings tucked in to her body in such a manner that told anyone who knew how to read Griffin body language Im sad, please leave me alone. Now Kevin went to the blacksmith and told him what he wanted. The blacksmith had no idea why he was making it, but he made it; for a price. Now, Kevin and Abby had gained a considerable amount of money, from Kevins magic and a few jobs from Abby. With his share he paid for it.

*end flashback*

Now, on their birthday, Kevin was doing his best to make a feast; which was hard to do, because they didnt have that many supplies; not to mention the variety of the twos diet. There was raw beef and cooked beef, and some other things that you or me would find repulsive but a griffin would find enticingly delicious.

Now Kevin sat at one end of the picnic a few meters away from the sleeping Abby and waited. He waited for about three minutes, before Abby picked up her head.

Without opening her eyes, she began to sniff the air. She then asked, Kevin, what is that

When her eyes finally opened and focused, she gasped at the sight layed out before her. Although Griffins cannot smile, her eyes lit up, her head shot up, and her wings folded out slightly from her body. This was the griffin was of saying, I am happy.

Happy Birthday, Abby, said Kevin quietly.

She trotted over to him with a (griffin) grin and he hugged her around the neck while she rubber his back with her beak. In a griffins world, crossing necks and rubbing the others back is like a human hug. A griffin kiss, if you were curious, is the intertwining of two griffins necks.

They ate what was set out, and talked about there adventures, lives, and anything else you could imagine. And somehow, they got on the topic of jewelry. She gave a sad griffin pose (neck hung, close eyes, low voice, drooping wings and tail) and told him that she would do anything to be able to wear a silver necklace. That was his que.

He pulled out his present, a silver necklace (more like chain, if you ask me) that would fit around her neck. Her eyes immediately sparkled at she got out of the sad pose. He put it around her neck, and it fit perfectly. She gave a glad stance and began to admire herself.

How do I look? asked Abby.

Kevin chuckled at the fact that a griffin was saying this, but said, You look great. Best griffin Ive ever seen.

She did look nice. Her gold feathers looked nice with the silver necklace.

And dont thing I forgot about today, she said, reaching into the pack which was tied on her back with her beak. She pulled out a small vial. She carefully gave it to Kevin.

What is it? he asked her, his voice filled with wonder.

A vile of Griffin Tears, she said proudly. They both knew that the tears of Griffins had healing powers.

Thank you! he said. She suddenly went stiff. What? What is it?

She collapsed to the ground. Kevin saw a tiny dart in her leg; with a red feather in it, and written in blood, RB.

Taking his finger and dipping it into the vial of Griffin tears, began to make a symbol in the air. When he flicked the center, the dart suddenly shot off and Abby sat up. What was that? she asked.

A dart. Be glad you gave me this now. Two armored me came out of the woods to there right. Another two came from behind. There armor was black, except in the front where, in red, a large RB was written.

With an ear piercing screech, Abby lunged at two of them. Muttering something in elvish, Kevin ran to the other two,