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June 8th, 2005, 1:45 PM
(Suicune's Pearil)
A year ago a young girl rescued a Suicune from a Pokemon hunter. But the water Pokemon was hurt and the hunter was gaining on the girl and the Suicune. So it took her through time. She lost consciousness and when she woke, she found herself forty years in the future. There she new friends and enemies. Suicune vanished and she and a new ally named serpenter went to find it. Suicune was hurt so they took it to the Lake of Life. More new friends were made. Alana and Latias Lover. They helped her escape from a new enemy, another Pokemon hunter. After Suicune was healed they had fun and headed back to the village that was located at the entrance of the forest. But things went wrong. Their new enemy returned and captured Suicune in a Pokeball called a Darkball. It turned the once friendly Pokemon evil and forced it to attack the forest. Alana, Latias Lover, and the girl from the past names Cebe all did what they could. With the help of Celebi they managed to rescue the water Pokemon and make it remember who it was. But Suicune had used too much energy. It was on the brink of death and nothing anyone did could help. But just when they thought all was lost a portal opened in the forest and Suicune from the future and past appeared and healed their friend. Finally it was time for Cebe to return to her own time. But she chose instead, to travel through many different times and promised to some day return. She left a locket with Latias Lover and asked Alana to keep in contact with her. Now a year later Cebe has finally decided to return to Latias Lover's and Alana's time. What has changed since they last met? What new adventures await them? And what new friends will they make? We'll just have to wait and see.

Pokemon: (Up to six no legends. Read Suicune's Pearil to find out why Cebe has a legendary.)

oni flygon
June 8th, 2005, 1:53 PM
If this is a roleplay, then it's best to send it to the roleplay forum


June 8th, 2005, 2:32 PM
hay, can i join? or is it too late?
Pokemon: charizard, houndoom, magmar, fleareon, blazeiken, typhlosion
Description:loves fire pokemon, and is paired with cabe.looks like a cool trainer (male)
Personality:likes to be alone, most of the time and likes to win!, is adventurous and will never give up a battle
Other:loves training his fire pokemon in mountains, and dreams of becoming a fire pokemon master

June 8th, 2005, 2:42 PM
sure you can join we need more people to start.

June 8th, 2005, 2:45 PM
Okay, this is the stupidest and most obvious rip-off I've ever seen in my life. All you did was copy the RP of Alana's and change Celebi to Suicune. You even referred to a non-existing RP in the form. (Celebi's Pearil- an existing RP. Suicune's Pearil- non-existing) It really ticks me off when someone tries to take credit for the work of another, it's just as good as stealing, and it isn;t allowed. So you better make sure you DON'T try it again.