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Raichu Master
June 9th, 2005, 5:06 PM
I've been designing, graphing, formulating, sketching, and testing out this role-play. Needlesstosay I've spent quite sometime into this role-play. So I hope you have fun and this is a very successful role-play! ^^


There are a lot of things to cover, because this isn't the simplist of role-plays, so please bare with me:

Two worlds run parallel to each other, alternate dimensions if you will. In one, the power of all things good rule the world and the only evil is in the humans seeking power. In the other, the power of all things evil rule, and the only good is in the things that are capable of love and justice. What is good in one world, is evil in the other, and vise-versa.

This role-play spans four different parts that are sown together to make it. Each part will be it's own thread, only because there are dramatic changes in each part that will confuse and possibly ruin it if it were just one big hulk of a role-play thread. Here's how the parts will be divided:

Part I: You will rp a character in the world that is not tainted by evil. The goal here is to seek out a legendary pokemon of your choice, to either capture, befriend, and/or both. Whether you are evil or good in this dimension will affect the rest of the role-play, so choose wisely. All of us will begin as beginner trainers who are just receiving a pokemon for the first time. We will role-play through this whole thing, until each of us has a legendary pokemon. We might first want to be the elite four (HINT HINT!) That way we don't finish this part in 10 pages.

Part II: You will rp your character in the evil world. If your character was good in the first one, he or she will be bad in this world. If he or she was bad in the first one, your character will be good in this world. You will role-play through this one as you would through part I, only this time with a different alignment (good or evil). You will start as a beginner trainer and make your way through the pokemon league until you beat the elite four and then capture, or befriend (good only) a legendary pokemon.

Part III: A wormhole of sorts opens up between the two worlds, and your characters from your evil world are thrown into the other, and try to corrupt that world. Your good characters try and stop them. What happens here will affect part four.

Part IV: Another wormhole opens and all your characters are thrown into the evil world. Because of the shift of powers between the two worlds. If the good one is corrupted then the evil one is thrown into a tail spin, as the two sets of characters try to gain control of it. If the good win over both worlds, both dimensions are joined in harmony and the world is saved. If the evil win over both worlds, both dimensions are joined in choas and the world is lost in darkness.

Part V: This is only incase the good win one and the bad win the other. In this case, several wormholes open up between the worlds, and the characters world jump, if you will, to try and one up the other, until both worlds are in the same alignment.


Since this is only part one, the only thing you'll need to fill out is your character in the world that is controlled by good. Here is the form you will need:

Alignment: Good or Evil (no neutrals!)
Starter Pokemon: Must be at it's basic form. (Raichu=Pichu, etc.)
Legendary Pokemon: Legendary pokemon you would like to hunt after the elite four. No two people can have the same one.
Description: You can post a pic here, but you also NEED a written description of your character, at least a good paragraph or two (Paragraph=7 sentences)
Personality: A good paragraph or two outlining your characters personality
History: Birth-present. At least two paragraphs outlining major events in your characters life.

If you have any questions reguarding the storyline, the plot, or the profile, please fill free to pm me.

Arcanine Fan 101
June 9th, 2005, 5:17 PM
description-in sig instead of words first pic
personaillity-gentle she can summon a big temper when mad but if nice she might give you a iteam as a gift
history-has been wanting to be the best of the best for a long time not much is known because she had amnisea

heres the forum
does this help randall?

Raichu Master
June 9th, 2005, 5:22 PM
OOC: LL (Latios Lover), please see the modifications to my first post. I'm sorry, but you didn't quite grasp what I meant. It's my fault for not making it clear enough, sorry.

Arcanine Fan 101
June 9th, 2005, 5:34 PM
sorry about the name i got confused with another rp

June 9th, 2005, 7:00 PM
Name: Skye
Age: 12
Alignment: Good
Starter Pokemon: Charmander
Legendary Pokemon: Mew
Description: Skye has long Blue hair. Skye's origanal hair color was brown, but she died it blue 'cause she loves Flying type pokemon. Her eyes are Navy blue. Her mother, a gym leader, didn't have blue eyes though. Her skin is tan from napping on her mother's Farfetch'd. Skye loves to wear all white. She even has white hair bows and white underwear.
Personality: SKy is Quick minded. She'll choose any answer without thinking it through. Skye hates to be alone. She hates boys of all kind. Skye really hates her father after he left them (SKye and her mom) for the Rustburo Gym Leader. Skye will do almost anything to get a pokemon to like her and stay with her.
History: Skye was an orphan untill her adoptive mother adopted her. Her new father left them three years later, when Skye was five. She has grown up in a gym, watching her mother battle trainers. Skye has always wanted to become one of them. 9 months ago, her mother finally let her go. Skye heard about the legendaries from Professer Oak. She wanted to make her mother proud, so she has promised herself she would try to catch one.

OCC: LL, can you catch Latios? If not, I'll change my post.

Jesus Freak Josh
June 9th, 2005, 11:54 PM
Name: Josh

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Alignment: Good

Starter Pokemon: Slowpoke

Legendary Pokemon: Lugia

Description: Josh has brown hair that is starting to come down way passed his blue eyes and is beginning to go down passed his neck. He has a few pimples, a kid's-to-squeeky-voice that changes between the two. He has black sport shorts, black shoes and a blue t-shirt. Although it is covered by his shoes and white socks, Josh has a weird toe on his left foot. He is about a metre sixty high and is slightly overweight but can still persist in adventures. He usually carries around a laptop in his blue back-pack. He has long fingernails on his hands.

Personality: Josh is fairly kind to people, but when they get on his wrong side, apart from girls, he digs his fingernails into them. He is quite a wiz, although young, at technology and can fix alot of problems. If he likes a girl, he finds it too hard to ask her out or anything.

History: Born at the Shamouti Islands in a family that is great at technology. Heard rumours about Lugia and his whole life he wanted to see it. Feeling he'd have to prove himself worthy, Josh sat out on an adventure. His second ambition was to set out. Ever since he was five at least. Even when he had learned to talk he wanted to see Lugia. His first word was always "Lugia" adding more to his ambition. When he was around the age of six he saw many trainer walking around with their Pokmon. Although he had a pet Slowpoke it still wasn't enough.
When it was time to leave he was given Slowpoke as his first Pokmon.

Raichu Master
June 10th, 2005, 3:58 PM
OOC: Please note: You can have more than one character.

Name: Gail Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Good
Starter Pokemon: Charmander
Legendary Pokemon: Moltres
Description: Gail has a mane of blazing red hair, and her eyes are as red as her hair. Although she's in need of a tan, her skin is quite fair and her complection isn't quite white, yet isn't quite tan. She wears a red tank top that has a blue flame centered at the chest. She's very athletic and being that she plays every sport imaginable. She wears skin tight blue jeans to show off her tight riding fit legs. Most would classify Gail as beautiful, but very few think she's a bit trashy.
Personality: Gail is one of the most outgoing and enthusiastic people one would ever hope to meet. She is also very optimistic and fun-loving. Although at first sight, one might think she was a snob, once one got to know her, they instintly regretted what they first thought of her.
History: When Gail was born, she had a twin, Abigail (which will be described later). Early on the two didn't get along, Gail would be considered "daddy's little girl" since she is the younger of the two. Abigail was the independant one, always trying to be different. As the two grew older, they grew more distant from each other. Abigail ended up with the wrong crowd, and Gail continued to be spoiled by their parents. Gail soon fell in love with a boy named Jeremy, they quickly became high school sweethearts, causing Abigail to become very jealous of her sister, since she also had a crush on the boy.

Name: Abigail Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Evil
Starter Pokemon: Charmander
Legendary Pokemon: Groundon
Description: As with her sister, Abigail has flaming read hair, and equally red eyes. Her complection is surprisingly tan, though, just one of the few differences between the two, as far as looks go. Abigail wears baggy black pants, and a plain black hoodie. She's into the gothic look, and rather sit at home and do nothing rather than play sports. Abigail would be equally beautiful, if she would lighten up, she's so dark, and deadly looking that even the most dark person wouldn't touch her.
Personality: She's the doom and gloom type. She spends most of her time piting herself, and not doing anything about it. Abigail is a pesimist by all standards and is very anti-social. She hates her parents, not because she's envious of her sister, but just because she takes all her problems out in hatred expressed at her family.
History: See Gail Williams.

Name: Jeremy Centrum
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Alignment: Good
Starter Pokemon: Pichu
Legendary Pokemon: Zapdos
Description: Also involved in sports, Jeremy is one of the star athletes at his school, second only to Gail Williams. His hair is naturally spiked, and what's weirder is the fact that it's naturally blonde with black tips. Jeremy normally wears a set of old carpenter pants, and a plaid shirt, needlesstosay the boy lives on a farm. Jeremy has sky blue eyes, and is considered quite a catch for anyone.
Personality: Normally he has his head in the gutter, and is a completely goofball. But when he's in the ring, on the court, or on the field his personality does a 180 and he gives it his all, and would do almost anything to win. He's madly in love with Gail Williams, and is, to put it bluntly, a little scared of her twin sister. Jeremy knows about the secret crush that Abigail has on him, and why she's so jealous of her sister, but, also to put it bluntly, he couldn't honestly love her with the way that she is.
History: Jeremy grew up the middle child of his family, so of course he was born with a competetive edge, always trying to grab attention whenever he could find it. As he entered school, he quickly fell in love with sports, and a particular girl. Although he was too shy at the time to say anything, Jeremy had a crush on Gail from the time they met in first grade to 8th grade where they finally fell in love with each other.

June 10th, 2005, 6:13 PM
Am I in? I would like to know

paige pelletier
June 10th, 2005, 7:10 PM
Name: Paige
Gender: female
Age: 12
Alignment: good
Started Pokemon: cindaquil
Legandary Pokemon: articuno
Description: Long (down to her ankles) dark brown hair pulled into two ponytails, and deep brown eyes, she has pale to tan skin as well, she wears a red t shirt and baggy jeans, she also wears sneakers, she has a black messenger back pack with her, and she wears black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Shy and timid and distant, except when she is in a pokemon battle then she will be ruthless and merciless.
History: Paige was always picked on and her brother always stood up for her, so she can not see the evil that lurks inside of him. When her parents died she would shy away from people, all except for her brother.

Name: Gabriel
Gender: male
Age: 17
Alignment: evil
Started Pokemon: totodile
Legandary Pokemon: Moltras
Description: Gabriel has regular length white hair and bright scarlet eyes, he stands at about 6 '1' and has pale to tan skin, he wears a black t shirt, black baggy jeans, and sneakers, he also wears a collar.
Personality: He is cold and distant to people but he acts kind to his younger sister, often he will stay cool and plot revenge and not be an angry bull.
History: He used to protect his sister Paige from bullies but when their parents died he started to be more and more cruel to everyone except her.

Raichu Master
June 10th, 2005, 7:31 PM
Am I in? I would like to know

OOC: yes you are, You and LL need to decide who gets latias.

June 10th, 2005, 7:42 PM
Hope I can join and I hope this is good enough. Awesome RolePlay Raichu_Master!

Name: Peregine " Vandal"
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Alignment: Bad
Starter Pokemon: Mudkip
Legendary Pokemon: Celebi
Description: Peregine had black, neck-length hair. His skin is a brown color, as if he's tanned a lot but thats the natural color. His eyes are grey and unforgiving. He always has at least four knives on his character somewhere. He is usually wearing black pants with chains hanging out of the pockets. And a black shirt with the sleeves torn off. He wears a black overcoat over all of this and big brown boots. One knife is in his left boot, one in his pocket, one in a pocket on the inside of his overcoat, and one either in his hand or othe pocket. The chains aren't just for show, he uses them in tight situations sort of like knumchucks.
Personality: Peregine is the gangster thief in simple terms. He is purely evil, beating up innocents in a open street, stealing pokemon, killing people a few times. He's been taken in a few times but he's always escaped. Theres a bounty on his head in a lot of places. He doesn't talk well, and people avoid him. When he walks down a crowded street peple clear a path for him. The one who bumps into him is going to be very sorry. His mouth is bad with an attitude to match. He prefers to street fight rather than use his pokemon but he wants to defeat the Elite Four.
History: At an early age Peregine was cast into the streets and left to die by his parents. Ever so he's been living on the streets known as the "Vandal". Even as a child of five years of age he was shunned. He wasn't involved with any gangs then, he was just a starving child whose ribs could be seen through his skin. Due to this he spent most of his time with wild pokemon and became a savage boy. The day he was made fun of by others his age, and oushed off of a bridge and nearly drowned he made a vow. To become powerful so no one could ever make fun of him again, never shun him away from humanity. He declared to an empty street he would become the champion of the world and make the people feel his pain. That day he wnet home to his alleycorner soaking wet and crying but with a new hope. He grew up and learned to hate other humans. He still spent time with the pokemon and his teeth grew sharp from everything he did. Learning to become a master pickpocket greatly improved his life.

Raichu Master
June 11th, 2005, 3:29 PM
OOC: We can start now, whoever wants to join after this point has until the bottom of the third page to do so.

IC: Gail Williams woke up to a clear and beautiful day, as she got out of bed. Normally by this time she would be at her high school, but today was a different day. Today she would finally get her shot at becoming a pokemon trainer!

Heading downstairs, Gail gave her mother a quick peck on the check, and a quick hug for her father. Sitting down for breakfast, she looked around and saw that Abigail hadn't been down yet. "Where's Abby?" Gail asked as she stared blankly at her father.

"She left about a full two hours before you, honey," her father said nonchalantly. "You better hurry if you want what's left."

"She left already!?" Gail asked, considerably surprised because Abigail was normally the last one out of bed and the last one to be early.

"Yep, you better hurry," her father reuttered again.

* * *

"Jeremy! GET UP!" Jeremy's mother screamed as she lifted up the matress to his bed, causing him to rolling to the ground.

"What time is it?" Jeremy groaned as he got to his feet.

"7:00! You're going to be late!" his mother countered.

"Ok...ok..." Jeremy muttered as he was forcefully pushed out the door by his mother not wanting him to be late.

Arcanine Fan 101
June 11th, 2005, 4:51 PM
id like latias please raichu master

Trainer Kat
June 11th, 2005, 4:51 PM
OOC: This Roleplay sounds VERY good, it kind of reminds me of Chrono Cross.

Name: Kat
Gender: female
Age: 16
Alignment: Good
Starter Pokemon: Meowth
Legendary Pokemon: Entei
Description: Kat has brown hair that falls to the middle of her back. She wears an aqua blue tank top and black cloth pants (yoga pants, I guess). Her eyes are bright blue. She wears an odd necklace around her neck, the charm in the shape of a teardrop. The charm is a pretty pink stone. Kat also wears black fingerless gloves. She carries a black backpack, and has a hoody in it in case it gets cold.

Personality: Despite the hardships that Kat has faced, she remains a happy young girl. She always has a smile on her face. When a friend needs cheering up, they come to Kat. When female trainers go into Violet Gym, Kat gets extremely jealous, and will sometimes sabotage them after their match, just with little pranks like the shaving cream on hand trick when they're in the Pokemon Center sleeping.

History: When Kat was younger, she met a trainer. Kat was only around five at the time, so she was very easily influenced. She watched the trainer battle a wild Wurmple with his Pikachu. While this wouldn't be very amusing to older trainers, as Wurmple is a very weak Pokemon, to Kat, this was one of the coolest things she had ever seen. She decided right then and there to become a Pokemon Trainer. She had seen many Pokemon, but she decided she liked the cat Pokemon the best. She yearned for a Meowth or Skitty, but her parents refused to get her one. She made up her mind that she wanted a companion bad enough that she would commit to being a Pokemon trainer.

Kat experienced mant hard times. When she was eight, her best friend died of heart complications. He had been weak for a while, but she was still devastated. She eventually moved on and made another friend. He, too, left her when he moved away to Goldenrod. Though she lived in Violet, and Goldenrod wasn't far off, it seemed like a thousand miles to Kat. She befriended Falkner, and he instructed her how to care for Pokemon. This will help her when she gets her first Pokemon. Thus begins the present...Kat is beginning her journey as a Pokemon Trainer today...

Raichu Master
June 11th, 2005, 4:57 PM
OOC: Very good game. Although I liked Chrono Trigger also. I didn't really think of the game relating to the rp though, very good observation! ^^

LL, you're going to have to discuss the matter of that legendary pokemon over pm with pokegirl.

Trainer Kat
June 11th, 2005, 5:36 PM
OOC: Thanks! =) I liked Chrono Trigger too, though the only advantage to Cross over Trigger is the lack of characters in Trigger.

Oh, yeah, can we post? ^_^

Raichu Master
June 12th, 2005, 5:46 PM
OOC: Yep, I posted my first in character post.

Cross has a bit of a better storyline, I got confused every now and then in trigger. I like the characters in Cross a bit better.

June 12th, 2005, 6:33 PM
Fine. LL can have her. I want Enti

Trainer Kat
June 13th, 2005, 4:03 AM
OOC: V.V pokegirl, I hate to break it to you, but I have Entei.

Yeah, I agree, Glenn was always my favourite out of either game. As for the storyline, Lynx/Dark Serge was an interesting twist. But I think the characters in CC were drawn better than in Trigger, in my opinion.

Kat rubbed her eyes a little and yawned. Her whole room seemed foggy. "Unh...what time is it," she moaned to herself, fumbling around for her alarm clock. She looked at it. "S-seven thirty!?" she yelled.

Kat flipped out of bed and haphazardly pulled on a pair of black cloth pants and an aqua blue tank top. She looked at herself in the mirror to fasten her necklace. Something didn't look right. She moaned and turned her pants right-side out. She spun around to make sure everything was right, then stuffed a hooded sweatshirt in her black backpack and headed out the door. "I'm gonna be late!" she yelled as she ran downstairs. Her parents each hugged her and wished her luck. She grabbed a piece of toast to eat on her way there, then ran out the door.

June 13th, 2005, 6:49 AM
Okay... I don't know of any other legendaries. I'll just not pertisapate any more so you don't have to worry about me.

Raichu Master
June 13th, 2005, 5:30 PM
Abby stood at a table in Professor Oak's lab as she looked over the collection of pokemon she had to choose from. A lot of them caught her eye, but she wanted something as fiery as herself, something cunning, sharp-witted, but with a sense of innocence and justice. Finally her eyes settled on a singular pokeball, it was just the pokemon she had drempt of in her dreams, only the pokemon was shrouded in shadows.

"Well let's see what you have!" Professor Oak said as he looked over her shoulder at her selection, amused and satisfied with the pokemon she chose.

"Pokeball go!" she said in a matter-of-fact tone. As the pokeball spun out of her hand, it opened to reveal a flash of light that streamed through the air and landed a few feet from herself. As the light took shape and formed into the pokemon that was sealed within, she grinned happily at her choice as well. There stood a charmander, not cute and cuddily like most, but proud, and experienced it stood as it stared back into Abby's flame red eyes.

* * *

"Hey, Gail!" Jeremy said gleefully as he caught up with Gail Williams, pretending to accidentally be walking by her house. In reality he purposefully walked by her house, hoping she was there.

"Hey, Jeremy!" Gail said equally happy, giving him a quick hug and then starting down the sidewalk holding his hand. "Where are you off to so early in the morning?"

"Well...ya see..." Jeremy said a bit clumsily, not knowing if he should tell Gail his plans, afterall pokemon weren't the most fascinating thing going on at their school. He cleared his throat and stood straight as he looked over into Gail's brilliant red eyes, "I want to be a pokemon master."

Seeing the quiet, yet sort of abupt, confidence in the statement, she nodded and said gently, "So do I. I'm going to Professor Oak's. Is that where you're headed?"

"Wouldn't you know it?" Jeremy said with a sly wink.

Jesus Freak Josh
June 13th, 2005, 10:42 PM
A boy awoke at about eight in the morning, bed hair that ruined his own brown hair was an annoyance. He walked to the bathroom, black shorts and blue t-shirt in his arms.

Josh emerged from the bathroom an hour later, in the clothes he had previously been carrying. His brown hair was now wet, but more organised than previously.

Skipping breakfast, he left the house and jogged down the roads of Pallet Town. Today he would get getting a Pokmon, his first one. Pokmon were monsters that were often used in battles, compressed in Pok Balls.

paige pelletier
June 14th, 2005, 4:30 PM
Paige followed her older brother with unsure quick steps, he had changed he was not loving anymore just cold and even though he was warm to her she could see that the hope in his eyes was fading.
Gabriel on the other side was trying to get his sister to become more dark, cruel,ruthless. 'I know she can be ruthless I have seen it when she battles with the pokemon at the training school, but she needs to act that way all the time.
Soon both siblings found themselves in frount of Proff. Oaks doors. "So.... um should we go in?" Paige asked her brother in a soft kind voice.
He gave her a rarely seen, small warm smile and said "yes lets......" in a confident yet equally soft voice.

Arcanine Fan 101
June 14th, 2005, 5:49 PM
um we decied who gets what.am i in?

Raichu Master
June 15th, 2005, 5:43 AM
OOC: Yes, but now we have another dilemma...Pokegirl and Paige have the same pokemon...I didn't really think this was so hard...come on people.

June 15th, 2005, 6:12 AM
OOC: Alright, I'll join.

Name: Lisha Tam

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Alignment: Good

Starter Pokemon: Chikorita

Legendary Pokemon: Raikou

Description: A tall girl with tan skin, cloudy hazel eyes, and long, gourgeous, wavy brown hair. She often wears white T-shirts paired with tennis shorts, a blue bandanna, and sometimes a matching blue apron when helping her mom out with breeding work.

Personality: Outgoing and cheerful, she likes to goof off around people she trusts, but is shy and conservative. She also knows how to battle, and gets in highly competitive spirits when there's a battle around.

History: Born in Olivine City, her parents had moved to Saffron before splitting up. She then lived an exciting life with her mom, who moved to Pallet because she loved the sea. For the majority of her life, she's lived in Pallet Town and can hardly remember anything about the traveling she did as an infant.

Raichu Master
June 16th, 2005, 3:26 AM
OOC: I don't know if I mentioned this before. But everyone can start now.

June 17th, 2005, 11:52 AM
OOC: Ok, I'll start starting!


An alarm blared, shocking Lisha out of her sleep. Grudgingly, she streched out and punched on the "off" button on her alarm. Still sleepy, she wondered what the alarm was for. Suddenly, she remembered what day it was.

"Oh my god! I've got to hurry up or I won't be able to get a Pokemon for a whole 'nuther year!"

Rushing around her room, she threw off her pyjamas and slipped into a pair of blue shorts and a white shirt. She quickly donned her hair with her signature blue bandanna, grabbed her backpack, snarfed a bagel, gave her mom a quick hug, and rushed out the door to Oak's lab.

"Professor! Professor Oak! I'm here!"

The Prof. sees her and greets her with a warm smile.

"I see you've made is in time Lisha!" He says with a chuckle. "I've still got plenty of starters here, so come on and take your pick."

"Ok Professor."

Lisha looks at each ball with scrutiny, and finally comes to one that has a leaf with a little hole in it on the ball.

"Pokeball! Go!"

A Chikorita bursts out of the ball. It looks fiesty, with a leaf matching the one on its ball on its head, and two unmatching eyes, one being silver and one being gold.

"Chii! Chika!" It says, looking up at Lisha.

"I want this one, I really do!" She exclaims. She can tell, this little Chikorita has something special about it.

"So, you want Chikorita? Are you going to give him a name?" Says Oak.

"Yeah, yes I do. I think I'll call him . . . Ryo. Don't know what it means, but, well." Lisha says, nodding her head in satisfaction.

Trainer Kat
June 17th, 2005, 3:19 PM
Kat ran to Professor Oak's lab, stumbling in front of the door. She sighed and stood up, brushing herself off. "Ah, I hope I'm not too late," she moaned as she turned the doorknob. Professor Oak greeted her with a smile. "I still have a few Pokemon left," he said. "Not many, but take your pick of what's left."
Kat nodded at him and walked over to a table. It once held a lot of Pokeballs. Now, it was down to a measly four. She picked one up and released the Pokemon. Charmander. Not exactly what she wanted. She called it back. The next one was a Pikachu. Not special. She recalled it. The one on the right end housed a Totodile. She didn't want it. She picked up the last ball, the one on the left end, hoping it was something good. She released it. It was a Meowth. She got excited.
"That one's not the best choice," Oak warned. "Not only does that Meowth not trust people, but it also is a normal type, making it weak against things, and not very effective against others. I don't really reccommend it."
Kat smiled. "That's okay, Professor. This is the one I want." She picked up the Meowth. "Besides, if I'm going to be a good Pokemon trainer, I have to learn to not always take the easy road." Meowth clawed her face. Kat smiled sheepishly and walked out the door.

June 17th, 2005, 4:40 PM
Ooh...this looks very interesting....i'll join..

Name: Jose
Gender: ♂
Age: 12
Alignment: Good
Starter Pokemon: Pichu
Legendary Pokemon: Rayquaza
Description: Jose is about 5'2'' and has silver hair with a black bandana with his name embedded in fiery reddish color. He has a magma styled vest that is colored army camouflage style. On the right side of his vest, lies a patch that says "Johto PSF(Pokemon Special Forces) Trainee". On the center of it is a sheild with P.S.F on the center and swords crossing through it. Under Jose's vest is a short-sleeved white shirt with a rain badge sign on it. He wears cargo pants also army camoflage styled. He wears red and black sneakers. The bottom and laces are red and the topis all black.
Personality: He loves pokemon and is a good frend who loves to be friends with anybody who is willing to be his friend. He is very intelligent and resourceful. He may still be bitter at times when his mood is brung down by people who show no respect to others or to pokemon. Though he loves laughing and joking around sometimes he can be serious and can be frightening. He hates to be mean and cruel but he may depending on what happens to him, a friend or if somebody does something wreckless.
History: He was born an only child on September the 30th, 1992. Jose was raised alone by his father because his mother died at his birth. His father is a general at the P.S.F and serves the Army as a commanding officer. Jose was enlisted by his father to be part of the P.S.F. and was trained. He completed his training but did not graduate because he told his father he wanted to be a pokemon trainer. The reason he wished to be a trainer was because of sight of a certain pokemon. He saw a pokemon, looking almost godlike fly by him at incredible speeds. He was very young then so no one believed him. He hopes to one day find the pokemon and capture him.

June 17th, 2005, 5:18 PM
Okeh..i think I'll go ahead and start...im pretty sure the profiles alright..

It is roughly 10:00 in the morning and Jose is on his bed, sleeping like a baby when out of nowhere a voice from downstairs booms at Jose.

"Jose! Get your lazy behind down here maggot! said his dad.
"Huh..? What's wrong..?" replied Jose, while still half asleep.
"You're going to be late for your new pokemon! You have to get to Oak before they're clean out! Get up soldier and get your clothes on! Don't make me repeat myself!" said dad.
"Holy! Thanks for reminding me! Be down in a sec!" said Jose. And with that he hurried to get his clothes on. When he was done he rushed downstairs and took a slice of toasted bread and ate it in three bites, barely chewing. He then gulped down a full glass of orange juice. Without hesitation he said "Bye dad! Be back later! and then rushed outside and ran to the lab, where prof.oak was waiting.
"You're here..finally..what took you so long?" said oak while sitting down and sipping coffee.
"I overslept" said Jose, while still gasping for air.
"I here that a lot around here..." replied oak with a smile.
" Really..? Well anyway do you still have any pokemon left for me? asked Jose.
"I'm sorry but no." said Oak with a depressed tone.
"I guess I came here for nothing..." said Jose, tears almost coming out of his eyes.
He was about to turn around and walk away when Proffessor Oak pulled out a pokeball out of his pocket.
"There is one left, a pichu, it has bluish cheeks so I planned on studying it, but for some reason it doesn't like me much. So maybe you can take it as your own and tell me about how it grows." said Oak.
"What, really? Yeah! Of course I will! Thanks Proffessor Oak!" says Jose with his excitement.
"Here take this. It is the new state of the art PokeDex, it will immediately tell you anything about any pokemon you come across, aside from the ones not yet discovered. And you can take these pokeballs to capture more Pokemon." says Oak.He then hands the pokemon and pokeballs to Jose.
"Thanks even more proffessor! says Jose, excitedly. He then lets out the Pichu from its pokeball. It looks happily up at Jose. "Pi, Pi, chu!" says the happy pichu.
" He seems to like you a lot.. So would you like to name your new pichu? asked oak.
"Yeah, hmm...I'll name him Bluchu..it seems fitting because of the cheeks." says Jose.
"It's perfect." says Oak.
"Well thanks proffessor..I have to go back to my dad now, seeya later!" said Jose. He then left with his new pichu, Bluchu, to go show his dad..

June 17th, 2005, 6:14 PM
Lisha goes running proudly back to her house.

"Mom! Mom! I got it! I got my first Pokemon!"

She almost tackles her mom out of sheer joy.

"Mommy! Come and look!"

Her mom, dazed, shakes her head and recalls when she got her first pokemon.

"Alright, alright! What Pokemon is it, sweety?"

Lisha sends out her new Pokemon.

"Chika!" It exclaims.

"Oh, so it's a Chikorita? What pretty eyes it has!" Lisha's mother says. "Be sure to take good care of it. You've got to look out for it and develop a strong bond with it. If you do, it'll look out for you."

Lisha's mom sighs. After a long pause, she finally speaks.

"Look, Lisha. I know you're eager to get out and see the world, but . . ."

"What is it Mom?"

"Be sure to take care of yourself, too. Not just-"

"His name's Ryo, Mom."

"Not just Ryo, OK? Take care of yourself, Ryo, or any other Pokemon you catch out there. And take care of your friends, too."

"I've got it, Mom."

Lisha's mom sighs again, then hands Lisha five Pokeballs.

"You're not going to get anywhere with just Ryo alone," Her mom says. "So be sure to catch and raise lots of other Pokemon on your journey."

"I will, Mom, I promise." Lisha says with a grin.

Lisha and her mom hug one last time before Lisha runs off into the dirt path leading away from home. Lisha's mom waves for a little while, then goes back inside.

"Well, you can't hold on to them forever," She says, closing the door.

Trainer Kat
June 18th, 2005, 5:08 AM
Kat crouched on the ground in front of Meowth. "One...two...three...four...five! Ah! They're all here," she said, smiling. She held five Pokballs in her hands. "I can't imagine what I would do if I lost one! You know who gave them to me?" she said to the Meowth. "Nyahhhh," Meowth replied, his arms crossed. He turned his head to the side.
"Falkner did!" Kat said. "Aww, come on, Meowth, why don't you trust me?" she asked. Meowth didn't respond. Kat groaned. "Well, at least walk with me," she said. Meowth walked next to her. Kat stopped. "Oh, that's right! Do you need a name?" she asked, looking at him. He turned away. Kat smiled sheepishly. "Well, maybe when we're on better terms," she said and continued walking.
She stopped and sat down. "Maybe we'll just wait here a little while," she said. Meowth jumped up next to her. Kat was glad that there were a few conveniently placed benches around, and one was open. However, even with Meowth beside her, she could tell he still snubbed her, and only wanted a place to sit.

June 18th, 2005, 7:20 AM

Jose continued down the path to his house with his pichu when he spotted two beginning trainers battling against each other. One used a rattata and the other a female nidoran. Jose had more important things to do so ignored the battle and kept going. When he arrived to the house he found his father sitting down reading the newspaper.
"Dad! I'm back! Look what I got from oak!"exclaimed Jose.
"Is that a Pichu...? You have got to be kidding me boy..he gave you a baby Pichu? You couldn't have gotten anything stronger..? said Dad, almost completely uninterested.
"Dad...you started out with a wurmple...and you call my pichu weak..?" countered Jose.
"I was young, and moved on to stronger pokemon, just as you will soon enough." said dad.
"Yeah,by evolving my pichu and catching more pokemon I will." said Jose.
"Well I knew this was going to happen sooner or later...well I prepared your stuff for your journey to be a 'trainer'..your bag is upstairs. Come back down when your done so I can give you something I got from my friend down in Saffron." said dad.
"Thanks dad."thanked Jose. Jose then ran upstairs, got his bag and everything he needed then went downstairs.
"This is a PokemonNavigator, or PokeNav for short. It shows a map of the current region your in and information about different geographical points on the map. At P.S.F these are used a lot for covert operations. You can also call anyone registered on it, so call here once in awhile. Now be off..the earlier the better..and good luck...you'll need it." said dad.
"Okay, thanks dad, I'll see ya when I become the best." said Jose.
He walked outside to take the final view of pallet town. Then turned to his pichu.
"You ready to go Bluchu?" asked Jose.
"Pi, pi, chu" replied Bluchu.
"Okay, lets go then." Said Jose. Jose let pichu climb to his shoulder and they were off. After about 20 minutes of walking they were outside of Pallet Town and decided to take a short rest.
"Wow...I'm tired already..well I am a starting trainer so it figures."
"Pi chu chu pi." agreed pichu.
While they rested by a tree Jose spotted more beginner trainers walking past them. One had a meowth and another a chikorita.
"Well at least I'm not the only beginner.." said Jose.
After 2 minutes a pokemon flies across the sky like a dart. It is dragonlike and all green. He thought for a second then yelled.
"That's the same pokemon I saw five years ago!!!"
"Pi?" said the confused pichu.
"I let it slip by me again..darn it! Well I'll catch you! If its the last thing I do...

June 18th, 2005, 8:06 AM
As Lisha came running towards Oak's lab, she sees him run out to meet her.

"Lisha! Lisha!"

He catches up to her, panting.

"I . . .almost forgot to give you this," He says. "It's a Pokedex- That is, a national one. It's got all the info you need on every Pokemon you see. It has also got a built-in trainer's eyes system, with match call, info on their basics, and rematch indicator."

He gave her a good slap on the back before jogging back to his lab.

"Thanks," Says Lisha in akward surprise.

Jesus Freak Josh
June 18th, 2005, 1:57 PM
OOC: Due to lack of our server running at home, I cannot check my e-mail meaning every day I have to check all of the forums I'm on. RM, can I get my first Pokmon and come back when our server's back up? (It will be up soon I hope.)

Josh walked into the big doors of Oak's laboratory. When he was done helping some other kids, he walked over to him.
"Hello, Professor Oak," Josh greeted. "I am Josh. I would like my Chinchou."
"Ahhh... So you're Josh," he said handing him a Pok Ball. "Chinchou is a great Pokmon having a type on the side it is weak against."
Josh opened the Pok Ball. This was the first time in real life he had seen something like this. A burst of white energy emitted from his Pok all and it took form into a sphere shaped animal. When it had finished its metamorphisis Josh took a look. It was blue with yellow eyes. Two yellow bulbs came up from its head. Josh knew this was where electrical surges emitted from it.
"Hiya, little guy," he greeted smiling. "I'm Josh, your new trainer."
Chinchou acted a bit shy at first and then smiled at him. "Chou."
"Wanna get going?"
"Chou," the little guy nodded.
Josh took out a Pok Ball. "Alright, return."
Chinchou was engulfed by a red light and sucked into the Pok Ball. A reverse of what had happened previously.

June 19th, 2005, 4:26 PM

IC:Lisha is still a bit fuddled over Professor Oak's cameo appearance, but after a while she continues walking with Ryo. After a few minutes, she sees another girl with a Meowth that won't seem to listen to her. She goes over to see what's the matter.

"Hi!" She says to the girl. "I'm Lisha. Is that your first Pokemon, too?"

Trainer Kat
June 19th, 2005, 4:35 PM
Kat looked up. "Yes, it is. But, he doesn't seem to trust me," she said. She smiled. "Oh, sorry. I'm Kat," she said.

Raichu Master
June 19th, 2005, 4:49 PM
OOC: Just got ungrounded...sorry about not posting. You don't have to wait for me to ok profiles. Just go and if I have a problem with anyone's I'll let you know.

IC: "You chose your pokemon already?" Gail asked as her jaw dropped.

"Of course, you don't think I'd let you get ahead of me did you?" Abigail countered as she walked passed her sister.

"Did I miss something?" Jeremy asked as he entered a few minutes after Gail entered.

"Not really," Gail shrugged as she walked up to professor Oak.

"Hello you two! It's great to see you!" Professor Oak greeted the two of them as they walked up to his desk together. "Come for your pokemon, have you?"

"Yes, Professor," Gail answered for the both of them.

"Then go ahead and choose, choose wisely though," Professor Oak said as he let them into his collection of starter pokemon. A lot of other new trainers were there, hopefully she'd get the chance to meet them all. Looking at the wall of pokeballs, Gail found one that she wanted.

"I'll take this one," Gail declared quickly.

"Are you sure about that one?" Professor Oak asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Do I always falture?" Gail asked also cocking her eyebrow. Drawing a chuckle from the Professor, she let her pokemon out of the pokeball. A charmander soon took form and looked longingly at it's new master.

"I think you'll find it interesting that that charmander is the twin of your sister's," Professor Oak said over her shoulder as he examined the pokemon.

"I'll choose this one, Professor Oak," Jeremy said as he let the pokemon out. Out came a pichu, but it unlike Gail's charmander, it narrowed it's eyes and sparks drew from it's cheek.

"Careful with that one, it's a bit of a stubborn one," Professor Oak warned as Jeremy returned it to it's pokeball.

After thanking the professor, Gail and Jeremy walked out of the lab, and started toward the route forward. First stopping at a pokemart to grab some supplies, hoping to meet up with some of the pokemon trainers that were at the lab.

June 19th, 2005, 6:21 PM
OOC: Aargh. My brain's fried. Sorry for the suddenly short posts, but well, I think we'll all settle into a certain post length once this gets going.

IC:Lisha grins at Kat.

"Kat? I like that name."

She looks at Kat's Meowth. She can see that this Meowth is also different from most, like her Chikorita. She can see that it will only trust one who it deems worthy of being its trainer.

"Motley crew that Oak's been giving to people here . . ." She muses. "I mean . . . I mean that the Pokemon he's given new trainers this year are . . . special, different from the normal standards of the species."

Lisha muses to herself again. She then looks up quickly as if something suddenly clicked in her mind.

"Oh, did I let myself talk too much again? Here, if you want, I'll walk with you. If you want."

She then grins sheepishly at Kat.

Trainer Kat
June 19th, 2005, 6:39 PM
Kat smiled. "Thank you," she said. Meowth crossed its arms. Kat picked Meowth up. "Yes, most of the Pokemon seem strange," she said. "I'd like a travelling companion. Where are you headed?"

June 19th, 2005, 6:44 PM

"Um, I'm headed to Viridian City. I mean, where else to go?" She says. "It's not like we can cross the ocean to Cinnibar Island or anything."

paige pelletier
June 20th, 2005, 3:33 PM
Paige and Gabriel walked into the lab to see that almost all the pokemon were gone. Gabriel walked up to Professor Oak and started to talk "I presume you are the Professor, I called you earlier this week to hold off two pokemon."
Professor Oak stared at the young man startled at his bodness but soon saw the look he gave his sister and softened a bit "ah yes a cindaquil and a totodile was it?" Professor Oak said handing him their pokemon and pokeballs.
"Yes, thankyou." Gabriel said politly, taking the pokemon and pokeballs, then taking his sister out of the lab.
Paige smiled warmly as she released the young male cindaquil who started to chat with her. "Oh thankyou brother he is a very sweet pokemon." Paige said in that soft voice of hers.
He smiled at her, she always had a way of communicating with pokemon, she can talk with them and make them trust her. He then stared at his own pokemon a young male totodiles who looked like he would bite anyone close to him. Gabriel and the totodile locked eyes and glared at each other for a moment then the pokemon smiled and shook hands with his new partner.

Raichu Master
June 21st, 2005, 4:39 PM
"What are you doing here?" a dark voice came from behind the couple. Turning around, Gail sighed to see it was only Abigail, but she didn't seem to happy about meeting up with them. "You both don't have any money."

"You don't have any rights to treat us like good-for-nothings! I suggest you get lost," Jeremy spat back at Abigail. This sudden burst of anger set both of the girls back on their heels. They both knew Jeremy hated Abigail, but the sudden outburst scared the both of them.

Covering her surprise, Abigail huffed in Jeremy's face and exited the pokemart with her nose stuck up in the air. "Do you think anybody will come here? I'd hate for the both of us to travel alone. It would be cool to start a caravan," Jeremy noted, as he tried to switch the subject and turn the situation around, but all he got as a reply was a nod from Gail, who was still bewildered.

Trainer Kat
June 21st, 2005, 5:01 PM
"Oh, that's right," Kat said sheepishly. "I forgot about that." Meowth jumped off the bench and followed Kat. She sighed. I was hoping to show Falkner my Pokemon...But this Meowth won't listen to me. How will this work? She turned to face Lisha. "Shall we go?" she asked.

paige pelletier
June 21st, 2005, 5:21 PM
Gabriel and Paige walked into the pokemart as a young lady with flaming red hair stormed out. Paige rubbed her eyes when she saw a girl in the pokemart who looked exactly like the other girl, her cindaquil also copied his trainer only because he thought it was funny.
Gabriel sighed at the two of them and glared at the door thinking about how rude the young lady was. He stared at the other two in the store a young man and the twin of the red haired girl. 'Well this should be interesting........." he thought with a bored expression.
Paige on the other hand happily greeted the two in the store "um, hello it is nice to meet you, I was just woundering if that girl was related to you?" Paige asked Gail.

Raichu Master
June 21st, 2005, 5:26 PM
OOC: *worships Paige* OMG! You finally learned! It took you what? Like a year to get the idea!? I'm proud of you! ^^ :P

IC: "She's my twin," Gail nodded, as she looked at jeremy. "Her name is Abigail, Abby for short. My name is Gail Williams, and this is Jeremy Centrum," Gail said as she introduced the both of them, Jeremy smiled and nodded as Gail introduced him.

"May I ask your names?" Gail asked sweetly, her silky flaming red hair resting perfectly on her shoulders, and putting one and in the other behind her back, as well as cocked her head to one side as a sign of curiousity.

paige pelletier
June 21st, 2005, 6:21 PM
OOC: :D now I can type yay me!

Gabriels answered for his sister "This is my sister Paige and my name is Gabriel" he said with a bored tone. He was studying both of the people in frount of him they seemed..... nice. He then stared at his sister as she started to move forward.
"So ah did you two get your pokemon at Professor Oaks as well?" she asked with a small voice. Paige looked down at her shoes nervously, her cindaquil staring up at her.
Gabriel watched his sister carefully 'she is trying to be more confident but it is obvious she has a long way to go' he thought to himself smirking. His totodile stood by him glaring at the two new humans.

Raichu Master
June 21st, 2005, 7:05 PM
"Yeppers," Gail said not dropping the cutsy act. "I got a charmander," Gail said equally as spunky as she held up a pokeball.

"I got a pichu," Jeremy said a bit too lamely for Gail's taste, but she pretended not to hear.

"What a cute Cindaquil!" Gail said as she bent down to it's level. "When did you guys get your pokemon?" Gail asked equally excited, as she pretended not to notice her boyfriend rolling his eyes.

June 21st, 2005, 9:31 PM
OOC: AAAUGH!! My bad! :dead: Is this better?


"Yeah, let's go! Can't just stand around here all day!"

She looks at Kat, eager to go and see what lies ahead.

paige pelletier
June 22nd, 2005, 5:08 AM
Gabriel started speaking again "we got our pokemon just a moment ago" he said with a dull expression. He was confused about their behaivor, how close were these two they seemed to know each other well.
Paige on the other hand was excited that these people were not yelling at her to leave, or trying to beat her up. She bent down to look at her cindaquil with Gail "my brother picked out both our pokemon but he chose one of my favorites......"

Raichu Master
June 22nd, 2005, 6:10 AM
Lisha nods her head happily. She and Kat begin the walk to Viridian, chatting.

OOC: I really hate to do this. But every rper knows that powerplaying is a very very bad thing, so let's not do it again. I was sure everyone here knew that. This isn't the rp to do that stuff. Also just a bit more detail, I know it's a pain, but it'll make you a better rper in the long run. And the line from your last post LK, was one example of powerplaying. Also you're moving a bit fast, take your time, we're in no rush.

As I said I'd hate to do this. But you got your first warning. Please don't powerplay any more. If you need some basic tips check out my thread "how to make an rp post" I'm not done with it, but it'll definitely help.

IC: "Wow, you must really trust your brothers judgement," Gail replied as she looked up at Gabriel and asked, "Where are you two planning on going? I'm guessing Viridian City. You guys want to come with us?" Gail gave him a wink, which made Jeremy a bit jealous. He knew she was playful, but this just made him uncomfortable. Looking into the other boy's eyes, he narrowed his own as a warning.

paige pelletier
June 22nd, 2005, 11:24 AM
Gabriel stared blankly at the two for a while then turned to his sister "do you want to go with them?"
Paige smiled and said "sure they seem really nice" she looked down at the ground again noticing the other boy's eyes narrow.
Gabriels turned to the other two and said "I guess we will travel with you......"
Paige then started talking to Gail again "my older brother always knows whats best for me I would do anything for him" she said in a voice that sounded trusting and sad at the same time.

Raichu Master
June 22nd, 2005, 5:34 PM
"Jeremy, no need to get so defensive. You really need to learn to trust me," Gail said, acting like she was ashamed of Jeremy, but what shocked Jeremy was when she slapped him, she really slapped him, forcing his head to swing to the other side.

Jeremy grumbled and shuffled passed the three long enough to hear Gail say, "Don't mind him, he gets jealous quicker than I'd like. So should we wait for more people or head out now?"

paige pelletier
June 22nd, 2005, 6:29 PM
Gabriel smirked at the young man for getting hit but soon recovered his bored expression. "I do not care when we leave, I am sure we have no where we need to got to so fast" Gabriel said in his quiet yet confident voice.
Paige stared at her older brother he sure was acting strange, did he enjoy seeing that boy get hit it was funny but he semed to like the pain part of it. Paige's cindaquil stared at his owner for a moment wondering why she was so serious.

Raichu Master
June 23rd, 2005, 6:12 PM
OOC: *whistles* *echo comes back* Wow...this thing emptied in a hurry... *sigh*

IC: "Then we wait," Gail nodded confidently as Jeremy shuffled back to her side.

OOC: And that's all I got folks...can't go any further... *sigh*

June 25th, 2005, 7:17 AM
Jose continued to lay on the tree, with the thought of the dragon on his mind. His small pichu began running around him, playfullly. Jose thought to himself. "I'll catch it...I can feel it..but i need to find it first..maybe a little research.." Jose looked inside his backpack and found his laptop. It was diamond coated so it was almost unbreakable. He opened the lid and pressed a button and it lit up. He logged in and opened up the internet browser. In a search bar he quickly typed in the characteristics of the dragon to find a full description. It showed a blurred photograph of the dragon and its name next to it. Jose said its name, "Rayquaza..?" Jose kept reading and found that it was in a place called "Sky Pillar" which was in Hoenn. He also read that only league champions were allowed into the pillar because of the danger of incredibly strong pokemon. " I guess I'm off to beat the Pokemon League..." said Jose to himself. He logged off of his Laptop and put it back in his backpack. He stood up and was ready to begin moving. "Bluchu, its time to go, come on buddy." said Jose, calling to his Pichu. "Pi pi chu pi!" said Pichu with enthusiasm. They were soon to be off when..(To be continued..lol)

Trainer Kat
July 5th, 2005, 2:56 PM
OOC: Been grounded. ^^;;

IC: Kat walked next to Lisha. Meowth trailed behind, not wanting to get too close. Kat shook her head.

OOC: Yup, I agree, that's all I got too. =/

Raichu Master
July 5th, 2005, 3:32 PM
OOC: Hold on, let me see what I got...hopefully I don't powerplay this...

IC: "Alright, no one is coming," Jeremy grunted rolling his eyes after about 15 minutes. "Let's get going."

"Alright!" Gail said with a big grin. Turning to Paige and Gabriel, Gail said, "Jeremy's getting impatient...I guess we'll meet back up in Viridian, or Pewter!" Waving a farewell, Gail ran through the pokemart doors in hopes of trying to catch up with Jeremy. "You didn't have to be so rude," She huffed a little put out with Jeremy.

"Sorry, I don't know what came over me!" Jeremy said lightly, with a smile on his face, hoping that he could change the subject.

"Fine," Gail huffed crossing her arms, sticking her nose in the air and walked passed Jeremy. The only sign that said she was playing around was that she winked playfully as she passed him. Spotting two others, that looked like they were starting their own quest, Gail ran to catch up with them. "Hey!" she shouted over to the two (Lisha and Kat).

Jeremy rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly, Gail would never stop amazing him.

paige pelletier
July 5th, 2005, 4:01 PM
Paige ran off and followed the young couple as Gabriel was getting the potions, pokeballs ect.
She walked up to Jeremy and tugged on his sleeve "um, Jeremy? I just wanted to tell you that my brother was not hitting on your female companion, I mean the only human he has ever shown any compassion to is me and that is because I am his sister....." Paige looked down at her shoes and sighed she was not used to talking that much. She held her cindaquil closer to her clutching his fur firmly but softly.
Gabriel walked out of the pokemart with all the things they would need, he ran up to his sister and placed a hand down onto her shoulder softly. She quickly looked up startled but soon she smiled and asked "so do you have everything?"
He said in the softest voice possible "yes, now stop bothering Jeremy."
Paige sighed again and turned toward Jeremy "I am sorry if I bothered you."

Raichu Master
July 5th, 2005, 4:28 PM
"Not at all!" Jeremy said with a polite smile. Looking over at Gabriel he said to Paige, "It just takes me awhile to warm up to people that's all."

July 5th, 2005, 6:29 PM
OOC: I'm still sorry, everyone . . . I'm stupid. I'll watch myself better from now on.

IC: Lisha looks at Kat oddly.

"What?" Says Lisha. "I'm just ready to go, ya know? I mean . . ."

She pauses again.

"I guess I'm too excited, huh? Sorry, Kat."

OOC: Again, I'M SORRY. I guess I was tired . . . or something . . . *sigh*

Raichu Master
July 6th, 2005, 5:32 PM
OOC: It's ok, I'm just really tight on the powerplaying thing. I was already in a bad mood then. So sorry if I acted kind of rash. ^^

IC: Gail bounced over to Lisha and Kat, and said, "How do you do?" Gail smiled gleefully as he looked from Lisha to Kat, and back to Lisha again.

Meanwhile, Jeremy hung back, and was no hurry to catch up to Gail.

Trainer Kat
July 6th, 2005, 5:46 PM
Kat shook her head. "It's ok, Lisha, I'm excited too." She looked over to the girl who had just approached them. "Oh, hello," she said. "I'm Kat. Nice to meet you."

Raichu Master
July 6th, 2005, 5:48 PM
"I'm Gail Williams. It's a pleasure!" Gail said witha big grin on her face, for an 18 year old...she truly didn't act like one. "So where are you guys headed?"

Trainer Kat
July 6th, 2005, 6:04 PM
Kat smiled back. "I think...maybe the pokemart and then pewter..." she said, looking to Lisha for confirmation. "I really don't know, but I think Lisha does. How about you guys?" she asked.

July 8th, 2005, 10:02 AM
OOC: Comp was being retarded, mind my absence...LoL.

A wild pokemon suddenly appeared out of nowhere. " Cool, a pokemon! Well lets look it up! Jose said. He pulled out his PokeDex from his pocket and aimed it at the pokemon.
A strange robotic voice spoke and described the pokemon.
the tiny bird pokemon
This pokemon is a common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand."

"Time to catch you. But I only have a Pichu, no other pokemon...well I'm sure he can handle it...go Bluchu!"
The pichu stood up and jumped towards the pidgey. The pidgey simply used peck and stopped pichu in its tracks. The pichu fell back, and onto the ground.

"Blu! Come on you can do it, try a tackle attack!" The pichu tried to once again attack the pidgey but missed and was hit by another peck.
"Piii!" yelled the pichu, in slight pain.
"Grr...what to do...Blu, jump behind it! Then use tackle!"

The pichu, still struggling to get up did as it was told. It jumped behind the pidgey and hit it with all its might. The pidgey was half knocked out but gained complete consciousness. It rose up and attacked pichu. The pichu was knocked down and let out another cry.
"Come on! You can do it Blu!"
"He'll never make it...he's still to young..." thought Jose.
As Jose continued to think to himself the pichu seemed to levitate in mid-air, and looked as if possessed. The Pichu's eyes and cheeks glowed blue and the pichu released a dark ball of power towards pidgey. The pidgey was knocked out.
"Blu?" What the heck is going on..?" said Jose.
He paused.
"Don't know what he did but it's a good time to capture pidgey now." said Jose.
Without hesitation he threw a pokeball at pidgey.
The ball shook, once, paused, and again, then came to a stop.
"Yeah! I caught a pidgey! Woo hoo!" said Jose in excitement. He picked up the pokeball and put it away. He then remembered his pichu. He rushed to it and noticed its injuries.
"He must be exhausted after using that strange attack..."
He took out a potion and sprayed it on his pichu. The pichu seemed to heal quickly. "You OK Blu?" asked Jose.
"Pichu!" said Pichu, with energy.
"You did real good out there. And that weird blue thing, even cooler."
"Pi?" said the pichu in confusion. He seemed to understand what he meant but seemed as if the attack never happened.
"Well guess you don't remember..oh well...time to go.."
Jose continued to walk along the road to Viridian City with his Pichu behind him.

OOC: Well that was kind of long...oh wellz.. Writing is fun. :)

July 9th, 2005, 7:00 AM
Lisha studies starts studying Gail.

"Well, I wasn't exactly sure where we were going, but I think we would've ended up at the mart anyways . . ." Lisha says quietly.

She trails off as she continues studying Gail.

paige pelletier
July 12th, 2005, 1:20 PM
Paige smiled at Jeremy and ran over to Kat Lisha and Gail with her cindaquil in her arms.
Gabriel sighed and turned towards Jeremy "my sister actually battles well it is just she has no self esteem" he said to himself running his hand through his hair annoyed. He looked down not really knowing what to say to Jeremy. Gabriel's totodile was leaning up againest his leg and glaring.

Raichu Master
July 12th, 2005, 4:49 PM
Jeremy nodded, not really knowing what to say either. "I'm sure she does." is all he could say, was there really anything else he could have said?

"Sounds fun! How about we all go to Pewter City?" Gail asked, not bothering to look at Lisha, she didn't direct it at Kat, but more towards the whole group.

Trainer Kat
July 12th, 2005, 5:13 PM
Kat nodded, then gave a smile. "That'd be nice," she said. Meowth studied Gail and Paige, his eyes moving slowly up and down them. His yellow eyes narrowed before he widened them again, accepting them. While he trusted no human, he made sure that they were no initial threat before travelling with them.

July 16th, 2005, 5:16 PM
Lisha notices Paige coming.

"Hey, wait. See her over there? I wonder if she wants to come with us?"