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January 24th, 2004, 7:12 PM
Book 1- Too Hot to Handle!
Author’s Note- This is just a MegaMan.Exe story, other wise known as MegaMan Battle Network. I am in no way associated with Capcom and any other companies that have anything related to MegaMan.

Chapter 1- Battle with Dex

Lan Hikari woke from his deep sleep. His mum was shouting around the house. Lan finally woke up and took his PET with him. A PET stands for PErsonal Terminal, but most people refer it to Personal Exploration Terminal. He put on his roller-skates and
Skated to school. During his way, he met Mayl, one of his best friends.

“Hey Lan! What took you so long?” Mayl asked.

“I overslept…” Lan began. “Again.”

“Well never mind that,” Mayl said. “Anyway, have you heard about the oven explosions?”

“Yea, Mum’s going to get someone to fix it today just in case.” Lan said.

“I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that WWW has something to do with this.” Mayl said.

“What are you thinking of? You’re just imaging things.” Lan cried.

“I guess.” Mayl said. “Ah, we’re at school now. Let’s get in, quick”

Lan walked through numerous corridors and arrived at his class 5A.

He sat on the table on the top left corner of the formation that was facing the teacher. Mayl sat next to him. Behind Mayl was Dex who was playing with his yellow-orange pet all the way through.

At the very back of Lan’s column was Yai. She always had to push herself up because she’s not big enough.

Ms Mari, the teacher of Lan and the others walked in, and they were beginning homeroom.

“As you know, there has been many accidents on ovens spitting fire these days, but-“ she saw Mayl put her hand up. “Yes Mayl.”

“I think WWW has something to do with this.” Mayl said.

“Well, we don’t really know so don’t make guesses. Anyway, make sure your mums and dads get checkups on the ovens!” She said. “Ok now we begin class, Can Jon Hanson hand the chips out please?”

“Yes Miss.” Jon lifted himself off his seat and took a small box. He handed one to everyone.

“Now slot in your chips.” Ms Mari said.

Lan took his blue chip and slotted it in a small slot at the side of his desk.

AGE- 11


Lan keyed in all these buttons and class started.

After Class…
“Dex!” Lan shouted. “Want to NetBattle?”

“I don’t see why not, crybaby.” Dex boasted.

“Ok… I’ll equip these Cannon chips…” Lan said. His PET flashed. “Alright! Z-Cannon 1!” Lan meddled around on his controls on the PET. MegaMan, his Navi was doing well.

“Finish GutsMan with a Sword S Chip!” Lan cried.

“Dodge it GutsMan!” Dex said, panicked.

“Darn! MegaMan! I’m sending chip data… Hold on!” Lan said.

“Got it!” MegaMan.EXE said in the cyber world.

“Ha! GutsMan G Chip! Activate!” Dex yelled. He punched a button on his PET and MegaMan’s Health Points were lowered by 40.

“Ok… MegaMan! Steal S! Wide Sword S!” Lan commanded.

MegaMan sent a blast as it covered 3 panels on GutsMan’s side and replaced it with red panels. He went to the middle of the 4th column of panels and slashed GutsMan who was attacking at the same time. On Lan’s PET it said: ENEMY DELETED and on Dex’es it said: GUTSMAN DELETED.

“I’ll have to upgrade GutsMan then… So long… Lan.” Dex ran off as the rest of the kids started to walk home. Lan followed suit and put his PET in his pocket.

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January 25th, 2004, 11:57 PM
Nice Mega Man battle network fan-fic, it seems you really captured the general actions that the chacters would have such as in the games and the show, its a nice attempt for a first chapter.

January 26th, 2004, 3:10 AM
thanks for the reply! I'm working on Chapter 2 now.