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June 11th, 2005, 3:41 PM
Pokemon and Humans are sometimes like fire and water. Or ground in flesh. Or eletricity and flesh. I'm sure you have the point. And yet, despite all the differences, we team together to reach our goals and trample over our opponents. We've put aside our problems and help each other with them.

Unfortunatly, there are still some things Pokemon and Humans can't agree with, the Pokeball issue being one of them. Humans don't understand many of the Pokemon ways, and Pokemon don't understand many of the Humans' customs and traditions. They lead different lives, although they live together.


You are travling with your clostest Pokemon, your best friend. Unfortunatly, you get in a huge fight over something, and can't seem to settle it. But, your fight is cut short because Jirachi appeares, tired of the arguing. Theres a bright flash, and you lose conciousness.

When you awake you find that you arn't feeling yourself. Neither is your Pokemon companion. You've switched bodies, and now must try to travel throughout Hoenn acting as though you're normal beings.

Of course, this proves to be a diffucult task; your Pokemon doesn't want to betray its own kind by stuffing them in a pokeball, and you have no idea how to fight. Thankfully, Pokemon can still understand Pokespeech, and you can still talk. You must now guide each other through the strange world of Hoenn, catching and traning Pokemon, battling and defeating foes, gaining badges, hopefully beating the Elite Four, all while acting as normal as possible.


We'll all meet close by on route 101, just out of Littleroot Town, just after the alteration. You find that the same thing has happened to a few other trainers, and decided to join together.

Your path is not as easy as most other trainers. The Pokemon in your body must learn how to eat with silverwear, walk on two legs, read, act as a human. You must learn how to hunt for food, battle, identifye things by their smell, all those little things.


Profile~ Human

Profile~ Pokemon

RP Sample:

Thats all! I'm hoping on making a second one to this, so your perticapation is greatly appreciated!!

June 11th, 2005, 4:03 PM
Profile~ Human
Name: Kyta
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality:Calm and collected. Can get annoyed pretty easily.
Description: A tall girl with reddish hair tied into a long braid. She wears jeans and a top with a large, pink ♀ on it.
Other: She used to breed Pokemon, but passed that down to her younger sister. Her tavel companion is her favorite Pokemon.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Sunny
Species: Espeon
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Description: A regular Espeon. However, the tip of her tail is black, and so are the tips of her ears. All four of her paws are black, as well.
Other: She was evolved at night, but strangely, she didn't evolve into an Umbreon. Perhaps because it was when the sun was just beginning to rise. This probably explains her strange markings.

RP Sample: Kyta blinks, yawning. Oh, what a terrible night it was, yesterday. She and her Pokemon had fought about something, something terrible, but she couldn't recall. There was a blinding flash and...and...oh, she couldn't place her finger on it. She woke up, that's all she could remember. Kyta gets up, looking down. Strange, she didn't recall the ground being so close, nor that she had little black paws...
She recoils. No, this wasn't supposed to be! She yowls, turning around, staring face to face with...herself.

Trainer Kat
June 11th, 2005, 5:26 PM
Profile~ Human
Name: Kat
Age: 16
Gender: female
Personality: Kat is a generally happy girl. She has her ups and downs, but is usually bright and sunny. When it comes to battles, however, she is very serious.
Description: Kat has brown hair exactly like the FR/LG girl, but thinner. Her eyes are bright blue, and she wears a white skirt that comes up about halfway between her knees and waist. She wears thigh-high wite boots and a black tank top.
Other: N/A

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Paine
Species: Meowth
Age: 2
Gender: female
Description: Normal Meowth, but with a black metal band around her tail. (like Gatomon...^^;;)
Other: Has been with Kat since the first day she started her journey.

RP Sample: Hmm...you've seen my RP. Do I still have to post this? (If I do, it's fine n.n)

June 11th, 2005, 5:46 PM
No, Kat, you don't have to. ^_^ Both of you are accepted.

Profile~ Human
Name: Saphira
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Saphira is a bit of a loner. She doesn't talk to people that often, unless they speak to her. She trusts Pokemon more than humans by a long shot. She is very idependant, and it takes a long time to get to know her. But, if they do, they might find she is a sweet and loyal friend, who sometimes acts a bit hyper.
Description: Saphira has deep sapphire eyes which always seem to be hiding something. Her hair is golden brown and reaches the middle of her back. She is well tanned, and wears a lot of blue and black, such as a black tank and baggy jeans. On her hands are fingerless gloves, and around her neck is a silver chain that she never takes off.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Izumi
Species: Eevee
Age: 1 and a half
Gender: Female
Description: Izumi is a white Eevee with skyblue eyes.
Other: Izumi and Saphira are like yin and yang. They are complete opposites, and yet they're best friends.

RP Sample: I think I can handle this... XD

June 11th, 2005, 5:52 PM
O_O Finally, an RP involving pokemon and humans in equal depth without being pokemorph.

Profile~ Human
Name: Robert
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Crazy, not hyper, but strange. His personality seems to shift from active, and purposeful, o cold, calm, and cunning.
Description: Wearing a black leather trenchcoat, jeans, and a simple T-shirt, he wasn't one to care much about style, with hazel eyes, and brwn hair that is already showing signs of greying, even though he's only a teenager.
Other: Studies Kempo karate, but has messed around with a freestyle of fighting loosely based on it.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Diviath
Species: Machoke
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Description: Your typical mahoke, but with several scars across his body.
Other: Diviath once belonged to Robert's mother, and he inheritted him when his mother took up a position as a gym leader.

RP Sample: Do I really need to fill this out? If you want me to, I will, but I think that you know I'm good enough.

June 11th, 2005, 6:04 PM
No, Shiney, you don't need to. I've seen you RP before.

O_O Finally, an RP involving pokemon and humans in equal depth without being pokemorph.
Yeah, it just came to mind: What if Pokemon and Humans switched places?

Yami's Girl
June 11th, 2005, 7:53 PM
Profile~ Human
Name:Emily Mueller
Personality:Brave and frielndly. She will do anything for her closest friends. Just watch out! She has a bad temper!
Description:Blonde hair,blue eyes, 5'2",black shirt with flames,jean shorts tattered at the ends, blue sneakers

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Flare
Description: Purple-blue Charizard with a scar across her eyes,metal band on tail, violet eyes, and a black tinted falme on her tail.
Other: None

Rp Sample: Well, I'm in a Rp with you but if you want, I'll post one.

June 11th, 2005, 7:59 PM
Pynpfan, you don't have to put a sample. I've seen you RP, so, you're in. Just keep it detailed.

June 11th, 2005, 9:02 PM
Ooh, ooh! Pick me! Pick me! *falls down*

Profile~ Human
Personality:Very thoughtful; she's kind, but prefers the company of Pokemon to the company of people.
Description:Bluish-green eyes, dark brown hair, glasses, and some clothes she randomly grabbed from her closet at the last minute.
Other:She is just a beginning trainer, and no one seems to believe in her. She does not share her thoughts for fear of them being ridiculed.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Piki
Personality:Bold, daring, outgoing, friendly.
Description: Clear sky-blue eyes and a solemn facial expression that hides his fun-loving nature.
Other:Has an unusual ability to communicate telepathically.

RP Sample: Amy stared off into the forest, Piki on her lap. She wondered what was beyond this wood, and yet, at the same time, she knew. The world was out there, just waiting for her. It reminded Amy of a saying she had heard once: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Did she want to take that single step?

<Let's go in,> said Piki with a telepathic yawn. <I'm hungry for dinner.>

With one last look at the forest, Amy turned back toward town, put Piki on her shoulder, and began heading home.

June 11th, 2005, 9:12 PM
Accepted, Pika-mew. And, if any of my future RPs require RP samples, you don't have to fill them out. Now, if a few more people join, we'll start.

June 11th, 2005, 9:39 PM
JOIN PEOPLE JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*has gone mute* Sorry, I'm just so excited! This is going to be a great RP. I'm sure of it!

June 12th, 2005, 2:53 PM
Profile~ Human

Name: Crystaleirenia Lilyuh Breezezaru (Crys for short)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: She's shy and optimistic- loves to dream and space out often. Though that may be true, most of the time she has her feet firmly planted on the ground. She's an awesome cook, and likes the sense of adventure and following her dreams. Crys prefers to go on an adventure with her friends rather than stay in her home alone.

Description: Her eyes are a devastating midnight blue with a hint of sapphire and a tint of icy blue. Her figure is rather cat-like and her skin is of a creamy sun kissed color. Her hair is long, stopping at mid-back; pure white was the color with polished silver undertones. Her clothes consist of a white and black sleeveless shirt with an icy blue diamond in the center, matching arm warmers held up by crystal bangles- black denim flared jeans, icy blue tinted shades, icy blue sneakers with black and silver glitter laces, and an ebony sun visor.

Other: She was finally liberated from her home when she was fifteen. She had her Pokemon since she was ten- out of an egg was a Ralts.

Profile~ Pokemon

Name: Serenity

Species: Kirlia (Shoot. Some else has Espeon- and I don't like coping others)

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Description: Her legs and "hair" is ebony black in color whereas her eyes and "horns" are icy blue. The rest of her is pure white.

Other: I don't know....

RP Sample: ((I'll just do a scene from when Crys turned fifteen and when Serenity was only a Ralts.))

In a small house sat a teenage girl. Her midnight blue eyes that were usually dull and dreary were now filled with delight and excitement. She was turning fifteen. Her family promised her that she could finally seek adventure once she turned that age. 'Oh joy!' thought the girl finally getting to travel after five years of waiting. As she made her way to the door, someone blocked it. It was her mother.

"Mom, why are you blocking the door? You promised that I get to go on my journey once I turn fifteen! You promised!" She whined.

The mother sighed. "I know, but I couldn't let you leave the house-"

Crys interrupted. "But why?! You promised I could go!"

"-without your darling Ralts." She held up a luxury ball engraved with the name 'Serenity'.

Crys paused for a moment. How can she be so stupid?! She was so psyched up about traveling and seeing new places that she almost forgot her prized Pokemon- Serenity. The girl quickly grabbed the pokeball in embarrassment and pulled in for a tight embrace. As she pulled away from the hug, her eyes was filled with tears of joy, being held back.

"Bye mom. I'll be sure to call." The girl with long silver hair walked out the door and headed to the forest.

An hour later, Crys was marching rather slowly through the forest, taking in the fresh air and wonderful scenery. The girl loved it out here, she felt so alive. It was better than the city- where the air was filled with smog. Out here was uplifting, the air fresh the breeze caressing her delicate skin. As she pulled out her pokeball she decided her Pokemon should take in the air as well. The black and gold sphere opened up and a bright flash of white light came from it. The light took a form of a discolored Ralts. It's usually green hair is now a dark ebony while the horns is icy blue. The Ralts cocked it's head as it never really seen a forest before. The feeling Pokemon smiled as the breeze was blown against it's white skin- the feeling was great.

~*(Ah, the great outdoors- how nice it is to be out of that city. So you finally turned fifteen?)*~ The Ralts spoke telepathically. She could talk and Crys would of understood her, but she like talking in her head much better.

'Yeah I know the feeling and yes I did turn fifteen.' Thought the trainer, knowing that the Pokemon is listening. She smiled warmly, stopping in the middle of the forest and sat down on the grass. We should rest here for a while and enjoy the scenery.

~*(I hear you on that idea, Crys!)*~ Sitting down on her trainer's lap, letting the sun bounce off their skin, looking up through the tree tops staring at the cloudless sky. What a great day to be outside.

June 12th, 2005, 3:17 PM
Profile~ Human
Name: David Eddy
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Hot headed, rash, and fairly wierd, David likes trying to make people laugh, and he loves to joke around about everything. He isn't exactly a violent person, as he hates to fight, but he doesn't like being picked on or attacked either.
Description: 5'11" and has short red hair and sky blue eyes. David wears a black t-shirt with a white pokeball shape imprinted on the upper front section, and he wears a pair of navy blue jeans with black running shoes. He is also medium built.
Other: Is a Pokemon trainer, as well as a Coordinator.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Skit
Species: Skitty
Age: 1.5
Gender: Female
Description: Looks very similar to a regular Skitty, but she is a bit smaller, and has a white star on her back.

RP Sample: Must I? ^^;;

June 12th, 2005, 3:35 PM
No, Yukito, you don't have to. All of you are accepted. I'm braindead right now, so whoever wants to start can- remember, we're just waking up and finding ourselves in our companion's body.

Electric Hero
June 12th, 2005, 3:38 PM
Profile- Human
Name: Max Hunter (can be called just Max)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Weird... can sometimes have sudden mood changes. Likes to always make jokes... even if they make laugh or they suck.
Description: Blue eyes and black hair with a weird anime hairstyle. Wears all black... including gloves and a long coat.

Profile- Pokemon
Name: Lightning
Species: Pikachu
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Description: A normal Pikachu.

RP Sample: Day 76 since first step into the cave, current status: lost and in danger of be harmed/injured or even killed by hostile creatures.

Since Mat lost the map, we have just started get scared by spooky sounds and noises coming from nowhere. I still don't think that the thing we saw yesterday was a REAL dragon. It just had the wings with holes, and yet, it still could fly. He chased us all the way here... apparently, a really dark point. I think bats are everywhere... but their sounds can be heard. I'm writing this thanks by the moon that is outside. But we can't escape... it is too high for jumping.

I will write this like if I would describing everything now... I heard noises...but... something is getting near... the walls just show a shadow coming each second faster. Wait... it is the dragon. Mat is fighting with him... I hear noises... I hear Mat asking for help while he is being brutally killed by that thing. I can't hear Mat anymore... this is possibly my last sentence... the dragon is just above me... at least his head... Good bye ...

Max Hun

(Sorry... it may look like if it comes from a sick mind... but I just have millions of dragons in my mind... can't get off from them).

June 12th, 2005, 3:40 PM
Max Hunter, I haven't seen you RP yet in awhile. Would you please do one for me?

Electric Hero
June 12th, 2005, 4:25 PM
I have half an hour ago edited my post... sorry to not make this post, but I'm posting in the RP Lounge at the same time. Well... I have edited my post as you can see...so... I'm just waiting.

June 12th, 2005, 4:35 PM
oops, sorry!! Max, you're accepted!!

June 12th, 2005, 8:14 PM
Profile~ Human
Name: Kiri
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, but very smart, and loyal.
Description: Tall, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears a blue sweatshirt and jeans.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Kitt
Species: eevee
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description: A normal eevee, but with a lighter coat.
Other: Was a gift for Kiri when they were both newborns. She is almost like a sister to her trainer.

RP Sample: Kiri crawled out from under her covers, yawning. She looked out the window-a great sunny day, good. Sunlight always lifted her spirits. She looked down and noticed that her pillow seemed huge, and she felt awfully warm. She had never noticed how loud the downstairs TV was, either. She looked over at her mirror. Kitt was gazing back at her. "AAUGH!" She cried, falling from her bed. Her voice wasn't any different (thank goodness!), but her body sure was. She couldn't remember this happening-she just remembered that she was having a fight over something with Kitt while sitting in bed, and then there was a power surge or something..

June 13th, 2005, 10:40 AM
Accepted, RE. We can begin!!

Ic: Izumi groaned, sitting up. She was out in the middle of the forest, and the sun was just beginnning to rise. The sky was painted a pale pink color. Izumi smiled, welcoming the new day.

"Hey, Saphi-HOLY CRAP!!" Izumi shouted, jumping. before her lay her body. Izumi scrambled to her feet, circling around it. The white Eevee lay unmoving. The first thought that cam to her was: Am I dead?! She looked down at herself. The was a long moment of scilence. "Oh.... my.... God...." Isumi let out a piercing scream, and the Eevee woke up.

Saphira sat down, with her eyes still closed, wondering why on earth someone was screaming at this hour. "Ah, shuddap!!" She yelled, but it came out differently. She was still speaking with words, but they were a higher pitch than usual. Confused, she opened up her eyes, and was met with the same puzzled expression. She was gazing at herself.

They both screamed in unision, backing away from each other. "I'm you!!!" The two shouted, wide-eyed. They had switched bodies.

June 13th, 2005, 11:53 AM
Kitt sat up. She had been lying on the foot of Kiri's bed, when she heard her shout. She looked at the floor. She was looking at herself. It could have been a different eevee, though.. "Hey you, what are you doing here and where's my trainer?!" She shouted, thinking this eevee might belong to Team Rocket. She leapt from the bed, ready to fight, but landed with a thud on her face. She lifted herself up with her front legs and looked down at them. Thay were arms.

Kiri looked at the girl who had just fallen from her bed-it was her! She immeadiately suspected what was going on-she and her eevee had switched bodies.

June 13th, 2005, 12:13 PM
In the middle of the forest, the two compadres are in their sleep as the sun rose from the horizion. The sky was colored pink- a beautiful cherry blossom hue. But what they don't know is that their life has changed forever. As Serenity shook from her sleep, she was really dizzy. Yawning, she stretched and got up.

"Boy, I feel weird. That's the last time I eat Pecha berries before going to sleep. Hey Crys- HOLY NUMEL DUMG!!!" She yelled looking at the motionless black, white, and blue Kirlia- her body. "Am- Am I d-dead or something?" She looked down and gasped. "WHAT THE FREAK!?!?!?" As she did she reached for Crys' backpack and opened it, inside was a mirror. Her hands shook as Serenity looked at the handheld reflection device. She was looking at Crys- through her own eyes! The girl walked over to the pokemon and screamed:

"Wake up, sleepy head! Wake up wake up WAKE UP!!!" She shook the Kirlia silly while still holding the mirror.

The Kirlia retailliated with a Confusion, unintentionally knocking the offender to a tree. "Don't shake me up unless it's very important!" Crys screeched. It was her words except it came out differently- sleeker, smoother, more feminine-like. As she walked up to the offender(which scrambled up to her feet), her eyes grew wide as the body towered the Kirlia.

"The annoyance... was... me?" The once fantastic trainer found it hard to take in. She was looking at herself.

"Heh heh... Here... Take the mirror... Crys..." The girl/Kirlia/whatever said rather shakily, still in shock of being knocked into a tree.

As the Crys looked into the mirror, she dropped it and it shattered into a million pieces.

"Well, at least I finally now how strong I can really be..."

"You mean that we... But..."

They both placed their hands on their heads and screamed at the top of their lungs, "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!! I'M YOU!!! NOOO!!!!!!!" They now have to look in a different perpective- each other's.

Yami's Girl
June 13th, 2005, 12:59 PM
Outside a large house, a girl and her pokemon slept. They were camping, deep in the woods. It was early in the morning. The girl stirred. Her pokemon, Flare, who is a Charizard, lightly flapped her wings. Both beings were in a deep sleep, unaware of thier new dilema....

The morning's light peeked through the flaps of the tent. Flare yawn and stretched. She opened her eyes, to see the inside of the tent.
I can't fit in here! Did I shrink? She peeked out the tent. She looked to where she thought she was sleeping... Flare screamed. She was still there, but she could see herself. Had she died? She wlked over to the little pond nearby. She looked at her reflection, and screamed again. She was totally different! She looked just like Emily...

Emily stirred in her sleeping spot. She heard someone scream. She opened her eyes,yawn, and stretched. What she saw was perculiar. She saw the woods, the trees that surrounded her. She stood up. She must've sleepwalked, something like that. She turned around and saw the tent. She tried to go in but found something was preventing her from accomplishing this task. She looked behind her, but she wished she hadn't. Two large wings were attached to her body. And a purple tail with a blackish flame. Emily screamed.

Flare turned away from her reflection, and saw her body trying to fit in the tent! She gasped. Mabye...

"Emily!" came a voice. Emily turned around and saw her body! She got a look of horror on her face. Her body! Standing by the pond! She ran over, but found she was alittle bigger. She rushed over to her body. Her finger pointed to the lake. "Look..." Emily did and saw a purple Charizard!
"Wait..." she looked again at her body. "Flare?" She nodded. They both screamed.
"YOU'RE IN MY BODY! I'M IN YOURS!" They shouted in unison. They now relized what happened.
They'd switched bodies.

Electric Hero
June 13th, 2005, 2:04 PM
The beautiful color of the rising sun hit Max's face. He groaned and woke up. When he opened his eyes he noticed everyhting so... big. But suddenly, he saw his own body. "what!!?" Max yelled, but it just came like a different voice... more high-tuned... more... like a pokmon he knew. Max stood up in two legs... and just when he wanted to run to his body... he ran slowly... "Nooo!!!! what happened!!?".

Lightning woke up with yell of Max. He stood up, and noticed everything smaller than before. "wow! my dreams became true! I'm talle...!!!! what!!? why am I talking human!? what happened!?" Lightning yelled as he saw his own body standing near him. "WHAT!? YOU'RE ME!! I'M YOU!!!! NOOOO!!!!" the both yelled. "MY WORST NIGHTMARE HAS JUST BECAME TRUE!" Lightning yelled as he fell to the ground. They just have switched bodies.

June 13th, 2005, 5:02 PM
The Kyta body moves (the RP part was in my sign-up), and Kyta flinches slightly. The figure rises, stretching, then turns rigid. It studies her fingertips, her hands, and then turns around to stare at Kyta.
"Sunny?" the Espeon Kyta murmurs at her body. The other Kyta freezes.
"Hist, no need to scream." the Espeon Kyta shushed, "Sunny, I guess we, us, we, uh, switched bodies."
"Funny, I don't remember anything. Just, a flash of light." the not-Kyta shrugged.
"Me too. How, strange," Espeon Kyat mused.
The not-Kyta figits with her hair. "Um. Kyta...?"
"Yes Sunny?"
"How do you change clothing?"

JX Valentine
June 13th, 2005, 5:55 PM
OOC: Sorry to bother, but is it too late to join? ^_^;

Profile~ Human
Name: Sebastian Lorne
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Sebastian is a bit hot-tempered, stubborn, and battle-happy. He really doesn't think before he leaps, and he refuses to admit when he's messed up because of it. He's also a bit of an idealist who believes that one can rely on dumb luck and straight-forward assaults to get through anything.
Description: He's a tall, thin young man with wild, black hair and bright, blue eyes. His pale-skinned figure is often covered by a red, hooded sweatshirt (over a white t-shirt), baggy blue jeans, and Ash-style shoes.
-He's an only child, hence his possible snobbish, bratty traits.
-His main goal: to become the Gym Leader of a Poison-type Gym. (He's nowhere near that skilled, though.)

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Mina
Species: Venomoth
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Description: Basically, a regular Venomoth, though there's a dark spot on her forehead. Personality-wise, she's opposite her partner -- calm, calculating, and sweet... unless she's in a disagreement with Sebastian, at which point she can be fairly harsh and stubborn.
Other: Sebastian's starter. She's loyal to him, though the two don't exactly get along all the time.

RP Sample: Will this (http://pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=1242524&postcount=12) do?

June 13th, 2005, 6:13 PM
Ooc: Accepted. Start whenever you please.

June 13th, 2005, 6:51 PM
"I'M YOU..! YOURE ME!!!" The two yelled at the same time. "This is so weird!" Kiri shouted, putting her new paw in front of her face. "I'm soo...Hairy!" "Well I'm bald!" Kitt shouted. The was a pause, and the two both started giggling. "Hey Kiri? How do you change your coat?"
"My coat?" Kiri asked, confused at her friends question.
"Yeah. I'm wearing your night time coat now, how do I change to your day time coat?"
"Well first...um..."
About an hour later, Kiri had taught Kitt to change her clothes. The two started down the stairs. "Act like a human." Kiri said. "Hello mom and..um...Dad! Kitt said, stumbling down the stairs into the living room. "Eevee!" Kiri said.

Electric Hero
June 13th, 2005, 7:11 PM
"ok Max... we have to do something" Lightning said. "Ok... I'll teach you how to be a human, and you'll teach how to be a pokmon... we will continue our journey as we try to switch our bodies like they were before" Max replied. "Good idea... first, teach me how to walk and run, will you?" Lightning replied.

After a while, Lightning knew how to walk and run like a normal human... but Max needed to know how to walk and run like a Pikachu. Another while later, and Max understood how to run properly. "ok... we got the basics... what now?" Max said. "Wait! people's coming! ... we need to act like normal people... and pokmon of course" Lightning replied.

Two kids just passed by and Max just said "Pika!". When the kids were gone, Max and Lightning looked at each other. "ok... so what are we going to do?" Lightning expressed. "hm.... we should advance... acting normally... we will have to teach each other as we continue... '" Max replied... looking at the next route.

June 13th, 2005, 7:11 PM
"Oh my God, oh my GOD!!!" Saphira shouted in the sqeaky Eevee voice, running around in circles. Izumi just stood there, pulling at Saphira's hair.

"What're we gonna do?!" She asked, standing in front of Saphira who ran into her leg, "We've switched bodies and don't know a thing about each other!!" She sat down, bellowing: "I WANT MY BODY BACK!!!"

"I do too!!" Snapped Saphira, a bit dazed. She paced around. "Lets see," She began. Izumi watched curiously. "We were walking through here, and then you asked something... And then we started fighting.... Then there was that weird voice and that flash of light.... Then nothing!! I can't remember!!! Arrrgh, this is so frustrating!!"

Izumi knew it took a lot to anger Saphira. "I don't remember either..." She said quietly. They both just sat there for a few minutes, thinking.

June 13th, 2005, 7:16 PM
"Um...Hi honey." Kiri's mom said, watching her daughter and her eevee struggling to walk right. "Are you feeling alright?" Her dad asked "Erm..yeah, we're fine.." Kiri said. Oh no..It had come out of the eevee's mouth! Thankfully her dad hadn't seen it. The two left the large house and went outside. Time to learn how to walk.

June 14th, 2005, 3:02 AM
I was awakened sometime in the morning, thanks to a loud crash somewhere else in the Pokemon Center. Along with Skit, I had taken residence in one of the rooms for the night.

"Uhh, David?" I heard a voice from across the room say to me, I glanced over to the origins of the voice, and saw... me? "We have a problem!"

I wanted to stand up so I could go over and get a better look, but I found I couldn't get off four legs, and why did everything seem so much bigger. "Who are you?" I asked, though it reminded me of my Skitty's voice...

"Skit," I? replied (XD) "It looks like we kinda switched bodies..."

"Switched..." I was about to finish by saying bodies, but another thought came to mind. "But you're a female Skitty aren't you?!"


Miss Reyna
June 14th, 2005, 5:46 AM
Too late to join?

Profile~ Human
Personality:A bit loud and crazy. Likes to see things and travel.
Description:Tanned skined. Long dyed blond hair. Orginal hair color is ligth brown. Brown eyes.Wears a red dress and a tigth pink t-shirt. Most of the time she also wears a small black jacket. Has a small cowboy hat on.
Other: She mostly likes to coornate pokemon in contests. Sometimes battles a bit.

Profile~ Pokemon
Name: Razz
Species: Vulpix
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Description:Just a regular vulpix
Other:She a bit stuck up to other pokemon and people. The only person she likes being with is Reyna.

OOC: I think you seen how I RP but since this thing has already started I post something up.

IC: Reyna awoke with a massive headache. She said to herself, "What a nigth. Feels like my mind was pulled out of my head and slap into something else." She then opens her eyes and saw that her mattress was blue and some red hair was on it. Reyna then said, "When did I dyed my hair red?"

She thne got up but found it hard to do. She then saw two red and black paws. Then she saw that she was in a basket. "Isn't this Razz's sleeping basket." she said. THen she notcie that her voice also change too. It was more clam-like and basicly like a vulpix's.

Then she heard a scream. She knew that most have been her's so she tried draging herself to her side of the tent. Thank good she puts Razz's basket so close to her own sleeping bag.

She saw herself trying to get out. Herself then said, "Reyna get me out of here! I must have gotten into your bag last nigth while you were a sleep."

Reyna then said, "Is that you Razz? If you want to get out just wiggle out of it like a worm does. It also help if you open your eyes."

After some time Razz-Reyna was able to get out and open her eyes. She saw her self ther and said, "Why am I there?" and pointed to her vulpix body.

"Why am I there." Said Reyna in Razz's vulpix voice. Motioning to her human body.

After a moment of silence to think Reyna then said, "I think we change bodies."

"I think we have. But one question. I don't really like your nigth coat. How do I change to a different coat?"

June 14th, 2005, 11:35 AM
Ooc: You're accepted, Reyna.

Ic: About two hours later, Izumi knew how to walk, put on and take off clothes, and a few other nessicary things to know. She stood, letting Saphira see if she had put everything on right. She nodded, and Izumi smiled.

"Alrighty... Now what?" Asked Izumi, still getting used to human words. Saphira shrugged the best she could with Eevee shoulder, flicking her white tail about.

"I guess we just continue on. We'll have to act as normal as possible, which you be difficult... Boy are we in deep-"

"I get the point," Izumi said, cutting Saphira off. " You'll have to learn how to be a Pokemon, and I'll have to learn how to be a human..." They started walking down the path, talking to each other.

Electric Hero
June 14th, 2005, 12:09 PM
After an hour, Max and Lightning taugh each other the most basic and neccesary things. "Ok... but I think I will have to learn how to attack." Max told Lightning. "Hm... true... but... wait... I think someone's coming!" Lightning replied. "what!? I hate this situation... HIDE!" Max replied.

The both hid behind the trees. After a little while of waiting for , what they tough, a girl and an eevee. But something was with them. Suddenly, Max was sent flying through the air hitting the route's ground hard. A poochyena tackled Max behind his back.

"oh great... Lightning! help me!" Max yelled, not remembering that the girl and the eevee were near. Lightning came out of the trees and looked at Max. "Ok... try to tackle it!" Lightning commanded Max. Max didn't know what to do... so he just charged his body against the Poochyena. He tackled the foe, and now the poochyena was more angry than before.

The poochyena attacked back with a tackle... which hitted Max. "oh c'mon!" Max expressed. Max tackled the foe, and the poochyena attacked back with the same attack. "Max! try to make an electric attack!" commanded Lightning. The poochyena tackled Max again.

Max was kinda tired now, and wanted to surrender... be he couldn't. Exhausted and without chance, Max suddenly attacked the poochyena with a thundershock. The poochyena fled from the battle after the attack. "wha... I just did what I think I did?" Max expressed again. Lightning nodded and asked Max how he did it. "I don't know... weird... WOO!! I won a battle!" Max replied. They both talked without remembering that the girl and the eevee could have heard them.

Yami's Girl
June 14th, 2005, 1:16 PM
Emily and Flare both taught each other the basics of being each other. Emily flew around and used attacks, while Flare discovered how to play sports, and do some other things. A Zigzagoon walked acrossed Emily's path and Emily used her Ember. Zigzagoon got angry and Emily engaged in a pokemon battle.

Zigzagoon used Tackle, but Emily dodged by hovering. Then she landed and used Flamethrower. The Zigzagoon fled. "I did it?" Emily's mouth was wide open in disbelief. "I did it!" Flare shook her head.
"Barely, now if that was something different, you'd be gone." Emily sighed. Flare got on her back.
"Try flying with me on your back." Emily flapped her wings and rose. She flew over the forest and back to thier house.

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June 14th, 2005, 1:48 PM
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JX Valentine
June 14th, 2005, 3:31 PM
Sebastian's eyes opened. Or rather, they were always open, but only then did he see. The blurry images resolved slowly into hazy yet familiar shapes -- almost as if he was viewing the world through a pair of glasses designed by Van Gogh. He sensed the cool, dewy environment around him and the soft, bitter-scented earth beneath him. As much as he tried, he simply couldn't recall ever leaving his sleeping bag. All that floated in his mind was an argument with his Venomoth (about whether to spend the day catching Wurmple or moving ahead to the next town, of all things) followed by a light. It was a beautiful light, but that part of the night seemed almost distant and quick -- almost like it never actually happened.

He strained to turn himself around to find something from the camp he made along the road, but he felt as if something restrained him. All of his limbs were stiff and made only small movements, no matter what he tried to command them to do.

Suddenly, he saw a pair of feet wearing the sort of sneakers he usually donned. The knees of the stranger bent first, lowering the rest of the body inch by inch to the ground until Sebastian was face-to-face (literally) with him. Or, rather, himself.

Sebastian rocked in discomfort and confusion. He couldn't piece together what happened, and he was quickly getting frustrated that he couldn't move to get a bigger picture of the situation. For a brief moment, he thought he was tied up, but he felt no ropes against his flesh. Only the earth.

Finally, the face spoke.


Again, Sebastian rocked. He didn't like the sound of that.

"Master," the figure said as he slipped a small mirror out of his pocket and angled it for Sebastian to catch his reflection. "I think you are me."

The statement hung in the air for a bit until panic took over. Sebastian rocked violently back and forth as he tried to wrap his tongue around the words in his mind (with a large lack of success, unfortunately). The human, meanwhile, calmly watched with a chin buried in his warm, human arms folded in front of him.

"So begins the first stage," he muttered miserably. "Shock and frantic denial of the truth."

Trainer Kat
June 14th, 2005, 4:15 PM
"Uhn..." Kat woke to a stabbing pain in her head. Her eyes were blurry. "Paine, come here," she groaned, seeing a tail behind her. There was no response. "Paine?" Kat said, worried. She spun around. The tail disappeared. "I'm dreaming," she said, dropping her head onto the ground.

"Nyah!" Kat sat up. "Paine?" she said, a little groggy. She was face to face with...herself. A girl with thin brown hair, a white skirt, white thigh-high boots, and a black tank top was crouched in frong of her. She looked down. The body of a Meowth. She screamed.

June 14th, 2005, 4:21 PM
Ooc: Pika-mew, we're all just waking up and trying to teach each other how to walk, put on clothes properly, ect.

Saphira and Izumi watched as the trainer and pokemon took out the Poochyena. They seemed a bit starange, and the pikachu could talk. Definatly something odd going on. Izumi tilted her head, asking, "Did you two switch bodies?"

Saphira glared at her, hissing under her breath, "Izumi, shut up!!" There was no doubt the Pikachu had heard her. She had found that pokemon had better sences than humans. It was kind of cool, but a bit overwhelming.

"What? I just think- Oooh, look, a Beautifly!!" Izumi jumped into the air, trying to reach it, giggling. Saphira rolled her eyes, muttering something under her breath.

Saphira then stepped foward, sniffing the air. The trainer and pokemon's sents were mixed up, switched. so they had changed bodies also. The white Eevee sat down in front of them, asking, "Did you, by any chance, happen to see a light, and find you weren't.... feeling yourself when you woke up?" She chose her words carefully, speaking pokespeech to the Pikachu.

Electric Hero
June 14th, 2005, 4:32 PM
When they heard what the girl said, they just stopped jumping and talking, etc. Max really liked to hear things that come from really far. When the eevee sat down infront of them, and finished talking with Max, he replied "huh? how do you know? and... yes, indeed. Why do you ask?" with pokespeech. Max sniffed the eevee and the girl's sents... they were definately mixed up... not normal for... normal things.

"Did the same thing happened to you two?" Max added in pokespeech. Max wondered if they had suffered the same thing as him and Lightning. Max kept thinking in the things that could happen if the girl and eevee switched bodies just like him and Lightning. They could travel together... or just promise to the other to keep the secret. Obviously... the best was travel together... but Max needed to know if the same thing happened to them before making any plans.

June 14th, 2005, 4:57 PM
Saphira nodded her head, the sunlight making her coat shine. "Yeah.... I'm normally not one for traveling with company, but we're gonna need as much help as we can get. Wanna come?" She asked, standing, wazing her tail around. Before he had answered, she turned, and began walking back to Izumi who was chasing the Beautifly. If they followed, they followed.

"Hey, come back!!" Izumi said in between laughs, "You-WHOA!!!" She tripped, falling on Saphira.

"Izumi!!" Saphira yelled, trying to pull herself out from underneath her own body, "Get up!!" After a moment, Izumi was back on her feet again, with a mad looking Saphira in her arms. "Remind me to teach you how to run," She grumbled.

"Sure!!" said Izumi, then turned towards the pokemon and trainer. "I'm Izumi, the white Eevee!!" She said excitedly, then paused for a second. "Or I was a white Eevee... Anyways, thats Saphira, and, don't worry, she'll calm down in a bit!! So, are you coming?!"

Electric Hero
June 14th, 2005, 5:08 PM
Max was just to answer when the eevee went back with the girl. After the fall and the girl talked... the both just stayed with the mouth open. "ahh.... yea! We will travel together then..." Max replied. Max and Lightning followed Saphira and Izumi. Lightning just to not stay so mute.... just said nonsense to Izumi "um... and I love your excitement when you talk!".

"Oh c'mon! if you got nothing to say... then say nothing!" Max said to Lightning. Max stopped for a while then apologized "sorry... sudden mood change... I was just trying to remember what happened... you know my 'illness' Lightning...". Max always had sudden mood changes... no one never knew why. "oh that's right! I never introduced me!" said Max to Saphira with a face like this-> ^^;. "I'm Max" Max added; "and I'm Lightning" finished Lightning with a happy face. "oh yeah... from this day and on, we shall have each other's names Lightning" Max told Lightning turning his head to see him. "Ok Lightning... wow... that was weird" Lightning replied.

June 14th, 2005, 5:51 PM
"Yeah, we'll have to call each other by our companions names..." Saphira said, looking around thoughtfully. "Hey, Saphira!!" She called out. Izumi kept walking, humming a song she had heard.

"I said, hey, Saphira!!" Saphira said impatiently, cupping her white paws over her mouth to prodeuce more sound. Even when she was yelling, her voice was tiny and squeaky.

"Huh?" Izumi, or 'Saphira', said, looking down at the Eevee. "Why are you- oh yeah!! I'm Saphira from now on!! When we're alone, can I still call you Saphira?"

"Sure. And would you mind putting me on your shoulder...?" Saphira asked. It looked like there was something, or someone, up ahead in the road.

June 14th, 2005, 7:05 PM
OOC: X_X busy, busy scheduel. Thank god for speed-reading! =D

I was staring at myself, who was staring back at me. At nother time, I might have considered the irony, and mental revalations of such a situation, but at the time, I was a bit busy trying to explain to Diviath why humans needed to wear clothes. Needless to say, it wasn't going well. Eventually, however, I covinced him to wear my practice Gi, and was trying to figure out why he didn't seem to have any trouble adapting to human speech. Apparently it was because a machoke was already so humanlike. After that, I finally realized what a situation we were in. If we were stuck this way... Diviath didn't seem to be worried, but I on the other hand, was terrified. I didn't want to spend my life as a pokemon!

OOC: XD an entire, fully functional RP post with no dialogue. Go me! =D

June 14th, 2005, 7:10 PM
Ooc: Yeah, go you!! XD

Ic: Izumi did so, letting Saphira balence. She wasn't sure, but she thought she could see two figures up ahead. Sniffing the wind, she reconized a human and a pokemon. Now she was positive there was someone there.

"Run towards them, and this time don't trip!!" Shouted Saphira. Like Izumi, Saphira's, Max's, and Lightning's sents, they were switched. Izumi began to wonder how many people changed.

Electric Hero
June 14th, 2005, 7:41 PM
ooc: x_X wow... it's true! oh! you are the one that the prophecy talked about! Oh great Shiney! Oh great Shiney *bows* XD.

ic: Max sniffed the sents of the two beings up ahead. "their sents are mixed up... c'mon!" Max expressed. Just when he was going to run, he stopped. "I'm going to run... so if you want I can go slower" Max added jokingly. "Oh c'mon! you can't run so fast as a normal Pikachu can" Lightning replied. Max just stayed silent. "c'mon!" Lightning added starting to run. Max started to run too, following Lightning.

Miss Reyna
June 14th, 2005, 8:17 PM
After Reyna instructed Razz on how to change her clothes. Reyna then notice that something was different about her human appearance. She then notcise that she was wearing red and black tigths on under her dress. SHe then said, "Why did you put on those tigths? I hate those."

Razz looked up and said, "I was feeling cold so I thougth I put them on. They were harder to put on then this dress thing but I think I got it." Razz then got up to stand then move one foot in frount of the other but could not support her self and fell. "Why can't i just walk on all fours. That is just better then human walk." said Razz stuck up like.

Reyan then said, "Because you will mess up my dress." She then try walking on all fours. She did it very well. She said, "This is like crawling. Pretty easy."

"I wish this was easy." Razz said after her 4th time falling.

Reyna then said, "Follow my instructions." Razz lisen closly and Reyna said, "Stand up like I told you when we were getting you dress."

Razz stood up and said, "That was easy."

"Then put one foot in frount of the other but slowly." said Reyna.

After some time, Razz got the hang of walking and smile, "Now it feels easy."

The the two heard voices and Razz said, "I can barly hear them. Your human ears aren't as good as my vulpix ears. What are they saying?"

Reyna listen and said, "I hear voices of both people and pokemon. I heard somethingabout swiching but... I think we may need to put up our tent. Wow, these ears can hear a lot of things!"

"Maybe we should wait until these humans and their pokemon past. They may be the stupid kind and make make fun of me because I suppose to be a real human and I suppose to know how to do a simple thing like putting up a tent." said Razz

"Puting up a tent is easy but I can't really do it myself." said Reyna and showed her paws, "No thumbs."

The voices seem to be geting closer. Razz and Reyna try to be silent until Razz moved Reyna's human knee on top of Razz's pokemon tail which Reyna found painful and let out a scream of pain.

June 14th, 2005, 8:48 PM
<Where...where am I?>

Amy couldn't understand anything. Her sight was hazy, her hearing was faint, and she couldn't even feel her own feet. But somehow, she could hear something, faint but still there. Someone was calling her. No, she was calling someone. That was her own voice. Wasn't it?

Then she could see something in front of her. What was it? It was a very fuzzy image, but Amy could just make out familiar bluish-green eyes...

<Me!> she cried. But she couldn't hear it. No, she cried it in her head....

<That's impossible! It couldn't be me!>

But it had to be. She knew what her own eyes looked like and what her own voice sounded like, didn't she? Or was she so zoned out that she couldn't even remember that?

"Waaaaaake uppp, Aaaammmmyyy," said a familiar voice, which was somehow unfamiliar too. "Soooooommmmeeetthhinggg qquueerrr hasss happppennedddd."

Amy's eyes shot open. And she was astonished by what she saw....

JX Valentine
June 15th, 2005, 5:14 AM
Mina waited patiently where she was. Her chin was still buried in her master's arms as her master rocked back and forth in her body. At most, she was worried about the damage he was doing to her wings, but she remained silent and unemotional as "phase one" continued. Finally, Sebastian became exhausted and slowed to a stop. If he had eyelids, he would have closed them right there. Sensing her partner's weariness, Mina slowly stood up and stretched.

She was glad she spent the hour previous to his awakening to get used to his body. Each movement was too complicated to go through without prior practice. Limbs had to be tamed. Balance had to be found. Food had to be gathered.

With the last thought in mind, Mina bent down to a towel beside the backpack Sebastian traveled with. Sitting on the towel was a pile of fruits she had gathered in the forest, the top four of which she plucked. Again, she returned to her master's side and fed him the fruits, one by one until he refused to eat. She could tell he hated being babied that way, but he had no way to express that. (At least, for right then.)

Again, Sebastian tried to wrap his mouth around words, but he simply couldn't. No amount of English forced its way through the unusual mouth. At the very most, he spat out a series of buzzes and warbles he recognized as regular Venomoth speech... though this time, it sounded like exactly what he wanted to say. He looked at Mina helplessly, but luckily for him, she still had enough of a Venomoth mind to understand.

"What we will do," she replied calmly, "is first help you get used to my body. I can't carry you everywhere, and it would hardly help you to remain in a PokeBall."

Sebastian agreed, but he still didn't know what to do.

Mina eased her hand under his body, placing her fingers between his legs. "First, stand. Just unfold your legs and trust them. They may be small, but they should carry you."

Reluctantly, Sebastian forced each leg downward and pushed his body upward. The legs dug into the soft earth, but before long, the rest of him hovered a small distance above Mina's hand until she withdrew it and allowed him to stand by himself. He was sturdy, which meant he was making progress as quickly as she hoped.

"Good," she complimented. "Now, flap your wings. To take off, do so at a slow pace to generate the wind flow needed to lift you."

Sebastian did as he was told. For the first time, he flexed the joints that maintained the movements in his long, thin wings. It hurt -- as if he had sat on his own leg for a few minutes and was only now flexing the knee -- but it felt refreshing. Not long into the exercise, his wings lifted him a foot off the ground.

"Good, good," Mina murmured. "Now, flap your wings faster and in a longer arc to rise."

Before long, Sebastian shakily rose to the height of Mina's head. His wings gently flapped as far as they could go and with as much power as he could, yet he was hardly getting exhausted from it.

"Now, slowly stop to land on my shoulder. Use your tail segment to navigate."

Sebastian eased his way over to her shoulder as his abdomen twitched like the rudder of a boat. He stretched his legs out to take her shoulder as his wings slowed to a stop. However, he was a few inches short and merely fell from the air before he could properly land. With a gasp, Mina caught the new Venomoth in her arms.

"We'll work on that," she said with a chuckle.

Yami's Girl
June 15th, 2005, 7:18 AM
Flare was sitting on Emily's bed in thier house. She put Emily in a pokeball for the first time and didn't know how she would like it. Flare went over to a window and opened it. A cool breeze fluttered in.
"Man, these clothes are hot!" Flare complained. Outside she heard a scream.
"Someone must have hurt themselves," Flare muttered. But nonetheless Flare raced out the door and into the wood. She released Emily from the pokeball.
"Thank God!" Emily said, relieved. "I hate pokeballs."
Flare shook her head. "Well, I don't like 'em either! But can you hear anything in the distance? Pokemon ears are better than human ones."
Emily cocked her head. I can hear footsteps and I can smell pokemon and human scents." Emily started to fly towards the sky. "Now I can hear pokemon and humans talking." She landed. "Let's check it out!"

Miss Reyna
June 15th, 2005, 7:18 AM
"Watch it with my tail!" said Razz. "You know how long it took to grow it out tha long and pretty."

"Yes, but I also work on that tail of yours too. Just watch out to where you put that stuff of my." said Reyna.

"Ok!" said Razz.

They stood there until Razz said, "How did we became like this? All I remember was we figthing and then a flash of light and that was it"

"Me too." said Reyna. "Maybe that was it. The ligth did something. I heard a voice too but it was soft."

"I did too. It said something about being tried of this arguing." Said Razz. "Then I guess we fell asleep."

They sat there until Reyna said, "We need to put up and start packing. First the tent."

"Will you help me?" asked Razz.

"I try to do what I can but of coarse I will help. First Pull that thing out of the ground." said Reyna

Razz went over to a couner of the tent and pull a poll out with Reyna's human arm.

Reyna then said "Not that one! First we need to go outside." But the tent then cave in with the two still in there.

"Not this again!!" said Razz.

"Now I see why you hate my sleeping bag."

The two then yelled, "HELP!!" and hope that someone will come or hope that they can figure how to get out. But looks like the second choice may not happen soon.

June 15th, 2005, 10:43 AM
As the hour passes on, Crys and Serenity recompose. But as the sun is high up in the sky, the two have questions on their mind. Crys was the first to cast the stone.

"Um, Serenity. How do a Pokemon like you attack?"

"You have to focus. We psychic Pokemon specialize in psychic attacks. But of course, you also taught me how to use Shock Wave, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Return, Hidden Power, Secret Power, and Shadow Ball via TM, and Icy Wind and Fire Punch via Move Tutor. You have a lot to learn if you want to be able to be much like a real Pokemon." Replied the girl.

"And you have a lot to learn if you want to look like a convincing girl. We don't want to draw suspicions." The Kirlia paused. "Can you teach me how to use and control the attacks I have?"

"Sure. Try to focus and find your center-" She paused for a minute, looking at Crys. "Try to make yourself levitate. That's a basic to being a Kirlia. We're not known for running."

As Crys focused her mind she quickly jetisioned from off the ground, but quickly landed down on her bottom. "Ouch!"

"Um... Maybe we'll get back to that... Could you at least try to lift up that bag over there with your mind?" The trainer said.

Crys tried again with some success, but as a Beautifly flown by, the Kirlia's gazed was on it, making her lose focus. The bag crashed on the ground.

"I know what the problem is. You have a short attention span. Not a very good trait for a Kirlia to have. We have to work on that tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm hungry. How do you cook?" The trainer pulled out some pots and pans and some cooking utensils.

The Kirlia's eyes widened. "Uh..."

"Yes Crys?"

"Why don't you let me cook? I still have hands, and it would be good practice for Psychic powers. Plus, you could watch me, learn from what is edible and what is not."

"That... would be a smart idea..."

The Kirlia took some fire wood and set them on the ground. But, with her psychic powers. Then with her hand, it lit up with fire. She smashed into the wood, lighting it. The trainer's eye glew in delight! "Crys..."

The Kirlia turned around. "What?"

"You... You just used your attacks!"

"I-I did?"

"Yes! You made the firewood levitate and set it down and then used Fire Punch on the logs to light them up! I now have an angle to work with."

"Oh. I did! Yippee!" She shouted in delight. As she placed the pot over the logs, she filled it with fresh mountain stream water, took some carrots and placed it on a cutting board. She took out a knife and started chopping. "See, nice and easy. Just try not to rush it and you'll avoid accidents that way." She took out a rudabega and some celery. "Now you try..." She handed the knife to Serenity.

Serenity calmly placed her hand away from the hand with the knife, and started chopping, imitating Crys' movements, and surprisingly, did it without any accidents. Crys then took out a jar of mushrooms and opened up the jar. She dumped it in the now boiling water. She then dumped the contents on the cutting board into the pot as well. Taking out an onion and three cloves of garlic, she diced up the pieces and doused them in. Serenity was watching intently. "Now, here's the fun part!" She took out some spices. "Here is the part were you add in the spices." She took some salt and dashed some in. Then she took out a pepper shaker. "This is grounded Tamato berry. Much more spicier than Cayenne pepper, we only want a little." She shook a pinch in there, no more. "That should make it spicy enough. No need for a gut burner."

After thirty minutes of attentive stirring and watching the mixture turned into a soup. Serenity has a question.

"Crys, how come when you cook, your never distracted but when you battle you try to find something else to focus on?"

"I don't know. Cooking seems more natural..." She took out two bowls and one spoon. "Here, you eat with this."

The trainer grabbed the spoon as Crys poured the soup evenly between containers. The girl just stared as the Kirlia started eating. The Emotion Pokemon sighed. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know how to eat with this... this... thing."

"I'll teach you..." She took out another spoon. She dipped it into the broth, and as it was picked up, some soup was scooped up and then it was inserted into Crys' mouth. Serenity imitated this action with success.

The bowls were cleared and then it was time to clean up. They were lucky that a Kirlia was almost the same as a human in figure and in gestures.

Yami's Girl
June 15th, 2005, 11:09 AM
Flare jumped onto Emily's back. Emily flapped her wings and they rose over the forest.
I'm getting better with flying, Emily thought. In the distance a green thing could be seen. It was moving, like something was beneath it.
"I'm checking it out!" Emily said. She started to bank.
"No way!" Flare said. "What if-"
"It'll be fine," Emily reassured her. She came to land right in front of the moving green blob. Flare jumped off Emily's back.
"Hmmm..." Screaming could be heard on the inside. Flare attacked the green blob. Emily shook her head and lifted Flare off. She took hold of the blob and lifted it, surprised. There was a pokemon and a human under it.
"Hi!" said Emily. Flare clapped her hand over Em's mouth.
"Idiot! Shhh!" Emily licked her hand. Flare took it abrubtly away."Yuck!" Flare turned to the pokemon and human behind her.
"Uh, hi. I'm Emily and this is Flare." Emily looked confused but then got the idea and roared a Charizard roar.

Miss Reyna
June 15th, 2005, 8:43 PM
Reyna and Razz looked up to see a girl and a Charizard. The two were thankful that they were release.

Razz then said, "Isn't that the ulgy charizard and human girl that was tenting next to us."

Reyna frownd at the and said, "Quite. Remember you are a human now and anybody can understand you."

Razz was about to open her mouth but Reyna stop her and said, "Remember act and talk like a girl like me would do. Don't act like your sassy self."

"Oh!" said Razz. "Then she try putting a straigth face and said, "Sorry. Thank you for releasing us from our tent thing."

Reyna tried bowing like a vulpix would do to say thank you.

June 15th, 2005, 9:25 PM
After teaching Kitt to walk, the two decided on continuing the journey the way they were. "Let's try out these new bodies!" Kitt said, as if it didn't matter, and they just got new bikes or something. "Um.. Alright!" Kiri replied. She guessed it would be fun to see what it was like to enjoy herself in her eevee's body before doing any battling or anything. Kiri rushed toward a nearby tree, climbing up with ease. "Ha! I have claws!" She shouted to Kitt. Kitt wrapped her arms around the tree and ttempted to climb, but just sliding down.

June 16th, 2005, 2:56 PM
As the campsite was cleaned up, Crys decided it was time to practice. Serenity assigned special objects to do the job. The trainer had set up various things in other places.

"Okay, Crys. I decided to go at it on a different approach to train you. Here we have three objects. Each object is hidden somewhere. This is a scavenger hunt, and in which you have to find the items." The trainer said simply.

Crys wasn't really taken aback at this. She raised an eyebrow. "This sounds too easy. The catch is..."

"The catch is that I have to give you a clue before we begin. For each clue you solve, you will find one item. And on that item will give you another clue. On the last one you find, you can keep that item. Here is the first clue. 'Into the light, I gaze, cleverness is without a doubt with me. Into the east I lay, I shall not be easy to find.' "

The Kirlia thought long and hard for a moment. It could mean that she has to go east, but there isn't any other clue on how far east will be. So she thought again. It could be that the number of words on that clue is how many steps she have to take. So twenty-four careful steps eastward later she faced a bush. "Great, a bush." She tried to reach into it but it won't let her. "What gives?!"

"Think about the clue again..." Serenity answered.

On upon thinking the clue again, the Kirlia looked up in the sky and saw it was cloudy. So, she summoned the sun with her Sunny Day attack. The bush suddenly had a hole in it and as Crys looked inside it, she saw an Espeon plush toy. With her psychic powers, she picked it up. A white tag was on it. It read, 'Many a time I wonder if the world will ever change. The gale wind of the north calls upon my name.'

The Kirlia sighed. So upon reading this, I'm guessing it's twenty one steps to the north. The two walked north, facing a rock. The Kirlia used Icy Wind on it, revealing a Suicune plush toy. A white tag was on this one too. It read, 'Up to the north, surmising to the west. The south east wind is what they seek. Wrapped in an enigma of the blue fiery depth, twists and turns are in order. Up in the sky the encircling gang of bullies rule, it's up to one to show them what for.' The Kirlia, smirked, as looking up to a tree, something shiny caught her eye. Focusing on one branch she teleported up there and saw two crystal bracelets. As she was about to reach out for them, a few Spearows tried to knock her out of the tree. It worked, but Crys safely teleported onto the ground. In the sky's clearing was the three beady little eyed bird, cawing out to the twosome.

Uh, sorry, Crys. I forgot how protective birds are to shiny things.

Well, Serenity, I think it's time to train. She said with a smirk on her face. As she did, a Thunder bolt fainted the winged bullies, making them drop to the ground. Easy. One Shock Wave was enough.

Not quite. Crys, look. She pointed to the blue. One bird was looking down on them, enraged that it's offspring has fallen. The Fearow dove down for a drill peck. It definitely has made Crys step back in pain.

Ow... That hurts! Crys cried.

You'll get used to that. Shock Wave, Now! Serenity commanded.

~*(Why are you commanding me?)*~ The Kirlia spoke telepathically.

'Look, I'm the trainer now. I have to look convincing. Please Shock Wave.'

~*(Guess I have to behave like the Pokemon huh. )*~ The Kirlia fired a lightning bolt at the Fearow, which surprisingly hasn't been diving downwards.

It must be stronger than it looks... Icy Wind!

A cold, chilling wind came through, which made the Fearow a bit sluggish, unable to make an attack.

Now, really focus your energy for this one! Psychic! The trainer shouted.

The Fearow glowed a bright icy blue as it was strained by the Kirlia. It fainted under pressure.

That was an easy match. Maybe we should seek better practice partners... The girl sighed.

The Kirlia levitated upwards and snatched the two bracelets, placing one on each wrist. I should agree. So, anything else I should know?

Not really, but-

But what?

How do you humans change clothes?

The Kirlia anime-fell at this but suddenly laughed. It would most certainly be an interesting but difficult journey.

June 16th, 2005, 5:52 PM
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IC: <How did this happen?> asked Amy, examining her new yellow tail with disbelief. "Yo.....yu..." Piki tried hard to talk, but he was not used to using his new mouth to form words.

<You.> explained Amy.

"Ah, yes, you.... You and I were arguing about something, right? You wanted to go to the gym, but I wanted to meet some of the wild Pokemon first. And thn....the..."

<Then.> said Amy.

"Of course. Then... Then we got in a fight. Might that have something to do with this?"

<I don't care about our fight right now.> said Amy impatiently. <I care to know why I'm suddenly a fuzzy yellow rabbit.>

"Rabbit? RABBIT? Ugh!" Piki turned away and stuck his nose in the air.

Amy realized her mistake immediately. <Look, Piki, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to offend you. I'm just frustrated. But there's no time for being frustrated right now. I've turned into you. You've turned into me. For now, we just have to except that. Maybe we should just try to get used to these bodies for the time being. Teach each other how to speak and all that. Friends?> Amy offered a yellow paw. Piki turned to her again, a smile on her human face. "Friends," she said, taking it.

OOC: Where are you guys? I-need-to-know!

Miss Reyna
June 16th, 2005, 7:24 PM
OOC: Trying to teach each other the basics and trying to meet others like otherselves.

IC:Razz then use Reyna's human leg to say, "Stop bowing. You making you too nice."

Reyna tried jumping but it was a bit harder. Then she was able to jump onto her own sholder and said in to her own ear, "I just trying to be nice. They did relaease us from that tent."

"Well now, how about you tell me how to put this tent up." said Razz as she lifted a pole up and try bending it. Then a piece of Reyna's hair got in her face. She then said, "You know what. I never like your hair. I thinking about cutting it and use that color stuff to turn it red. Just like my fur. What do you think?"

"I think NOT!!" yelled Reyna in a vulpix voice. "I work hard on that hair and I like it blond. I looks so cool on me"

Razz smiled and said, "OK ok. I won't do that. Just take care of my body. I do what you want me to do with your body if you want. If you want me to le tthe hair of yours grow then it will grow and vice versa. Ok"

"Hmm." said Reyna. "Don't pay with me girl. I will keep my part of the deal if you keep yours." Then Reyna saw that they still had the Charizard named Flare and the girl named Emily with them.

Razz notice the same thing and said, "Should we try to put this tent up."

"Yeah, I guess so. We must really wierding these people up with our arguing."

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June 16th, 2005, 9:02 PM
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June 17th, 2005, 2:59 PM
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IC: Several definitions, explanations, and demonstrations later, Amy and Piki were almost believable. But a few things still weren't working out...

"Amy, why do you use these strange gasses? They cover your eyes!" Piki threw the glasses off his human face. They landed on the cobblestone path with a clatter.

<Piki!> cried Amy in thought-talk. Instinctively, she sent an electric shock Piki's way.

"Owwwww!" exclaimed Piki as the jolt hit him full-blast.

<I'm sorry.> said Amy apologetically. <It's hard to control Pikachu instincts.>

<Trained Pikachus only shock without being told when they're frightened or angry. What did you shock me for?>

<Sorry, Piki.> said Amy again, without answering. <One, they're called glasses, not 'gasses'. Two, they're made to improve a human's vision, and three, they're expensive, and throwing them on the floor could easily damage them.>

<I still do not understand the human concept of 'expensive'.> said Piki.

Amy sighed. <This is going to be a loooooong day.>

Miss Reyna
June 17th, 2005, 8:37 PM
Reyna tried to pick up a pipe withe the new mouth and puting them in a pile. Razz did the same but put them in the bag too. "These things are hard to put up. I like it better when I just watch you put these things up. Can I do that instad."

Reyna drop a pipe from her mouth and said, "Like I said, No thumbs. You have the thumbs here. Remember, you can do this by yourself."

Razz then said, "How about we put these things up."

Reyna just smiled.

Soon the two were done and the tent was in Reyna's knapsack. Razz said, "So how do we get food. I want some Razz berries."

"They in the bag." said Reyna then she rolled her eyes. "I would like something to eat too."

Razz pulled out a bag with a berry picture on it. She lick her lips and open the bag. Then she threw a berry in the air but it flew to the ground. "What, it always work for you." Then she try eating from the ground.

Reyna then yelled and said, "Don't eat it from the ground! That is disgusting!!"

"I do it all the time." said Razz.

"Well humans don't!!" said Reyna. "Now get me some in froom your hand like I do to you."

"Can't see why you can't eat from the ground." Said Razz

Reyna then ate her berries and said, "I teaching you a lesson in human behavior."

"Ohh" said Razz. Then she countiued eating.

June 18th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Ooc: Of course not, Lishakara!! Fill out the profile, and I'll aprove you, hopefully.

Ic: Pretty soon the had come up upon a Pikachu and another human calling each other 'Piki' and 'Amy'. "Hey there!!" Izumi yelled enthusiastically, waving. "I'm Izumi!! And on my shoulder is Saphira!! We've switched bodies!! Did you?!" She iquired, tilting her head.

Saphira curled up into a ball on her own shoulder. "We're doomed..." She muttered, then said something about Izumi being the stupidest human she had ever known.

"Hey!! I can still understand Pokespeech!!!" Izumi yelled to the white furball on her shoulder. Saphira shrugged saying, "Good for you. Next time, don't go running up to someone like that, though."

"But people loved it when I was an Eevee..."

"Yes, well, humans will think you're mentally ill. So don't do that."

Izumi sighed. "I still don't understand many of you humans' rules....."

Electric Hero
June 18th, 2005, 4:23 PM
We found anothe persons... another Pikachu and a girl. Lightning quiclky made like a 'shhh!!' to Izumi and tried to look innocently. "at least my Pikachu have enough ageto understand human ways..." I expressed in pokespeech. After the the little... 'talk' between Saphira and Izumi, I triedd to make understand Izumi about... the human mind "there are no rules... is just that... people wouldn't understand what we suffered". "Hi, I'm L... Max, and this is M... Lightning, my Pikachu" Lightning said to the other Pikachu and the girl... trying to sound... 'friendly'.

Miss Reyna
June 18th, 2005, 8:17 PM
"So I eat the berry like this." said Razz as she put a few berries in her mouth with out it falling to the ground.

"Yes that right. Use your hands and put it in your mouth." said Reyna. Then she tried eating from Razz's bowl.

Soon the group of two was done eating their breakfast and were off to the road. Razz then said, "Well, where are we off too?"

"Well the plan was to go to the next contest hall. Now looking at the situation, I going have to teach you the way how to behave as a human and how to compete in a contest." said Reyna

Razz then said, "I thougth I was the one competing in the contest!" She then yelled out, "I the one doing the work."

Reyna then said, "Shh. Try to speak softly." Then she looks around and said, "They just don't watch you in the contest. They also watch me too. They see if I can keep my cool and see if I can act just as graceful as you."

"Ohh" said Razz. "So that why we always train. Looks like going to need to teach you the way of the contest too."

"Like what?" asked Reyna.

"Like how to blow fire or aim the fire. Better yet how to jump into those hoops with out burning yourself to impress the humans and the judges." said Razz.

"I can blow fire just as good as you." said Reyna. Then she tried to blow fire but all that came out was air.

Razz smiled and said, "Try grabing from your bottom stomach. The fire must come from deep inside you."

"Deep inside myself. Ok." said Reyna. Then she try blowing again but took a deep breath. This time fire came out but it was wild and uncontrolable. Then it stop once Reyna stop blowing. "How was that?" she asked.

"Good for the first time. Just don't puff your checks and and aim." said Razz.

"I wasn't puffing my checks. Why does it matter if I puff my checks?" said Reyna.

"It looks ugly and bad. Just watch how you blow next time." said Razz.

Then the two saw a group made up of two people, a pikachu and a small white thing. Razz then said, "Looks like we got some company. What should we do?"

"We should introduce ourselves." said Reyna

Razz then frown and said, "What else? Party with their pokemon too. Get my, or your, fur dirty."

Reyna then looked up to think and said, "Well, maybe we should try joining up with them too."

"WHY!?!?" yelled Razz. "Why do we need to join up with them?" said Razz.

"Because it will be good for both of us." Razz gave a strang look and Reyna coutinued, "They are people and you can watch them. You can learn how people act and see what people do. You can mirrow them. Give you experiance on people relationship."

Razz was about to say something but Reyna then said, "Thye also may have some pokemon too and I can see how other pokemon act."

"Well all rigth. I introduce ourselves. You know best." said Razz

Reyna smile and said, "Watch out with what you say too."

Razz gave a look of ok and then walk up to the group with the pikachu and eevee and said, "Hello, my name is Razz...I mean..umm.. Reyna!" Then she looked around and recover to say, Right, my name is Reyna and this down here is my trai.. I mean.. my pokemon, Re, umm Razz."

She then looked down at Reyna and said, "How was that?"

Reyna then shook her head and said, "Can't say it could have been better but it could have gone worst." Then she looked towards the group, bow and said, "Hello. Nice to meet you." Reyna then thougth to herself, that is how you do it.