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June 18th, 2005, 5:45 PM
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....

Star Wars

A Shadow from the Past

Roughly four millenia before the Galactic Republic was formed, in the dark ages of the Jedi Civil War when Darth Revan and his apprentice Malak turned against the Jedi Order, the ancient world of Kanitor witnessed a terrifying event. In the space of one year the native flora and fauna of the planet were completely destroyed. Koraan became a barren wasteland - a rocky lifeless desert in the Outer rim that wasn't even suitable for mining due to its lack of minerals. However, after a decade the Old Republic sent teams to investigate the matter and they managed to discover faint hints of unknown origin which suggested that life was slowly starting to recover. After another five years, when the planet was relatively populated with primary communities of low intelligence, the same thing happened again. All life forms disappeared without leaving a sign as to what caused their end. The Jedi Counsil, having their own problems in the face of Revan and Malak to deal with, did not immediately respond to this event. It was you - a group of enthusiastic young Padawans with unappeasable desire for learning about the ways of the Force and equally stubborn, that found out information about the event among some long forgotten Jedi Archives. Because of an obscure echo in the Force that only you were able to detect, the Masters allowed you entrance to some areas that are usually restricted for lower rank students. Apparently you found out that the same thing has happened before in the days of Exar Kun which were not that long ago. The phenomenon seems to be connected with a legendary lightsaber crystal called "The Void". Found by many but used by none, the crystal had always remained a great mystery for the Jedi. That is why after a long discussion with the Jedi Counsil (which of course includes the ordinary cryptic talks and "Dark Side" lectures) the group of Padawans are sent on a mission. The only thing that you are told is that the crystal possesses unheard of power which if mastered could turn the tide in the war. Confused, but eager to reach the rank of Jedi Knight, all of you set on a journey as exciting and mystical as you've never had before.

Each of you is given a datapad which contains some basic information about the planet:
Koraan is a 2XD43 type of planet which means it has been formed relatively soon after the gas giants in the system took shape. The atmosphere of the planet explains why life fluorished on this planet and it also provides evidence for the great diversity of species before the bizarre events. You could expect to encounter some very basic life forms - the reason being that most of the flora and fauna are now gone. However, be wary of some surprises that may lay ahead. All of you should remain constantly vigilant for no master will be accompanying you in your journey. The terrain will offer modest protection will you decide to take refuge from the vicious sand storms that sometimes rage. However, such incidents are best to be avoided because this protection will not be sufficient if a you're caught in the storm for a long period of time. More details about the world will be uploaded into the datapad when you have made sufficient progress. Be sure to check it often. May the Force be with you.

(I will edit this post when more details are available because this will be essential if not crucial to your quest. Those details will sometimes be underlined, but in other cases you shall have to find them out for yourselves.)

Form required:

Age: (max is 20)
Race: (you have a great variety to choose from)
Appearance: (a lengthy description would be more than welcome)
Character: (same as above)
History: (optional)
Blade colour:
Lightsaber form: (i'll list them all later but have in mind that each one has its advantages and weaknesses)
Aiming to become: (Jedi Consular, Jedi Guardian,Jedi Sentinel)

That's all for now. I'll post my description later. I'm looking forward to see you in this RPG. No additional rules for now but I may create some later on. Check back often.