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January 27th, 2004, 6:52 PM
This is my first RPG at PC so bare with me.

The Plot:
Two Legendary pokemon were once awaked by Team Magma and Aqua. They both caused harsh weather conditions. Such as flooding, and droughts. The Kanto and Hoenn regions have been having similar weather problems. The problem cannot escalate any further, if it does people may be forced out of their homes or worse. The officials have organized two clans to handle this situation. Are you up to it?


More Info:
As you probably guessed the two legendary pokes' are Kyogre and Groundon. In the Kanto region, flooding and flash flooding. And in the Hoenn region, there is droughts and extreme heat.Clan Opelt has been stationed in Kanto and Clan Bazarro has been stationed in Hoenn. (No leader of clans and all that) Three rulez, no spam and ++!IMPORTANT!at least five sentences in each post. Be detailed and thought out++!IMPORTANT! AND you cannot have pokemon that have evolved 3 times.

10 people Only(First come first serve)

Info needed:
Name: ------
Pokemon:-----(read "more info")
Items: ------(Like flashlight, backpack, pokedex, pokenav, potions, etc)
(sound good?)

January 27th, 2004, 7:02 PM
Name: Terrance Linen
Description: Fisherman in the Kanto region. Chubby. Tan. Green loose t-shirt. Blue jeans, black neat hair, blue eyes.
Clan: Opelt
Pokemon:Warturtle(Sekonee), Larvitar(Eroll), Vulpix(Pixie), Hitmonlee(Jinzo), Snorlax(Laxing)
Items: Journal, Poke' Nav and Dex. 5 potions. Fisherman's gear, aqua(color) backpack.

January 28th, 2004, 4:54 PM
Nobody? :'(

Oh well just tell me whats wrong with it then.... :P