View Full Version : Artisic Photosgraphs :D

Sandra's Chargon
June 21st, 2005, 3:27 PM
Now below are photographs of artisitc merit either done by me or the parent, they are labeled and you SHOULD read the descriptions (which I've written) rather than just dimiss it otherwise you'll miss the entire point.

Spiral Upwards - me (http://www.deviantart.com/view/19674225/)

Calm of the storm - parent (http://www.deviantart.com/view/19675167/)

Decay - Parent (http://www.deviantart.com/view/19674868/)

Can't take it anymore - Me (the cat is Grey) (http://www.deviantart.com/view/19674953/)

Last defense - Me (Grey again) (http://www.deviantart.com/view/19675097/)

June 21st, 2005, 3:42 PM
Some nice photos there, like it, you might be intrested to see some of my photographs at Deviant here. (http://thelonelypuppet.deviantart.com/)

Composer of Requiems
June 21st, 2005, 5:57 PM
Oooh spiral is very cool. Decay is very interesting; it does look like a mouth.

June 21st, 2005, 10:09 PM
Lol. The cat photos are adorable.

Sandra's Chargon
June 22nd, 2005, 3:26 AM
Well the point was for the artistic intrest not the fact they're of Grey....

I don;t think the parent actully relaised what she did with Decay, haven;t bothered to point it out to ehr either yet xD

June 22nd, 2005, 4:05 AM
Calm of The Storm is good - in fact, I feel like I'm in a storm but without the rain - yet - and all it's associated windiness and coolness just by looking at it. And I don't know if it's chance or something, but you can actually see a sad face in the decaying flower in Decay.

Sandra's Chargon
June 22nd, 2005, 4:22 AM
Think it is by chance actully, if I remmeber right (I was out there as well as she got snap happy) she just wanted a picture of a Snap Dragon then I noticed that one head stood out way more than any others....

That storm barely missed us, kinda went round with full lighnting (parent went nuts trying to photograph it without any luck) and this misty rain in the distance... then she spotetd the Rogue Woodpigeon. When she sowed me I nicked it and stuck it up, if that isn't artistiic expression, regardess if she just got it cos she could, I don't know what is :x

The ones that are mine are crap really as I don;t use the good camera so much *nod*