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Latias Lover!
June 22nd, 2005, 1:55 PM
This was typed in Microsoft Word. I hope you like it.

Chapter One

A cute little Chikorita was basking in the sunlight. Its trainer, Sarah, was under a tree in the shade.

Chika! Chikorita playfully played with its friends, Cynda, a Cyndaquil, and Blastgun, a Vaporeon. Both of them are owned by Sarah as well.

Chika, chika! Chikorita said to its friends. What it actually is saying is: Lets go get some berries in the forest. Im hungry!

Cyndaquil, Cynda! Cynda agreed.

The three friends headed straight for the forest nearby, panting as they run.

Vaporeon! Vaporeon cried as a bush of Cheri Berries loomed before them.

Lets go pick them, Chikorita said happily and dug herself into the bush. Cynda and Blastgun joined in.

By dusk, the three Pokemon finished their berries finally. They were all full, and were prepared to head down back to Sarah.

Cmon, Chikorita urged. Sarahs waiting for us!

By the time they reached the big tree Sarah was sitting under, she was gone.

Sarah! Whered she go? Chikorita wondered.

I dont know, Blastgun replied. Look, her pack and stuff are gone!

Not a chance! Chikorita said stubbornly and checked a couple of bushes. Hello! Sarah, are you there?

There was no reply.

Oh, this is hopeless, Cynda sighed. Sarah forgot about us and left us all alone!

Sarah cant forget us! Chikorita burst into an outrage. Then she muttered, Or did she?

Face it, Chika, Blastgun piped up, Sarah could have abandoned us into the wild!

Maybe youre right, Chika replied sadly. We are Pokemon, and we could live in the wild-right?

No use, Cynda said quietly, We were born tamed.

I dont believe you, Chika replied angrily. We can live in the wild, because were Pokemon!

Youll see, Cynda muttered.

Chika, Blastgun, and Cynda ran back to the forest to find food. Soon theyll know that danger lie on every path

June 23rd, 2005, 10:14 AM
Im sorry, I dont mean to be mean but this sounds like it was written by an elementary schooler! This story is like all dialogue and practically no description and detail. Dont just make the story a whole bunch of talking! I suggest you read this thread so you can improve next chapter


oni flygon
June 23rd, 2005, 11:49 AM

*Sigh* as IceKing said, read some of the stickied threads here.