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June 22nd, 2005, 7:00 PM
Howdy! I just finished every single chacter's story on Dead or Alive 3 so I had to start a RPG about it!

Dead or Alive is Over. Project Omega has been defeated and the tournament went to Kasumi, the runaway. Kasumi is now starting a new tournament called The Ru Ha Tournament. The prize is the claiming of the title of Master of Masters. New warriors arrive and new battle feilds are set. But in the midist of this joyest occasion, a new evil awakes. Project Beta, the ulitment fighting machine, three times stronger than Project Omega, has been created by Lord Dikuto. Will you help stop the evil or will you fall under its spell. Welcome to the Ru Ha Era warriors! :rambo:

Heres what you need:
Country of Birth:
Weopon: (sword, kanata, ect... no guns)
Style of fighting: (karate, wrestling, boxing)
Side: (good, evil)
Reason for entering:
RPG sample:
Here's mine.



Country of Birth:China


Description:Short blue hair that covers one eye. Blue eyes and stands 5'9". A red midriff jacket with cuffed sleeves. Red jump pants and Blue sneakers.

Personality: A loner. Sticks to herself and remains quiet. Strong, brave and true. Keeps her promises.

Weopon: Double bladed vibroblade.

Style of Fighting:karate

History:A runaway. Born the Emprirest, her father died when she was three. Dikuto, the steward, rules China until she's 18. Her nurse heard him once planning to kill her and to keep the throne, so she ran away.


Reason for entering: to kill Dikuto and claim her country

Rpg sample: The bushes russled and I jumped up from my sitting postion. Gripping my vibroblade, I snuck towards the inturder. A man steped out. He had shoulder length Black hair and black clothes. "Tao..." I hissed and resumed my sitting postion.

"You no longer fear me?" he asked. I looked at him and sighed.

"If you were going to kill me, then we'd already me fighting." I smirked and jumped into the branches of the tree above me. The last Tao heard before a three ton branch came falling at him was my farewell. "Tell Dikuto, I'm going to get back China and that he needs new hired hands..." the branch crushed him and I laughed. "...He's one short." with that, I vanished.

Electric Hero
June 22nd, 2005, 7:30 PM
Ahhh!! DOA!!... XD

Name: Max Hunter (call me Max)
Age: 22
Country of Birth: UNKOWN
Gender: Male
Description: Blue eyes and black hair. Wears all black including gloves and a long coat.
Personality: Weird...
Weopon: Sword
Style of fighting: Karate
History: His history has always been UNKOWN... he doesn't know too uch about his past. He had... amnesia. He is a nice person when not fighiting or being around with innocent people. But will fight for anything good in the planet.
Side: Good
Reason for entering: Wants to defeat evil.
RPG sample:

Day 76 since first step into the cave, current status: lost and in danger of be harmed/injured or even killed by hostile creatures.

Since Mat lost the map, we have just started get scared by spooky sounds and noises coming from nowhere. I still don't think that the thing we saw yesterday was a REAL dragon. It just had the wings with holes, and yet, it still could fly. He chased us all the way here... apparently, a really dark point. I think bats are everywhere... but their sounds can be heard. I'm writing this thanks by the moon that is outside. But we can't escape... it is too high for jumping.

I will write this like if I would describing everything now... I heard noises...but... something is getting near... the walls just show a shadow coming each second faster. Wait... it is the dragon. Mat is fighting with him... I hear noises... I hear Mat asking for help while he is being brutally killed by that thing. I can't hear Mat anymore... this is possibly my last sentence... the dragon is just above me... at least his head... Good bye ...

Max Hun

(Sorry... if it may look like if it comes from a sick mind...)

June 22nd, 2005, 7:57 PM
Yeah! Your in! Welcome to the Ru ha Tournament Max Hunter!

Electric Hero
June 22nd, 2005, 8:14 PM
Thanks... I'm a big fan of DOA myself... DOA brings me good memories... and I mean... really good memories... but defeating Kasumi's brother was really hard... he always is hard to defeat... Ein... he rocks... just as his sister XD.

June 24th, 2005, 5:33 PM
It took me forever to win with him! I keep guarding instead of attacking. But he was good looking