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June 22nd, 2005, 8:01 PM
*this is my first fic and I will do the best I can.

Chapter 1

On a small beach close to lilycove city a new dawn arises as two swamperts wait anciously for their first egg to hatch.As the sun hits the ground in front of them the egg breaks open and out pops their first child but unlike all of the other baby water pokemon he was a different color. When his parents learned of this they were proud but scared as they knew that he was now in more danger as the humans a few miles away would try to catch him even more than anyone else . But as their first day together grows to a close the family is alarmed as a flock of pelliper fly overhead crying out in panic that the humans were coming in shock and alarm all of the pokemon fled except for the purple mudkip who stands bravely prepared to fight but before his parents can grab him a human appears .

Chapter 2
As his parents look in horror the baby pokemon shoots a water gun at the trainer's first pokemon which was a fully grown linoone. Angry at its fur getting wet the linnone lunges at the mudkip knocking it with its tail which had grown a silver color.As his parents look in horror their child was knocked into a tree and crumples slowly to the ground "HA""you're mine yells the trainer as he throws a red and blue pokeball at their child and just when it was going to touch their child he was encased in ice which knocked the pokeball away then before anyone could say a word another beam of ice fires from his mouth knocking the human and his pokemon to the ground in a block of ice at which he follows up with a take down attack knocing the two invaders into the distance. There is a stunned silense then there is cheeres as all of the pokemon except for another pair of baby mudkip who look at a distance. One of the two a small female looks with interest at the victorious battler while the mudkip beside her looks at him with jealousy in his eyes

Chapter 3
6 months later...
The baby shiny mudkip has become one of the most feared fighters in that part of the country as he had defeated a trainer who fought him with a dragonite and a charizard.The amazing thing about the fight was that he defeated both of them by himself with one attack each. On that same night he was to have his naming cerimony as he was now old enough to get a name along with three other mudkip including the brother and sister named earlier. "we are here today to honor four young ones who have become of age to be named." says a elderly blastoise.As he finished speaking the first mudkip came to the stage with fear in its eyes " I have determined a name for you and you are to be called "torrent". when he learned his name the first one rushes to his parents ."dear come here." says the old blastoise as the young female muskip as she walks up to the stage"we the elders heve thought long and hard and we have decided that you should be named "blueflower"for the flowers that appeared when you were born." my son come up here." the blastoise claas as her brother comes up onto the stage. "I have seen you work with your ice attacks since you were born and you are extremey good with them therefore you are to be named "iceberg". As the purple mudkip reaches the stage the blastoise is startled then smiles as he speaks " you my child are different as from the day you were born you never gave up of backed down no matter what the odds. there fore I have an announcement.I have decided that you are to be our champion meaning you will defend the weak and helpless and help anyone in need.In conclusion the council has decided your name to be....

Continued in Chapter 4

So how was it? you can say what you want but unless this story is locked I will keep writing

Also can people give me Ideas for a name? I have a good idea for a name but I want toy hear your opinions first . Thanks in advance :classic:

June 23rd, 2005, 8:09 AM
*waits for thread to be locked*

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June 23rd, 2005, 8:19 AM
And locked it will be!