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January 30th, 2004, 5:49 PM
OoC: uh, yeah. you can write however shortly you want, so long as it's coherent and meshes and... stuff. but i'm sorta an advanced rper so expect longish replies from me ^^

IC: hmm, how long had it been? two months, that seemed about right. two months ago andrea hart had recieved a young male treecko from her aunt. and now she was all the way over here, at the town of lavaridge. how did that happen?

she sat there, on a bench, licking an ice cream cone she'd bought. the treecko- now a teenage grovyle- sat beside her nibbling on a stalk of grass. a young numel lay under the bench, hiding, and her swellow and newly-caught swablu were off flying.

"how's the grass there, fev?" she asked the grovyle. he responded by gnashing his teeth angrily at the unweidling bit of vegetation. the numel- tut- scurried farther under the bench and covered his face with his thick feet.

IC: =) -lovesonthosewhojoin- base it on your own sapphire/ruby character, puh-lease ^^

January 30th, 2004, 8:17 PM
OOC: She is a girl and the name is hawaiian! Finally an actual Rp person :)
BIC: Kewin walked out of lavaridge pokecenter with her new kingdra. She was growing dull of training kingdra's. Of course she loves the ones she did rain but she already trained five of them. All of them exceptonally strong. She flipped out her pokedex and got a whole new team. "Yes a volbeat, my crawdaunt, quagsire, Charizard. Dragonair, and poochyena." She pressed a series of buttons. She seen a trainer and her grovyle in a patch of grass. /I need my poochyena to evolve. Plus my volbeat is at a low level/ she thought to her self.
"Hey, My name is Kewina umm...would you mind helping me train my Volbeat and poochyena they need quite a bit of trainig!" she said ethusiatically(? do not know how to spell right now:) )
OOC: I love making long describing posts the only thing better than that is a movie showing it. Hey check my hoenn region topi I think it is called Hoenn Region(sign up) I need someone their it is dying :)

January 31st, 2004, 5:09 PM
OoC: All right, I'll _try_ and base it on my R/S character, except I'm switching genders. I dunno, I prefer to RP as male characters for some strange reason. >.>;

IC: The summer sky was streaked with clouds, and a young boy sat on the porch of a building in Lavaridge, staring upwards at the hazy formations above. He could hear his heart pounding within him; however, it was not because of nervousness, moreover excitement. Suddenly, the door of the building swung open, and another boy his age loped out, a PokeBall in his hand.

"Hey, Stephen! It's your turn!" he said.

"Really!?" the boy replied, jumping to his feet. "Whaddya get?"

"A Cyndaquil," the other said, taking the steps down the porch. "See ya later!"

Stephen waved goodbye to his friend as he picked up his semi-heavy backpack and swung it onto one of his shoulders. He was about to enter the building when the door opened for him, and a short, elderly man met him in the doorway.

"Eh!?" the man said quite loudly. "So, I assume you're the last one!?"

"Yes, sir," Stephen shakily replied, still in shock from the sudden surprise.

The old man then pressed a PokeBall into Stephen's hands.

"Well, yer lucky, since this is the last one I've got left," he said with a gruff tone to his voice. "A perky one, that one is."

Stephen eyed the PokeBall in his hands, wondering what could be inside. "Err...well, thank you, sir. What is - "

"Now, if you ask me, I've got to get back to packing up for my vacation to the Orange Islands," the old man said, interrupting the boy. "After a long day of giving away Pokemon to new trainers, I should have better things on my mind!"

The old man laughed to himself, and went back inside, slamming the door behind him. Stephen stood there for a moment, with the PokeBall still in his hand.

"Um...that sure was quick."

He suddenly remembered what his instructor told him: after you get your first Pokemon, head to the Pokemon Center to register for the league...

With that thought in his mind, he headed off towards the large, red-roofed building in the distance, the PokeBall still in his hand and thoughts as to what was in it still in his mind.

OOC: Ehh...I could've done better. There was WAY too much dialogue, sorry for making you read all of that. ~_~;

February 4th, 2004, 1:04 PM
Kewina was bored waiting for an answer so she strolled in the pokecenter looking for a battle. She yelled really loud "I need to battle if ya want to meet in the front of the pokecenter!" She then walked out and started tending to her poochyena while sitting on a bench.