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January 31st, 2004, 8:07 AM
Here are the rules:
1. No Legendaries
2. No 1-Hit KO Attacks
3. No Invicible Pokemon

Here are the rankings:
Beginning Trainer: You Start As One
Traveler: You beat 2 people in a row
Experienced Trainer: You beat 4 people in a row, or you 8 people total
Gym Leader: You beat 10 people in a row, or you beat 30 people total
Elite 4 member: You beat 20 people in a row, or you beat 50 people total
Elite 4 Champion: You beat 30 people in a row, or you beat 70 people total
Pokemon Master: I start out as one, you must beat me and 100 other people, or beat 90 people in a row [hey, it has to be hard]
Ref: When you post your charater profile, under "type" put Ref instead of Battler, Refs will need to use a calculator, because everyones pokemon will have 100 as their HP and if you take out a gameboy, check each moves power, and divide it by two and if the move is explosion, it's power will be 80% therefore, the opponet will have 20 HP aka 20% left.

There is a Dome for every ranking BTW.

Post this info for your profile

Age [or age group]:
Pokemon [include moves, and held items]:
Your trainer type [Battler, Ref, or Battler and at other times Ref

Optional Info
Hair Colur:
Eye Colur:
Clothes Colur:
Accessiries (sp?) [accessiries include earings, sunglasses, etc. etc.]

February 3rd, 2004, 5:02 PM
Hey I'll try this one but later (I'll be back in an hour or two) so wait for me :)