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July 7th, 2005, 11:16 AM
On the 12th of December, you recieve an invitation that reads:
Greetings, friend!

You are invited to a winter ball to be held on the 25th of this fine month. Please come in formal masqurade attire at the Shaidennen Winter Palace. Do try to attend, this is an event many would die to be invited to.

Nikolai Baldwin

It is now the appointed date and you've arrived in front of the palace, a massive confection of white marble and granite in the Greco-Roman style. The inside is just as magnificant, with a red marble dance floor with a circle inscribed with the Roman numerals from one to twelve around the edges. The place is lit by massive chandeliers. An orchestra plays softly in the background. Across from the door where you stand is a staircase, wide and sweeping, built of highly polished granite. At the top, a good two stories above, stands a man. He is dressed in black and gold, silk and fine embroidery. White gloves mask his hands, one resting on the rapier at his side, the other high in the air, streatching above his masked face. He drops a deep bow and says in a powerful voice (one that matches his stature), "Welcome friends, welcome one and all. How are you this evening? Not too cold, I hope?" He chuckles malevolently as you begin to have doubts as to your wisdom into attending this. He continues in a cold, condescending tone "Welcome again to you all, and thank you for providing me with some sport this fine eve." Many of the other people in the room begin to murmur. He chuckles again and explains "Apologies, friends, apologies. You see, I take pleasure from the pain of you simple humans." He smiles baring his razor-sharp fangs although you are too far away to see this action. He quickly continues "You see, I've devised a game of sorts. Beneath this palace is an extensive basement network, running through the entre grounds. Some areas are as pleasent as this room, others intended for storage and defense. I've trapped the entire network, both magically and physically. You will be sent into my little labyrinth as a whole and given twelve hours to survive and escape, returning to this room. Those that do may leave. Any survivors who are so much as a minute late become my food. Good luck, and have fun. I know I will." With that, the floor of the room crumbles, sending everyone in it tumbling down a massive shaft. You land on hard, cold stone.

Appearance: (keep in mind that you're dressed as if attending a ball, so no guns, armor, anything like that)
Personality: (this will be factored into the traps you encounter)
Writing sample: I hate to be a jerk about this one, but you don't provide one, or it's sub-par, you leave. I'm playing the DM here and I intend to toss you into the most abjectly hopeless situations i can think of, testing all of your RP abilities. Nothing's off-limits, I'll observe you interactions and play you against other, force you into kill-or-be-killed situations, all of it. I want to make sure that you're a good enough RPr to get out of them and describe it fluently and accurately.

July 7th, 2005, 4:46 PM
Name:: Maria Hunter

Gender:: female

Apperance:: Pale blue eyes and long white hair tied up in a french knot. A long dress with thin spagati straps for sleeves. A long slit over the left leg reveiling knee high white boots the same color as her dress. Pale white skin that blends into her dress.Looks like a white spirit sorta.

Personality:: smart, quiet, and creative. With an intellegent mind and creative imagination, she can get out many trickly situations. Only problem, when with others she remains withdrawn and doesn't offer her brilliant ideas.

Class:: rich noble, but doesn't act it or want it.

Writing sample: As the floor disappeared I did what any smart girl would do... scream. "Aaaahhhh!" I landed with a thump. "Ouch." I stood up and brushed myself off. I was in a room surrounded by brick. Across the room was a ladder leading out, but to get there you had to go through a ditch. I heard hissing and saw the ditch fill with snakes. Being who I was, I didn't mourn over the situation but instead looked for a way out. There! A candle was placed on the floor. I spilled some of the wax on my boots and walked into the ditch. The snake ran away from the hot wax and I crossed easily. turning to the ladder I started up. "Now, to get out of here."

愛Forgotten Angel愛
July 7th, 2005, 11:36 PM
Name: Selini
Gender: Female
Appearance: Although she was going to a ball, she was hardly formal. She wore a long skirt, but baggy, khaki pants under it. Her shirt was perhaps the formalist thing; it was blue and had just the right amount of tightness to give her figure notice. Her brown, waist-length hair was kept down. Still, her smallness meant that she didn't get a lot of looks from the men.
Personality: She is so cold that the people around her want to get near a furnace. She hates being with people and grew up in a dog-eat-dog society, so she doesn't mind hurting people in any way.
Class: Although she hates it and doesn't act like it what so ever, she comes from a rich and noble family. By the way she acts (and occasionly dresses), most people think she is from the streets.
Writing sample:
As the floor crumbled apart Selini rolled her eyes. She landed on the cold brick with a thump. She got up without complaint and walked over to a wall.

Maybe...there are secret passage ways... she thought. She began rubbing the cold, rough brick, checking each stone. She pressed, but none of them gave. Okay, scratch that idea. Again, she looked around. Other people were panicing, some were keeping their heads and looking for ways to get out. She knew what a labyrinth was, and she knew you couldn't just find a way up right when you entered it. Labyrinths had turns and twists; some you had to even mark. She bent down and touched the hard floor. It was freezing. She reached into her pant pocket and took out her lipstick. She opened it and marked on the floor which way she was going. She got up and began walking forward confidently. It was only very later on that it would strike her that others might have the same plan...

Trainer Kat
July 8th, 2005, 3:13 PM
I love things like this.

Name: Alice
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has blond hair that she put in an up do for the ball. Her eyes are a pretty green hue. She wears a black choker and a black dress with white lace on it. It is corset style in the middle. http://poisoncain.free.fr/galeries/noir/godchild/2/elisa.jpg (Here is a reference, as well.)
Personality: Sweet enough, but still a spoiled brat. She gets what she wants when she wants it--or else.
Class: Upper class.
Writing sample: May it be from another RP? I have a Roleplay based off of the Survival Horror 'Haunting Ground,' and I believe it would be similar.

Kat woke up, her heart pounding. Where am I? She was still in her school uniform, that was for sure. She looked around. She was definately housed in a cage. The lock was open, roughly and haphazardly jammed into the hasp. She jiggled it. It loosened, and fell into her hand. She smiled triumphantly and tucked the lock in her pocket, in case she'd need it later.
Kat pushed the door to the cage open and cautiously stepped out. She was in an unfamiliar area, no telling what was there. She heard a dripping noise and spun around. Her stomach lurched. I-Is that...blood? Her heart started to pound. She ran out of the dungeon like room, into an outside area.
Kat looked outside. It was still light out. She started walking. What's this? She bent over and picked up a dried flower. Lavender? I wonder what this is for. She continued walking. She walked up some stairs.
"Miss?" Kat spun around. A beautiful woman with purple hair and a longish dress stood in front of Kat. "If you'd come with me, we have prepared a room for you," the woman said. Kat nodded. "That sounds good," she said, following the woman.
Kat shuddered as she sat down on her bed. I feel like the painting is watching me... she thought, looking around nervously. I can't stay here now, I'm getting paranoid. She stood up and walked down the long hallway. A small doll lay on the floor. A Bisque Doll... she thought. She picked it up and looked at it. "Whoever owned this doll must have cared for it a lot. I wonder why they'd throw it away?" she asked aloud. She heard a gasp and spun around.

July 8th, 2005, 9:05 PM
Neato! A true test your skills type RP.. Can't wait!!

Name: Raymond Bradley Christopher Hornback (Answers to Ray, Brad, or Chris, depending on who said it. For most people though, Brad.)
Gender: Male
Appearance: A red headed Kira Yamato (from Gundam SEED) dressed in a traditional tuxedo and tie with diamond cuff links
Personality: Stuck up, self centered, preppy, and annoying. Will get down and dirty if he has to though.
Class: Highest of the upper class...
Writing sample: (straight from the other RP I'm in: Guardianship, The School of Guradi, Undine Shade developed it)

Flaime rushed over to Trouble, sweat falling from his already soaked face. He looked around and about, but he didn't see them. He spotted some policemen and snuck into the back alleyway, making sure he had a clear view of the street, to spot the other Guardians. He didn't know who they were, he was only told to meet them here at Trouble and that the others would have a strange aura. Flaime had no idea how he was supposed to see the aura, but he trusted his gut feeling that he would and everything would be alright.

Flaime kept searching the crowd, but only in dismay. He hadn't seen anyone with any sort of aura, and the police kept coming closer and closer to his hiding spot. He prayed that the other Guardians would hurry up and show soon.

July 9th, 2005, 1:21 PM
So far, everyone aside from White_Winter_Wolf is approved. I would like seeing your absolute best in this RP, though. I being a little more lenient than usual, I'm hoping you improve for having been in this.