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July 10th, 2005, 4:01 PM
notes: it's been over a year since the story began and it's nowhere near done. a revision is planned at soem point inthe future for now bear with what i hope is a steadily improving story.

Chapter 1

One look at my trainer told me something was wrong. Gone was the long red hair and light blue eyes, they had been replaced with a short black ponytail and green eyes. Instead of her blue jean shorts and blue tank top, there was a knee length, black skirt and white t-shirt proclaiming contests to be the best.

Do I need to transform into how I used to look?" she said. Her voice held a jubilant tone.

Ditto, I replied. With a glow, I had turned into her old self, Karen... isnt this a bad way to check out before and after fashion decisions?

She raised an eyebrow at me.
I had to teach you sarcasm... I knew that was a bad idea. Anyway, Im not checking anything out, I was just making sure your transformation was still good.

Before I could make the indignant retort I was thinking known, my trainer pushed a Pokdex and Pokballs into my hands.

Youre going to be a pokemon master! She said, grinning and nearly bouncing from foot to foot.

"I'm going to what?!!!" I shouted, eyes wide as I tried to comprehend this new information.

"Youre going to be a pokemon master, because I dont want to be. Im 12 years old now; it took me two years to convince my parents to let me leave! They only said I could leave home because they thought that you were strong enough to travel with and they knew that I'd be building a strong team. I want to be a pokemon coordinator, and you know how my parents feel about that."

I nodded, her parents were misguided into thinking that pokemon in contests were nowhere near as strong. In truth they were just as strong in many cases, if not stronger.

"I still don't see what this has to do with me..." I lied.

Yes you do! I'm going to Hoenn to be a pokemon coordinator, and, so my parents don't get suspicious, youre going off to become a pokemon trainer!"

I wanted to say no. Oh, how I wanted to tell her that she was crazy and that Id do no such thing! Of course I could she pleaded with those sorrowful looking eyes, reminding me that shed been there the day I had literally oozed out of my egg. That look reminded me that we'd trained together for years, and thatd we'd swore to do anything for each other. But most of it was those eyes... Although they were now a deep green, they still commanded me... still compelled me not to deny her.

I tried to change her mind, to ask her how she was going to enter a contest if I was using her name? How was she going to travel with no pokemon? She merely laughed softly, and explained that her Hoenn friend had arranged for her contest pass, and that she had applied for a female Nidoran she'd be picking up only a few towns over. It appeared there was no stopping her.

"Okay, I'll do it... but if we get caught you have to remember that this was all your idea I said, sighing. This was going t be a big mistake, I could feel it.

She ran and hugged me tightly.
"I knew you'd say yes I knew it!" she looked into my eyes and smiled brightly, "Youre going to be the greatest pokemon master the leagues have ever seen, I can feel it! with that, she let go of me and slipped off into the woods. I saw that she was carrying a small black backpack; she didnt look back.

With a small sighed I picked up the blue backpack shed left for me and slung it over one shoulder; it was going to be one of those days...


As I walked towards Vermillion city, I thought about how I was gong to accomplish the task set before me. I knew I could act perfectly like Karen; Id done it numerous times when Karen had wanted someone to talk to without having to translate my speech. I'd also gone to school on days when shed d been sick, so she could keep up her perfect attendance record... not that her parents knew that.

My problem was catching another pokemon. One; Id have to transform into it, and then Id have to battle it. After that, Id have to transform back and catch it. I knew I had the strength for it; the extra two years of training Id received had helped me build up endurance. As Karen pointed out, the best way for a Ditto to win a battle was to be in better shape than the pokemon it was transformed against. Still, it was gong to be a lot of transforming work, and whatever pokemon I caught was going to be shocked.

A splash of water caught my attention, and my eyes strayed off the path towards the disturbance. I had to smile; some considerate human had put up a birdbath in the middle of nowhere! A few tan and white Pidgey were enjoying themselves on this hot summers day.

They were chattering to each other about how nice and cold the water was, and how did you know that so and so was seen talking with so and so. Youd never know it unless you were a pokemon, but Pidgey are the worst gossips in the world! You cant trust any secrecy with them; in the time it takes to breath, their whole flock knows everything.

I just shook my head and moved on. The forest was finally clearing out into flat plains, and the trees were getting smaller and more bush-like as the path wore on. There were rolling grass hills, and each emerald stem waved proudly like a banner in the noontime sun. The warm sunshine on my human skin was pleasant; it seemed to lift my spirits. I smiled in delight as I walked, beginning to think that this crazy scheme just might work...

"Please dont! Im sorry, Im sorry!" a plaintive cry reached my ears, and as I squinted, I could see a small Growlithe cowering in front of two humans. One of them appeared to be an officer Jenny.

"I can't help it, but I won't do it again!" His cries were heartbreaking to me, but to the humans they were only the whimpered world of his name.

The wind was blowing in my direction and I could hear the officers words as she spoke.

"I'm sorry little guy, but youve bitten a lot of innocent humans and pokemon. Weve had you forever, and nurse Joy says theres nothing wrong with you... but I cant let you endanger anybody," she reached down to pet him a sort of last gesture of kindness.

Not if I had anything to do with it! I began to run towards where they stood, my legs burning as I pushed my tired muscles harder than ever.

"Hey, what are you two doing? I shouted, hoping to stop what I could sense was about to be an execution.

The officer stood up and watched me approach; I could see the tears forming in her eyes. The other human was a man around his forty's. He was balding and stern looking, and his eyes were a hard gray that seemed to be set in a permanent glare. I came to a stop barely a foot from the doomed Growlithe. He sniffed at me, and, seeing a kindred sprit, relaxed a fraction. Officer Jenny looked none too pleased, though.

Young lady, you leave here this instant, and get away from that Growlithe! He's dangerous!

I ignored her request and observed to pokemon. He was of normal size for a Growlithe, and his shaggy orange and black coat gleamed with good health.

"Dangerous how?" I asked, curious as to how he could have blown so many chances. The police force went out of their way to rehabilitate troublesome Growlithe.

She sighed and pushed her blue hair our of he face.

"Hes uncontrollable, and he's been that way forever. He seems fine, and then suddenly hell dart at a person or pokemon, grab onto them and won't let go until he's returned to his Pokball! He can't do that! Weve tried every form of rehabilitation we know, but he still remains dangerous. People whove been randomly attacked have been suing us, and the costs are beginning to become troublesome. Hes a danger to everyone, unfortunately..."

I could feel the pain in her voce. Obviously, she loved this pokemon... but if he was this wild, then he could easily fatally harm someone. If he did that, he'd be killed a lot less humanely then they were trying to do now.

Like people, some pokemon aren't mentally balanced. It happens, and its sad Usually, these pokemon attack the wrong opponent and are swiftly dealt with, but when they come into contact with humans, the humans vainly try to save them. I shook my head, knowing I was about to make another mistake.

Please don't kill him, Ill take him." I said. I knew I was in for an argument.

The man snorted and just shook his head while officer sighed.

"Young lady, this pokemon is sick. If we cant handle him, we certainly can't give him to a trainer! He could kill a pokemon in a match!

I growled softly to the Growlithe in his own language.

"Come now, walk to me slowly. Im going to try and help you, but you have to work with me.

He tilted his head in puzzlement and trotted softly to my side, then lay down over my feet. So far so good... Officer jenny was in shock.

"How did how did you get him to do that?"

"I guess you could say I have a pokemon soul, and they know it." I replied.

The old man still shook his head.

"Officer, weve seen him good as gold one day and a rampaging terror the next! We can't just give creature to her!"

Okay, so the old man was still a problem standing in the way to Growlithe's safety with me, and Growlithe knew it.

A flash or orange and black was all any of us saw as he lunged for the man

"Growlithe, get off him now." I commanded, again speaking to him.

I prayed that he would move before Officer Jenny was forced to shoot him. Fortunately, he jumped off the man and returned to my feet. Officer Jennys gun was still trained on him however. I told the Growlithe to stay, and helped the old man up. His suit was a bit ripped, and he had a few claw marks on his face. His face was now a deep, almost plum color

"That, that creature is... He seemed so angry as to be at a loss for words.

Officer Jennys face showed confused emotion; she still seemed amazed I could command the Growlithe, but also concern over his recent action.

I ran back to Growlithe, and scooped him up in my arms. He licked my face softly and whimpered.

"I'm sorry, its just ...he... Im sorry..."

I turned to officer jenny and gave her Karens most sorrowful eyes.

"Please, Officer Jenny, he's been through a lot today, and he listens to me!" For now anyway I thought, "I wont let him harm anyone, I swear, and I wont even use him in battles if I think he's too violent...

She seemed to consider this, and her eyes darkened as she pondered to possibilities. Could she trust a young child with a dangerous pokemon? Could I really control the Growlithe, and did she really want to have to watch a creature that she cared about die? It was the last one that got her, Im sure. She slowly holstered her gun and handed me a Pokball

"Be careful. I dont know what it is about you, but I trust you... young lady with the pokemon soul..." she smiled, and her blue eyes shone with hope.

The old man handed me a small white case that resembled a first aid kit.

"Just in case..." was all he said. The two turned and walked towards where Officer Jenny had parked her bike. With a roar of exhaust and fumes, they drove off into the distance.

I sat down in grass and put the Growlithe down beside me, only to be tackled quite hard and have my face licked.

Ew, please dont do that," I mumbled, trying not get my lips licked.

The puppy pokemon hopped off me and lay watching me.

"Who are you, and how come you smell like a pokemon?" he asked in confusion.

"My names Di, and I'm a Ditto pretending to be a trainer. Now, who are you?" I asked in return

"They call me Dare, as in dont you dare... he replied, his voice a bit less excited than it had been.

I sighed.
Don't worry Dare, Ill keep you in line somehow. Things will work out, okay? I hoped to inspire some confidence in him and keep him calm at the same time, any fluctuation in emotions could bring about a fit.

He nodded and yawned
Can I go back into my Pokball now? Im tired."

I nodded and returned him to the Pokball, then stood up and began heading towards the nearest town. The walk was long and fairly boring. During the daytime, not many pokemon wander the plains for fear of being captured. A few Pidgey and Spearow flew overhead, but otherwise the trip was quiet.

As the sky darkened and the stars came out, I tried to think of what my next move would be. Id need to capture pokemon capable of taking down Lt. Surge's pokemon, and I'd have to do it myself; Dare was too unpredictable. The cold air was starting to give me goosebumps, and the last look at my map said I was at least three hours from a pokemon center or town.

I shivered in the cold, and then spotted a small hole on the side of a hill. With a sigh of relief, I jogged towards it. I found some bits of old fur and straw stuffed inside, but nothing to show that anything had been there recently. With a small smile, I placed Dare's Pokball inside my backpack, and then placed the pack mostly covering the hole.

There was a quick flash of light, and I was myself once again... short, pink, and squishy. I squirmed my way inside the hole and buried myself under the fur blanket, beginning to warm up as the cloth absorbed my body heat. Before I went to sleep, I wrote in my mental journal .

Dear journal:
Today I became a human pokemon trainer, and rescued my first pokemon. What in the name of the legendaries was I thinking?!

~ comments and constructive crit always welcomed.

July 10th, 2005, 4:38 PM
I cannot doubt the luxury of originality. XP

It's creative of you to use a Ditto, taking the place of its original trainer. Very nice idea

You could have used a better variety of words, though. In the first paragraph, it's basically the infamous "Description paragraph." (We all have different names for it. Mine just sucks). I like how you worded it, but...yeah I would really advise on diverse words other than the usual adjectives.

If you have MS word or anything of that sort, try fixing the bits of grammar problems, as in the misuage of apostrophes or dialogue, even. If you fic that up, it'll make the fic much better to look at.

I felt the departure of Karen/Ditto was a tad abrupt. I mean, you mentioned shed been there the day I had literally oozed out of my egg and all, and I have a feeling they aren't going to see each other again for a while. (the 'shed' is she'd).

Either way, a highly unique story.

<3 Ditto-centric fics. Keep it up!

July 18th, 2005, 7:14 AM
lol yeah the first couple chapters are a mess and need to be redone soon.


Di, Di! Wake up Di, its morning! warm smelly breath and a nagging voice dragged me from my slumber.

Dare, why are you out of your Pokball? I mumbled. I stretched my squishy pink body and slid from the small hole past my backpack, emerging onto the plains.

The bright sunlight blinded me for a moment, and I squeezed my eyes shut. Slowly, I opened them again and let the light filter in. When my vision was normal again, I looked to my left to see Dare lying sprawled out on the grass. His tongue was lolling out of his mouth slightly, and he looked content.

Dare, you still havent explained why your out of your Pokball.

I had to, um... go, you know? You hadnt woken up to let me out yet... his voice sounded slightly nervous, like he was sure he hadnt done anything wrong, but he still held a bit of doubt.

I smiled up at him.
Its okay when its something like that. Something you have no control over...err, well, when your body really needs to do something, I said in a soft, reassuring voice.

I realized I had come very close to making a dangerous mistake. Dare had very little control over anything he did, and I certainly didnt want to encourage him to cause trouble. The warm sun on my skin and the sounds of pokemon moving through the forest at the end of plains told me it was midmorning. At least and that it was good thing Dare had awoken me, we could have been seen by a passing trainer! Id forgotten that Im a heavy sleeper, and unlike most pokemon, Dittos dont have an internal alarm clock; we are awake when we are, and asleep when were not.

Dare, is there anyone, um... anyone human that can see us? I asked. Being short has is disadvantages. The plains stretched out, but had more hills then anything. I could see next to nothing... Dare shook his head slowly.

I can only see or smell pokemon for miles.

I nodded and shut my eyes, focusing on my transformation. My body tingled as my skin stretched and contorted. My insides rearranged themselves, and my features became that of a human. I didnt need a mirror or any water to tell what I looked like; Id done the transformation many times. Red hair in a tight waist length braid, dark blue jeans that flared out at the bottoms, and a dark blue t-shirt with a shiny Jolteon the front. One of the joys of transformation is that you come out as detailed as you imagine yourself.

Now that I was taller, I could verify what Dare had said. There were a few pokemon loping across the plains, but nothing else.

Dare barked impatiently at my feet
Unless you have to go, can we please get moving now?

I laughed softly, having forgotten that, for a Growlithe, Dare was probably still young. Another thing someone was going to have to tell officer Jenny; Growlithe dont have long life spans, Because their partners take care of them. They are naturally long lived, and reach maturity slower..

Yes, Dare, we can go now. Youre not going to be any further than five feet away from me at any time, or else your going back in your Pokball, do you understand? my tone was gentle, but firm. I wanted him to know I trusted him, but was watching him nonetheless.

He nodded and began bounding off towards the forest; I followed him at a fast walk. I was walking against a slight breeze, but it seemed to be a sweet breeze, I breathed deeper to make sure. Yes, I was right, the wind was sweet. Must be Oddish mating time again; the females give off such a nice, pleasant smell while trying to attract the males. Vanilla and cinnamon is what it smells like. Unlike most spores grass pokemon give off, these are harmless... in fact; theyre helpful in calming down pokemon and instigating peaceful attitudes.

I watched Dare sniffing and romping in the grass. The spores were having a great effect on him, he seemed quite relaxed and at peace. Just watching him leap into the air, pouncing playfully at a butterfree with his tail wagging, made me wish it wasnt dangerous to try and harvest these spores from the Oddish.

Di, Di look, Dare whispered, and if I hadnt seen him sink into the grass, I might have lost him.

I silently transformed, focusing on creating as little light as possible, and padded over to him; an innocent look Rattata. As I approached where he was lying, I could see he was breathing very shallowly and being as inconspicuous as possible. I padded up to where his head was, and parted the grass with my snout. There, several feet away, was a Nidorina and several small, multicolored Nidoran nursing.

Taking a hint from Dare, I lay down on my stomach slowly. The ground was warm, and the grass stems rubbed against my whiskers, but I didnt move and neither did Dare. We just lay there, watching the tender moment. The Nidorina's light blue fur looked soft and shiny in the sunlight. The baby Nidos were little balls of pink and blue fire, pushing and shoving for the perfect position.

I remember being like that... Dare spoke softly, remembering, I was so small, and my mother, she was huge! I mean, bigger than you... way bigger. Her fur was so warm and soft, soft like silk, and there was mountains of it! You could get lost in it just trying to curl up with her... his voice had a far away tone now, and it was obvious to me that he was lost in his own memories.

I turned back to the mother and babies. Now the Nidorina was laying on her stomach, watching her babies cavort in the pleasant weather. The females were grooming each others blue hides, and the males were wrestling, playing king of the grass hill, and arguing over whose horn was bigger.

Time passed slowly as Dare and I watched the playful youngsters, neither of us had noticed the change in the winds direction. However, the Nidorina had, and she gave a sharp yell to her children. Within moments, mother and offspring had disappeared from view. I sighed and transformed back into my version of Karen from earlier.

"Well that was nice. Too bad she noticed us, I could have watched them all day," I murmured, still feeling the effects of the Oddish spores and the touching scene.

Dare nodded, and began walking towards the forest again. I went to the place I had set my pack down, picked it up, and followed him. It was nearly noon at this point, and I was glad we were going top be in the forest shade soon.

We walked together across the last bit of flat plains, and then into the forest. It was suddenly cooler as the tall leafy canopy many feet above us shaded us from the suns harshest rays. Once again I could here Pidgeys talking and gossiping to themselves. Hidden amongst the birches, Spearow called out insults, and the odd one attempted to land their droppings on us.

I was very glad it was Oddish mating season, as I had a feeling Dare normally would have tired to climb the tress otherwise. As it was, he was now walking by me, breathing the sweet smelling spores in deeply. As I looked around at the rough barked trees and the dirt path we were on, I suddenly realized that I was going to have to catch a pokemon here! I was only three days away from Vermillion city, and this was the best place between here and there to find another member for my team. Oddish and Nidoran were ruled out, what with Oddish being as they were and most Nidoran raising young. However, there had to be some great pokemon for adding to the team somewhere...

I looked down at dare.
"Dare, youre going to have to go back into your Pokball now. Im going to try and catch another pokemon," Dare nodded, and put up no fuss as I pulled the red and white sphere from my backpack.

I pressed the button on the front, and watched as Dare turned into a semitransparent crimson outline. He was then sucked into the Pokball. Keeping my eyes on the trees, I placed his Pokball back into my backpack and pulled another one out. With a sigh, I walked over to the bushes, pushed the branches out of the way, and placed the pack under it. I rearranged the braces to both hide and protect it; if there were Rattata in the forest, I could lose the whole bag if they got to it.

Again, my skin tingled as it changed and hardened. I began to shrink, and I lay on my stomach to make things easier. When I was finished, I turned my head and stared at my gleaming purple scales. As always, senses began to flood my mind; how warm the ground beneath me was, how far away the nearest thing making vibrations was, and where anything that was a source of heat was.

I began to silently slide over the grass in search of pokemon. As I slithered along, I pushed the Pokball out in front of me. It did not take long to feel what I was looking for. Vibrations were sending me a direct signal that, to my left, something was moving.

By contracting and extending my muscles, I propelled myself silently through the grass. I could feel the heat of my prey as I drew nearer, and it seemed to be coming from the ground in front of me. Still slithering forward, I peeked out of the tall grass into an area around the base of a gaunt tree, where the grass had been pushed down.

There before me, oblivious to my presence, was a Sandshrew. The canopy above had small hole, and light filtered into the clearing. A single, golden beam centered on the creature; I considered this sign, wondering.

With final resolve, I lunged forward and slammed my body hard into the Sandshrew, sending it tumbling into the tree. I coiled, preparing to strike again, when it suddenly turned around and slashed into me with its massive, gleaming claws. I didnt have time to react; Id never met a wild pokemon faster then me before. I felt a burning pain rip through me as a red line appeared on my stomach.

"Ekansss!' I hissed in pain.

I could feel my poison sacs emptying and the liquid turning into hard spears in my mouth. I weaved back and forth, glaring hypnotically at my opponent. Sandshrew stood still, claws stretched out in a very obvious battle stance, yet it made no move to advance. Suddenly, I hissed and fired the poison needles at the creatures soft underbelly. The first few shots impacted neatly, but the sudden pain must have snapped the Sandshrew out of its shock. It rolled into a ball, its hard yellow scales protecting it from the rest of my attack.

I lunged forward, hoping to squeeze the fight out if it in a wrap attack, but it suddenly sped towards me. I swerved to the left at the last moment, feeling our scales rub together just slightly. The pokemon turned and unfurled, and I suddenly realized the mistake I had made. I was now with my back mostly to the tree, with little maneuvering room.

"Shrew! the pokemon yelled in anger.

Suddenly, there were many small, glowing stars flying at me. I pressed myself as flat to the ground as possible and watched as they whirled over my head. I stretched my muscles with lightning speed, making me seem to fly across the ground. Another swift attack was sent my way, this time aimed at the ground. I was able to dodge them, and came up in front of the shocked Sandshrew.

I shot forward to bite him on his soft, vulnerable white stomach. He let out a great shiver, digging his claws into my back and running around to try and dislodge me. I did my best to ignore the burning, aching pain of the cuts and welts from being dragged. If I could hold on long enough, I could hit it with a point blank poison sting.

Pain, pain... oh, my legendaries, the pain!

The Sandshrew had speed on me; while it was stomping around it had somehow gotten its claws stuck in my tail. Suddenly, it fell and I was dislodged, and we both flailed about in pain. It rolled away from me, foot now unstuck. The creature was wobbling unsteadily from side to side; the earlier poison must have been taking effect.

I looked down at myself. My tail was in horrible shape, my back was scraped and raw, and my mouth was now numb from being jerked off my grip... Neither of us was going to make it much further, the question was: who could hold on the longest?

A deep rustling in the grass got both our attentions. Dare leapt over the tall grass and onto the Sandshrew, growling fiercely. The tackle alone were enough to knock it out, but Dare seemed to need to be certain. He opened his mouth and howled a long, loud, piercing note. I froze; my snake senses and body felt that sound. It ran through me, and instantly I too was unconscious.

Something was poking me; something sharp was poking my sides and back. Sharp, poking, Sandshrew, Dare... I opened my eyes, noticing immediately that I was a Ditto again.

Not only that, I was on my back staring up at a very, very angry looking Sandslash. Its back plats were deep chestnut in colour, and its whole body looked primed and powerful. What concerned me most of all where the sharp, clawed feet near my body, and the even sharper claws pointed in my general direction.

"Who are you, what are you doing here, and why did you attack my son?" he demanded, and why is that abomination with you; it should be dead!" his voice was rough and hard, just like his body.

I turned my head as best I could to see Dare tied up in a vine whip by a Tangela. The plant pokemon was smart enough to have wrapped a blue vine around his muzzle as well.

"My name is Di. Im trying to become a pokemon trainer, so I attempted to capture your son. I know that Dare is unsettled, but I had to save him! Im sorry for the trouble he caused, my words rang with sincerity, and I hoped that the Sandslash would hear and accept it.

"A pokemon as a pokemon trainer? I had thought..." he paused, "well, when I saw the Pokball, and when the abomination kept saying leave my trainer alone... but why? Why capture your own kind?

"First of all, I said, starting to get slightly angry, " his name is Dare, not the abomination! For the second, if you will release us, I will tell you everything"

The Sandslash tapped his foot for a moment, then nodded and backed away from me. I pushed myself into a standing position and watched as the Tangela slowly retracted her vines and moved away from Dare. She watched him closely, though, as he ran to my side.

"Dare, you should never, ever interrupt a battle between two pokemon, understand? " I said.

"You where hurt!"

"I know, but you could have badly hurt the Sandshrew and me, " I said sharply

"Youre mad at me," he whimpered, tucking his tail between his legs.

"No. Im not mad, just frustrated," I said in a softer voice, aware of the others watching us.

"Thats what they said, never mad, jus frustrated... youre not..." he paused, youre not going to use it, are you?"

"Use what?" I asked, confused.

"The needle the old man gave you; the needle with the stuff to kill me," he whimpered again in terror. He was shaking and shivering.

The Sandslash and Tangela both muttered, but I couldnt hear what they said.

"No, Im not going to use that needle; Im not going to kill you! I swore Id save you, and I will."

He nodded slowly, still scared...

I turned to face the Sandslash and Tangela.

" My name is Di, and Im trying to become a pokemon trainer. My trainer Karen wanted to be a pokemon coordinator, but her parents wouldnt agree to it, so she changed her looks and asked me to take her place. I love Karen, she was the kindest trainer any pokemon could ever have, and I couldnt deny her. I am now heading towards Vermillion city and the gym there, I stopped and looked directly at the Sandslash "I will not say Im sorry I battled your son, but I will apologize for Dares actions.

The Sandslash nodded.

" Strange, the bond you humans pokemon have with your trainer. I cannot allow you to take my son, whether or not you and the abo... you and Dare fainted him. He is my only offspring that has not left, and he will be needed in coming years to help tend the forest here and to keep the population of Sandshrew in this area alive.

I nodded, that made sense. Over-catching of a species upset the balance of the area around it. Still, it hurt to have worked so hard for nothing. I was in little pain, as my body had been in good shape, but still, Id be in no shape to fight another strong opponent soon and I needed a pokemon.

"I will go with you, the Tangela said calmly. I looked over at her; eyes and feet were the only thing visible through her mass of blue vines.

"Why?" I asked curiously.

"Because I think your trainer also sent you on a mission that you yourself have not discovered. You are going to prove that pokemon are just as equal and just as capable as humans in training your fellow pokemon. We all know, and even humans accept, that pokemon are smart, but you Di, you know and think differently. You understand the strategies and tactics one would use in battles, and you can apply the knowledge you learned from this Karen to your own training. I believe you could truly bring each member of your team to their greatest potential, and do so without ever struggling to understand us. I want to be there when you are the first pokemon ever to be crowned a champion, and I want to say that not only did I help you, but also that I believed in you from the start," her voice was determined and strong; she sounded as though nothing could sway her opinion.

I was touched, deeply touched. Only Karen had ever had such assurances in me or had ever believed so deeply.

Y...yes, of course you can join us, but Im going to have to turn back to my human form," I said. She nodded, as did the Sandslash. Once more, I turned human, "Ill be right back, and Dare, stay right here," I said firmly.

I ran off into the grass, pausing to pick up the Pokball Id intended for whatever pokemon I might catch. It was a quick run throughout all the grass to where Id left my backpack. As I suspected, there were Rattata surrounding it, but they hadnt quite gnawed through the bushes and braches to get at it yet. As I approached, they looked up.

"You better get moving, or else! I said, holding up the Pokball. They scattered, and in less time than it took me to blink, they had disappeared.

I laughed, if only trainers knew that the best way too get rid if pesky wild pokemon was to hold up a Pokball! I walked over to the bush, knelt down, and pushed the branches out of my way. I grabbed my backpack and slug it over my left shoulder, and then I stood and began jogging back to where I had left Dare, the Tangela, and the Sandslash. I reached the tree again in no time and looked at the Tangela

"I cant believe Ive forgotten to ask, but whats your name?"

"Botania, but my friends call me Bo," she laughed, or at least I assumed she was laughing by the tone and the shaking of her whole body.

"Well Bo, its time," I said and tossed the Pokball gently at her. It hit a vine, and she turned red and was then sucked into the Pokball. It shivered once... twice... three times...


The Pokball flew back to my hand, and I placed it in a pocket of my pack. I then pulled out a potion and tossed it to the Sandslash, who'd been watching all of the proceedings carefully.

"For your son, I hope he is well soon," I said.

He caught it and nodded.
"May your journey be filled with successes, he replied, scampering off into the woods.

I turned to Dare, who was still lying on the ground. He was once again calm and cool from breathing in Oddish spores.

"Come on, Dare weve a lot of walking to do before we make camp tonight" I said, and he leapt to his feet with tail wagging and bounded to my side. We set of towards through the grass towards the dusty dirt path that lead to Vermillion city... and whatever the fates had in store for us there...

July 18th, 2005, 7:22 AM
Just a small change of words for description would do the trick and other than that, I really don't see anything wrong with the story. You are a good writer, you'll make a New York Times Bestseller in no time.

August 16th, 2005, 6:05 PM
quik update the fics going thruogh revision as we speak so things may seem slightly odder and there be tinythigns that dont quite fit but nothign important.

Dragon Lover
August 16th, 2005, 11:51 PM
Very nice Umbra... the originality is excellent and your description is getting better... if your first version is this nice than what will your evised version be like? :D Though there are a few mistakes that could be easily fixed this story is excellent. Your lenght is fine to.