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Hello! I like decided to do this one instead of the sequal for If I Could Change the World. Its a little more voilent than the last one but i think its still PG-13. A mod my re-rate it anytime. Plaese enjoy Change of Heart!

Chapter 1: Hero or Villian?

A young woman fought her way through the crowded square, seeming like a fish fighting a losing battle against the current. She pushed her way to the center of the square where a large fountain stood, towering over shoppers. The fountain was sculptured marble, carved into a horsea, squirting a stream of water from its mouth. She climbed atop the small marble rim that circled the fountain, then straightened up to her full height of 5'6". With a deep breath she began.

"Team Rocket oppresses us!" she cried. "Before they came to power they were nothing but criminals. Lowlifes! What makes you think they have changed?"

Few passersby turned to stare at her, while others continued their shopping, used to the young troublemaker's rants.

She continued, oblivious to the lack of enthusiasm the crowd offered. "We have no privacy! Cameras are placed at every available location." True to her word, several cameras, some on buildings, others attached to streetlights, were turned on her right now, recording everything she said and did. She paced the rim of the fountain, her hands flying in dramatic gestures. "They tap our phones! Monitor our e-mail. We are forced to carry ID cards to keep us marked like cattle!"

Several people had stopped and were now intently listening.

"Don't you remember when we could be out past eleven and not be arrested? Don't you remember what it was like to own pokemon?"

A young man who had been standing near the back of the crowd suddenly forced his way through the people, rudely jarring them from their positions without so much as an "Excuse me." He made it to the front of the assembled crowd and without warning he violently shoved the woman.

She flailed her arms in a desperate attempt to remain balanced, but was unsuccessful and landed on her rear in knee deep water.

"Fool!" the young man cried, loud enough for the people across the square to hear. "You do not know who you are dealing with." He turned and stalked away, leaving the startled young woman sitting in the fountain, water dripping from her eyelashes.

Her face reddened with anger and embarrassment. As the crowd began to disperse she cried, "You see? They even infringe upon free speech!"

She stood up, her clothes heavy with water, weighing her down. Her red T-shirt had turned the color of rust and the dye was slowly beginning to run down her waist and turn her blue jeans a light red. Muttering under her breath, she pulled her long water-logged braid over her shoulder and wrung it out. When it was dry, the braid hung loosely, falling from the nape of her neck until it reached the small of her back. But now it simply felt like dead weight, pulling on her head. She angrily climbed from the fountain, aware of the slight laughter aimed in her direction. She stormed from view, never noticing the small nick in the marble horsea caused by a bullet, which would have hit her had she not been shoved out of the way.


A pair of gray eyes watched from the shadows as a young man strode through the ally, his face obscured by the dark. A voice spoke, but didn't startle the man, for he had already sensed the other person's presence.

"Do you think that was wise Satoshi?"

The man turned, allowing his features to become visible. Golden brown eyes scanned the alleyway, searching for the source of the voice, while a light breeze blew his slightly longish ebony hair from his handsome face.

"What else would you have me do, Shigeru? Watch her die?" the man responded as another figure appeared from the shadows, also male, but slightly older than Satoshi.

Shigeru regarded him with his gray eyes. "No, I knew you wouldn't do that," he said as he laced his fingers through his auburn hair. "I don't think the boss will be too pleased though."

Satoshi smiled suddenly at the small yellow pokemon that had appeared at Shigeru's feet. "Hey Pikachu."

The pokemon grinned then scampered to him, using his claws to climb up Satoshi's pants and shirt until he settled himself upon his shoulder. Satoshi returned his attention to Shigeru. "The boss doesn't even know that I knew about the assassination. I simply made it seem as though I was an angry Rocket, shutting up a loud mouthed girl."

After a moment of though Shigeru responded. "That's true."

They began to walk from the ally and emerged into the brightly lit square once more. Satoshi smiled.

Shigeru, noting this said, "What are you smiling about?"

Satoshi's mouth broke into a full grin. "I was just thinking. Misty hasn't changed at all," he said, referring to the redheaded girl he had pushed into the fountain. "She's still a bossy loudmouth."

"Oh, I think she's changed quite a bit, Ash," Shigeru said, using his partner's real name. A smile began to form on his lips.

"How so?" Ash asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Let's just say, she's *grown*," Shigeru said, his eyes bright as he forced himself not to laugh.

Ash's eyes widened. "Gary!" he hissed, also using his partner's real name.

"Ha!! Ash, just because you don't love doesn't mean I can't." Gary laughed knowing what Ash really meant. Ash just huffed and keep walking. Gary laughed again and followed him.


Squish, squish. Squish, squish. Her waterlogged shoes were annoying her to no end, she could feel the water in her shoes every time she took a step. She loved the water, but she loved it when she was in a bathing suit. Not fully dressed. She squished along the tiled floors until she reached a carpeted room in which a young man sat on the couch, flipping through a magazine. His dark brown hair complemented his tanned skin perfectly. He glanced up at her, bringing his hand to his square jaw. A look of confusion washed over his features.

"Is it raining?" he asked, taking in her sopping clothes and her hair, which was now dripping small droplets of water onto the carpet.

Her eyes became aquamarine daggers as she glared at him. "No," she said through gritted teeth. She began to pace the room. "Some idoit pushed me into the fountain!"

He made sure to hide the smile that threatened to form upon his lips.

"It was some darn Rocket!" she cried, still pacing, her shoes squishing in time with her steps. She stopped, then sat down next to the man with a dejected plop. She slumped over and rested her chin in her hands. "I don't understand why so few will listen to me, Brock."

He smiled sympathetically. "They're afraid, Misty. Team Rocket has killed many of those who stand up to them. In fact, I'm becoming quite worried about you."

Misty straightened up, her blue eyes becoming cold as ice. "As far as Team Rocket knows, I'm simply a loudmouth who can't even rile up a crowd. Why would they come after me?"


Ash and Gary walked silently through the streets of Cerulean. Civilians took one glance at them and shied away. Although neither of them were dressed in their Team Rocket uniforms, walking around with Pikachu was about the same as having red R's emblazoned on their foreheads. Civilians had been forbidden to posses pokemon for years, so it was obvious that one belonged to Team Rocket when he had a pokemon sitting on his shoulder.

Besides the general looks of terror that were thrown his way, Ash was enjoying the walk. Which was why he was caught off guard when he was tackled from behind. Gary, help that he was, stood above him, curiously watching what would happen. Pikachu had leapt to Gary's shoulder as Ash had fallen, and he too leaned over, watching as a young boy, perhaps seventeen or eighteen, straddled Ash's back. Grabbing hold of Ash's black hair, he pressed his head into the ground and said, "It's against the law for civilians to posses or train pokemon. I hereby place you under arrest."

Ash gave a muffled "Mmmph" as a response, seeing as his face was still uncomfortably forced into the ground. Meanwhile Gary and Pikachu had burst out laughing and were of no help at all in the situation. Ash struggled to free himself.

Feeling the movement, the boy threatened, "I will knock you unconscious if I have to."

Upon hearing this, Gary doubled over laughing, now completely incapable of talking. Ash, who had been growing exceedingly impatient, did a quick move that allowed him to turn over and gain control of the situation. Before the boy knew what had happened, Ash was out of his grip and had a firm hold of his neck. Ash glowered at the thoroughly surprised boy.

"Perhaps next time you should check ID before tackling a superior to the ground and declaring him under arrest," he growled, flashing his ID at the boy, who eyes widened in horror at the realization of his mistake. Ash released him from his grip and stood, brushing himself off. "Now go, before I report you," he said.

Rubbing his raw neck, the boy stood and hurried away, hoping to avoid more trouble. Ash turned to Gary who was snickering. He shook his head. "You're a big help you know that?"

"What?" Gary said, shrugging.

"Satoshi," a voice behind them said. Ash and Gary turned to see a tall man with green hair standing behind them, his head poking out the door of the building that they were in front of. "The boss wants to see you," the man said, his voice so scratchy it made nails on a chalkboard seem pleasing.

Ash nodded at him. "Okay, ...Botch." They walked into the building and headed to the elevator. Ash pulled the ID he had shown the boy from his pocket and used it like a credit card swiping it through a panel, where the buttons would be on normal elevators.

An electronic voice spoke. "Agent Ketchum. Codename: Satoshi." The elevator doors opened, revealing a mirror covered inside.

The headquarters of Team Rocket was large, almost as big as Silph Co. before it had closed down. There were nine floors, each one devoted to a specific purpose. The bottom floor was set up to give the impression of a political office, after all, Giovanni was the pokemon master. Although many people believed he cheated to win the title. Which, Ash thought, was most likely true. Giovanni was smart though. As soon as he was sworn in, he announced the cancellation of the Pokemon League, due to "conflicting opinions." Whose opinions, or why they conflicted, was never revealed. All that was known was without the Pokemon League, there was no one who could challenge him, or take his place. Giovanni was in full control.

The top floor was devoted to Giovanni himself. His huge office presided at the end of a long hallway, the only room on the entire floor. The elevator dinged and Ash and Gary stepped out, Pikachu once again perched atop Ash's shoulder.

Gargoyles made out of black stone lined the hallway, each face wearing a different snarl. They were placed there to intimidate. The first time Ash and Gary had been summoned to Giovanni, the foreboding hallway had scared them senseless. That had been five years ago though, and now they sauntered past the gargoyles, hardly noticing their presence.

They were silent as they walked, black leather boots making little noise on the tiled floor. Both men were dressed in civilian clothes; jeans and a T-shirt made walking through the city much easier, unless Pikachu was with them of course.

Ash rolled his eyes when they reached Giovanni's door. Giovanni loved to show off, his door being a prime example. Covering most of the door was a picture of a persian. It wasn't a normal picture though, when one looked closely he could make out millions of tiny different colored jewels. Pearls made up the tan pokemon's gleaming coat and rubies were used for his charm. Other precious jewels from diamonds to sapphires, were lavishly woven into the picture.

Ash rapped upon one of the few places on the door that the wood was bare.

A gruff voice answered the knock. "Enter."

Ash turned the solid gold doorknob and entered the room, Gary in tow. The office was as large as one's house might be, full of statues and paintings (all of Giovanni of course). The room was dimly lit, especially in the center, near the back wall, where Giovanni's desk was. A large muscular man sat behind it, thick fingers folded comfortably upon the desk. His dark black hair looked greasy, slicked back with a little to much gel. His dark eyes narrowed and he gestured for them to sit in the two chairs that sat before the desk.

They each took a seat, noting that their chairs were deliberately shorter than Giovanni's, giving the 5'9" man the appearance of being taller than the them, which was a feat, considering they were both around six feet tall. They sat in silence, staring across the desk.

A large persian leapt gracefully onto the desk, hardly making a noise as it landed. The cat pokemon laid across the desk, baring it's sharp teeth as it yawned lazily. Giovanni lovingly scratched between the persian's ears, avoiding the ruby red charm that adorned the cat's forehead. The pokemon purred contentedly and flicked his tail.

Ash and Gary were used to this, Giovanni treated his persian better than all his agents combined.

"Boys, I have a problem," the older man began, scowling slightly at the two. His voice sounded as greasy as his hair looked.

Ash and Gary remained impassive, although they both had a fairly good idea about what his problem was. Giovanni fixed his gaze on Ash. "You pushed a young woman into a fountain today."

Ash nodded. "She was badmouthing the organization."

Giovanni narrowed his eyes. "Yes. Did you know, Satoshi, that that there were orders for her to be assassinated?"

Ash feigned surprise. "What?"

"I understand you and the girl used to be close friends," Giovanni continued. "I would hate to think you deliberately ambushed the assassination."

"I didn't even know it was planned," Ash lied. "Besides, I would never betray this organization."

Giovanni continued to stare at him. "I'm glad to hear that, because I have a new assignment for you."

Ash raised his eyebrows but remained silent.

"You're a good agent, Ashton. One of the best. And because you unknowingly stopped today's assassination, I'm going to give you an opportunity to redeem yourself." Giovanni paused and gave Ash a look that would have caused chills to run up the spine of a normal man. "You are to reacquaint yourself with Ms. Waterflower. Get close to her again, find out how large her operation actually is."

Although Ash's expression remained impassive, his stomach had contorted into a large knot. He swallowed, his mouth having gone dry, then said, "What about Shigeru?"

"He will go with you. Make up your own story about why you are together."

Gary nodded. Giovanni waved his hand, dismissing them from his office. They rose and slowly headed to the door.

"Oh, and Satoshi," Giovanni said. Ash turned to look at him. "When you find all there is to know, I want you to kill her."


I was doing a homework assignment for history about the fact that some of American's rights may be slightly infringed upon to make it easier to find terrorists. Especially the right to privacy when it comes to tapping phones and monitoring email. As I read I began to think, what if it got out of control and America became something like a dictatorship. And then I thought that would be a great basis for a story. And here, almost a month later, is the beginning of that story. I'm sure you're all wondering how in the world Ash became involved with Team Rocket. I promise, it will eventually be explained. Just not yet. ;)

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This is the strt of a wonderful story. Let's see more!

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gee, this reminds me of half-life 2 *reads end*
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Okay, it continues! Please join us in the next chapter sacride warm ups... Oh just start reading!

Chapter 2: The Brothers of No Blood

Misty sighed happily. She was warm and in dry clothes. She set herself to the task of braiding her still damp hair. There was a knock at her door. "Come in," she said, staring into her mirror as she wove her red hair into a thick braid. In the mirror she saw the door open, Brock standing behind it. Misty didn't turn, instead she talked to him in the mirror. "Do you need something?"

"Erika called," he told her. "She want's to meet."

She tied a rubber band at the end of her braid then turned to face him. "What about?"

"She didn't say. You know as well as I do that the phones are tapped." He took a seat on her bed, running a hand through his brown hair. Brock looked around her room as Misty went back to staring into the mirror. Her room was painted a pale blue, the bed spread he was sitting on matching the walls perfectly. The vanity Misty was sitting at was a shade of white, as were her dresser and the small nightstand. His eyes fell upon a picture that sat on the nightstand, encased in a silver frame.

Brock picked the picture up in order to examine it more closely. The picture was of two boys and a girl. Two of the kids appeared to be around thirteen or fourteen, while the tallest boy looked older, perhaps eighteen. The girl stood between the boys, her red hair pulled into a ponytail on the side of her head. It was obviously a younger Misty. The oldest boy stood at her right, grinning madly. Of course, Brock thought, they *had* gotten a Nurse Joy to take the picture, which was probably the cause of the goofy expression on his younger self's face. The boy on Misty's left was also smiling, but not extravagantly like Brock. A Pokemon League hat adorned his head, taming his unruly black hair, which still stuck out in certain places.

"Do you ever wonder what he's doing?" Brock asked Misty as he continued to stare at the picture in his hands.

Misty turned, and upon seeing what he was looking at, responded, "Just about every day." She stood from the vanity and went to sit next to him. She sighed. "I wish we had kept in touch."

Brock took one more glance at the picture before setting it back on the nightstand.

Misty continued. "About a year after Giovanni took over I tried to contact him. But his mother didn't know where he was and he had stopped checking in with Professor Oak."

Brock smiled sadly. "I never even tried to contact him. I was just so busy. Some friend, huh?"

"I wonder what he's doing now?" Misty said.


Gary watched his partner and friend concernedly. Ash had hardly said anything since Giovanni had given them the assignment. He simply sat on his bed, staring at his hands.

Gary and Ash shared a room. It wasn't big, but there was enough room for two beds and two dressers, which was all the two men required anyway. Gary, who had been packing, preparing for their assignment, sighed when he looked once more at his depressed friend. He sat down on his own bed, across from Ash, and leaned forward, resting his elbows upon his knees.

"Ash are you okay?" he asked.

Ash looked up at him, obviously upset. "I don't know if I can do this. Oh, man, I *know* I can't do this."

Gary nodded, understanding Ash's conflict. "I know. But what choice do you have? Giovanni obviously suspects that you purposely saved her."

"I can't kill her," Ash said, placing his head in his hands. "You know as well as I do that I can't kill her."

"Pikachu," the small yellow pokemon next to Ash consoled. Ash absently reached out and pet Pikachu between the ears, receiving a contented "Chaa..." for the action.

Gary stood. "Let's go on the mission. We'll play it by ear. Hopefully we'll think of something."

Ash nodded in agreement.

After he was done packing, Ash flopped upon his bed and lay staring at the ceiling. He apprehensive about the assignment, not only about the fact that he was supposed to kill one of his best friends, but also that he was going to have to deceive her and lie about his current position in Team Rocket.

He and Misty had been fourteen when she had received a letter from her sisters, saying that the gym was in trouble. Between the three of them, Misty's sisters had managed to spend most of the Cerulean Gym's money. Misty had to leave, she had an obligation to the gym and her sisters.

After four years of traveling together, it had been a teary goodbye, at least on Brock and Misty's part. To this day, Ash still didn't know why he hadn't cried. The excuse he always came up with was that Misty was a girl, she was expected to cry. And Brock, well Brock always had been emotional. But as Ash thought back on it, he realized that he hadn't been as sad as he had been angry. He had felt as though Misty was abandoning him, which was rather ironic considering he hadn't wanted her to follow him in the first place.

Guilt began to creep into his stomach, for he knew that she hadn't abandoned him. Misty most likely would have followed him until he had abandoned her, had it not been for the poor state of her gym.

Brock had journeyed with Ash for another year, before duties at his own gym also called him away. Even then Ash hadn't cried. Of course, Brock hadn't either., but one could tell he was on the verge. The day he had left, he had said something that Ash never forgot, even now, six years later. "I always thought of you as my brother, Ash. I am so proud of you, the way you have grown, the trainer you have become, and the way you stand up for what you believe in, no matter how hard the circumstances." With that he had given Ash a hug, something Ash couldn't recall him doing in the five years he had known him. Then he had left, and that was the last time Ash had seen him.

Once again he felt guilty, for he had let Brock down. He hadn't stood up for what he believed in, he was one of the top members of Team Rocket.

Gary, also laying on his bed, cast a worried glance at his best friend, who almost seemed comatose as he stared at the ceiling. Gary wondered if Ash knew he considered him his best friend. He knew Ash didn't think of him as his best friend, Misty and Brock had always held that position. But Ash was *his* best friend even if he wasn't Ash's.

He thought back to the first time he and Ash had met after Misty and Brock had left Ash to return to their respective gyms. Gary had been surprised to see Ash walking alone, save for Pikachu. Although Gary had matured greatly from when they had been kids, he could still be an punk. As he looked back on it Gary regretted it, but he couldn't let the opportunity pass by.

"What's the matter Ketchum?" he had sneered, blocking Ash's way. "Did your friends finally realize what a loser you are and leave?"

Ash had looked up at him, after all Gary had been taller than him at the time, and sighed. "I suppose so."

Now *that* had surprised Gary. Ash had never been one to take an insult lying down. In fact, Gary was always quite pleased at the rise he could get out of Ash, just by showing his face. Gary then did something that not only surprised Ash, it had surprised himself.

"Are you okay?" he had asked, genuinely concerned.

And from that one phrase a friendship began. Slowly, over time, their rivalry was forgotten. Of course, they still held friendly pokemon battles, which Ash always seemed to win. He was good, Gary admitted, and although he looked small, Ash's Pikachu was one of the most powerful pokemon Gary had ever seen.

From an early age Gary had realized that Ash seemed to excel at everything he did. That, he supposed, was the cause of their rivalry. Even when Gary had hated Ash, he had known Ash was an exceptional trainer, although he would never admit it. Ash had relationships with his pokemon that Gary could only dream about.

Ash, as Gary later found out, had also turned out to be an amazing martial artist. He had picked it up quickly and was very good after only a few days. Unfortunately for Gary, he hadn't figured this out until he had been paired against Ash at Rocket Training Camp. He had woken up a day later with a splitting headache, a sore back, and a sheepish looking Ash standing over his bed.

Ash was also incredible when it came to using a wooden staff, which was the only weapon he would use. He absolutely refused to wield a gun. This ability, combined with his martial arts skills, and his talent for pokemon training allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks of Team Rocket. He was one of the- no, Gary decided, he was most likely the best agent Giovanni had.

Unlike Ash, Gary preferred a gun. He never used it unless it was absolutely necessary, especially with Ash's aversion to guns, but when it came down to it, he was a crack shot.

When he had been partnered with Ash, Gary had been surprised. But since day one, almost five years ago, they became inseparable.

Gary dosed off, but Ash remained awake, still staring at the ceiling, thoughts of his friends running through his head.


"Don't you think you look a little conspicuous with your bow on your back?" Gary asked as he and Ash wandered into the Cerulean Gym.

"What would you have me do with it, Gary?" Ash asked. "Fold it up and stick it in my bag?" he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ash felt his backpack stir slightly. "I know it's uncomfortable, Pikachu, but it'll be pretty obvious what I've been up to if I saunter in with you on my shoulder." He hoped to keep Pikachu hidden from Misty, so she wouldn't be able to guess his line of work. He and Gary had left their other pokemon at Rocket Headquarters. Ash had insisted upon bringing his bow, and Gary's gun was well hidden in it's holster under his coat.

The smell of chlorine filled the air. "We're near the pool," Ash told Gary. Sure enough his words echoed off the tiled walls of the pool room. The walked into the room, which was taken up by a vast pool which stretched almost from one end to the other. Above them were skylights, allowing the sun to illuminate the room and bounce of the crystal clear water. Not a ripple was on it. As soon as Ash thought that Gary was pushed into the pool, causing the calm water to become extremely choppy.

Ash easily whipped his staff from the leather holder that attached around him at about his waist. He was silently grateful it had been Gary who was pushed in, for he knew Pikachu would have been less than happy to end up in the water. He spun his bow once for a better grip as he turned to face the attacker. He came face to face with a young woman who was angrily glaring at him with piercing blue eyes. Her red hair hung in a loose braid down her back. He recognized her at once.

Misty also recognized the man in front of her. "You!" she cried, her eyes narrowing. "You're the creep who pushed me into the fountain."

A slight splash behind him and a loud "Blech!" told him that Gary had climbed from the pool.

Misty began to advance on him, most likely wanting to pay him back for her earlier unwanted bath.

Ash spun his bow, creating a moving shield to keep her at bay. He was already too close to the edge of the pool for his liking. He grinned as she stopped, apparently not wanting to be hit by the quickly spinning rod. "Yes I pushed you. And you might have thanked me," he said, knowing it would rile her up.

"THANKED YOU!" Misty screamed in rage. She looked as though she was going to tackle him, spinning bow or not.

"Oh, good job, Ash," Gary said sardonically. He stood, a few feet away, wringing out his dripping wet clothing. "PO her even more."

Misty became silent when she heard the man call the jerk in front of her Ash. Her jaw dropped. "Ash?" she said, examining him closely.

He cracked a lopsided grin. "What? Did you forget me over the past seven years?" he said, reaching over his shoulder and placing his staff back into its holder.

"Where have you been?" Misty cried as she ran up to him and hugged him, nearly pushing them both into the pool.

"Okay," Ash said, sliding them both away from the pool. "Water is bad."

Misty released him from the hug and began to barrage him with questions. "Where were you? What are you doing here? Why did you push me into the stupid fountain?"

Ash raised a hand to stop her. "It's a long story."

Misty's eyes suddenly lit up. "Oh! Come with me!" she said excitedly, grabbing his hand and pulling him. Bewildered, Ash allowed her to lead him through the gym. Ash looked behind him to see Gary following, apparently disgruntled about his sopping wet clothes.

Misty pulled Ash along, taking him through twists and turns, until suddenly stopping at a closed door. She grinned at him, looking as though she might burst from excitement, then knocked on the door.

"Come in," was heard from inside the room and Misty pushed the door open, abruptly pulling Ash with her. They entered what looked like a guest room. A bed sat in the center of it and a few bureau drawers hung open. What surprised Ash though, was the man standing in front of a mirror that was mounted on the wall, brushing his dark brown hair.

"Brock," Misty said, barely able to contain her delight. "Look who's here!"

Brock glanced from the mirror and did a double take when he saw the young man standing next to Misty. "Ash?" he said in astonishment, setting down the brush. He appeared to be at a loss for words. Then he said, "You're so tall." The last time Brock had seen Ash, he was still only around 5'5".

"I didn't know you were here, Brock," Ash said, avoiding eye contact. He had let him down. This man, who thought of Ash as a brother. He had been proud. Of *him*. If Brock knew what he had become, he would hate him.

But Brock didn't know, and he welcomed Ash happily, with a hug. "We were just talking about you," Brock told him.

"Really?" Ash said softly, still avoiding his gaze.

Gary, who had been standing in the background the entire time, noticed Ash's sudden discomfort. "Okay," he said, interrupting the reunion. "I'm wet. I don't like being wet."

The attention left Ash and was placed on him. Although the other two didn't notice, Gary saw the look of gratitude Ash sent him.

Misty, who had forgotten the other man in all the excitement, now examined him closely. He looked familiar, but it was difficult to tell. After all, as he had said, he was wet. "Who are you?" she asked.

Ash spoke up. "Uh, you both remember Gary, right?"

Misty and Brock gave Ash incredulous looks.

"Gary *Oak*?: Brock said in disbelief. "What are you doing with *Gary Oak*?"

"Hey," Gary said indignantly. "I'm right here."

"Gary and I met up not long after we split up," Ash said, beginning the explanation with the truth, but planning to end it with the story they had made up. "We resolved our differences and we've traveled together ever since. We came here because we want to start a rebellion. Giovanni's rule has gone on long enough. I figured you might have some connections with gym leaders, Misty. We can use all the help we can get."

Misty and Brock exchanged glances, then they smiled. "It's interesting you should say that Ash," Misty began. "Why don't you go get cleaned up, Gary, then we can talk."


Ash paced the room Misty had showed them to. She told them they could stay at the gym as long as they wanted. Gary pulled on one of Ash's dry shirts, seeing as his had all been drowned in the pool with him. He was fortunate they were the same height and build.

"Ash stop pacing you're making me dizzy," Gary said.

Ash shook his head. "I had no idea Brock was here. I can't do this. We have to leave. Now."

Gary walked over to him and grabbed him by his shoulders. "Get a grip." He was startled to see tears forming in the young man's eyes.

"Misty's bad enough," Ash whispered. "But not Brock. I can't lie to him. If he finds out what I'm involved in, he'll be crushed. He believed in me, Gary. He thinks of me as his brother and you know what? He's like the older brother and the father I never had. I don't want him to hate me."

Gary sighed, his hands still on Ash's shoulders. "Ash, I know you feel like you betrayed him, but you know as well as I do, you and I had very little choice when it came to Team Rocket. They were targeting you from the very beginning."

Ash looked away. "But look at me Gary. I'm one of the best. I thrived in Team Rocket, and that shouldn't have happened."

"Oh, come on, Ash," Gary said. "You thrive at everything you do. If you had suddenly decided to become a Nurse Joy, I have no doubt you would have pulled it off with very little trouble."

Ash smiled at the ridiculous thought. "You know what? I'm really glad we put our differences behind us, Gary. You're probably the best friend I've ever had."

Gary dropped his hands from Ash's shoulder's, thoroughly surprised by the statement. Then he smiled. He went back to changing, pulling on a pair of Ash's jeans. Then picked up his gun and slid it under his mattress. "Let's go."


Misty and Brock sat next to one another on the couch in the living room, waiting for Ash and Gary to return. Brock frowned.

"What's wrong?" Misty asked, noticing his expression.

"It's just..." he trailed off. "I can't believe Ash and Gary are friends. He was always such a junkhole, especially to him."

Misty shrugged. "They made up. I think it's great."

Brock continued to frown.

Misty watched him curiously then suddenly it hit her. "You're jealous!" she blurted out.

Brock looked at her, surprised. "What?"

"You're jealous of Gary, because he and Ash have been traveling together for the past six years, and you haven't been there with him," Misty said. It was suddenly so clear.

Brock sighed. "I guess so. During our journey, I kind of adopted you and Ash, you know. You guys were like my little brother and sister. I was the one who took care of you two, made sure you ate right, and didn't kill one another." Misty smiled at that. "But I haven't been there for Ash in the past years, and he's grown without me, and now he has Gary. Every time I think of Gary I think of an ignorant little kid who has no regard for anyone's feelings, especially Ash's. I just hope that Gary isn't using Ash to further his own means."

"Ahem," a voice said. Brock looked up to see Ash and Gary standing in the door way. Gary looked furious as he sat down across from them in a comfortable chair. Ash remained impassive, although Brock could see a glint of anger in his eyes. He was hurt that Brock didn't trust Gary, and that he would say something so mean about his closest friend. Ash and Gary had only heard the last few sentences of Brock's conversation.

"Let's get down to business shall we?" Ash said, his voice colder than it had been thirty minutes ago.

July 12th, 2005, 5:15 PM
I really like it! When you use asteriks ( ** those things) to really emphasize a word it's okay, but if you do it too much it sort of makes the story r whatever it is less realistic. Although you can't get much realer with Pokemon becasue it's fictional.. but that's beside the point. I think you should take a few asteriks out of there. I didn't really think that you needed it when Brock was saying 'Gary? Gary Oak?'.
I feel so wierd talking about people that aren't real. I just think what everyone at school would think if we were all inside for recess, I was on the computer and started saying stuff like, " No! Don't do it Misty! Don't! " and then break down sobbing. Another Ash&MistyRomance? Mega-AAMR story!
Is anyone getting Harry Potter Six? I am, but I have to lock it up for six more days and not read it. Just because my family is taking a trip, and by that time I would have most of it finished.

Cybex Mewtwo
July 12th, 2005, 5:32 PM

July 12th, 2005, 6:10 PM
AshAndMistyRomance just a different way of saying AAMR, or AAML. *dreamy* Those two are just so perfect for each other, right? Ash and Misty are perfect.. except for the mallet. That's a problem.

July 12th, 2005, 6:16 PM
This story isn't AAMR though. It may seem like that but its not gonna end that way. I'm doing a Gary/Misty Ash/Erika sorta thing. And then theres also Lance/Loreilli and maybe some Sabrina/Ash. I'm not sure about the last part.

July 12th, 2005, 6:30 PM
No AAMR? *ish heartbroken* Well Gary is good too but he's a bit of a jerk. But he's so cool! Are your muses still hunting Mewtwo? Are you still gonna marry Mewtwo? Are you going to quit using asteriks so much?

July 12th, 2005, 6:50 PM
No AAMR? *ish heartbroken* Well Gary is good too but he's a bit of a jerk. But he's so cool! Are your muses still hunting Mewtwo? Are you still gonna marry Mewtwo? Are you going to quit using asteriks so much?
Muses are still hunting, I'm married to ~*~Rayquaza Freak~*, and I despise Mewtwo.
Now I will continue. This chapter shows the rebal and I hope I made it realiztic.

Chapter 3:Enter The Rocket Conflic

"Gary," Ash said, later that evening as they both lay in their beds. "I'm sorry about what Brock said earlier." It was dark, but neither of them were asleep, as each lay awake contemplating their own thoughts. Pikachu, who was cuddled next to Ash, rolled over, trying to find a more comfortable position. Ash heard a grunt from across the room, where Gary's bed sat.

Then Gary spoke. "Don't be sorry. Most of what he said was true. I am ignorant and I have little regard for other's feelings."

Gary heard a rustle of cloth, obviously Ash, propping himself up on one elbow. "That's not true! You've proven yourself to care about others' feelings at least three times in the past six years."

Gary smiled at the jest and Ash began to laugh. Soon Gary was laughing too. When they had calmed, Ash lay back onto his back and said, "So, Misty's operation is definitely larger than Giovanni realizes."

Gary agreed with a soft, "Mmm."

Ash and Gary had been amazed to find out that Misty and Brock had begun a full scale underground rebellion. Including herself and Brock, she had managed to convince five of the former gym leaders to join. It had also surprised them to learn that the rebellion consisted of over a thousand people and was rapidly growing. Misty and Brock had informed them of a meeting with one of the gym leaders, who played a major role in leading the rebellion.

"It is fortunate they trust us," Ash observed.

"They trust you," Gary corrected.


Ash and Gary followed Misty into her room. "What's going on?" Gary asked, when he saw Brock already in her small room, standing next to a raven haired woman.

Gary furrowed his eyebrows as he examined the woman, she seemed familiar, but he couldn't place her. Her shoulder length black hair hung loose, only restricted by a red headband. She wore a silk green kimono, which hung to her feet, concealing her shapely body. Her eyes matched her kimono and had a slight twinkle in them when she examined Gary, but abruptly changed when her gaze fell upon Ash.

Misty dropped to her knees and pushed the pale blue comforter covering her bed back, allowing her to see underneath it. She lay on her stomach and began to slide under, until all of her that was visible was her legs, clad in jeans.

"Are we holding the meeting under your bed?" Gary asked, a hint of amusement in his tone.

"In a manner of speaking," Misty replied, her voice muffled as she pulled open an earlier unseen trap door.

Gary raised his eyebrows, impressed. "Cool."

Ash noticed Brock shoot a glare at Gary, who, upon seeing it, sent one right back. Gary and Brock hadn't been getting along well, especially after Brock's comments the previous night.

Misty pulled him from his thoughts by climbing from under the bed and pushing it to the side, in order to give them enough room to climb through the trap door. Brock entered first, a flashlight in hand, climbing down the stairs that had been revealed when the door was opened. He was followed by the dark haired woman. Misty waved at Gary and Ash to follow and they too began to descend the stairs. Misty climbed into the hole, then moved the bed back into position and closed the door behind her.

The stairs were narrow and made of stone, descending deep underground. It was dark, with nothing to light their way but Brock and his flashlight at the front of the group. The gloominess almost made Ash wish for Pikachu, seeing as his flash would probably illuminate the entire stairwell. He pushed that thought away though, knowing that is was best if Pikachu remained hidden in their room. Ash didn't feel guilty about leaving the little pokemon alone, Pikachu always found ways of entertaining himself. When they had left he was deeply engrossed in a game of solitaire.

They continued to walk in silence and the stairs opened up into a brightly lit room. It wasn't big, an overhead lamp hung over top of a circular table that was surrounded by five or six chairs. In the corner a computer sat, turned off at the moment.

Turning off his flash light with a click, Brock walked around the table and took a seat. The other's followed his example, Misty and Ash on either side of Brock, Gary next to Ash, and the raven haired woman next to Misty. Ash and the young woman made eye contact. He nodded in acknowledgement and said a curt, "Erika."

"Ash," she said, also nodding.

Gary instantly noticed the tension between the two, but didn't say anything. Brock and Misty also seemed to notice the obvious agitation stirred up between them, and they both seemed surprised, leading Gary to believe that neither of them knew the cause.

"Okay, Erika," Misty said, breaking the silence that had descended upon the group. "What did you want to meet about?"

Erika cast a wary glance at Ash and Gary before turning to Misty and saying excitedly, "We've found him!"

Brock and Misty instantly lit up, but Gary and Ash exchanged perplexed glances. Noting this, Misty elaborated. "The Elite Four have gone into hiding due too the bounty Giovanni has placed on their heads," she began.

Ash and Gary both nodded, having been there when Giovanni had issued the order.

Misty continued. "With the number of our forces, we believe we could instigate a successful rebellion against Giovanni. But we feel that if we had the Elite fighting with us we could tip the scales to our advantage."

Ash raised an eyebrow, intrigued, while Gary leaned back into to his chair, his hands folded.

Brock picked up where Misty left off. "We've been searching for Bruno, the second of the Elite Four. He was rumored to be seen somewhere on route ten. We're hoping that he will know where the remaining three are."

Erika entered the conversation. "We haven't made contact, I was leaving that for you. He's hiding in the rock tunnel, in one of the deeper canyons."

Brock nodded. "We'll go and find him. Hopefully we can convince him to join us."


It was late that night before Ash and Gary had a chance to talk.

"Their operation is pretty large," Gary said, pulling his shirt off. He was grateful that his clothes had finally dried.

Ash, nodded from his seat on his bed. He was already changed, wearing black sweatpants and a black T-shirt. He seemed distant, staring at the wall.

"Ash?" Gary asked as he finished changing. He had removed his jeans and was now wearing more comfortable black sweatpants and a large gray T-shirt.

Ash pulled himself from his thoughts and said, "They could actually do it."

Gary furrowed his eyebrows, confused. "Do what?"

"Defeat Giovanni."

Gary stared at him from across the room, saying nothing.

Pikachu hopped from Ash's lap as he stood up. "I mean, if they get the Elite Four to join them, I think they could do it." He paused and looked at Gary. "What if we joined them? We could overthrow Giovanni."

"Pika!" Pikachu agreed, excited about the prospect of quitting Team Rocket.

Gary stood, slightly stunned at Ash's idea. He recovered from his stupor. "And if we loose? He will do what he threatened and the past six years will have been for nothing."

Ash sighed, looking at the floor. "I'm tired Gary, tired of being a Rocket."

Gary sadly shook his head. "I know, so am I." He paused. "Let's wait and see what happens with the Elite. Don't commit to something before we know what's going on."

Ash sighed again, he really didn't know what to do. He walked to the door, opening it.

"Where are you going?" Gary asked, watching him curiously.

"I don't feel like sleeping right now," Ash said, before walking into the hallway and pulling he door closed behind him.

He blinked a few times, allowing his eyes to adjust to the sudden lack of light the hallway provided. He then began to walk, not really certain where he was heading. His bare feet made no noise on the cold linoleum floor. He stopped at a window and watched as a cloud slowly began to cover the moon. It wasn't long before his ears picked up a light, almost inaudible noise. The soft rustle of clothing led him to believe he wasn't the only one walking around the gym at night. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a female form walking towards him. He remained where he was allowing her to come to him.

A sweet aroma began to waft into his sense of smell. He turned his head to see Erika standing next to him, not looking at him, but staring out the window.

She was beautiful, especially when the cloud that was covering the moon shifted, bathing her in a soft glow. She was wearing a silk robe, cream, like her complexion. She lacked her red headband; her hair was pulled up into a sloppy bun, loose strands of hair sticking out.

They stood in silence, both staring out the window. Erika broke the silence after a few moments. "Was there someone else?" she asked, still not looking at him.

"No," he said plainly.

"Then why?" she asked, turning to him.

"I can't explain," he told her softly.

Erika studied him, her green eyes full of hurt and betrayal.

Ash closed his eyes, not wanting to meet her gaze. He had hurt her, and he knew it.

After Ash had joined Team Rocket, he had moved around a lot. He and Gary were stationed where they were needed. He had been at Viridian, Lavender Town, Cinnabar Island. For a while they were even stationed in a small room on the SS Anne. When he had gotten the call, telling him to pack up and head to Celedon, it hadn't phased him in the least. Just another assignment. Ash had been nineteen at the time.

Being in a new city always made Ash restless. A few nights after their arrival in Celedon, Ash, unable to sleep, left the new apartment he and Gary shared and went for a walk. Gary and Pikachu had remained in the apartment, neither really feeling like heading out into the brisk night.

Ash had wanted coffee. True, coffee was not the best thing for a man who was having trouble sleeping, but he liked coffee. Ash recalled stumbling upon a quaint little coffee shop, empty, save for a beautiful young woman, who sat alone at the counter, staring into her coffee mug. He had joined her and struck up a conversation. Any dream of sleep Ash had had was shot, for they talked well into the morning. As soon as he had given her his name she remembered him as the young boy who had saved her gloom years ago.

They had started out as friends; two lonely people keeping one another company. It wasn't long before they progressed from friends, to a couple, to lovers.

Ash didn't know why, but he never told Gary about Erika. He had kept her a secret, she was something special, something he didn't want to share. Erika intrigued him, maybe because the only female he ever really had a lot of contact with was Misty. But Misty was more of a tomboy, with a quick temper, and a mean left hook. Erika was more delicate, she was like a flower that must be handled gently, lest it would wither and die.

Then, he had received another phone call. His skill had captured the attention of Giovanni and he and Gary were to move to Cerulean.

It was one of the hardest decisions he had to make, but in the end he had left her without so much as an explanation. One day he was there, the next he was gone. He had thought it better to simply leave, rather than try to explain where he was going. In short, he was a coward.

"Was it me?" Erika asked, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

Ash looked her in the eyes. "No," he said sincerely.

Her expression became angry and she shoved him hard against the wall. That in itself was a feet, considering she was almost a head shorter than him. "Then what was it?" she cried. "It's bad enough you left without so much as a note, but now you don't even have a reason why!"

Ash was contemplating an answer when the window they had been standing at moments before shattered. Ash threw himself around Erika to protect her from the thousands of flying glass shards. When he looked up, two muscular men dressed in black stood before them, red R's emblazoned across their chests. The dark made their features impossible to make out.

Ash watched as they each released a rope, the he realized what had happened. They had repelled down from the roof and swung through the window. Soon the two men were joined by others, who had run up the stairs after apparently using the conventional entrance of the door. Now there were about seven Rockets all facing them, all armed with rather large guns.

One of the two men that had repelled in spoke. "Satoshi Ketchum, you and Shigeru Oak are under arrest for treason to Team Rocket."

Ash narrowed his eyes, curious as to how Giovanni could have possibly known that treason had crossed their minds. Erika stood in stunned silence, confusion settling over her.

"What's going on?" Ash heard an angry voice call from behind him. The lights in the hallway suddenly flicked on, causing Ash to shade his eyes from the sudden brightness. He glanced over his shoulder to see Misty, closely followed by Brock, quickly walking towards them. Both were in bathrobes and appeared to have been roused from sleep.

"Team Rocket!" Brock cried when they reached them. He took a protective stance in front of everyone, including Ash. "What do you want?"

One of the Rockets, a blonde man with blue eyes spoke. Ash noted it was the same voice who had declared him under arrest. "We want nothing to do with you. Stay out of it and we will leave you unharmed, for now."

Brock growled slightly, looking as though he had no intention of staying out of it. Ash placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let me handle this," he said, stepping forward again.

"Where is Shigeru?" the Rocket asked, his eyes narrowing.

"I don't know," Ash lied.

"Agent Satoshi, do not force me to have you shot," the man said, impatience in his tone.

Brock and Misty exchanged worried glances.

"What the h***!" an annoyed voice called. "Can't a guy get any sleep around here? People yelling, lights going on, Team Rocket Agents repelling through windows."

Ash looked behind him to see Gary sauntering towards them, pushing his way between Misty and Brock, Ash's bow in hand. Ash rolled his eyes. "Could you be anymore conspicuous, Shigeru?" he asked, taking the bow from him.

"What would you have me do, Satoshi?" Gary asked, a smirk on his face. "Fold it up and hide it behind my back?"

"Do you take anything seriously?" Ash asked.

"Not really," came the reply.

Brock, Misty, and Erika stood a few feet behind them, completely confused. Why were they calling one another Shigeru and Satoshi? They watched as Gary and Ash began to bicker.

"What the h*** are they doing?" Brock hissed to Misty, who shrugged as she stared at them.

They weren't the only one's confused though. As Brock watched, the Rockets slowly began to lower their guns, unsure of what to do.

"It certainly took you long enough to get here," Ash snapped.

"I was sleeping," Gary retorted, a slight whine in his voice.

"Could you be more of a child?"

"Me a child? Honestly, you act like you are THREE!"

On the word three, Ash took a running start and used his staff to vault over head of the Rockets. At the same time, Gary whipped his gun from the holster and steadily shot each gun from the Rocket's hands until every Rocket was unarmed. One man quickly reached for his dropped gun, but Gary shot the ground, only inches from the man's hand. "Do it and I'll shoot your hand off." Gary smirked as he cocked the gun.

Brock, Misty, and Erika's jaws dropped. "It was a diversion," Brock said, realizing what had happened.

The Rocket's turned on Ash, seeing him as the lesser of two evils since he had a wooden stick, while Gary had a gun.

Brock headed foreword to help, but Gary reached out an arm and caught him against the chest, stopping him. "Better let him handle this alone," Gary said to him.

"But," Brock said, protesting. "It's seven against one."

"Believe me," Gary said as he lowered his arm. "Seven is no big deal."

Ash spun his bow to keep the Rockets back, the same way he had done with Misty, as he slowly backed away from the advancing attackers. Two Rockets suddenly lunged at him and he used his bow to his advantage, jabbing one in the stomach, while hitting the other with a well placed high kick to the head. Each fell to the floor with a grunt.

The five remaining Rocket's began to second guess themselves. They had heard of Satoshi's skill. This time three Rockets charged at him, obviously not learning from the mistakes of their teammates. Ash dodged one and smashed his bow into the back of his head. He crashed to the ground, unconscious. Ash then used his momentum to swing his bow, knocking the feet out from under the second. The third was older, wiser, and better trained. He stood a good distance away, making sure he was out of reach of Ash's bow. Unfortunately he was the perfect distance for Ash to take a running start. When he was a few feet away from the bewildered Rocket, Ash planted the staff to the ground and his momentum carried him foreword, allowing him to slam both feet into the man's chest. The man grunted and fell, unceremoniously as Ash landed gracefully next to him.

Now the only two conscious Rocket's remaining were the two who had repelled through the window, one of them the apparent leader. They stood facing everyone. Ash was carefully watching them, his back to his friends. The leader sneered "I've had enough." Without warning, the quickly pulled hand guns from their jackets, each aiming at Ash's forehead. Ash heard Gary quickly click the safety off his own gun.

"Consider carefully," the leader called to Gary, his blue eyes shining almost triumphantly. "Whichever one of us you shoot, the other will kill your partner, before you can do anything about it."

Gary hesitated, his gun still aimed at the blonde haired leader. The leader waved his gun at Ash. "Go stand back there with your partner," he said, a grin forming on his face as he glanced at Ash's bare feet. The floor between Gary and Ash was littered with broken glass.

Misty, Brock, and Erika stood behind Gary aghast and helpless as Ash began nonchalantly walking across the glass. They cringed, although the glass didn't seem to have an effect on Ash as he joined Gary. He leaned against his staff as he lifted a foot and brushed it off, revealing a foot with not so much as a scratch.

The leader narrowed his eyes at his failed attempt at torture and he kept his gun pointed steadily at Ash's forehead. They were in a stale mate, no one could move without someone being shot. Ash sighed and leaned against his staff like one would a walking stick, almost as if he was bored. The leader, seeing this as a sign of resignation, grinned and said cockily, "Any last words before we take you to Giovanni?"

"Only two," Ash said, shrugging. He paused, then said, "Thunder wave."

The two Rockets seemed confused until a yellow pokemon sprinted from behind Misty, Brock, and Erika, where he had apparently been hiding. The Rocket's confusion became fear when they saw Pikachu's brown eyes narrowed viciously, and his cheeks sparking. "Pikachu!" he cried as he released a powerful thunder wave at the Rockets. They fell to the ground, unconscious, joining the rest of their team.

Ash fell to one knee in order to pet Pikachu. "Nice job," he said softly. The pokemon climbed upon his shoulder and Ash stood up, turning slowly, his bow still in hand. "Time to face the music," he muttered to Pikachu.

When he turned he saw Gary holstering his gun, and behind him stood Brock, Misty, and Erika, all visibly upset. If they had had any doubts, Pikachu made it obvious of Ash's involvement with Team Rocket. Misty was the first to find her voice. "You're in Team Rocket?" she asked softly. She sounded like a child who had just discovered the truth about Santa Claus.

Ash nodded, rubbing the back of his neck.

Misty cast her gaze to the floor.

Ash looked at Brock, who was avoiding his gaze. "Brock..." he began, before trailing off.

"I thought I knew you," Brock said softly, pain obvious in every syllable he uttered. "But I was wrong. You have betrayed us and you are more of a stranger now than when I first met you."

"Brock," Ash said, trying to explain, but Brock cut him off.

"Just go."

Ash cast his eyes to the floor, then back to his friends, who were all actively avoiding eye contact. He sighed, then without another word he turned and left, without so much as going back to his room for his belongings, or even his shoes.

Gary, on the other hand remained where he was, angrily glaring at them all. "You're supposed to be his friends!" Gary cried infuriated, upset at the way Brock had treated Ash.

Brock removed his gaze from the floor and glared at Gary. "That is not the same Ash we knew," he said stonily.

"Your blind!," Gary said forcefully, startling them all. "He's still Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, a good man, with a good heart."

Misty and Erika said nothing, but Brock was hurt and angry, and Gary was only proceeding to piss him off even more. "Anyone in Team Rocket has no heart."

"How dare you!" Gary cried, almost in a rage. "You have no idea!" He lowered his voice, although his gray eyes were still flashing with anger. He pointed a shaky finger at Brock. "Ash thinks of you as his older brother, or even the father he never had, and you judged him without even giving him a chance to explain."

Brock suddenly shot an accusing glare at Gary. "I bet you're the reason he joined," he said, taking a step forward. "You always were no good, Gary, you probably tricked him into joining."

"If you only knew," Gary said through gritted teeth. He turned, preparing to leave before he did something he would regret, namely shooting Brock. He stopped. "He didn't have a choice you know," Gary said, his back to them.

"Everyone has a choice," Brock replied softly.

Gary closed his eyes and shook his head at Brock's stubbornness. "You know what, you are right. Ash isn't the same person you knew. The day he joined Team Rocket a part of him died. He was forced to join an organization that stood for everything he was against." Gary paused. "He is losing himself more every day, I can see it when I look at him, talk to him. The Ash you knew is dead, and this one, he's barely holding on to life anymore." With that he walked away, leaving them alone with the seven Rockets Ash had rendered unconscious.


Was that anough drama for ya? You can sorta guess why he's in team rocket now, but if not, don't worry, I'm still gonna give ya clues. Luv Ya!

Cybex Mewtwo
July 13th, 2005, 4:33 AM
You'd think that, if your comrades were beat to $%!#@$, you'd run. But NO! They're a bunch of idiots. This was good. Kinda reminded me of them soap operas I had to sit through...but this was cooler.

July 19th, 2005, 12:23 PM
Sdaly I must leave PC, so I'm gonna have to end this fic. I'm so sorry! :(