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July 12th, 2005, 8:16 PM
Like the name says, I'm gonna give this a try. Now for Ash&MistyRomance! Or something so totally bad that is so horrible it hurts. PG-14 gives me a bit of room to cuss and whatever. If it's not long enough, I'm sorry. I'm not good at writing long things. And if the paragraphs are... wrong that's my fault too. Sometimes I have trouble deciding where to break up the words.

On The Road

Misty Waterflower watched as he finally did what she had been waiting two years for. He finally proposed.

" Misty... will you marry me? " A man with auburn hair who was on his knee said hopefully as he looked up at Misty with bright eyes.

" Gary... I-I don't know... " Misty faltered and started to think about someone else. The man on the floor who's name was obviously Gary looked hurt and still stared up some more.

" Gary... I mean... Yes! " Misty hardly realized these words were coming from her mouth. She couldn't hurt him, especially since she wanted to say yes.

Ash! I don't know why you're in my head but get out! Misty thought as she tried to push the image of Ash from her mind. She was brought back to life by the sound of laughter. Gary was fiddling with her orange, shoulder length hair. He seemed so relieved that she said yes and was the image of carefree.
" WHAT?! " A man with charcoal hair yelled from where he was standing. He looked back and forth between an older boy and the two lovers.

The older man who had chestnut colored hair led the man who had just exploded out of the room. He tried to calm him down by talking some sense into him.

" Ash... come on. I mean she's twenty-one. She's old enough to- " The man, whose name was Brock, was cut off by another outburst from Ash.

" Old enough to what?! Leave us behind? Go away with Gary? " Ash turned away and started to pout.

Brock gave up on trying to make him feel better. He walked over to the door and opened it. He saw the looks from Misty and Gary as if asking 'What's up with Ash?'.

Sighing, Brock said, " He's sulking... Your turn... "

Gary reluctantly let go of Misty's arm to try and comfort his old rival. He prepared himself for what might break out as a fight between them.

" Ash...? " He said tentativly. He had a bit of a clue what was going on but... when Ash gets angry he calls Pikachu.

When it appeared that Ash was going out of his way not to talk to him, Gary got bolder and walked up next to the boy with charcoal hair.

He might regret this later but... Gary turned Ash around so he was facing him. " Ash! I know what's up with you. You're jealous, aren't you? Jealous that your old rival is getting the girl you always wanted. Hah! I shoulda know! And I thought we were pals. " Gary said in the voice and attitude of the punk he used to be.

Ash's face changed from a pouty face, to one sparking with rage. He shoved Gary away from him and started to yell.


The friend took that as a hint to get out of there. He returned to the others, a look of defeat on his face. They seemed to have given up on Ash and they all migrated to the kitchen, to let him sort it out on his own.

" It's so wierd Pikachu. I know I totally hate Misty, but the thought of her with Gary... it gives me shivers, " Ash said to the furry yellow mouse Pokemon that was a Pikachu. He was discussing his feelings with his best friend. The mouse simply looked up from the bottle of ketchup he was eating and muttered a " Chuu... "

" C'mon Pikachu! Help me out here! I know Gary's my friend and all but there's something that doesn't click. Help me out Pikachu! " The nineteen year old whined.

" Chu.. pika... chuchu. " { Ash... I think Gary's right... } The Pokemon replied as it climbed onto it's trainer's head.

" Pikachu! Gary can't be right! don't like Misty like that! I mean, she's my friend and all but I don't have a crush on her! " Ash complained to Pikachu who was now relaxing on the top of his head.

"... CHU! " The Pikachu unleashed a Thundershock on it's fool of a trainer. It returned to it's bottle of ketchup and left Ash standing there, nice and crispy, trying to figure out whaat the heck he's missing.

Okay, gotta go! I would have written more but my mom's making me get off! Later! Rate, or just tell me what you like and hate! Or at least read it.

July 12th, 2005, 10:10 PM
I'll definitely suggest you to just read the Basic Writing Guide stickied up there first, and then move on to read some good fanfics around this place (imho, the good ones are in my signature.) Learn what do they have that you're missing, then try writing again.

You should write in a word document, instead of writing directly on the forum. There's no reason for a "short chapter because your mom is calling." Save your work, go to your mom, then continue another time. Don't post until it's the absolute best that you can do. Take some time to polish your writing first, such as using the spell check.