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Fury of Ninetales
July 27th, 2005, 8:32 AM
i recently got ex emerald wildfire to help out my old cards. can someone help me out please? i cant decide what cards to take out. I need to take out 8 to make my deck legal. ninetales is my fav. pokemon and i want to use blaziken, Manectric, and maybe camerupt. also, i play for fun, not in tourneys.
key: E= ex emerald
B=base set
J=jungle set
JO= some neo johto set
3 torchic E
2 combusken E
1 blaziken E
3 vulpix E,JO,B
2 ninetales B,E
3 electrike E
2 manectric E
3 numel E (steady firebreathing)
2 camerupt E
1 Ho-oh JO
1 Entei promo
trainer: 20
3 pokemon trader
4 bill
1 professer oak
2 wally's training
1 pokenav
2 energy removal
1 professer birch
1 switch
1 gust of wind
1 moo moo milk
1 computer search
1 rocket's sneak attack
1 recycle
14 fire energy
10 electric energy
1 double colorless energy
p.s. i'm focusing on speed in this deck.

August 28th, 2005, 9:15 AM
your missing the basics, farfet'cht, scyther, and wheres the electabuzz!!!! gah! thunderpunch=good damage low energy knockouts! well the rest are descent you might add another gust.