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August 3rd, 2005, 11:28 AM
::Hallo! This is a spinoff of my Project HIPD Roleplay...My first terrebly sucsessful roleplay...so...enjoy!::


A terrified scream tears the reletive silence of a room filled with dog-kennels. These kennels arn't your average kennels, however. They are interrupted occasionally by a water-filled tank, or a larger cage for the bigger creatures that reside in them.

Note the use of the word creature

For that is what they are...Genetic freaks, created by the owners and workers of this hellhole, who enjoy the tourture they cause the young humans daily. They test them, starve them, experiment on them, and, occasionaly, they even dissect them. But now there is a resistance...a force agenst them...

Little Rules:

Please please please no half-transformed creatures, unless you are literaly halfway into the transforming proscess (and don't go whining about 'But it happened in Maximum Ride!' ) Oh, yeah, your biography can be in bullets ^^

Other Info you Should Know:

The DNA is injected one animal at a time

No random excaping--There's a plot here, pal!

The children were either sold here, or they are test-tube babies

When they excape, if we get that far, I'll either start a new thread for them finding their parents or whatnot

No more than three DNA per person

Every cage has a clipboard on the front, with your character's info on it

When putting in DNa, do something like Fox (Red), Owl (Great Grey)

Create Your Character:


Attempted DNA: (If acceptable)
Experiment Number:
What your clipboard says: (Any other deatals we should know, IE Resists handling, friendly, didn't respond to wolf DNA)
Brief Biography:


Department: (Feeding, breeding, handling, injection, ETC)
Years in the workforce:
Creatures think of her as: (Kind, friendly, nasty, ETC)
Brief Biography:

My Character:

Name: Nyra

Gender: Female

Age: 11

DNA: Dolphin (Bottlenose), Crow (American)

Attempted DNA: Wolf (Timber), Snake (Fox)

Experiment Number: 18

What your clipboard says: Didn't respond to Wolf and Snake DNA; Can't eat plants

Apperance: A dolphin, covered in greyish-black feathers, with a crow's tail, vestigial wings, and a beak. These make you think of crom, overlayed with a dull browny-yellow

Personality: She only says something when she means it, so Nyra is reletivly quiet. She enjoys splashing scientists that walk past her cage.

Brief Biography:

Born to unknown parents
Was 2 when she was sold here
Her first injections were wolf and snake, her body rejected them and she became violently ill
Illness just seemed to go 'poof' at age six, second round of injections given later that year.
First meal as a creature was given when fully transformed, her body rejected the plants
*Big empty gap because of uncreative roleplayer*
Joined up with the 'resistance' at age 10.

The feathered bulk in a water-filled tank stared out at a newcomer, a male, who had the first signs of transforming--Small patches of feathers and fur here and there, body parts shrinking, growing, changing, or just plain falling off. The rancid smell of unwashed bodies in a confined space soured even the water in the room, but Nyra didn't care. She was simply watching, watching him as fur and feather slowly but surely grew.

Watching for a chance.

Watching, for a friend.

Nyra floated slowly to the surface of her tank and exhaled, the misty spray showering those on either side of her. She sighed, then submerged again and simply stared at the newcomer.

August 3rd, 2005, 2:04 PM
Gender: Female
Age: 17
DNA: Dolphin (Orca) Horse (Clydesdale) Elephant (African)
Attempted DNA: Owl (Barn) Lion (Puma)
Experiment Number: 17
What your clipboard says:Friendly; Easy to handle; Didn't respond to Owl or Lion DNA; Can't eat meat
Apperance:A horse, grey skinned but sleek bodied. Has a long nose that connets to her skull, right above the mouth, it makes one think of an elephant thing that 'broke the mold'. Large 'eye patches' rest above the eyes. giving the appenrance of FOUR eyes. A large dorsal fin rests upon her back
Personality: Quiet, mysterious at times. Enjoys scaring the handlers when they walk by her cage
Brief Biography:

Born in a test tube
Was first given Owl and Lion DNA at age 4, but her body rejected them
Lack of creativity here
She has sudden but rare violent outbursts

Hope this is ok