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August 8th, 2005, 1:20 PM
In the world of Tremuah lived six great races, The Humans, The Elves, The Dwarves, The Centaurs, The Beastmen, and The Dragoons. These races coexisted for thousands of years until creatures know as the Feri began to appear. The Feri were a race of creatures composed of hate. They fed on the hate within the hearts of the six races, causing wars between them. But, one day aother creature appeared. The Platinum Dragon Hiiroshoken destroyed the Feri, but could not stop the hatred between the races.

So, the great dragon placed a prophacy for all to hear.

" One day the world will face the darkness of light and six will rise to quell the fires of hate. Only through the power of luna shall the darkness wain..."

With those words the great dragon vanished from the world.

Now, every year during the festival of the moon one person from each race is chosen to meet in the temple of Hiiroshoken to try to complete the prophacy. And each time they have been rejected. This year the six have been chosen, will this year be different? Will the hatred end? Or will the Feri win...

1 no god chars
2 max three characters per person
3 please no OOC posts, pm me if you want to ask something
4 you must post a sample to join
5 The six will be chosen by me so please do ask to be one ^^ everyone is needed so don't feel discouraged if you don't get picked!


Human: Humans are common creatures in the world and are known for their courage and determination. They inhabit the country of Geliaria to the west

Elf: Elvaans are a race devoted to beauty and perfection in all aspects of their lives. They are taller then humans and are know for their pointed ears and connection to the earth. Inhabit the country of Elisenia to the east.

Dwarf: The Dwarfs are a race of smaller creatures that love the dark underground. They are increadibly strong for their size and are known for their expertise in weapon crafting. They are honorable creatures and are loyal to the end. They inhabit the Mountainous country of Harla to the north.

Centaur: The half horse half human creatures of lore. They are know for their cobat abilities and their love of the forest. They also are concidered to be the most stubburn of all the races. They inhabit the plains and forests of the country of Istar.

Beastmen: Half humans half animal, the beastmen are intuned with nature. They are by far the wildest of the races and are known for their dangerousness in battle. They inhabit the dark forests of the south.

Dragoons: They are a race of half dragons that were spawned by the great dragons of the world years ago. They are a generally quiet race that like to keep to themselves. They also are able to summon Wyverns to their aid during battle. They inhabit the country to the South east called Drakonika.

There are seven elemental guardians of the world, each protecting it's own element.

Iros: The WInd Summon. He is a massive gryphon colored gold and black. He has the head of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the body of a wolf. He also has a human form that he takes on occasionally.

Rokini: The Lighting summon. He is a small fox like creature that is a bright green color. He turns into a small child in his human form.

Serini: The Ice summon. She is a large swan like creature that takes the form of a beautiful elf. She is colored light blue and is the sister of Rokini.

Karnage: The Dark Summon. She is also called the dark lady. A large black panther that takes the form of a Beastwoman.

Nishia: The Light summon. A large white Lion that is Karnage's Brother. He is known as the Light keeper. He takes the form of a male Dragoon.

Firien: The fire summon. A large red dragon that takes the form of a Dwarf. He is also called the Fire lord.

Tsunami: The Water Summon. He takes the form of a massive sea hound that has a large whale like tail. He takes an Elvaan form every once in a while.


Race: (( Human,Elf,Dwarf,Centaur,Dragoon,Beastmen))
Magic abilities: (only have one for now, you will gain more later. Fire,Ice,WInd,Water,Lighting,Light Darkness))
SUmmoned beast: (Choose one) ( Iros, Rokini,Serini,Tsunami,Karnage, Nishia, Firien)

August 8th, 2005, 1:25 PM
Dragoons are half dragon...and half....?

Sima Yi's Apprentice
August 8th, 2005, 1:42 PM
This sounds awesome, you can count me in.


Name: Ricardo Instuno

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/Ling_tong_7/dynasty%20warriors/ganning.jpg
(Sleeveless undershirt under vest, headband and sash around hip are silver, pants are blue, everything else is same)

Personality: He always seems confident, no matter what the situation. Tends to dive ehadfirst into trouble, but can find a way out. Has a sarcastic sense of humor, and is referred to by many as annoying. Has a weird skill of being able to easily make anyone lose their patience.

Past: Since his younger years, he has traveled the various rivers and seas, along with a small group, and his ship. He is cosidered a menace, due to the raids he performs on various villages. What nobody realizes is that these villages were those that belonged to anyone who started to raise trouble. Due to this, he is called by many a 'pirate', and never really argued against it, since he liked the sound of it. Over the years, he has become known for his speed.

Weapon: Sea Master (sword in appearance picture)

Magic Abilities: Lightning

Summoned Beast: Rokini

Is this good enough? Also, do you want an RP Sample?

August 8th, 2005, 4:11 PM
(( Half human, didn't I just say no OOC posts Katsuro? ^^;; Oh and yes your description sounds awesome Sima, just post a sample please ^^))


Name: Angel Umura
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Beastmen
Appearance: Her body is coated in a thin black fur with silver stripes. She is about 5'5" and has bright crimson eyes. Two large black wings connect to her shoulders, and she had large cat ears and a cat tail. Her hair is silver with black stripes here and there and is pulled back into a large braid. She wears a white, skintight sleeveless top and a white pair of Hakama(the japanese priestest pants). She also has a thick golden collar about her neck and matching arm bands on her wrists.

Personality: Wild, loud, and energetic, Angel often seems to be an outgoing person. But, because of her beastmen nature she can be cold and merciless. She loves to toy with everything and that includes her enemies.

Past: Angel was declaired the daughter of Karnage at birth and was sent to the temple of the dark lady to study. She grew up under the guidence of her dark mother and soon became known as The Dark Angel. She now protects the temple of Karnage and the lands nearby from anyone unworthy.

Weapon: Light Vanquisher ( A large Halberd with three black blades)

Magic abilities: DArkness

Summon Beast: Karnage

RP sample:
" come on...we are close.." A voice whispered from a nearby shadow. Three men, humans it appeared moved through the jungles surrounding the Temple of Karnage. They moved only during the day, knowing all too well the rumors of the Dark Lady's daughter. They moved deeper into the folliage, cutting a path with their weapons. Dark eyes watched them as they wadded forward. The three men stopped when they came to a large pike decorated with the skulls of various creatures. The first stared at them without much worry, but the other two looked on the verge of panic.
" W-what if she does come out in the day?" One asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

" then we fight. It isn't like she's imortal." The first replied firmly. The other two glanced at each other nervously. They hesitated when their leader pressed forward, but then stumbled after him. Through the breaks in the jungle vines they could see small parts of the temple, excitement driving them on. After all, the DArk Lady's temple was known for it's valubles.

Suddenly they noticed it had began to get dark. Which was impossible considering that it was still morning. The three looked about nervously, drawing their weapons.

" I told you!" One man cried. " She's coming!"

The fluttering of wings filled the trees as the darkness grew. A roar sounded above them, all three looking up in fear. Hovering nearby was one of the most terrifying sights they had ever seen. A woman panther lady floated on two wings blacker then the darkness that surrounded her body. Her red eyes glared down at them coldly as a humaorless smile graced her lips.

"You humans are trrrespassing..." She sneered darkly, pointing a large halberd at them. " I suggest running away now..."

Two of them heeded her words and turned tail instantly. She laughed at them in amusement, leaping into the trees. She moved quickly, bringing her blade down on one that had ran toward the left. The dark angel snickered as he fell to the ground before her. She then turned her gaze toward the direction the other had taken. She pointed her weapon toward his direction, strange words escaping her lips. A blast of dark energy shot toward the human the cat woman laughing playfully.

" Catch!" She called, watching the unfortunate man run. The man glanced back at the attack that followed his every move, crying out. He panted from exaugstion but still it came. The man leapt over a fallen log and rolled to the ground. Quickly he dodged to the side but the ball of darkness followed, hitting him in the back. His very soul seemed to be sucked out of his body and he fell limp to the ground.

She then turned her preditory gaze on the last of them, walking slowly toward the waiting man. Angel hummed a happy little tune as she drew near. The man remained calm when she ran her claws lightlyaround his throat.

" Well Well Well...what have we herrre?" She purred, drawing a little blood. The man flinched slightly.

" SOmeone seeking guidance from the Dark Lady..." He answered.

" I smell a theif..." She replied in a sing song voice.

" Nay, Dark Angel, not a theif." He stated.

" And a liar..." She hissed, snapping his neck in one clean movement. He dropped to the ground dead and she stepped over his body. The woman cleaned off her Halberd with her Hakama and moved back toward the temple.

August 8th, 2005, 4:32 PM
Name: G'Rode [Pronounced Ger-rode]
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Dragoon
Appearance: G'Rode has emerald scales that cover the dragon part of his body. His left wing is ragged on the bottom, a permenant reminder of his youth. A grey traveling cloak is worn year round by him, and his legs are covered with black pants. On his feet are the wooden sandals of the Japanese. [I know the real world isn't involved, but, just think japanese sandals].
Personality: Left eternally bitter, G'Rode is constantly pessimistic. The world is twisted to him, and he trusts no one.
Past: G'Rode was seperated from his clan at birth. A dark spirit had ravaged his family, destroying all with the ability of light. He didn't get away, but was not hit fully enough to get killed.
Weapon: Two katanas
Magic abilities: Light
Summoned beast: Nishia

Sample: (From my CRP Orange Islands)

Ken'ichi watched the town from his second story office above the town hall. He could see the villagers going about their daily lives. A smile spread across his face. All was well, and with some luck he'd be elected for a second term.

With a sudden briskness he went over to his desk to look at the plans for the new Pokmon Center. Nurse Joy had arrived with the ship, so that part of the plan was already in motion. But he still needed some carpenters. Ken grabbed some papers off his desk and walked out of the room.

"Oh! Hi Ken'ichi!" His secretary beamed.

"Erm, hi Norma! I'm just going out to put these flyers up.

"Ok, well, take care! I'll tidy up your office while you're gone! Bye."

"Thanks...bye!" He walked quickly out of the office and sighed. He hated that woman, but couldn't bear to fire her.

He walked down the stairs and exited the City Hall building. The steamy, hot air hit him like a wall. That's why he loved Murcott. It was summer all year round. Some citizens greeted him as he walked to the center of the town. He politly replied, but didn't stop to chat. When he got there, he taped the leaflets to the NEWS board. OOC: It's a cork board BIC: The flyers read:


Smiling at his work, he headed off for lunch, still unsure of where he was going to go to eat.

August 8th, 2005, 5:19 PM
Name: Tetsuo
Age: 28
Gender: male
Race: elf
Appearance: http://www.animeacademy.com/pictures/revpics/mdgeist-1.jpg
Personality: Normaly calm and composed but when he sees a Dragoon he gains instant hate for what has happened in his past...
Past: At the age of nineteen he was part of an elite task force that were trained in all froms of combat... it was there that he met his wife to be... he had raided a house and spaired her life, although she in turn had to give herself to him.... he stayed with her becouse he balived that she was to good for any normal man, she fell in love with the strong younge soldger and refused to leave his side, thuse speaking she became pregnant with his child and that is when it happened, when they were together a group of dragoons came and attacked hoping to get rid of him once and for all, he killed all but one with his bare hands and the last flew off with his wife, he followed the retchid creature untill he came apone the mutilated body of his wife. he vowed from that day on to find the black scaled beast and do worse to him, for killing his wife and his unborn child all the dragoon's must suffer!!!!!
Weapon: http://artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~miw/mdgeist.jpg
this gun...
Magic abilities: Darkness..
SUmmoned beast: Karnage....

sample: (this is from my Xiaolin showdown RP)

"What do you mean I can't have it!? I can have anything I want!" Chad yells into his cellphone, "Fine then you've lost our buessness!" he hangs up and sits on the couch next to his brother.
"they wouldn't give us the diamond?" Mark asks not looking at his brother.
"No they say we're to young to by such and expensive item."
"To young..." he smiles at his brother, "you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Yep..." they both inhailed, "DAD!!!"
Chase came in the same way he always did, calm and composed, with his tigers by his side, "what do you want now?"
"they wouldn't let us have the diamond we need!" Mark says.
"Ya if we dont get it then the laser wont be right." Chad adds.
"when will you boys learn... that isn't the way..." he didn't get to finnish becouse just then Wuya came floating in.
"A shen gong wu has just reaviled itself." she says in her goastly way.
"thats impossible the monks already have all the rest in the world." Chase says.
"Not true I sence another..." Wuya counters.
"Can we go get it dad please!!!" the boys beg together.
"Fine just come back in one piece." Chase says turning away from them, although he seemed hard he still cared very much for his boys and didn't want them to get hurt... ever sence his wife died he had done nothing more than be a good father.
"yah lets get that shen gong wu!" Mark crys grabing the Golden Tiger Claws.
"I bet I'll touch it first!" Chad brags picking up the Eye of Dashi. "We'll leave the Saphire dragon with you dad!"
Chase sees them to the door and waves good bye as they jump into one of their expensive inventions and fly off, "Take care of yourselves boys..."

August 8th, 2005, 5:21 PM
(( Sounds Good Katsuro-kun you're in^^ We will start when we have at least six people. Oh and JBC if you can post in third person you are in too. Look at my sample above for help ^^)))

August 8th, 2005, 5:33 PM
Sure I'll do that.... *smiles* no prob....


Sima Yi's Apprentice
August 8th, 2005, 8:23 PM
Okay, both of these RP Samples have nothing to do with this RP. They are from other ones I've been in. The one in third-person is purple, the one in first-person is in red.

RP Sample: The night sky had quickly swept over the day, and now showed prominent in the sky. The gleaming stars in the sky were enough to illuminate the fields, let alone the addition of the shimmering moon, now high in the sky. A crisp cool breeze flowed through the landscape, softly brushing against anything in its casual path.

All this seemed peaceful, but suddenly, it all changed. A crimson glow flooded over everything in sight, giving it a seemingly twilight effect. Screams pierced the silence of the night, disrupting anything and everything. Footsteps could be heard everywhere. The clang of steel erupted in various directions, alerting everyone to what was occuring.

Lance noticed this through a large window. His feet were on top of a nearby desk, and his body was leaned back, balancing a small chair on two legs. At what seemed like random, a door slammed open, hard enoguh that it broke off of its hinges.

A private came up to him and said, "Knight, you are needed immediately. General Reid requests that you meet him in the Conference Room, along with a few others."

The chair fell back onto all four legs, his feet touched the floor, and he stood up out of the chair. Without any words, he grabbed his partner in battle, his Leviathan, and dashed out the now unbarriered doorway. He thought, Well, looks like things are finally getting interesting. Maybe it was actually worth coming by the request of Red. Eh, guess I'll find out soon, only way is to experiment.

The door opened, and revealed a small room, designated for planning strategies for battle. In the middle of the small room, a table was set up, for the selected ones to be seated. Lance stepped in the room, realizing that he was the only one not already here.

A random voice echoed out and demanded, "Sit down, we have a lot to discuss."
Lance replied, in a sarcastic tone, "Wow, such courtesy. No wonder you command such respect."

He looked over to Red Reid, to just find him smiling. He always seems to agree with me, even if he doesn't openly admitt it. Probably why I actually get along with him, unlike those others.

So, Lance took his designated seat, which was about a quarter of the way down the eight-seat table. After a lot of bickering, one of the few generals with what Lance saw as common-sense and knowledge, decided to speak up.

General Elizabeth Defree stated, "You all miss the simple solution to this. If they have a solid area set up, where most of their resources and units are located, why not set it ablaze?

Someone else spoke up, saying, "We could have the dragonriders get close enough to ignite the area, and then move in to take out whoever remains. That seems like a great idea."

Everyone started giving in their ideas, murmurs of agreement and screams of displeasure echoed through the room. Unlike everyone, Lance just sat in his seat, the same way he was in the other room, legs on the table, chair on two legs. He thoguht, God, they command loads of respect, yet they bicker like little children over a toy. I don't see why we don't just engulf them in our forces, and pick them off.

After everyone calmed down, Red Reid stood up, and said, "Dragonriders would be too obvious. We should take a more sneaky route to light the camp on fire."

Another interjected, and continud, "I suggest we send one of our Generals, who excels in fire, to commence this event. There is already one out there, defending the town. But, we need someone to lead him there, who can keep the units away, while he prepares for the attack. I suggest Lance."

A General stood up, and commented, "We can't allow him to lead it. He is a criminal peasant, he's only here because of a mistake by Reid! He..."

Red Reid silenced the man, and turned to Lance. He said, "Lance, you are the key to this plan."

He threw Lance the token they were using to mark the guider's place on the map. Lance caught it, and leaned forward, saying, "You got it! Leave it to me!"

He turned from his chair, grabbed his weapon with his right hand, and balanced it onto his shoulder. Without another word by anyone else, he dashed staright out of the room, and towards his destination.

RP Sample: Currently, I was on the training field with one of the demons. Seeing as I was the only human-looking one here even in the Demon Realm, I would train against pure-demons. Right as I blocked a claw strike with my katana, someone entered the training field and I paused.

It seems that my time for ruling had come. A messanger had just come to the training field where I was and said, "My Prince, it seems that your time has come. Your father passed away a few moments ago."

Even though everyone thought different, I hated my father with penchant. I would just take his spot and lead this army the way it should be lead. So, I walked into his room and did one thing. I took the necklace which resembled rulership, and left. There was nothing I needed to say.

An hour later, a meeting had been called at the center of our empire. I walked out onto a cliff, and said, "Our former leader has fallen! Unlike him, I will do this right! I will lead us to victory, and to a crushing blow on the humans! But, we will do it when the time is right. I will not make a mistake like my father. Remember, we can and will do this!"

With their confidense risen, I would let them dwell on what I just said. They should indulge on it before having to use it, lest they forget it when they need it the most.

As I was in my room, trying to find something to do, my father's, well now my, assisstant came in. But, I waved him off and said, "Find someone to do the stuff around here for a little bit. I feel like a road trip, so I'm going to Earth and gather information."

After that, I sprouted the wings out of my back and flew off towards an open portal. The wonder of this was I could hide my wings. So, on Earth, there was absolutely nothing they could know to tell I was from the demon world. That was, unless someone could notice that my eyes had a transparent color to them. I was actually completely human, due to a spell that my father cast on me.

After a few minutes, I reached the portal and shot through it. Once on the other side, the human realm, I landed on the ground. Unlike our lava-filled, barren lands, theirs were fertile and cool. I disliked it so much. Then, I retracted my wings and walked towards one of their war buildings to join. I needed something to do, and this seemed like a great way to get info.

August 9th, 2005, 2:07 AM
Sounds good Sima ^^ you're in ))

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 4:01 AM
Name: Lini Lanil
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Beastmen

Appearance: Lini is a fairly small and skinny girl with messy blonde, nearly white, hair, light skin that hasn't tanned regardless of the environment she grew up in, and a pair of dark brown eyes. She is surprisingly human in appearance but has a pair of long, furry, rabbit-like ears that clearly mark her as one of the race known as the beastmen. Lini wears a white, short-sleeved tunic, a white knee-length skirt, a pair of brown sandals, and a light purple travelling cloak.

Personality: Courageous and rather reckless, Lini is not afraid to stand up for her opinions even in the presence of both larger and stronger individuals. She is also very curious by nature and loves to explore new places and meet new people. Despite her past, Lini isn't bitter or melancholic, believing that everything happens for a reason and that one should just make the best of any given situation. She is both tough and intelligent for her age and has a strong affinity for animals both wild and domestic. While usually friendly, Lini's feral side emerges when she feels that an animal is in pain and unless something is immediately done to correct the situation she will do so herself, by any means necessary.

Past: Lini has no recollection of her real family. She was found as a small child, washed up by the shore of a human settlement. An old couple of local farmers nursed Lini back to health and raised her as their own, her uncanny talent in communicating with animals providing much needed help. Shortly before Lini's foster-parents died they confided her with the truth about her past and her foster-father, formerly a hunter of great reknown, handed her his trusty old bow, Windslash. With both her foster parents dead, Lini saw little reason in staying where she was and set out into the world to find her original family.

Weapon: Windslash (Shortbow, fires sharp blasts of wind that work like conventional arrows)
Magic abilities: Wind
Summoned beast: Iros
RP Sample:
It was midday, the forest was teeming with activity as its various inhabitants scurried along, each one on their own bussiness. Amongst the greenery a young girl, hardly older than fourteen skipped effortlessly through the thick canopy which would easily have hampered any normal human being, with a bow and a satchel slung over her shoulder and a pair of rabbit ears poking out slightly from underneath the hood of her cloak. She didn't even know why she bothered with this precaution, there weren't any humans this far out in the wilderness and if there were she could easily outrun them. Besides, this was beastman territory, surely no human would be so foolish as to trespass on it.

Or would they? The girl froze in her tracks as a muffled grunt became audible, just a few trees away. She pulled down her hood and dropped into a crouch, attuning her hearing to the conversation of these men.

"Cripes man, why'd we have to come here?" came a nervous male voice from the nearby vegetation. The girl crept closer carefully and soon a group of five men, four humans and a dwarf, came into view.

"I swear, I can feel the beastmen's stare on me." continued the voice, which came from a scruffy looking man in his twenties, with bushy dirty-blonde hair and fidgetty eyes.

"Quit yer' whining longlimbs!" the dwarf snapped, hacking through the nearby vegetation with a machete. "Tere's big money in bear cubs if you know where to sell em', an' I ain't givvin' it up because of some foolish superstition. Te' only thing tat's dangerous fer ye' in this forest is me if ye' don't shape up an' get a move on."

Cubs? The girl's fingers clenched tightly around her bow, these men planned to kill the mother and sell off her children. It was despicable, and a dwarf in charge? Dwarves were extremely honorable people, to see one so blinded by money...the girl bit her lip, she couldn't allow this to happen. Throwing all caution to the winds she rose to her full height, drawing back the string of her bow as she called out to the men, in a voice far deeper and more intimidating than she would have thought.

"Intruders! You are trespassing on beastman territory, leave or you shall face the consequences!"

The fidgetty one threw his weapon up in the air and sank to his knees, crying hysterically "I told you!" he yelled at the dwarf "I told you we were being watched! The beastmen will eat us! We're doomed!"

"Shut yer' yap Reece!" the dwarf barked, "It's a wee lass gainst' te' five o' us!"

"And look, her bow doesn't even have arrows!" another called out, laughing.

"Why don't you just run all the way back home girly?" the third man said mockingly.

"Yeah, keep your nose out of grown-up bussiness." the fourth continued.

"Nah, just wait a wee moment." the dwarf said, raising his hand up and eyeing the girl with a greedy look. "A beastman tyke will be even more valuable tan' a bear, seize er'!"

"You had your chance." the girl said coldly, releasing the phantom arrow from her grasp, allowing it to fly straight into the throat of the nearest man. For a brief moment he just stood there, unable to comprehend the events that had transpired, before falling lifeless to the ground with a confused expression on his face. Before the others could react to this sudden turn of events, the girl had already released a second invisible arrow, sending another man to a premature end. The dwarf came charging with a fierce battlecry, axe in hand, seemingly oblivious to the gashes the multiple shots from the girl's bow left on him.

She leapt backwards, but a bit too late, the girl gave out a small whimper as the axe left a gash on her left leg, colliding with the thick trunk of a nearby tree.

"Not so tough now are ye'?" the dwarf said, raising his axe for the deathblow "Say yer' prayers girly!"

The girl seemed to do as she was told, as she quickly began mumbling a series of strange phrases and moving her hands in cryptic gestures.

"Time's up!" the dwarf called, sadism clearly audible in his voice.

"Sure is." the girl replied with a weak smile as a giant griffon suddenly appeared behind the dwarf and unceremoniously devoured him. Leaving nothing but the bloodstained axe behind.

"Thank you Iros." the girl said, getting up to her feet and bowing to him.

The beast quickly returned the bow before vanishing. Returning back to wherever he had come from.

The girl inspected the gash on her leg, putting on some herbs and a bandage from her satchel before walking back to the scene of the battle with the dwarf's axe slung over her shoulder.

The third man had vanished while she was gone, but the one called Reece was still there, standing on all fours, whimpering and vomiting. As soon as he caught sight of the girl, and the axe in her hand he began blurting out his excuse.

"Please..." he whimpered, crawling to her and clutching her skirt with a pleading look in his eyes "Please don't kill me...I-I didn't want to hurt any animals, honest! But I needed the money! Please don't kill me! I've got a wife and children!"

The girl pulled herself away from Reece's grasp, eyeing the man with contempt "Get out." she said coldly "Get out now, and never come back."

"Thank you!" the man exclaimed, hobbling pathetically as he got up, tears of joy building in his eyes "Thank you! I'll leave right away! You won't ever hear from me again! Ever!"

With that, he turned his tail and fled. He stumbled numerous times along the path, but didn't dare to slow down or even look behind him.

August 9th, 2005, 12:06 PM
(( I have rped enough with you to know that you are good. You're in but I would post one anyway so it's fair to everyone ^^ that's kinda why I posted one. You're in Alter-Kun^^ But, uh if she is a wind element wouldn't Iros be a better choice of SMummon?))

Alter Ego
August 9th, 2005, 12:12 PM
((Yay! Don't worry, I'll post one tommorow. Helps me get into character anyhow.^_^ Come to think of it, Iros does fit better into the RP sample I'm just writing. Very well, you've convinced me to change. I originally went for Rokini since he relies on stealth and cunning rather than brute strength, and because his human avatar is that of a child.))

August 9th, 2005, 3:50 PM
when this thing gonna start?

Alter Ego
August 10th, 2005, 12:40 AM
((When our honorable RP master deems it appropriate. By the way, I've added my RP sample and changed the summon to Iros. It is more appropriate.))

August 10th, 2005, 10:45 AM
Name: Ryu Kahn
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Dragoon
Appearance: Though blind, Ryu has fully crimson eyes that are said to have the ability to automatically kill those who gaze into them. For those who are particularly strong of spirit, they may receive only paralysis. However, Ryu's eyes are placed beneath a blindfold and hidden from view. Ryu's hair is dark with natural scarlet highlights. Though moderately long, his hair is usually raised in a "fish-tail" style using a sheathed dagger as the hair ornament. On his face are several odd crimson markings. Ryu's ears are those of a feather dragon's--fully black, though with a reddish overlay. His wings, though having the general aura of a dragon's, are black-feathered with the red sheen characteristic of him. Slightly more reptilian, Ryu's tail bears feather-like scales.
Personality: Unlike what may be expected from a being of fire, Ryu is not particularly rash or harsh-tempered. However, once angered, he is savage and merciless. Though he may often appear relatively relaxed in the presence of others, Ryu finds it difficult to give actual trust to another. Ryu does not seem to particularly enjoy speaking to anyone aside from Serini.
Past: Deemed as a cursed being, Ryu was banished from his tribe at a rather early age. It is likely that he would have died in the wilderness had he not been found by Serini. Though of ice element, Serini still pitied him and cared for him. Due to their opposing elements, however, Ryu and Serini have several opposing opinions, but still retain a firm respect for one another and share a deep trust. At times, Ryu and Serini's relationship seems almost that of a child (Ryu) and their parent or guardian (Serini).
Weapon: A large metal disc Ryu wears beneath his black cloak on his back. Using the fire element, he can swiftly manipulate the metal into the weapon necessary for the situation.
Magic abilities: Fire
Summoned beast: Serini
Roleplay Sample:

Stars shimmered brightly in the night sky, their white light enhanced by their dark background and the absence of the moon. Perched on a grassy cliff, Ryu savored the empty silence and cool atmosphere. Lightly touching the blindfold bound over his eyes, the Dragoon spoke quietly. "Serini, what does it look like tonight?"

Standing at his side, a pale, elf-like being smiled gently as she turned toward her master before returning her gaze to the sky. "Tonight . . . there is no moon, but many, many stars. The stars are very beautiful--breathtaking and enchanting."

Though he did not smile, a faint lilt entered Ryu's voice as he asked, "More beautiful than you, Serini?"

Serini laughed melodically before replying, "Yes. Far more beautiful than I."

Though unable to see her, Ryu turned his unseeing eyes toward his summon, a warmness in his voice that was only evident in her presence. "Then I suppose the stars must have beauty unmatched by anything."

August 10th, 2005, 3:40 PM
((waiting waiting... lets just wait...))

August 10th, 2005, 4:53 PM
(( You guys can make more then one character if you wish. I was hoping for at least six people but since I am tired of waiting here we go!^^

Oh and I forgot about Tsunami! sorry I will edit it))

Angel sat atop a low hanging branch in the deep jungles of the southern lands. She yawned widely and stretched her wings wide. It was so boreing here without others around. Normally there would be several worshipers here at the temple of Karnage but since it was getting close to the Festival of the Moon most had left for their homelands. Angel on the other hand had stayed behind in order to protect her mother's shrine. Of course Karnage wasn't her real mother. The young beastwoman dropped from her perch silently, landing in a crouch on the floor of the jungle.

She walked purposely toward the temple steps that sat hidden within the trees. Her large cat ears swiveled atop her head as she ascended the steps. The jungle was unusually quiet today. The stone doors swung open to greet her as she neared the top. The panther woman stepped inside and flames flared to life about the room. Not the flames one would expect, but black fire. The fire of Karnage. the flames were so black that they seemed to emmit their own purplish light that cast the room in a sureal glow.

Angel folded her wings neatly against her spine as she crossed the room, the flames ignighting in her wake along the marble walls. The strange thing was that even though Karnage was the goddess of darkness everything in the temple was made of white marble. That is everything except for eight large collums that sat in the center of the room. they were arranged in a loose circle with the 8th collum standing in the very center. Each of the pillars were made of a different colors stone that each glowed faintly. The one in the center however, was cold and was as plain and lifeless as a common stone. The Pillar that hummed the brightest was the pillar of Karnage, a black pillar surrounded with purple lighting. Each of the seven temples had the exact same pillars inside. They were life lines to the other temples and to the gods of the elements.

Angel noticed several other priests and priestesses in the temple. They were the people who were dedicated souly to Karnage and would protect her temple with their lives. Many of them were also here training the dark arts. And even more were hoping to be granted the honor of becomeing one of the Summoners of Karnage. Angel moved toward the large circle of pillars purposely, the priests nearby stepping aside quickly. The Panther woman stopped before the pillar of Karnage, her hands reaching out to touch the runes that were engraved in the stone.

A sharp gasp escaped her as energy surged through her arm. The pillar glowed brilliantly and pulsed. She stepped back as the dark lighting expanded and the pillar contorted into the body of a woman. She was a little taller then Angel her body dressed in flowing white robes. Her features were very similar to those of Angel, only instead of white hair, she had long flowing hair of black. She smiled at Angel affectionately. Her clawed hands reached and cupped the young woman's cheeks gently.

" M-Mother Karrrnage! What is it that I have done to angerrr you? I am sorry!Please-

" Angel, My darrrling you have done nothing to angerrr me. I wanted to see my little angel..." The goddess purred. Angel quieted instantly and went limp in the woman's hands. Karnage hugged the young panther to her in a motherly fashion.

" My little angel, I want you to go to your home village for the festival. When you get therrre a sign frrrom me will tell you what to do." The goddess murmured as she stroked the girl's hair. " Your homeland is many day's away from here..."

" not if I fly..." Angel replied.

" I do not want you to fly, you will be seen if you do. " Karnage stated. " This task will not allow for yourrr identity to be discoverrred. In order to conceal you I must cast a spell."

Angel nodded in confusion. Karnage let go of the girl and stepped back a little ways.

" For the place that you are going I believe that I must relieve you of every feature that resembles me." The goddess said weaving her fingers before her. A few tears escaped Angels eyes as she nodded obediantly to Karnage.

" No tears little one. I know how much you love your appearance. Don't worry..." Karnage replied warmly. Energy surged around them wildly as Angel's body contorted. Her fur and tail changed to the color of rich auburn as her wings shattered into a flurry of black feathers. Her tail grew fluffy and lengthend, the end turning white. Her ears grew longer and pointed. Even her eyes changed in color. Their once deep green color fading into yellow. When the dark energy faded she was entirely different looking.

" Now My love, go and join the others at the festival. " Karnage said." Take a mount."

" Yes Mother." She answered.

" Farewell my Angel..." And with those words the goddess vanished. Angel ran from the temple quickly, ignoreing the salutes of the others. A large lizard like creature trotted over to her, kneeling so that the now fox woman could climb on. The beast let out a screech like cry then leapt forward.

August 10th, 2005, 6:22 PM
Name: Kiriko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Centaur
Appearance: A white horse's body, and her human half is thin and lanky, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a leather top and has a bow and arrows. Her bow has leather around the middle for grip, and has a wolf head carved on the top.
Personality: Shy, but strong willed and loyal. She is energetic, and very inquisitive.
Past: Was left by her parents in the woods to fend for herself at a young age. Was almost eaten by pumas, but was taken in by elves.
Weapon: A bow and arrows.
Magic abilities: Ice
SUmmoned beast: Serini
RP Sample: The girl slowly trudged down the street, kicking small pebbles aroundas she quietly thought about the horrible thing that had happened today. She moved her blonde hair away from her face and looked up at the clear blue sky. How could it be such a cheery day when her brother had just died? She was walking home from a friend's house after hearing the sad news. She looked up at her houseas she turned into the driveway. Tears spattered on the front porch as she turned the doorknob and entered the house.

August 10th, 2005, 7:50 PM
((Kogenta and AngelWolfie I just need an RP sample and for Kogenta to finish his form))

August 10th, 2005, 7:56 PM
((Are you expecting posts as long as the one you made Kagome? ))

August 10th, 2005, 8:01 PM
(( It doesn't have to be that long but at least a paragraph please. That was my entrance and I had to explain a lot of things inside of it. Most of my posts will be that way because I will throw in the history of the world and I like to describe things.^^))

Sima Yi's Apprentice
August 10th, 2005, 8:10 PM
OOC: I've got no idea what to do, so let's hope this is right. ^_^

IC: A crisp breeze flew through the night, and a moon had risen high into the sky. The time was right, for one of the humans to come forth and enter the festival. The human chosen for this job would be a man by the name of Ricardo.

The door of a great temple opened, revealing a glorious room. He entered the hallways, the bells around his neck letting off a slight jingle. These hallways were almost a golden color, to resemble the residence of the Lightning Summon. He drifted off to his thoughts again, I wonder why someone called me here to see Rokini now? I mean, couldn't this wait until after the festival. I just wanted to enjoy myself, find a few people to talk to, and see whatever is going on. Maybe he wants me to....., no, they wouldn't choose me. I've got too much of a background to be accepted. Yet, maybe that is what has proven myself to Rokini. Guess I'll find out soon.

After the long expansions of hallways, he entered a room with seven pillars, resmebling the lifeline between all summons and temples. The one standing out prominently was a golden one, with green electricty swarming around it. So, without a second thought, he walked up to the pillar, and layed a single hand upon it. With a burst of energy, Rokini appeared in his fox form, on top of a small ledge.

It said, "Do you know what I called you here for?"

He replied, "Not really, but I hope it's something interesting." Instead of his normal life on a ship, he was looking for something to do, something to keep his interest. Really, he didn't care what it was, or what it took to obtain it, he just wanted the task.

Rokini said, "Possibly. Tell me, have you ever thought of doing something of a great magnitude? Something drastically different than what you do now?" The green fox jumped from the ledge, landing about 10 feet away from Ricardo. Then, it started to walk over towards him slowly, as if trying to buy time.

Ricardo said, with a little tone of anticipation in his voice, "Sure, sounds good, as long as it will last for the better part of how it sounds. Now, what's the task Rokini?" His utter lack of respect towards anyone and anything had quickly gained him many enemies both in and out of the temple. Many would always question themselves, and even ask others, 'Why does Rokini insist that
disrespectful one stay?'

Rokini replied, sounding to bring a close to the conversation, "As I'm sure you know, the festival occurs tonight. Different humans seek to attend, hoping they are the correct ones, but none of them seemed within a mile of getting that privilige. There are a few reasons I want you to represent your kind. While others distrust you because of your personality, it will aid you in this quest. I've seen you before, you can seem to completely dislevel the calm attitude of your enemies, and replace it with fierce anger. Plus, you are known for your skill with that sword, not to mention, the speed boost you get from the lightning. Go now, before it is too late. There is a horse waiting for you outside. Do not prove me wrong Ricardo, this will be your chance to gain the trust of those who have none in you."

Ricardo, now bursting with excitement, said, in a rather confident voice, "You got it! Count on me to get this job done!" Before anything else could be said, he raced down the halls, eager to start his new mission. This is just the thing he had been waiting for, and anyone would be out of their mind if they were going to try and stop him.

August 10th, 2005, 8:15 PM
((hehe!^^ Roccini makes me giggle for some reason....he always has*shrugs* Ok Basically have your characters head toward the center of the countries where Hiiroshoken's temple is hidden. Of course some of us will meet along the way ^^))

Angel held onto the reins of the large Jungle Skink as it bounded into the trees. The creature moved at an increadible speed for it's size and the massing foliage. It was a common mode of transportation in the jungle. They were very agile and knew their way through the jungles better then anyone. Angel steered it toward the west, her home village lay nestled between the Sarjin Jungle and the Frejin Mountains that seperated the Human lands from the Beastmen lands. Even with the aid of her mount it would take at least a day to get to the Reushu village.

It had been many months since she had visited the village and she wasn't exactly looking forward to it. The last time she was there it was on a mission for the temple. A man who had visited the temple had made off with one of the artifacts of Karnage. And it was Angel they had sent to retrieve it. It was a horrible job, but she was the best for it. Karnage was furious when she found out that Angel had been sent to kill the man.

Angel felt a warm smile light her face at the thought of the Dark Lady. She really was like a mother to the girl. Karnage hadn't wanted Angel to be an assasin for the Temple. The goddess had stated that Angel could only be commanded by her and no other. Angel hadn't left the jungle since then. It was true that she killed, but only when nessisary. Thieves were put to death on the spot while others were frightened and sent away.

She could not tolerate anyone stealing from her mother. The Lizard let out a cry then picked up speed, leaping high into the air. Angel let out a joyous laugh as the beast sailed through the air over a large river that snaked through the jungle. The creatures tail flailed wildly through the air as it fell down toward the trees. It hit the tree hard with it's claws before scurrying into the canopy again. The sun began to peer through the leaves at them and Angel slowed the beast. She guided it down toward the ground. The lizard ran full speed down the side of a large tree, and leapt to the forest floor easily. Angel dismounted, rolling to her feet as the creature trotted back to her.

She patted it's side gently, taking up the riens and leading it toward a shallow pool of water. The lizard drank deeply and happily, letting out shrill cries of pleasure. Angel ran her clawed hands over it's multicolored scales. The fox girl crouched before the pool, peering at herself in it's depths. She looked so hideous to herself. The only thing that had remained the same was her long white hair. Even her hands were different. They were now coated in a fine blackish fur that gradually turned red.

A lone tear rolled down her flesh color cheek as she stared at herself. The one thing that made her feel so special was now gone. She reached back to touch the spot where her two wings once were. Flying was her greatest joy and now that too was gone. She was now an ugly dog like creature. Angel undid her long white hair and ran her fingers through it gently. Now all she had was her hair. But, she knew it would be alright. She would be fine.

Sima Yi's Apprentice
August 10th, 2005, 8:26 PM
OOC: Okay, I suppose we could do that. ^_^

IC: Quickly exiting the temple, he saw the grand horse waiting outside for him. The skin of the large horse was a mix between a slate grey and a murky green. The tail and mane are a snow white, and a long golden horn, curved similar to a bent fish hook, extended out of its forehead. There were also various silver markings, and strands of a gold material bound to part of its body.


Ricardo said, "Wow, Rokini really pulled out all the stops for this. Never thoguht I'd get to ride this one. The lightning steed, Ixion."

Without anything else, be it action or emotion, he leaped onto the horse, and guided it down the path. His thoguhts gained priority again, I think I have a better idea. If I should be the one to represent, then I should go to that ancient temple, I think it was called Hiiroshoken's. It's supposed to be hidden in the center of the countries, at least that's how I remember the rumor. I just hope that rumor wasn't another piece of common talk.

August 10th, 2005, 8:48 PM
I edited my post and added an RP sample. It's kind of short.

August 10th, 2005, 8:50 PM
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Alter Ego
August 11th, 2005, 1:08 AM
OOC: I don't see a description for Iros' human form here, so please tell me if this is acceptable.


Lini wandered through the countryside, still slightly rattled by her previous encounter with the poachers. One of them had gotten away, this the girl knew, and if they encountered...well, he'd get what he deserved. She absent-mindedly scratched the bandage on her leg. Shimmerweed might be effective for healing, but it sure itched.

Suddenly, the girl found herself startled by a gentle tap on her shoulder. She turned around in alarm, instinctively reaching for her bow even though that poacher's axe would have been a far more efficient choice under these circumstances, she wasn't used to anyone sneaking up on her.

"Relax, child." the stranger replied, gently placing a muscular arm on Lini's shoulder. The girl peered up at the stranger; he was a good head taller than her, a muscular body, golden skin, and black hair sticking out her and there from from beneath the confines of a simple, but elegant, silken blue hood which obscured his face from sight. While friendly, the man held up a proud, distinctly avian posture that made his already significant height seem even more impressive.

Lini relaxed her grip on the bow sheepishly, averting her eyes for some reason. "I'm sorry." she mumbled "But I was just-"

"Attacked by a band of poachers." the man completed her sentence "Yes child, I know." Lini had a strange feeling that the man was smiling under his hood "I was there..."

He was there? for a moment the girl thought that this person was pulling her leg, he couldn't have been there. The only ones were she, the poachers and...

The obvious truth struck Lini "Windfather?" she asked "Is that you?"

Iros nodded in approval "A child's reasoning, pure and unobscured by pride and trivialities. I see that I was correct in choosing to offer this assignment to you Lini Lanil."

"Assignment?" the girl asked, tilting her head. "I thought your...you know, real worshippers did your work for you..."

"You are quite correct in that observation." the guardian replied "And on a normal occasion I'd have scores of willing and able servants to do my bidding. But this...this is an exceptional case, and requires exceptional measures. I take it, you are not oppossed to working for me?" he asked, his voice remaining polite.

"Of course not." Lini replied hastily "It's just that-" she fumbled for the right words but couldn't find them, giving up in defeat "What do you need me to do then, Windfather?"

"Please, call me Iros." the man replied "I am quite fed up with these ridiculous and misleading titles. As for your mission, I can not reveal its full extent just yet. But for the moment, know that you should make your way to the center of countries, to a place called Hiiroshoken's temple. You will recieve further instructions there, and possibly something else as well..."

"But, how do I get there?" Lini asked weakly, she was good at covering ground on foot, but this was simply insane.

"Why in your usual manner." Iros replied, "Although I might grant you a small boost, hold still child."

Lini obeyed, feeling the wind rush in from all sides as the guardian invoked his spell. As the incantations came to an end, Lini felt his hand on her forehead, shortly followed by something that felt like a rush of wind running through her body, sweeping away all worry and fatigue.

"My spell will allow you to run like the wind, without tiring, hunger, or injury for the extent of two full days. Now make haste child, there is no time to loose."

With that, Iros dissapeared in a sudden gust of wind, canceling out any further protest on Lini's part and the girl quickly set of into a dash, feeling the wind rush around her on all sides as she picked up speed, rendering her deaf and blind to the outside world. Although she could not see anything in this state Lini instinctively knew which way to go, her feet guiding her without any need of her assistance as she travelled as gust of wind across the lands, in the unvawering direction of the center.

August 11th, 2005, 11:25 AM
(( That's pretty close ^^ I was actually going to post pictures of the gods but unfortunately my computer decided to kill the program I use for drawing T_T but, no worries I will have it online as soon as possible! But until then I suppose I sould describe them better!^^

Iros: A tall and well built man with intense cobalt eyes. His hair is cut short and sticks out here and there, giving him a slightly messy look. He is very intimidating, even in personality, but he is a kind soul underneath everything. He often wears robes of silken Blue, and has many piercings on his body. Each symbolizes a Summoner. He has very strange wings that are like bat wings but have feathers extending from them. His features are very sharp and handsome. As for his personality he is a bit of a trouble maker as far as Gods go. He doesn't follow the guidelines that were set by Tsunami at the start of the world and he often finds himself falling in love with mortals.

Serini: Serini is a young elvaan woman with short ice blue hair and deep violet eyes. She is beautiful beyond the full extent of the word, and knows it. Her skin is paler then the snow that surrounds her temple. She is a very quiet woman who is fawned over by many people. Though small in stature she is very powerful and commands respect without even a word. The ice goddess is entirely devoted to Tsunami and often finds herself wishing for more in their friendship. She is very calm and practical, doing what she believes is best for others. Also she is not easily angered but when she is it could mean death for anyone who stands in her way.

Roccini: Serini's younger brother. He is a small child in human form with spikey golden hair that is lined with electric green. His eyes are a bright goldenrod color and are slightly animal like. His skin is darkly tanned, unlike his sister and he often sports yellow robes. He also is very fond of his tail, so he retains it in his human form. He is a very playful god, and finds enjoyment in pretending to be a normal person in order to scare mortals.

Firien: He is a very old looking dwarf with a thick mane of red hair and black eyes. He is very tempermental and loud at times. The fire god also hates to be proven wrong and often holds a challenge to all who wish to become his summoner. If they can find a way to prove him wrong then he will allow them to, maybe. He wears red and black robes and carries a large battle axe with him everywhere. Even though he says otherwise, he and Iros are very close friends, despite the many arguments the two get into. He is a very sweet soul underneath his gruff facade.

Tsunami: He is concidered the head of the gods in the absence of Hiiroshoken. He is a very calm individual who seems to be the wisest of them all. The god of water has a long mane of intense blue hair that seems to be made of water. He is tall and well built, his features making him very intimidating. In his centaur form he has light blue fur and dark blue socks. He wears armor of deep navey and silver, claiming that it goes well with his silver eyes. It is rumored that he is blind in both eyes but no one can really tell. Tsunami is a king and loving god, but has an obsession with order. It was rumored that he once fought side by side with Hiiroshoken during the great wars with the Feri.

Nisha: He is a very meek individual most of the time, but when his emotions come into play he becomes fierce. He has very dark skin and hair of pure silver. His eyes are a crystal blue and he has two large white wings that extend from his back. White scales run up and down his arms and legs, his Black robes making him very noticable. He isn't very big at all, but is intimidating in his own way. By himself he has little confidance but with others at his side he becomes a force of blinding energy.

Karnage: The opposite of Nisha. It was rumored that the two were one being many centuries ago.

August 11th, 2005, 12:22 PM
OOC: Although I finished my form, according to your descriptions of the summons, Serini may be slightly out of character. Thus, if you want me to change my sample or extend it (it is rather short), I would be willing to.

August 11th, 2005, 1:07 PM
(( Your form is fine and you are accepted. You actually came very close to her personality. She wants to make others happy and doesn't really show her vain side unless in the pressance of people she is unfamiliar with.))

August 11th, 2005, 3:16 PM
((OOC: Is there any room left for one more person??))

August 11th, 2005, 4:21 PM
((Sure! ^^ We need everyone we can get ^^))

Alter Ego
August 12th, 2005, 8:51 AM
((OOC: By the by Kagome. It's been quite a while since you posted in the thread 'Pokmon Academy' and since my character is kind of tangled up with yours I'm on hold as well. So ah...could you maybe do something about that?))

August 12th, 2005, 10:38 AM
Ryu lightly ran his hand over the rough bark of a tree, brushing his fingers over the soft moss growing on its side. If the moss grows on this side of the tree . . . it seems I am moving toward the north and west. The Dragoon lower his hand, flicking a piece of moss from his fingertips. Though the warrior had no particular location he intended to arrive at, he found it helpful to note the direction he was moving toward.

Brushing a few strands of black and crimson hair away from his cloth-covered eyes, Ryu continued to make his way noiselessly through the forest. Listening carefully to the gentle breeze moving through the forest, the Dragoon's ears twitched as he noted the disruptions in the air currents--thereby identifying the locations of several trees. Pausing as he moved between two trees, the male felt himself bump a root that had been raised from the ground. Carefully stepping over it, he continued to walk through the sunlit woods.

August 12th, 2005, 11:24 AM
After a few moments of rest, Angel once again mounted the great lizard. With a gleeful cry, it leapt into the trees again. Night had begun to set in around her and she wanted to get further away from the river before resting for the night. A tribe of beastmen lived near the water and they weren't what she would concider friendly. And since she was not herself, they would not be afraid of her as they normally would be.

The lizard scurried from branch to branch with amazing speed. Angel hoped that the beast would be able to keep up this speed. Her thoughts turned then to what awaited her at the small village. Karnage said she would give her further instructions there. But, what did the goddess want from her?

August 12th, 2005, 2:50 PM
((hey people I'm changing my carictor... I want him to be darker than what I put... so just look at my first post to see the canges...))

IC: Tetsuo closes his eyes and smiles, "Maria whould have loved you...." he said to a small squerll that was sitting on the branch above him. He sighs and looks at his helmet sitting next to him, "Maria..." he says closing his eyes, he needed his sleep, after loosing her he had been hunting nonstop for days.

He can smell the oder of the Dragoon that he had killed, the red scales had cut his arms up pretty bad but.... he had killed anouther and he was getting closer to his goal... the black bastard that killed his wife....

(( this is what he looks like now that he's gone crazy with the death of his wife....))

August 13th, 2005, 11:34 AM
Ryu froze as he heard a voice. It was some distance away, but retained a definate undercurrent of pain and fury. Tilting one of his dragon ears toward the sound, the male listened to the words the voice spoke. A name was mentioned . . . "Maria" . . .

Adjusting his dark cloak, the Dragoon turned and started in a slightly different direction--moving away from the voice. At the moment, he had no desire for any unneccessary interaction.

August 15th, 2005, 10:36 AM
Angel slowed her mount to a hault on the edge of the jungle, leaping to the ground easily. They had made rather good time, and darkness was now in full bloom. She patted the lizard gently and climbed up into the safty of a large tree for the night. The creature followed her example and hid itself perfectly with the branches of another. Angel let out a soft sigh as she drifted off into a fitfull sleep. That night she had a dream...

* A young man on a great steed running from the west, a small beastmen child dashing at an increadible speed from the south near her, A man filled with terrible hate and sorrow also moving toward the center of the continent, and a white dragoon pushing himself from the world. Angel flew toward the center of the contenant, watching these others carefully. Somehow it felt, right...

Alter Ego
August 15th, 2005, 10:52 AM
"Whoa! That was-that was-" Lini steadied herself against the trunk of a nearby tree, her body slowly adjusting back to normality as the duration of Iros' spell passed. After the euphoria of the last two days reality, it seemed to her, was a real gyp. Hunger, thirst, and fatigue returned to the girl with a horrible vengeance. As she reached into her satchel her fingers caught hold of something that had definitely not been there before. Pulling the foreign object out, Lini identified it as a small package which, upon closer inspection, contained a fresh supply of both food and water. As she hungrily set upon her meal, Lini discovered that there was also a note enclosed. The message was simple:

"For eventual drawbacks...


The girl gave a tired smile as she finished her meal. Feeling too exhausted to walk further that eve, she curled up at the roots of the tree, using her travelling cloak as a blanket. Soon drifting of to blissfull sleep.

August 15th, 2005, 12:02 PM
Continuing through the forest, Ryu began to slow his pace as he felt the surrounding temperature lower. Judging by this temperature, I suppose night is drawing nearer . . . But, it is does not matter. Travelling by sunlight, moonlight, starlight, or no light makes no difference to me.

Adjusting the blindfold about his head, the Dragoon pressed onward and steadily increased his pace. However, after a time, he felt a wraith-like presence at his side. Before the wintery-eyed elf beside him could speak, Ryu answered her.

"I don't need rest, Serini." He paused, turning his sightless crimson eyes toward her. "I can't explain it, but I feel the need to press onward."

Serini smiled gently as she placed a hand on Ryu's shoulder. "Determined as always. I always thought your fiery spirit would be the death of you . . . "

"Walking through one night won't kill me," the Dragoon replied adamantly.

"Perhaps not, but I still think it best that you rest for the night."

Ryu was momentarily silent, as though considering her words. "When the moon has fully risen and the stars are their brightest, then return. I'll rest then."

Serini gazed fondly at the Dragoon before turning away. "Still stubborn, I see. But, very well." Wings that sparkled with the light of glittering snow rose from the summon's back as she rose toward the night sky and vanished.

August 15th, 2005, 5:53 PM
Tetsuo... Tetsuo.... come on....

"Maria...." Tetsuo mumbled opening his eyes, "just a dream..."

Tetsuo stands up and ajusts his armor, he didn't know why he still wore it but... he just did. "**** Dragoons..." he cursed, "if it weren't for them I would never even be here..."

August 16th, 2005, 4:33 PM
Angel awoke early, the morning barely visable on the horison. She stretched and yawned widely before leaping to the ground silently. Thank goodness she still retained her abilities. She whistled loudly and the lizard scurried down to her. Angel smiled up at it and mounted him quickly. It would only be another half day's journey to the village.

" Let's go my friend." She said with a smile. The lizard once again bounded off, this time across the open grassland that bordered the jungle. The tall grass waved around them like an ocean of green. The sky was unusually blue this day, causing a memory to surface. The first day Angel had went to the temple the sky had been like this.

August 16th, 2005, 4:38 PM
Tetsuo enters the village, it was small and had many stone houses, but what he had come for was teh temple in the middle... "I'm here now.... lets see what they want me to do..." Tetsuo says walking threw the streets.

August 16th, 2005, 5:46 PM
Angel could faintly make out the shadow of the village, and let out a gleeful cry. She threw her arms into the air as the lizard bounded into the sky. It landed hard, the fox woman grabbing the reins with one hand. The lizard let out a screech and barreled onward. Angel's golden eyes took in the familiar surroundings as she slowed the beast to a trot. She was an impressive sight indeed, sitting dominantly atop her mount.

She entered the village, ignoring the open stares of others. Her eyes scanned the area, feeling a strange tingle run down her spine. The fox glanced over at Tetsuo, committing his appearance to memory. The large lizard stopped under her command. She watched silently as a black raven circled the man overhead before flying off.

" You, Sir...I wish to speak with you." She stated. It was more of a command then a request, her piercing eyes glaring at him.

August 17th, 2005, 9:24 AM
As Ryu slowly awakened, he lay still as he observed his environment. The air was still and cold, but an occasional fragment of birdsong reached him amidst the silence. It seems like morning--early, but morning. Having slept leaning against a thick-trunked tree, the Dragoon slowly stood as he brushed dust and bark from his cloak. Then, shaking his cloak free of leaves, he lightly licked his forefinger before raising his hand to test the air. No wind to identify . . . Any heat source seems to becoming from this direction, though. Since it's early morning, that would mean this direction is east. Turning, Ryu continued in the direction he had been moving during the previous night.

After a time, Ryu slowed his pace. Though somewhat distant, he heard the sounds of multiple voices. There was a village nearby. While desirous of avoiding any social interaction, the Dragoon decided that communities had at least two things he was searching for--information and certain supplies.

It seems that, if I truly wish to obtain such things, entering a community is unavoidable. But, first . . . Ryu ceased walking as listened to the approach of several beings--humans. Raising the hood of his cloak, the Dragoon completely enveloped himself in black cloth.

Not flinching as an arrow whistled by one ear, the male remained silent as he heard a voice call out, "That was a warning shot. Now, if you don't want an arrow through your throat, hand over any money or valuables you have."

A group of bandits emerged from the surrounding forest, forming a circle about Ryu. Beneath the blindfold, the Dragoon's crimson eyes narrowed as he spoke in a controlled, level tone. "I have nothing for you," he said shortly.

Neither do I have any more words or patience to give you should you persist. Though fully still, Ryu listened intently for any movements the bandits about him might make.

Alter Ego
August 17th, 2005, 9:32 AM
The sudden intrusion of voices shook Lini from her sleep. Shocked, the girl instictively reached for her bow and peered at her surroundings. Noticing no immediate danger she rose to her feet, shivering slightly in the cold morning air. The girl crept silently towards the source of the noise, soon spotting a group of scruffy looking humans circling in on a solitary one, completely covered in black cloth. The answer seemed fairly obvious: Bandits?, she clenched her hand a bight tighter around the shaft of Windslash as she edged closer to the road, still making sure that the foilage hid her from view. Appearances can be deciving though... she thought for herself, covering her ears with her hood to keep them from view I'll just watch and see what happens.

August 17th, 2005, 3:50 PM
Angel could faintly make out the shadow of the village, and let out a gleeful cry. She threw her arms into the air as the lizard bounded into the sky. It landed hard, the fox woman grabbing the reins with one hand. The lizard let out a screech and barreled onward. Angel's golden eyes took in the familiar surroundings as she slowed the beast to a trot. She was an impressive sight indeed, sitting dominantly atop her mount.

She entered the village, ignoring the open stares of others. Her eyes scanned the area, feeling a strange tingle run down her spine. The fox glanced over at Tetsuo, committing his appearance to memory. The large lizard stopped under her command. She watched silently as a black raven circled the man overhead before flying off.

" You, Sir...I wish to speak with you." She stated. It was more of a command then a request, her piercing eyes glaring at him.

Tetsuo turns barly in her derection, "About what?" he asks harshly, fingering his gun.

He looked at her and the giant beast she had with her.... he didn't like animals but... others did, (like his wife) and he dealed with it... "and don't waist my time... I'm an elf on a mission!"

August 17th, 2005, 5:28 PM
" Silence fool! I have been sent by Lady Karnage. You happen to be someone that she holds an intrest in." She spat hatefully, her Halberd appearing in her hands instantly. The fox woman held the weapon level with the elf, her harsh eyes flashing to the blood red they once were.

" You will come with me elf. You have no other choice. Even Maria would agree to this..." She added darkly, her ears flat against her skull.

August 18th, 2005, 8:26 AM
"Nothing? I wouldn't say that. I'm sure you can cough up something for us," the bandit leader said, casually spinning a dagger in one hand. "Or, if ya would rather, we can beat the valuables out of ya." The man smirked, adding, "Really, it's up to you whether we do this the easy way or the hard way."

Ryu did not move. His mind was focused elsewhere, his sensitive ears having detected a foreign sound. It's unsure, especially knowing there is a large group present . . . but, there seems to be a movement pattern differing from the others. The Dragoon's unseeing gaze intensified as he attempted to isolate the sound. However, his concentration was suddenly broken as the bandit again spoke, his patience ended.

"Well, boys, looks like we have a traveller who's ready to pay toll the hard way."

Several bandits guffawed coarsely as they prepared their weapons. "Hey, Garin," the leader added. "Why don't we save some trouble. Take him out."

Listening intently, Ryu identified the sound of bending wood, followed by a sudden whir. Raising one hand, he caught an arrow--its tip less than an inch from his throat. Snapping the projectile, he moved into a battle stance as the bandits started toward him. I won't soil Serini's hands with the likes of you. I'll take you on myself.

As the first of the bandits neared him, the Dragoon cast off his cloak, catching his attacker's arm with his dark tail. Slamming the attacker to the ground before releasing him, he raised a heat-engulfed hand to block a strike from a knife. Upon meeting his hand, the steel weapon instantly melted. Not turning, Ryu bashed another opponent in the head with his tail as he heard the bandit leader sneer, "I was almost worried when I realized that you were a Dragoon. But, then I saw your blindfold. Now I realize that a blind Dragoon is about as much a threat as a baby squirrel--especially against all of us."

Ryu said nothing, rather simply ducking a punch as he drove his fist into the ground. A wave of flame rippled from him, drawing numerous curses from those about him. Straightening as the fire faded, the Dragoon extended the claws on his hands, raising them to block a dagger. Hearing a sound to the side, Ryu dodged. However, he was not able to entirely avoid the attack. The slash directed toward his head traced a thin wound across one side of his face, slicing through the blindfold. As the cloth tumbled to the ground, the Dragoon's scarlet eyes were revealed. Instantly, several bandits fell dead.

Alter Ego
August 18th, 2005, 8:53 AM
No way...

Lini stared in amazement at the scene unfolding in front of her. Not only was the stranger a dragoon, but someone capable of doing that? Although it was pretty obvious that this person didn't any help, Lini couldn't help her nagging conscience. There were still several bandits alive. That guy might be a creepy half-dragon person who shoots flames out of his hands and kills people just by looking at them but I should still help. Lini thought, carefuly rising up to her feet, pulling back Windslash's string, a soft hum emanating as the spectral arrow materialized.

The bandits were apparently flailing their weapons about while doing their best to cover their eyes. But the one called Garin was aiming a shot straight for the dragoon's throat, and Lini doubted that he'd have enough hands to stop it.

"Hey Garin!"

"Wha-?" the bandit's concentration was broken as he turned around to inspect the noise, giving Lini enough time to land a shot between his eyes.

The leader spun around at the commotion "Garin?", his eyes travelling from the bandit's dead body to Lini who was now completely uncovered. His eyes narrowed in fury, "You vicious brat." the man spat out "Ivor! Catseye! Get her!"

An slender and pale man armed with a rapier and a shabby looking fellow with black hair and yellow slit eyes armed with a pair of daggers turned towards the girl, opening their eyes. A pair of sadistic smirks appearing on their faces at the sight of what they considered an easy target. Lini quickly pulled back the string of her bow. Why do I always have to get myself involved in these situations? she pondered, firing away another burst of wind at her new attackers.

August 18th, 2005, 9:27 AM
Slashing a bandit's face with his claws, Ryu paused as he heard a foreign voice behind him. Hearing a body fall amidst the clatter of a quiver of arrows, the Dragoon released a blast of flame as he mused, "By that sound, it seems the one called Garin is dead . . . For the moment, it appears there is a warrior present who is also fighting against the bandits."

"You vicious brat. Ivor! Catseye! Get her!"

If nothing else, the bandits don't appreciate her presence. Striking an opponent down with his tail, Ryu spread his dark wings before taking to the air. Landing behind Lini with his eyes closed, the Dragoon spoke quietly. "Don't turn around. Just continue firing your weapon." Opening his eyes, Ryu cast his sightless gaze about the area--preventing any bandits from clearly viewing the archer.

Alter Ego
August 18th, 2005, 9:46 AM
Lini felt a shiver travel down her spine as she heard the dragoon's command from behind her, but she had seen what had happened to the bandits and obeyed with a nod. The one called Ivor fell to the dragoon's stare, while the one known as Catseye had taken a crippling strike to his right shoulder and was now unable to do anything but stagger about, covering his eyes. Lini soon put the poor man out of his misery with a properly aimed shot.

"Dragoons! Killing stares! Beastmen appearing out of nowhere and firing invisible arrows! This is madness!" one of the bandits exclaimed, panic evident in his voice as he staggered backwards.

"Silence fool!" the bandit leader called, stamping his foot in irritation as he covered his eyes with a torn piece of clothing. "It's nothing but a child and a cripple! You've fought in the dark before! Avert your eyes and attack! The first one to flee I'll slay myself!"

A trio of bandits charged at Lini with their weapons drawn, purposefully avoiding Ryu's gaze. Noticing that they were too many to pick off in time Lini began to utter a spell under her breath, moving her hands in cue with the incantations.

This went unnoticed by the thugs, the nearest one letting out a triumphant cry as he raised his knife only to be knocked back along with his two companions by a fierce gust of wind. Lini immediately fired another volley of shots, catching one of the men in the stomach as he flew and striking another one with a duo of spectral arrows into the eyes, blinding him.

The bandit leader paled visibly, his overwhelming ego crippled. "This is not worth it. Retreat!" he called hoarsely, showing good example by running back into the woods, narrowly dodging a shot from Lini which struck a piece of bark of a nearby tree. The newly blind man rushed of, stumbling as he clutched his bleeding eyesockets. The healthy ones quickly dispersed as well, while the one who had been caught in the stomach simply lay back with a groan. A tear falling from her eye at the sight, Lini decided to put him out of his misery with a single shot for the heart.

"I think that's the last of them." the girl said, lowering her bow but not daring to turn around.

August 18th, 2005, 10:29 AM
"Perhaps . . . but, no one crosses me and lives." Flames surrounded Ryu's hands as he listened carefully to the fleeing bandits. However, as he prepared to cast an orb of fire, his hands were suddenly engulfed in ice as a wraith-like swan materialized in the clearing. Though he could not see her, Ryu recognized Serini's presence.

"I spared your life, Ryu. Spare theirs," the summon said quietly before vanishing.

Shattering the ice with a burst of heat, the Dragoon gritted his teeth as he moved past Lini and returned to the clearing. Amidst the various carcasses, he knelt and knocked his hand against the ground. Listening carefully to the vibrations, he was able to identify the area at which his cloak was. Lifting the dark object from the ground, he clasped it about his neck. Then, removing a scrap of cloth from a pouch at his belt, he tied it over his eyes. The sliced blindfold would be of no use. And, until he found a better blindfold, the cloth scrap would serve its function.

Turning his unseeing eyes toward Lini, he paused before speaking. "Thanks," he said shortly before turning and starting away.

Alter Ego
August 18th, 2005, 10:37 AM
For a moment Lini simply stood still, amazed by the sight of the swan-like figure who had stopped the dragoon's plans for revenge. Suddenly, she recalled hearing about a guardian who took the form of a swan, Serini as she remembered. As the silent figure walked over to collect his cloak and created a makeshift blindfold for himself hundreds of questions darted through Lini's mind. Who was this guy? How did he know Serini? What did the guardian mean by 'I spared your life, Ryu.'? What happened to his eyes?

"Thanks" Ryu said shortly, before turning and starting away.

"Wait." Lini called after him, not really knowing what to say at first. She had promised Iros to be at her destination tommorow so directions would be nice, "Do you know if we're anywhere close to the center of countries?"

August 18th, 2005, 12:33 PM
Ryu paused as Lini spoke. "I've never been at this place before, so I wouldn't know," he replied. "But, there's a village a short distance from here that I'm going to. You'll probably find your answer there." Without another word, he raised his cloak's hood and continued on.

August 18th, 2005, 7:44 PM
Angel steered her mount to the far side of the village, away from the people. She turned at the sound of a soft growl nearby, a black panther stepping from the shadows. Angel bowed to the animal form of Karnage silently, dark energy snaking out from her body. This energy was invisable to those around her, but it called out to the others who moved toward the center.

Karnage smiled at the fox woman before fading back into the shadows.

Alter Ego
August 19th, 2005, 12:33 AM
"Well, I suppose we're heading the same way then." Lini replied, following Ryu. Blind the dragoon might be, but he seemed to have an innate sense of direction. And travelling was always safer in company, even if it was creepy, deathstaring, and unsocial company.

The girl brought her bow back to its resting place, the string still humming softly as they proceeded in silence. Wonder why Iros wanted me to come here? She mused, not wanting to annoy the person in front of her with talking.

August 19th, 2005, 8:25 AM
Ryu said nothing as Lini began to follow him, merely continuing to move toward the village. After a time, the sounds of voices and movement could be heard clearly. Then, amidst the trees could be seen a village. Emerging from the forest at the village's edge, Ryu paused to listen to and assess his environment. I never did like these types of communities--whether village, town, city, or anything. There's too much sound. It makes it difficult to find my way around. Beneath his cloak hood, the Dragoon's ears twitched lightly before suddenly stiffening as he sensed a foreign energy. But, within seconds the dark energy's presence had vanished.

Deciding against mentioning the energy's passing presence, Ryu started into the village.

August 19th, 2005, 2:18 PM
Angel shouldered her Halberd, her fox ears swiveling forward to catch the sounds of the festival begining. The stone buildings were all decorrated in the colors of the gods, many vendors selling goods and costumes lining the streets. Little children ran about gleefully, all dressed in masks of the beast gods. Colored banners and streamers hung from tall ceremonial poles. Angel couldn't help but smile as memories of this festival flooded her mind.

August 19th, 2005, 3:36 PM
Tetsuo felt alone and forgotten, "What will happen to me...." he wonders quietly to himself, "that woman has obiulsly not seen any wars, what does she think she is to tell me what to do!" he suddenly remembered his wife, "you used to be at my side my gorgiuse wife...." he whispers to himself looking at the scar on his hand he had gotten from her nailes the first time they had coupled.

he looks at the sky and spies a cloud shaped like a younge woman laying on a bed of flowers, "and you always were ther for me.... even when I wasn't there for you..." he wipes some tears from his face, "I never thought I would miss you so much..."

Alter Ego
August 21st, 2005, 9:28 AM
Lini's body gave an involuntary shudder as she felt a wave of dark magical energy pass from somewhere within the village. Something was apparently up here amongst the festivities, and it probably wasn't good. But everything seemed normal now, the sensation was gone. Was it just her mind playing tricks on her?

"Umm..." Lini approached the dragoon she had followed for the last leg of the journey, after all, it would probably be better to ask him than a complete stranger. "This might seem like an odd question, but did you sense anything strange just now?" she asked, half-hoping to be told that she had imagined it.

August 22nd, 2005, 9:33 PM
"Then you felt the dark energy as well?" The Dragoon turned his unseeing eyes toward the young female at his side. Adjusting the cloth tied about his eyes, Ryu moved his hood until it shadowed his face. "In the presence of such energy, by careful and alert." Turning, he started into the community--moving silently among the crowds and carefully avoiding walking into any walls.

August 23rd, 2005, 8:06 AM
Angel shuddered when she felt three pressances nearby. Karnage wanted her to meet these people for some reason. The lizard paced beneath her impatiantly, Angel sitting dominantly atop it. Even though she was a far cry from her usual intimadating form she still held that dangerous air about her.

The woman didn't want to attract any unwanted attintion from the villagers. She held her halberd before herself and silently cast a dark incantation that made her invisable to those who were not one with the gods.

" Come to me then...we have much to discuss..." She murmured, her golden eyes gleaming.

Alter Ego
August 23rd, 2005, 8:14 AM
Lini spun around as she heard the voice, noticing a beastwoman, who appeared to have the characteristics of a fox, sitting atop a huge lizard, a dangerous looking halberd in her hand. Strangely, the other crowdmembers didn't seem to pay any heed to her, although the girl had a feeling that Ryu was following the situation. Something about the woman seemed hauntingly familiar to Lini, although she couldn't tell what. What the girl could tell however was that this person was dangerous, she wasn't about to be intimidated though.

"Do we now?" Lini asked, her voice steady and defiant as she held Windslash close to her and adressed the woman "Well in that case, why don't we start with this; who are you and what are you doing here?"

August 23rd, 2005, 8:43 AM
Angel smiled warmly at the younger girl, her Halberd shattering. The large beast she sat upon shifted it's weight as she leapt to the ground.

" I apologise but I cannot disclose that information here..." Angel stated. " Come with me to the temple and I will answer your questions. Or you may stay here. It's up to you."

Her words filtered into the minds of all three of them, even the dragoon hater. With that the fox woman bade her lizard mount farewell and walked toward a large monument that had been errected in the center of the village. It was made of gold and silver, the shape of a massive creature. Hiiroshoken.

Alter Ego
August 23rd, 2005, 8:48 AM
Lini was slightly confused by the woman's reaction, both her words and her smile. It seemed so completely different from her previous appearance that it could be a trap. But Lini was too curious not to act on her proposition.

The girl quickly made her way to the statue where the woman was, travelling between the masses of people with formidable agility. When it came down to it, the feat wasn't really much harder than walking through a thick canopy, just as long as you knew the subtle differences.

"Well, I'm here." Lini stated as she reached the statue, still holding to her bow for good measure "Now could you tell me what's going on?"

August 23rd, 2005, 1:18 PM
Angel nodded slightly to the rabbit girl, and held her arms outward to the statue.

" In the name of Lady Dark, open thy gates to me temple of Hiiroshoken...Reveil to us your door." She murmured. A low rumble filled the air and twin black gates that stood beneath the great statue opened, flames of pure silver igniting around them. The crowds of people looked over at the commotion in shock and awe, seeing nothing but the flames and the massive gates.

Angel stepped inside quickly, her boots clinking on the marble floor. She stopped just inside the temple and waited for the others to join them.

" My name is Angel, I am also known as the Dark Angel of Karnage..." She began. There were no other people in the temple at all, since the temple had been off limits to all ever since the disappearance of the high god.

" You are one of the six..." She added, looking down at the girl. " and....I am sorry but...YOU ARE JUST SO CUTE!!!" She squealed, hugging the girl to her.

August 23rd, 2005, 1:26 PM
OOC: Really sorry everyone...I'm just not in this =/ So, I'm sorry to leave, but I must ;; Good luck! Just wanted everyone to know that I'm not going to be RPing with you all =(

August 23rd, 2005, 2:48 PM
<Walks in, looking about the thread with his claws ready>
Oy, woman... where do I sign up for this thing? Or is there no room in here? I can always make some... >.>

August 23rd, 2005, 3:35 PM
OOC: I think there's room now that Katsuro left...

IC: Tetsuo blinks at the sight of the two girls, "hm... women just keep going to cute things... whats up with that!?" he jumps out of the tree and lands on the temple steps.

August 23rd, 2005, 6:13 PM
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Alter Ego
August 24th, 2005, 4:51 AM
Angle's veritable deathgrip of a hug caught Lini by surprise and she squirmed for a bit until the woman finally let go. Somehow this didn't fit into her idea of what dark angles with big, nasty, black halberd tended to do.

"Um, thanks..." the girl muttered, blushing slightly "My name is Lini, Lini Lanil. Or at least that's what I've always been called..." she added, remembering that she didn't really have a clue about her 'real', original name. "But anyway, what do you mean by 'one of the six'?" she asked curiously, not noticing anyone else in the temple at the moment. "And how come none of those people outside noticed you?"

August 24th, 2005, 7:19 AM
Angel beamed down at her.

" How very perceptive of you, Lini. They can't see me because I cast something called a glamor spell which descises my appearance and my aura from those who cannot summon a god beast..." She explained. A large black panther appeared near the fox woman, it's tail flicking to and fro. It morphed into the form of Karnage the goddess. Angel bowed deeply to her, the goddess lifting the woman's chin with a clawed hand.

" You do not have to hide anymore my love." She purred, energy snaking around the girl. Angel let out a gasp as she felt herself changing again. Light engulfed her body, wings sprouting from her spine once again. When the light cleared, she was once again a replica of the goddess, her eyes trembling in joy.

Alter Ego
August 24th, 2005, 7:40 AM
((I hope that what I am writing now is acceptable plot-wise.))

"Whoa, that was...unexpected." Lini stated, more than a little surprised about Karnage's appearance and Angel's sudden transformation, although the woman's real appearance did suit her name better.

"I did tell you that there would be 'something else' here, didn't I?" came a familiar voice from some unseen corner of the temple.

Lini turned around, although this time in full knowledge of who had snuck up on her as the human shape of Iros came into view from the shadows, his barely visible mouth forming into a slight grin. Lini didn't bow though, as her patron had never been particularly fond of formalities.

"I hear that you helped another chosen on the way." he remarked, before Lini could reply.

For a moment the girl was completely at loss, before the obvious encountered her once more "You mean that dragoon guy is one too?"

Iros nodded.

"Okay, could someone finally tell me what this is all about?" Lini asked, turning to every person in the room in turn. "What's up with this 'chosen' bussiness?"

August 24th, 2005, 4:00 PM
<< Keh. There's always room for meh.'Cept that my connection sucks bad. grr. Soo... i gotta read the rules then i'll post somthin... or i'll edit this with what i'll post... anywho... >>

OOC:Well I'm pulling out... Inuyasha If you wan't I'm sure they'll let you take my carector... I don't mind...

August 24th, 2005, 5:40 PM
OOC:Well I'm pulling out... Inuyasha If you wan't I'm sure they'll let you take my carector... I don't mind...
<< Keh. I got my own ideas.>>
Name: Katajii
Age:...technically over 100, but only in his early 20's.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: 5'8", Long hair - midnight black, put into a pony tail near the top of the back of his head. He wears a black yukata and hakama set, but his left sleeve has a slit for his forearm to be exposed. On that arm is a thick leather glove he uses for his pet Falcon. He has eyes that change in accord to his mood it seems, a cat claw like scar of his cheek (the three claw marks like inuyasha has, only more of a downward slant).
Personality: ... it's no fun if you know... ><
Past: He was born to the Village elder of "Mikatsu-yo." When he was old enough to challenge the village's men for the right to succede his father, a swarm of beasts attacked an outcropping of settlers near his village. The strongest warriors could not kill this swarm, and Katajii was forced to be put into stasis and guarded by the Dwarves. He does not know what has become of his village, nor does he know who the woman was that haunted his dreams as he slept for nearly a century.
Weapon: A sacred blade given to his father by a servant of the Fire God, it's name is 'The Sword of Heaven's Cleansing Flames,' but he refers to it as the 'Tengoku.'
Magic abilities: He learned how to talk to animals, and can read their thoughts. Guess you can put that as light... but he's a fire person... xD

SUmmoned beast: >.> whichever one is left i guess... if now, Firien.

It had been a while since he had last seen the sky. His eyes needed time to adjust to the light of the full moon. Light that he had missed for so long.
"Kyo... Come." He shouted, waiting a moment before he picked up a small whistle at his neck. Blowing gently, he held his other arm out. Minutes later a small dot appeared in the dark sky, centered in the moon. A bird - his bird- swooped in and landed on his thickly gloved forearm. "Kyo... it's been a while. You've been hunting well."
"Scree!" The falcon responded. The man smiled warmly before he looked about the land. It was farthen from home then he'd realized... of course, by then... there was no home left.
There was no village. No family. There was no one left. Just a face, imprinted in his mind. A face he was pulled towards, seemingly by some mystical force. He checked his things, the dwarves had repaired his heirloom sword, and it had never looked better. For being over a hundred years old, it held it's mettle. The young man laughed, thinking of how he had gotten the sword when it was only a year old.
"So, chicken..."
"SKREE!! -peck-"
"OW! Danigt... I was only going to ask you to lead me home before I went on my journey." His falcon had pecked him in the forhead, but he was glad, for the magic had no longer held him captive... blood was flowing freely from his wound. He was no longer a human statue, sleeping through the plague that devoured his home town. He was no longer forced to hide, but he was free to fight.

August 25th, 2005, 5:46 PM
(( Fine! Go! I see how it is!! You don't like me anymore!! T_T *wails* Not really I'm just messin with ya XD))

Angel decided to allow Karnage to explain, since she knew about as much as Lini did. The goddess crossed her arms over her chest and took a deep breath.

" A long time ago, long before any of you existed, there was a war. A dark and terrible war. It was between the races of the world. There was no clear purpose for the fighting, meerly a strong emotion that had bled into every inch of the mortal's soul. " Karnage began. " It was caused by creatures of pure evil, creatures that were unleahed by the opposite of Hiiroshoken. Daemonos. These creatures destroyed thousands of lives and swallowed the souls of the dead. Every place they appeared became lifeless and decayed. It seemed as though their very existance in the world threw everything into chaos. "

But, One day Hiiroshoken escaped the bonds that had held him back, the shackles that had been placed on him by Daemonos. He came to the world and created the gods and together they vanquished the creatures. Unfortunately, all of the gods except for Tsunami were killed. So, to prevent the same thing from happening, Hiiroshoken divided himself, to give birth to a new set of gods that Tsunami could lead. " She continued. " Unfortunately the hatered, though surpressed, still ran deeply inside the hearts of the people. Even now, every living creature feels the hatred and will act upon it if the evil grows too strong. "

" That is why the six were created..." A male voice added. Tsunami stepped forward slowly, his regal appearance intimidateing even Angel. The other gods bowed to him in greeting, Tsunami returning the gesture.

" Hiiroshoken made a prophacy that six mortals would bring the world together again...but, though many have tried none have been accepted. That is were you come in..." Tsunami finished.

August 25th, 2005, 5:50 PM
[QUOTE=Kagome](( Fine! Go! I see how it is!! You don't like me anymore!! T_T *wails* Not really I'm just messin with ya XD))[QUOTE]
((You are wiered... I like that lets be buds..))

August 25th, 2005, 6:06 PM
(( Ok! ^_^ BTW Inu-Kun I likey *bites* ))

August 25th, 2005, 6:18 PM
((Anouther friend yay! *eyes go stary*))

August 25th, 2005, 8:10 PM
" Angel..." Tsunami stated. The girl looked over at him in surprise.

" Yes, MiLord?" She asked nervously, dropping to one knee.

" Go and find the one named Katajii and bring him here..." The god said, placing a hand gently on her head. Angel nodded sharply and rose to her feet. She looked at Lini warmly, patting her on the head.

" Take care little sister!" She beamed. Then the panther woman turned to Karnage. The goddess embraced her daughter lovingly, before backing away.

" Be careful my love...you will be going into the north..." She warned. Angel nodded and bowed to those present.

" I hope that MiLord Iros will send a good wind to my back." She stated, before walking outside. Her wings fanned out wide and she leapt into the air, flapping her wings. The wind rushed to lift her up and a joyful smile graced her lips. She could once again be free! The girl spun in mid air, laughing joyously before veering in Katajii's direction.

August 25th, 2005, 8:17 PM
<< Woman! Must you always bite me? It stings a bit, ya know... I'mmana make sure to get you when i see you. A nice. Big. POKE. xD >>

He walked towards the sun. Three day's, he'd remembered, the sun was at his back. It was his second day of walking, and he passes the sacred tree his father's ancestors had planted. It still bloomed it's black sakura petals. Someone of his linieage must have been alive... but then he laughed to himself. He was. He could be the only one.
An entire village could have been slaughtered, as he lay asleep. This did not strike him as honrable.
"I'd rather have died by my family, Kyo. Then I would be feasting with them. Drinking sake. Eating my fill of rice, and those little cherries that I loved to much."
"... No. I know I am alive now. But... I let them die."
"Cluck Cluck!"
"You wonder why I call you a chicken somtimes..."
"GRr..I could cook you, you know..."
The bird settled down, and lifting it's head, flew from Katajii's shoulder. He know what this meant... either he was close to the boundry, or the stupid chicken was hungry. Shaking his head, the young man went back to thinking. His village was a small one, not the size of the capitols or the towns, but for a village, they contained a strength that was unmatched. The worst of his village were the Emporer's best guards. No one dare'd attack them. What exactly was this evil he was to face.
The faint sound jolted him back to his senses, his hand steathly moved to his blade, the wind stirring about him.
"I am Katajii Honooku, of the Village of the Mikatsu-yo. You have three seconds to show yourself and convince me you've-"
An arrow was shot, he spotted it streaking past a tree to his left. Katajii focused and drew his blade, the folded steel cutting the arrow in half as a trail of flames burst forth from the tip. Whatever it was that attacked leapt from the shadows, it's massive form seeming feet taller then himself. It's snakelike tongue licked it's lips as it bowed it's head and drew a blade of it's own. The two stood still for a moment, before a small flick of Katajii's wrist and a gentle leap brought him a foot behind the beast. The sticky sound of blood and intestines oozing forth made Katajii smile, as he tapped his blade to the ground and said a small prayer as the blood was burnt off.
"Flames of Heaven, rid these enemies from my path."
The air was once again silent, his sparring match was over. Katajii looked to the sun as it set, sheathed his sword, and continued on for the day.
'Soon, Father, I will make it back to pray to our family. Then, I shall cleanse the land of the evil that claimed your souls.'

August 25th, 2005, 8:42 PM
Angel flew onward, her wings had been weakened from the lack of use. She kept her senses alert, beastmen weren't exactly liked in this region. The boundary was ahead, and now she would have to be extra careful. Unfortunately there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The irritated woman alighted on a tree, folding her wings against her back. Just her luck. She would have to risk it, after all, Tsunami had been the one to order her.

" Curse the gods..." She growled, her claws digging into the branch. Suddenly several arrows whizzed by her, one skimming her forarm. The Dark Angel turned with a snarl, spotting a platoon of human soilders below.

" Shoot the sinner down!!" The leader shouted, earning a cry of triumph from the rest of the men. They fired again, Angel bloocking most with her Halberd and dodging the rest.

" Fools!" She snarled leaping to the ground. Angel swung her blades in a wide arch, a few unfortunate men being sliced in half, their blood staining the grass at their feet. The screams of the men alerted more, Angel's eyes narrowed, weighing her options. The Panther woman stabbed an attacker and parried another. She was being overwhelmed. Dark energy shot from her body, searing the fleash of anyone nearby. The woman then leapt into the air, and flew at full speed towards the border.

This was not her day. Sentries on the wall fired at her, Angel letting out a cry of pain as one arrow hit it's mark and embedded itself in her right wing. She flew on, ignoring the blood that was now dripping from the wound. The woman flew higher, spining out of the way of another volley. She finally managed to put somedistance between them and lowered herself to the ground. Angel collapsed onto her back, panting hard. They would catch up.

August 25th, 2005, 8:52 PM
<<-poke- hehe.>>

He'd thought his day of fun was over, but he was too close to the border to fully understand what the yelling was about. Paying no mind to the shouting of the humans, Katajii crossed the border and walked along the path. That is when he saw them.
Black. Wings.
"You've got three seconds to show yourself friend or foe... and take heed... the last to cross me got less then that."
He didnt wantt o study this heap of a being in front of him, all he saw where the giant wings. He wondered if he would have to slay a creature of the sky, as he so hated to harm anything that could fly. Nevertheless, he took his stance, the blade making it's eerie ringing sound as it was loosed.

August 25th, 2005, 9:21 PM
Angel leapt to her feet in an instant, her Halberd appearing in her hands. She glared at the man before her, and bared her fangs. The wound in her wing was now bleeding freely, the arrow still sticking out from it in an ackward position. Her white hair had freed itself from it braid and flowed around her. Angel's ears laid back against her skull, dark energy radiating from her weakened body.

" You are a fool to think that I would lay down and allow a HUMAN to kill me!" She spat angrily. She was exausted but that wouldn't stop her from fighting to the death.

August 25th, 2005, 9:25 PM
"You have yet to tell me if you are a friend or a foe. My name is Katajii Honooku, of the ancient Mikatsu-yo village. Are you a friend, or foe. You have one second."
He lowered his head, tensing his muscles and honing his mind. If he was to kill al lady, he would have to have the mindset before the fight.
After all, he was a man of honor, but he was also alive. Until his purpos was fullfilled, there was nothing he would let stop him.

August 25th, 2005, 9:43 PM
Angel felt relief wash through her at the sound of his name.

" Oh thank the gods...I've been looking for you..." She breathed. The halberd in her hands shattered and she took a step forward. She felt a wave of nausea wash through her and she raised a clawed hand to her head. The woman had lost more blood then she thought. Her crimson eyes rolled back into her head and she fell, letting out a groan.

Sweet darkness rushed to take her into the land of lala. The sounds of men echoed toward them. Her persuers were getting closer...

August 25th, 2005, 9:46 PM
[OOC: It seems I have missed quiet a bit. My apologies.]

Listening to Karnage's messenger, Ryu felt Serini gently urging him to relent to her orders. Turning, the Dragoon followed the others in silence. Once within the temple, he listened to the story wordlessly. Then that would explain why Serini brought me here . . .

Beneath his hood, one of Ryu's dark ears twitched as he heard Angel depart from the temple.

August 25th, 2005, 10:01 PM
He heard them closing in, settling his blade into it's sheath he darted to the Winged One's side, catching her as she fell. He was surprised she wasnt heavier, but he payed no attention to what her weight was. They were here.
"Hand her over. She shall be exterminated like the filth she is..." one of the men declaired.
"This is my land." Katajii spoke threateningly, "All that falls in my territory belongs to me. All that is decreed to die, passes before me."
The men riled in laughter as each questioned his brash accusation. The leader of the group, a large man carrying a nigatana, stepped forward and hushed his men.
"This land, belongs to the Emporer. His ancestor ceased it after there was no one left of the ruined village at the foot of this hill. No one can survive out here with these things about."
"My village... belongs to me. Ruins or not. I shall claim it and all that belongs to me, in the name of Katajii Honooku! Step aside and let us pass, or i shall be forced to slay you all."
"Ha... The Honooku line has been dead for a century now. Ever living man and woman were slaughtered by her kind as they fought. There is no village. Just rubble, you pig brained twit."
Katajii gently set the woman down, standing with his back to the men, as he reached for his sword.
"I've had enough of this frivilous trite. You shall die now, punished for belittling the son of Oorumi and Ayeka Konooku."

There was little left of the group. The still unconscious woman lay at his feet, the sword glowing a bright red as the cyclone of flames it called forth diminished. Stabbing the blade into the ground, Katajii was forced to his knees coughing. The magic of the sword had taken his toll on him. He used his last remaining thoughts to seal the two in a barrier as he collapsed on the dirt, a rivulet of blood danging from his chin.
'Mental note moron... dont... do that... again... *cough*'

August 25th, 2005, 10:25 PM
Angel stirred slightly, her eyes fluttering open.

" W-where?" She asked, trying to sit up. A throbbing pain in her wing caught her attention, the woman wincing. Angrily she grabbed it, snapping it in half. Discusted she threw the oblect to the ground, and pulled the other half from the other side of her wing.

" What the?" She yelped looking about. Angel looked down at the collapsed man and her eyes narrowed. What kind of party did I miss? She sniffed at him curiously, then looked him over for any serious injuries. Her head was pounding from lack of blood but she knew of a way to fix that little problem. The Beastwoman turned her preditory gaze on the remaining men, a low growl building in her chest.

Having gotten her second wind, she extended her claws, gripping the earth as her wings fanned out. Her tail flicked from side to side almost playfully, as every muscle in her body tensed. With a snarl she leapt through the barrier that Katajii had formed, landing on a startled man. He let out a scream of terror when her claws sank deeply into his flesh.

" I'll show you a monster!" She snarled. Blood stained her white outfit as she sank her fangs into the man's neck. He went limp in her grip, life draining from him. She dropped the man and wiped her mouth with a smirk. The other three men nearby backed away nervously as she advanced on them.

" Who else wants to play?" She asked, her voice holding a coldness that wasn't there before. With a roarlike cry she leapt at them. They turned to flee, only to find themselves unable. She grabbed one by the back of the neck, snapping it with a sharp twist. Her eyes glowed with blood lust, dark energy shooting forth to consume the remaining two. When their lifeless bodies fell to the ground she let out a soft mew like sound.

Her eyes returned to their normal crimson and her claws had also returned to normal. The beastwoman dropped to her knees and clutched at her head.

" I lost control again... " She murmured softly, her wings fanning out over her.

Alter Ego
August 26th, 2005, 1:28 AM
What's taking so long? Lini paced nervously around the temple, feeling rather dwarfed in the presence of three deities and the dragoon she had met earlier. The girl had only met Angel a moment ago, and yet the beastwoman was so nice to her, even calling her 'sister'. We couldn't be real sisters though... Lini though for herself, shaking her head at the though, She's practically a demi-godess while I'm just...well, Lini. One of the six or whatever, but... she sighed, wondering if she'd ever find her real family, and threw a glance about the room, wanting to see if the others shared her concern over Angel's absence.

August 26th, 2005, 3:53 PM
'Wake up, pathetic human.'
'What the?'
'Oy, wake up... I brought you some rabbit.'
'Oh... you're back... done runnin away Kyo...?'
'Ha. Right. Whatever you wanna think Kata... '
'That woman with the wings scares me. She's...'
"Oy..." He said softly, rising to his knees. The taste of blood was fresh in his mouth, his lungs burnt with a pain that made everything all to real. Looking about, he found his friend perched on a branch, and then turned his attention to the woman with the wings. "You seem familiar. I must continue to my village. Follow me if you must. But I will not deter from my path. Understood?"
He didnt give the woman a second glance as he pulled his sword and sheathed it. Calling to the falcon, he began to stumble down the path. It was worn, but he was glad that it was nearly identical to the one's he had once played on, over a century ago. He had to find out what decimated his home, soas to exact his revenge. He would not- could not- die until he took the head of whatever it was that did this.
"This path has been worn, Kyo. But the Sakura are still as beautiful as ever."

August 26th, 2005, 5:25 PM
Raising a hand and finding a stone column to lean against, Ryu placed his back against it. Beneath his cloak, the Dragoon's tail swung gently--though its movements could not be seen. Hearing Lini pace and sensing her agitation, the warrior turned his unseeing eyes toward her. Though his features remained shadowed, his words were clear. "Stop pacing."

August 26th, 2005, 7:56 PM
Angel glared in the direction of the human then stumbled to her feet. She walked after the human with an angry look plastered on her face. Since when did she take orders from a human? The panther woman growled a curse and trudged forward, her wings slowing her down. The injury in her wing still bled but she had too much pride to say anything. With a wince she followed after him, keeping her distance.

August 26th, 2005, 9:59 PM
"Long ago, my village was a proud warrior village. Trained in the heat of the Magma swamp and steeled in the Lawn Gnome's twisted tunnels << xD >>, we were forged into warriors of the highest degree." He paused, allowing the winged one to come closer. He didnt know how to explain things to her. Times have changed... he was sure of it.
"My family was known to have special gifts. My father could turn the winds against his foes. My mother... drew the earth as she pleased." He laughed a moment before he coughed a bit and turned to look at her, "I... could understand the creatures of the wild. They... my Noble and Wise parents... the entire village... chose to save me. When I am nothing compaired to them. I must speak with them... to find out why my life was spared. That is my plan. My goal here, now, is to find their graves. If you truely wish for me to accompany you, then do this favor I ask." Katajii looked back towards the border. He was home. But he was never farther from it.

August 26th, 2005, 10:42 PM
" What favor do you want of me?" She asked coldly, keeping her distance. The Dark Angel did not truely trust humans, of course she didn't trust anyone. The panther followed him, her eyes darting about for trouble. She used her Halberd as a crutch without making it obvious.

(( -_-;; shortness))

August 26th, 2005, 10:46 PM
He sighed a moment before turning to her again and, slowly, raised his finger to the sky.
"You know..."
"You come with me to... see what's left of everything i've ever cared for an known... and then I'll go with you wherever you want." He spoke to her, choking on the blood and tears that strived to wash him away.

Alter Ego
August 26th, 2005, 11:25 PM
"Fine!" Lini snapped "Angel has dissapeared to gods know where but you consider my pacing a bigger issue?!" , she took unfair advantage of the dragoon's blindness by showing him a particularly rude handsign, until she recalled the divine presence in the room and quickly changed her fingers to a neutral state. Guess that about answers my question... she thought, glaring at the dragoon. A good bit of anger was now building inside her and she decided to taunt Ryu by tapping her foot against the stone floor instead. Bloody ingrate... she thought Let's see if I help you the next time you're in trouble...

August 27th, 2005, 1:18 AM
Angel fought the urge to hug the human, her compassionate side surging forth uncontrollabley. She bowed deeply, wincing in pain.

" Very well..." She stated. The Panther tore the bottom of her shirt and wiped the blood from his face gently. She felt that she knew this man somehow. Then she realized what she was doing and blushed deeply.

" Allow me to heal, I need my strength back." She stated. The panther crouched on the ground and flexed her wings, Dark energy carressed her body, slowly closing her wounds. Karnage's energy flowed through her, replinishing what she had lost.

August 27th, 2005, 3:17 PM
Ryu's ears twitched slightly as Lini's raised voice echoed about the temple. Though he could not see the female's angry hand gesture, he sensed her displeasure increasing. Seemingly undisturbed, he moved his tail from beneath his cloak to adjust his hood. However, as Lini began to tap her foot, the Dragoon's tail again vanished beneath his cloak.

Serini, why would you bring me here? The world has never done anything for me, and I doubt some blind outcast without real training could do anything for it. Right now, it seems pretty clear that I'm not wanted or needed here. So, tell me, why am I at this place at all?

Though she remained unseen, Serini's voice spoke within the warrior's mind. Patience has never been your strength, Ryu. But, you need it now. Wait and learn.

For a short moment, Ryu's tail seemed to swing more rapidly--his only indication of being irritated. However, after a time, his tail resumed its previous rhythm as he attempted to tolerate the sound of Lini tapping her foot.

August 27th, 2005, 4:07 PM
He'd barely known this woman with wings of onyx, but she was showing him kindness. He wasnt a total moron, and knew she was no foe... but he could tell she had some strange side. A darker side... Kinda like a chicken... with the good white meat and the bad dark meat... << Err... It's s'posed ta be funny... >>. Katajii held back a smile as she gently wiped the bolld that trickled down and turned towards the sun.
"One more sunrise and we should be there." He said softly as he began to walk once more. Kyo found himself a small perch and decided to follow them later.
"Yeah yeah. Finish eatin then you can follow us. An be nice, got it? I wouldnt wanna find you on the end of a skewer..." He scolded.

August 27th, 2005, 4:31 PM
Angel rolled her eyes in annoyance at the man.

" Are you really that dense?" She asked, crossing her arms.

" Heeelllo? I have wings! Baka Humans..." She muttered darkly. The girl lifted into the air easily and hovered, a light scowl on her face.

Tsunami turned to the two mortals emotionlessly. His eyes gleamed knowingly as he examined them.

" I have a task for the two of you..." He stated. " To the far north, in the caves of the dwarves is an orb. The orb of Silienesti. Find it and bring it back here...There will be allies there that can help you. If you truely are part of the six, then you will beable to hold the orb."

August 27th, 2005, 4:36 PM
" I have a task for the two of you..." He stated. " To the far north, in the caves of the dwarves is an orb. The orb of Silienesti. Find it and bring it back here...There will be allies there that can help you. If you truely are part of the six, then you will beable to hold the orb."

<< lost me there a bit... but i gotta go... so... I love you mate! xD ha! >>

Katajii laughed a bit and turned towards her, bearing an impish smile,
"Well... I didnt know how fast you'd heal... but if it wouldnt be a bother... I'm only human... and at the moment... barely able to stand. North from here is my village... whats... left of it... Please... take me to the center of the ruins and stay with me... after that, I will follow you wherever you need me to... as long as i get to kill those responsible for..." He paused a moment, trying to grasp the image of his family in his head... but all he was was a face that had been fading since he awoke.

<<This angel's the main character yer usin right? ... xD anywho... gotta go... sisters suck.. >>

August 27th, 2005, 5:51 PM
(( Yeah Angel's mine and then I also play the gods sometimes.))

Angel wraped her arms around him, her wings fanning out wider. She flapped them once, lifting him into the air with her. Dark energy surrounded them as she flew higher. That was the good thing about her wings, they were bigger in proportion to her body which allowed them to lift more then her. She flew in the direction he had been walking.

"I Will keep that deal to heart Human..." She growled in his ear, her crimson eyes watching for the ruins.

" My name is Angel..." She added.

August 27th, 2005, 9:13 PM
<< -.- last post had typo... 'All he saw was" gomen ne. >>

He shivered as he heard her name. 'Angel' They way she spoke it rang in his ears for a moment. Katajii loved her voice, he noticed, when she wasn't yelling or fighting. But... when she was just... her. He shook off the feeling of nausea that had been setting in as they made thir way to the village. It had been a quiet place. Small, but enough for the people. Many of his friends were important government figures... and no longer living... and it pained him to think of the frivilous times they had together. All matters aside... he actually had fun sometimes, between the boring visits, the pompus flattery of jewles and gold that they wore... when they weren't watched by thousands. He actually got to have some fun.
'But it isnt like that now...' he thought, retching in his mind, 'In the end, the strongest was...'
"Weak. Pathetic. Dishonored." He spoke softly, as he felt the tears swell from his gut, pouring like the waterfalls he'd once trained at. After all that work... he was still as useless as when she died. He felt weaker then he had ever been before, not from the crying, but from the sword. He had figured out it's curse. To take lives, one must give one's own. He didnt really mind it. If he was to die, better in a ball of raging fire then old and sickly. At least, in battle, he would have been worthy of knowing her. Touching her. Kissing her.
Blackness surrounded him.

August 27th, 2005, 9:27 PM
Angel flinched at the sound of a very familiar name, her eyes widening. She almost dropped him in her shock. Where have I heard that before? She shrugged it off as the ruins came into sight. Slowly she circled the area, keeping her eyes peeled for any trouble. She did not want a repeat of what had happened earlier. The dark angel began an easy desent, not wanting to wake the man that she carried. Gently she sat him on the ground before fluttering to her feet a little ways away from him.

She growled in discust at the bloody clothing she wore, annoyed with the stains that would never come out. Angel cast a concerned glance back at the man, confused by him.

August 27th, 2005, 9:42 PM
It was dark where he was. Slowly he regained his senses... only to find he was once again, with his family. They smiled... laughed. Cheered... Everyone was happy. But he remembered this day... all... too... well.
It was the first attack. Planned by the devil it seemed... it wasnt an over powering, all out atrition << sp? >> of a battle... it was... a test. The sake was perfectly warmed, the rice was ready... the fish and chestnuts were being eaten... and they came.
They came for him. For a young boy, who had just had his 16th birthday.
He watched himself as he rose to his feet, the ball of fire igniting the people that stood in it's path. He watched, fearlessly, as it was spewed forth from a half breed dragon. He watched as it dissipated and the beast snickered a smug look as the boy stood like a wall, protecting a girl.
Katajii watched, once again, as the dragon batted him aside like a ball of lint...
And devoured his younger brother. Screaming, the boy raised a katana, striking the beast as it swallowed his poor grandfather. The beast raged, snarling and clawing at everyone he could. It once again threw him to the side before his father and a few of the elders subdued the creature.
Then, Katajii watched the happiest moment of his life... His first true kiss...
Turn to the moment that hauntes his sleepless nights.
He watched the young girl, who was perfectly unharmed...
Get ripped apart by a beast that looked so foul... so hideous... that even the Gods had nightmares. He watched a gaint, dark being filled with hate and sin... destroy an angel that had given him reasons to live.
Then the pain set in. The light of the moon was brighter then he had remembered. Sleeping wasnt good for him... but he was human. A weak human. He had to sleep. But... it hurt so much more to dream then it would to fail in battle.
Either way... he had already lost.

August 27th, 2005, 10:05 PM
Angel walked about the area curiously, her ears twitching back and forth. She peered inside a half crumpled building, looking about. Suddenly a yowl filled the air as a streak of pure black shot over her shoulder.

" Nani?" she blinked turning behind her. Angel looked down in surprise, her eyes widening.

" KITTTTYYYYY!!!!!" She yelled. Her voice echoed throughout the ruins, another yowl following it. Angel hugged a small black kitten to her, the cat purring happily.

" Aren't you so cute!!" She beamed, petting it happily. It was an unusual cat to say the least. It looked like a cross between a cat and some sort of dragon creature, black and green colored.

August 27th, 2005, 10:12 PM
The moonlight was irritating... but Katajii found himself focusing on his new companion. He laughed a moment as she cooed over the little kitten, smiling to himself as he shrugged away the pain.
"You always like this, Angel? Or are you just trying to get me to lower my guard?" He jested, bringing his yukata sleeve to cover his mouth. A surpressed cough broke the small silence that had formed, the man lowering his eyes to the ground as soon as he could in response.

August 27th, 2005, 10:24 PM
Angel reguarded the man emotionlessly as the kitten clambered up onto her shoulder. It nuzzled her cheek lovingly and mewed softly.

" It all depends human. I don't plan on killing you...yet..." She replied, her voice deadly serious. " Do what it is that you came for so that we can go. Tsunami is waiting..."

With that she leapt into the air and allighted atop a wall that still stood, the cat clinging to her shoulder.

August 27th, 2005, 10:42 PM
He sighed, looked about, and shuffled towards a small gravesite. Even thought the foundations were gone, he knew this village by heart. "
This is where I set her..." He began quietly, "She was still too young to be serious, yet she was much too mature to not try. I... I guess it was love... for her. It was to me." He knelt down, retrieving a few articles from his sleeves as he did so, and drew a few characters in the dirt. "When it attacked, no one was spared. Everyone who died was lucky. The next attacks were worse... by far." Katajii pulled his blade and summoned a small flame to light a stick of fragrance as he bowed his head for a second to say soemthing to himself. He then looked up and sniffled a bit, "Her eyes were so pure. Like... a cats eye gem. The sparkled like a star, they... made life... Life. ...When she died... he didnt kill her as fast as the others. He took her from me... we kissed and he stole her. He... he killed her, as she gave me a gift that was... everything I'd needed." The man looked down, his eyes cast on the small stone, worn through time and weather, to the size of his fist. He placed his palms on the earth beneath him, smiling as he scraped at the ground, flesh beginning to tear as he dug deeper. He lost track of time as he worked... and then... He found it. It was small... only the size of a sakura petal... but the wrought metal boasted a workmanship that none would ever best. The man smiled at the small silver ring, the sparkling gems lighting up in the night's eerie glow. "It was a promise, at first. We'd wait... and then run away. Marry eachother... live a long, happy life. We both hoped... wished... and dreamed, that it would happen sooner then It would have. But..." He caught himself and laughed a minute "I guess that's what I get for hoping."
Rising, the man bowed reverently and returned the pile of dirt to it's place. Looking about, he called outloud "Father, Mother, Friends... my love... I promise you, I shall die so that you are all welcomed into Nirvana! I will burn in your place... I... I will destroy the demon that did this... even if my soul must also die... even... if... I... must..." Katajii growled momentarily as he turned back to the woman, still petting the cat.
"If we are to go... then let us go. This place... is not my home anymore. It is nothing but... the graves of the dead. The ones who have honor. the ones I cannot join. Take me where you must, Winged One...And then you may do as you please... as long as I get to defeat my foe. Devour me if you desire. Feed me to the wolves. I care, no longer, for these memories that bring me into a void of sorrow and despair." He stood... waiting... uncertain of what was to come.

August 27th, 2005, 10:58 PM
Angel looked down at the man almost boredly, even though something about his story set bells off in her mind.

" Enough mellow drama..." She growled, dropping from her perch. Angel strode right up to him, stopping a few inches from him.

" Just because you didn't die with them doesn't mean anything...They died for a reason...so honor them by living." Angel concluded, before turning and walking away from him. She pulled a small whistle from her collar, holding it to her lips. Angel blew into it, but no sound came from it.

" We will wait for a little while...I am too tired to fly anymore." She stated emotionlessly. The panther abruptly sat down where she was and folded her wings tight against her before curling up into a ball and allowing herself to rest. The kitten mewed and fit itself into the curve of her body, purring softly as it too fell asleep.

Angel breathed deeply, sleep taking her almost instantly. Obviously she was far more exaughsted then she had first thought. Faces flashed through her mind as she slept, but one remained, a demonic face that had for as long as she had lived haunted her dreams.

August 27th, 2005, 11:10 PM
He watched her curl into a ball, a sickening feeling washing over him.
'Live so you can honor them?' He smiled a second before he turned and walked through a small collection of trees at the far corner of the main street.
"I died... you know." He told her, walking off into the darkness. Heck, he wasnt all sure of it himself... but he knows that no mortal could survive the wounds he had. He fought, and died... and was rejected. For some odd reason... he was not welcomed as the rest of his family was. All he know was that his fate was a mystery to him. He walked out into a small clearing, about ten square feet, where one lonesome tree stood. The branches were thicker... 'Aged to perfection,' he thought, but still... the same as before. He smiled a moment as he sat with his back to the tree, remembering how the spear felt as it twisted it's way into his chest, the blood gurgling up as he used his last effort to deal a blow to the Darkest One... He smiled as he died too.
"If it bleeds... it dies."
'That it does, master.'
"If it dies... I win."
'Rest... I'll wake you if you're endangered.'
"I want to sleep... but... I'm scared... again."
'It's alright. She's been watching you. I can feel her."
"Rho... my... sweet Rho..."
He prayed the night would bring him a dreamless slumber. But all he got was a blurred face... a hint of silver... and memories.

August 27th, 2005, 11:42 PM
The earth rumbled beneath Angel's sleeping form, rousing the woman. She looked up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

" Oh! He's here!" She exclaimed as a familiar lizard like creature ran towards her. The large beast slowed to a hault beside her, Angel stroking it's side gently.

" Thankyou my friend. Oy! Human! Get over here!" She called, climbing up onto the lizard. The kitten scurried up to sit in front of her, Angel looking down at it in confusion.

" And where do you think you are going?" She asked in amusement. It mewed up at her, flashing her the classic " You know you wanna take me with you" look. She smiled and petted it gently.

" I should give you a name then..." She stated, scratching it's overly large ears. "Hmm...Ryat!" She beamed, earning a happy reply from the cat. Angel walked her mount forward a little way, the beast impatiant to be off.

August 27th, 2005, 11:51 PM
He rose, almost as if he was a puppet. Looking about him, he pulled the blade free and cut the tree in half, as silent as the night was, it was almost inaudible.
"I will not fail." He spat, cursing to the demons that he knew were around. Wearily, the man ambled over towards the woman and her pets, looking at her in an exhausted stare, "I'll climb up in a sec... l... lemmie catch my breath..." He mused as he moved onto the reptile. "Kyo... follow." He commanded before he looked at her.
"If you dont mind... I... need to rest... please... dont take offense..." Katajii apologized as he rested his head on her winged shoulder. Oddly, it was pillowy soft, and smelled of heaven."I... promise... I wont... dr..drool..." He told her as he passed out, yet again. >.>

August 28th, 2005, 12:08 AM
Angel looked back at him mutely a faint blush lining her cheeks. Her wings moved slightly to surround him and keep him in place. After all they would be moving quite fast and the last thing they needed was for him to fall off.

" Let's go..." She murmured to the lizard and it turned toward the center and galloped forward. Angel looked up at the stars that hung overhead, their gleam reflecting in her crimson orbs. What a strange turn this is. She glanced back at the sleeping man and couldn't help but smile. She wrapped her long tail about his waist to help keep him on the beast's back as it moved faster.

Angel kept her nocturnal gaze alert for any danger, travel by lizard would be slower then wings, but she didn't think she would be able to make it back, exspecially with the extra weight. With a soft sigh she held tight to the reigns and urged the creature on. Ryat curled up and dozed off as well, his tail curling around his small body.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 12:13 AM
OOC: Was the orb assignment directed to Ryu and Lini or Angel and Kataji? Wouldn't want to make a screw up that big...

August 28th, 2005, 12:19 AM
(( Lini and Dragon boy, sorry for the lack of clarification

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 12:31 AM
OOC: Okay. ^_~ This should be interesting...


Lini spun around as the higher deity adressed her, "Me-work with him?" she fumed at the thought "But-" Lini sighed in forfeit, somehow questioning Tsunami's judgement didn't seem like a worthwile enterprise. "Alright." contrary to her usual customs Lini gave a short bow, feeling that it was appropriate "How will we find our way there?"

Great... the girl thought, casting a sideward glance at Ryu We haven't even been introduced and we're already sent on a mission together... What was Tsunami thinking?

August 28th, 2005, 12:53 AM
Tsunami regarded her mutely for a moment, before motioning to Roccini, the lighting god who apparently had been hiding the entire time. The child stepped forward with an innocent smile and bowed dramatically.

" Leave that to me lovelies!" He replied happily. " You will ride there on the back of one of my finest steeds and from there you will be on your own as far as the gods go. Once you get there, ask for a Dwarf by the name of Dyne. He can help you with the caves. "

Roccini snapped his fingers, a flash of lighting filling the room as a white horse like creature appeared. It was rather large, it's mane seeming to be made entirely of electric gold. (( NOT AN FF SUMMON....-_-)) It had six legs that each had a large golden shackle above it's hooves, golden symbols in the language of the gods written all over it's body. A golden saddle sat neatly atop it's back a matching bridle on it's head. Two large black horns curled like a rams beside ear of it's ears. Small sparks of electricity flashed here and there on it's body.

" This is Thundaris! my pretty pony!" Roccini giggled as the horse tossed his head. It's red gleaming red eyes watched the two mortals contently, almost scoffing at the thought of them riding him.

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2005, 1:13 AM
Lini nodded, Dyne, check. she added as a mental note. The girl turned her attention to the horse they were supposed to ride, it was indeed a magnificent specimen, and she might have considered it beautiful were it not for the arrogant expression on its face. This was going to be a fast trip...

"Well, come on then..." she said gesturing for Ryu to come over, "And I'm taking the saddle."

August 28th, 2005, 4:41 PM
It was peaceful, actually sleeping that is, for Katajii. He couldnt remember the last time he didnt wake from some horrid vision. Of course... the last time he had actually slept of his own accord was before he was enchanted. Now it seems like all he has been doing is passing out. His mind stirred with thoughts, some good, some bad. But he slept. He woke while it was still dark out, either night, or predawn, but he woke pleasently. He woke up, for once, without a cold sweat, and without stiffened cheeks.
"..." He wanted to say something, but this spot he had his head rested on was wonderful. Blushing, he inhaled what he oculd of this strange womans scent. There was something warming in that scent. It eased his pain as it touched every centimeter of his lungs. He noticed, too, that the woman's wings and tail were keeping him snugly to her back, a fact that he found quite pleasent. 'Just who is this girl..' He thought to himself, wrapping his arms around her waist, feining sleep so that he could pull himself closer. Things seemed odd about her. Almost as if... he had known her his entire life. Katajii was puzzled by the thoughts that ran through his head. He wanted answers... but was too meek to ask anything else of the woman. All he could do was try to breathe.

August 28th, 2005, 5:04 PM
Angel felt the human's arms go around her, the panther flinching slightly as a blush covered her cheeks. She allowed him to hold her though, had he been awake it would be a different story. The village was ahead of them,Angel sighing in relief. The lizard slowed slightly Angel patting it's side gently.

Hesitantly she touched the sleeping human, nugding him gently.

" Wake up Human...we have reached out destination. " She stated, Ryat sitting up. The dark angel walked the lizard into town, not careing who say her true form any longer. People stared at them in curiousity, murmuring amongst themselves.

(( Have we lost Ryu?))

August 28th, 2005, 5:11 PM
<< Dunno koi... I think they're waitin for them to be mentioned.>>

He opened his eyes, greatly purturbed that he had to let go... and then slightly annoyed that he felt like he did. He leapt to the ground with a dull thud and looked about the village he was now in, unaware of anything but the fact that they were staring at Angel. He picked up the small whistle at his neck and blew, looking to the sky and waiting for Kyo to return to him.
'Stupid human ...'
"Where you at chicken?"
'Right behind you... I have been for a while... didnt the lizard say anything?'
"Didnt ask... Oh... that reminds me..." Katajii began as he bowed to the lizard, spaking in some strange tone he thanked the lizard and righted himself.
"... What? Dont you people talk to your animals?"

August 29th, 2005, 8:06 AM
[OOC: Eh, my apologies. Roleplays seem to move fastest on Sundays, but that is that day I am unable to be present. ^-^;; In any case, "Dragon boy" is here.]

Pausing to observe the horse's aura before considering Lini's words, Ryu turned toward Roccini and bowed respectfully. "Thank you, but I'll be flying." Straightening, the Dragoon moved his dark-feathered wings from beneath his cloak. "By Serini's blessing, I'll be able to follow your steed." Without another word, Ryu turned and started for the temple's entrance.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2005, 8:46 AM
OOC: Just wondering, how can a blind man study an expression?


Not a very social one, is he? Lini thought, shrugging. "It's your choice." she stated, attempting to mount Thundaris who seemed to do his best to make it as hard as possible without actually seeming to, which worked pretty well considering how tall he could be.

"You know..." Lini said in a conversational tone "My foster parents used to have this old mule they'd let me ride. An old, mangy thing called Deunan. Now I might not have a lot of good things to say about him, but at least he knew how to bend down."

At the last sentence, she locked her eyes with the steed's, giving it a meaningful look. Both glared at each other for a few minutes until the peculiar animal lowered itself down with an indignant snort, clearly wanting to prove that he was by no means inferior to a mule.

Lini smirked, climbing into the saddle and taking a proper grip "Let's go then, Thundaris." she said softly.

Soon, both the steed and the girl were dashing through the wilderness at incredible speed, the blind dragoon trailing them by some magical means.

August 29th, 2005, 8:53 AM
" Some do...I don't need to. I can tell how they feel anyway. And I can communicate with cats for some reason..." She replied with a sarcastic grin.

The woman dismounted, Ryat leaping onto the top of her head. She giggled at him and walked toward the temple, her tail swishing behind her. The lizard let out a screech in reply to Katajii and trotted away, several people diving out of the way of the beast. The temple opened to admit them, Karnage rushing forward to greet her daughter in a warm embrace.

" Oh! I was so worried!" She exclaimed, causing the girl to blush uncontrollabley. Tsunami nodded approvingly to the dark angel and examined Katajii.

" Bout time ya got ere!" A robust dwarf yelled stepping forward. Her glared up at Katajii reproachfully. " An ya don't even say nothin to me anymore!! Ya ungrateful little cur!"

August 29th, 2005, 11:30 AM
[OOC: Oops. I forgot Ryu was blind. ^-^;; ::edits:: ]

Ryu spread his wings and raised himself from the ground before turning to follow the horse-like creature. Remaining as low as possible, the Dragoon flew slightly over the forest canopy, tracking Thundaris by sound and scent. As he flew, the reddish tint of his wings temporarily changed to a silvery blue--signifying that Serini's power was aiding him. Behind him, the warrior briefly heard the others arriving at the temple before he had moved too far to sense them.

August 29th, 2005, 4:13 PM
He locked eyes with the dwarf, unsure of who he was, among other things he was unsure of. << Just saw the new OLP Cd is out tomorrow... /dies >>
"Sir," He began politely, "If you speak to me as if you know me, then you would know such a display of blatant disrespect is not tolerated. If you wish to speak like that, still, after my warning... I *Shall* remove your tongue soas you learn your lesson." His eyes narrowed, until Katajii turned to examine the temple he was now in. It was large, even larger than the festival hall's he'd been to in the capital << Always confuses capitol and capital, I does. >> Statues adorned almost every corner, torches lit the pallid stone with it's warm glow.
"Someone... tell me, what is this place?" He asked, wandering towards one of the smaller statues.
"I've seen... these faces." He told them, confused beyond all hope.

August 29th, 2005, 4:40 PM
Angel's eyes widened at the remark Katajii had made towards the dwarf, the panther about ready to throttle the man.

" You!? Remove my tongue? HAH! I'd like to see ya try ya big Iget!" The dwarf yelled, anger rushing through him. His red bead and hair gave him a wild appearance, his black eyes smoldering dangerously.

" Ya use MY magics, can summon MY dragon form, an I bust MY rear end ta keep your scrawney hide alive, and THIS is what I get?!" The dwarf yelled, fire rushing around his form. " I should gut ya with me axe and feed your lousey carcus to ma demon hounds!!"

Angel backed away from Katajii to seek safty near Karnage. Iros on the other hand appeared to be enjoying the whole thing. The god snickered at the dwarfs ranting, finding the whole thing quite amusing indeed.

August 29th, 2005, 5:55 PM
Katajii's eyes narrowed as he studied the faces on the stone. He knehese faces... but... He didnt know anyone anymore. Just... feelings. Like... with the woman, he felt comfortable... But he could almost remember names.
"You speak to me with such a disrespectful manner... Why would I ever respect you? If you want my respect, then show me some. Then I will give you what you deserve."
He didnt care about the summoning. He had no idea what the dwarf was speaking of... As for the sword....
"This blade you... 'Gave' me... is nothing but a curse. You forged a soul stealing blade that I've begun to regret inheriting. So if you desire it back, take it. I'd rather you torture me or kill me now then to make me protect myself and feel the pain I go through already over... and... over."
Katajii unsheathed his sword and pointed it at the lil guy before he flipped the blade towards himself and offered the handle to Firien.
"I grow tired of this argueing. Tell me what role I play in your... childish games."

August 29th, 2005, 7:52 PM
(( -_-;;))

" Let me kill the idiot!" Firien yelled angrily, looking up a Tsunami. " You don't know how to use the bloody thing!"

Tsunami ignored the both of them and turned to Angel.

" Your next task will take you to the Elvaan kingdom. There you will meet a woman. Her name is Ikirnaa. She will help you to locate an orb. Get it and bring it back here." The god said to her.

" Yes, Milord." She stated then turned on her heels and walked towards the gates.

" And he is going with you." The god added, motioning to Katajii.

" W-what!?!?" She snarled, facing the gods. The dwarf pushed Katajii towards her, a vein still pulsing on his head.

" Oh no! No way in hell!" She yelled angrily. " I am not taking a human with me!! He will slow me down!"

" He's going dear one. The foes that you will encounter will be far more dangerous then normal creatures..." Karnage stated, Angel submitting instantly.

" Fine....But I ain't carrying him!" She growled.

" I'll handle that. Although I should make the fool walk!" Firien huffed. He snapped his fingers, fire rushing up around Katajii's body. Large Draconic wings appeared on his back.

" Alright Human let's go." Angel said, walking towards the gate again.

August 29th, 2005, 8:01 PM
<< Nandesu? e.O >>
He looked at the wings a moment before he glanced back at the small one.
"Is it that hard for you to be polite? I mean... I did just wake up from this reaallllllyyyyy long nap... you know... and... well... I dont know anyone now, and I dont know what the heck is going on. So... try bein nice. Yeesh. It wont kill you..." Katajii stated, turning his attention to A statue of a beautiful woman.
"Oy... Old guy who's givin orders... Whos' this girl? She's cute... kinda looks...like... the girl with the... errr. Right." He added as he slowly began to wish he hadnt said anything... It took him a moment to figure out how to work the wings, but after hovering for a moment, he turned himself towards Firien.
"I thank you for aiding me with the gift of flight... But you realize I'm rather... how can I put this... Afraid of high places...' He said with a blush. Katajii looked at Angel and smiled for a moment before he shook his head and resumed his emotioless gaze. "Well, lead the way, Miss."

August 29th, 2005, 8:30 PM
" Why thankyou human..." Karnage purred, running a clawed hand over her statue. She allowed herself to step into the light, her features were very similar to Angel's indeed.

" But then again...she was much different in another life. " She added softly before vanishing again.

Angel leapt into the air, hovering near him.

" Let the wings do the work. Firien will guild them." She called before flying higher. " I'll hold your hand if you want!"

" But you have to come up here first!" She laughed, hovering higher in the air. Angel held out her hand to him, her crimson eyes gleaming happily.

August 29th, 2005, 9:01 PM
"Whaaa? Where... di... an... she just... Poof!" Katajii rambled, slightly confused. << As am I... e.o. An my puter keeps diein so i'mma go to sleep after this post... >> With a sigh, he took a glance upwards at Angel. Those eyes of hers seemed almost... too familiar.
"Holy... crap." It hit him rather hard. She was like his... Rho. Her eyes, the love of cats and small fluffy creatures... her anger, or kindness. She reminded Katajii of... his one love. He gulped and looked away as he slowly rose into the air, feeling an overwhelming pang of sorrow kick him in the junk. He gave a solemn nod to the Fire God again before he reached out for Angels hand, stopping his as it hovered over hers.
"I'll... be fine. So... lead on... p...please..."

<< kk no sleep. >>

August 30th, 2005, 7:31 PM
Angel flinched slightly, confused by his actions. It actually hurt a little that he recoiled from her. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she pulled away a bit.

" Fine. Do try to keep up Human." She stated coldly. With that she jetted forward, her black wings easily carrying her forward. She felt hot anger sear through her, the panther growling silently. Why is this bothering me!? He's just a stupid human! With an audible growl she dove upwards into a large collection of clouds. They pressed around her form, mist coating her lightly.

August 30th, 2005, 7:46 PM
'Heh. Done it again...' He scolded himself with a curd laugh, she was offended by his actions, but he couldnt bear to explain them. If he admitted even a light attraction, he'd probably never see this wonderful girl again. He sighed inwardly, looking about the area for Kyo.
"Ey, chicken, where you at?"
'Followin her moron. Come on...'
"Err... I wont fall right?"
'... You dummy. You have wings now... we can PLAY!' He heard Kyo laugh a bit before he continued, 'If she thinks you hate her... will she bother to come back?'
"Stupid bird. Stupid women. Stupid love... grr. Yeah, so what... she thinks I hate her... she stays away... and she's happy. Even if-"
'You're not. God Kata... you're the same as usual. Get it through your head... Not everyone hates being around you. And sometimes... people, or stupid chickens, are happy with you as you are. Minus the negativity.'
"I'm not negative."
'Are too.'
"I outta-"
'Catch me first bozo.'
"Grr... COME HERE!"
Katajii bounded into the air after the small fleck of an object that he saw. He didnt know how to really fly, he didnt know how to slow down... and he didnt know how fast that dang bird could move intil he broke the cloud cover and...
Wrapped his arms around Angel. Full speed. If it was the chicken, it'd be a death tackle... But... It was more of a glomp then anything now. He frantically tried to stop himself and the girl before she had a chance to hurt him. Badly.
'You'll live. Have some time to... yourselves. I'm goin back for this cute little Red Tail I saw a bit ago... hehe...'
"Hentai bastard... You did this on purpose. Now she's gunna... hate... me... more... crap."
Kyo was a bit too far for his voice range... and... if the animal is farther off... the poor man couldnt speak to it in it's tongue, and... reverts back to human language.
"Hello... Uhm.." He began, a beet red face awaiting a slap or a million, "I'm so... sorry. It's just... the bird an I were playin... an... he moved... I didnt see you in the clouds... ...Kill me quickly... please?" He said, partially releasing her from his grip. They stood there, hovering in the air, with his hands softly on her waist.
"Dang bird."

August 30th, 2005, 8:11 PM
Angel fell forward slightly, feeling a weight run into her. She looked down at the arms that encircled her in surprise, her face turning beet red.

" D-don't worry about it..." She replied, frozen in her place. Her eyes were wide with shock, her wings beating the air to keep them in the air. She faced the human when he pulled back slightly, her crimson eyes trembled uncontrollably. Suddenly the ground looked like the more interesting thing in the world.

For some reason she didn't mind the fact that he still held onto her waist.

" We should get going." She stated. A mischievious smirk graced her lips. The panther leaned forward slightly, her clawed hands cupping his cheeks. She brushed her lips on his cheek lightly, inhaling his scent.

" Tag. You're it. Katajii..." She purred, before flying away from him.

August 30th, 2005, 8:22 PM
"Wha..." The human said with a mind full of confused Katajii's.
'She kissed me... An... I... Ohmagosh. Wait... grow up you... but... you can be like this! Cuz... you're you. Katajii... you are... <<me xD>> you.'
He watched her fly away, laughing as she went. He began to admire, instead of stare, when he gazed at her. Those sparkly eyes, soft lips... the way she purred... He was... in love all over again. But the altitude was beginning to get to him... He didnt notice that, up here... everything was clearer. Everything was... crisp.
"Rho! Wait..." He cried in dellusion, sucking in lungfuls of air, only to get a few breaths of oxygen, "I cant... stay up... here..." He slunked down, letting himself slowly drop before he passed out. He couldnt breathe. He didnt know why we has so weak up there... but he couldnt breathe. "Rho... come... come back..." He pleaded as he landed atop a tree, gasping in short, heaving breaths.

August 30th, 2005, 8:29 PM
Angel turned in midair, watching in confusion as he lowered to a tree. She cocked her head at him and flew back towards him, hovering near him.

" Rho?" She asked, her ears cocking forward.

She felt that same pain again, but she forced herself to ignore it.

" What is wrong human?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. " We need to get going."

This man was confusing her. There was that name again. It rang so familiar in her mind that it baffled her, but she could not understand why.

August 30th, 2005, 8:37 PM
He looked up, his eyes beginning to refocus as he breathed in deeply.

"I'm... sorry. It seems I'm unable to fly that high... I... couldnt breathe. I... do not know what happened..." He aplogized as he stood up, wobbling on the branch where he was once crouched. He flapped his new wings a few times, uncertain of how far he could go.
"I know I must be only a bother... but... could we stay as close to the ground as possible? I dont mind flying... but it's hard if we are so high up." He cleared his thoughts a moment before he smiled his usual smile and pulled her to him, giving the girl a kiss on the cheek as she had done him.
"Tag... I guess..." He smirked as he bouched out of the tree and into the air, maybe a hundred feet above ground. He had a little difficulty breathing there, but it was not as bad as before, when they touched the clouds.
"... Wait. I hafta follow you. Grr. Well... lead on, he said, waiting to follow the girl."

August 30th, 2005, 8:47 PM
Angel blushed at his actions, freezing in mid air as he flew off. Shaking out of her stupor she flew after him, her wings catching up easily. Angel moved at a rather quick pace, one that for her seemed slow.

" We have alot of distance to cover so we won't be stopping until it's too dark for you to see, or if we get too tired." She stated, her tail actting as a rudder for her as she spun onto her back so that she could look up at him.

" You just haven't gotten your wings yet, that's all. We may have to go higher...I am not exactly a welcome presance in many places..." She added." But that is only if we are attacked. We can't afford any wasted energy."

With that she spund around and flew diagonally from him, her wing tips brushing his.

" As I said before, if you need help, you can hold my hand." She said, casting him a small smile.

August 30th, 2005, 8:53 PM
He blinked for a few moments before he closed his eyes and sighed deeply.
"I'm sorry if I... cannot explain things... to you. So please understand that it's difficult." He told her as he took her hand in his, gently closing his fingers around hers.
"I... want to know more about why I was... put to sleep. I dont know my purpose... I ache to know. But..." He said, blushing so badly it looked like a fireball replaced his head. "But... you... greatly interest me... And I wish to know more... of you..."
'... You. Stupid. Idiot. GOSH!' He reprimanded himself mentally as he clung to her hand, trying his best to keep up with her.
'The whole flying thing has its advantages,' he thought as he tried his best not to look down while thinking of a different subject.

August 30th, 2005, 9:05 PM
Angel blushed deeply and returned her gaze to the ground below, her eyes looking for trouble.

" That name that you keep metioning...I think I knew her..." She said after a few moments. " I don't know how ...but, I have met her before."

Angel used the advantage of the air rushing from her wings to help him keep up. Her eyes spotted movement below, her hunting instinct kicking into overdrive.

" Hungry?" She asked suddenly. " Stay here until I signal you."

With that the panther released his hand and put on a burst of speed, circling the air slowly. Below in a small clearing in the forest stood a deer like creature, it's greenish coat making it barely visable to the naked eye. With a soft growl she tucked in her wings, diving towards the creature. The oblivious deer continued to forage on the vegitation, as she drew ever closer. The woman picked up speed, her claws outstretching as she came right on top of it. Her wings fanned out, and her claws sank into the defenseless animal's back, bringing it to the ground. Angel's wings fluttered as she landed lightly, snapping the creature's neck.

She waved up at Katajii, signalling for him to come down.

August 30th, 2005, 9:11 PM
He landed beside her softly as he watched her with the deer. Smiling at the thought of deer steak, he unsheathed his blade and found a few small saplings that would be perfect.
"You... mentioned a name... but... I dont recall saying anything..." He admitted, concentrating on what she had said. "I'm sorry if I referred to you in a manner that displeases you, but all I know to call you is Angel or Winged one... Oh... and..." He paused to cut the saplings in a few quick strokes, "I prefer hot food... If it's not too much trouble? They should cook fast... and maybe we can... rest a bit." He said with an uncertain cough.

August 30th, 2005, 10:04 PM
Angel nodded to his question, but before that she pull off a hind leg, walking over to a nearby tree. She put the leg between her teeth and climbed up the tree a little ways, settling down on a tree branch.

Angel skinned the fur from it, discarding it. She tore off a big piece with her teeth, eating happily.

" You don't know what you're missin human." She said with amusement.

August 30th, 2005, 10:13 PM
Katajii looked at the carcass, analyzing the animal before he stabbed the thing with his sword. The steel cut into the ribs, and he easily manuvered the blade to produce a large chunk of bone and meat. << xD Finally somethin I know about! >> He smiled a moment as he watched the woman nibbling on the raw leg before he set the saplings aflame and stuck the rib roast on the katana.
"Trust me... you'll love this..." He told her, watching the food cautiously soas not to burn it. After a few minutes he removed it from the flames and produced a smaller blade from his yukata. After fiddling with the piece of meat, he cut the bone from the eye of the roast and sliced it to tender perfection.
"Try this." He spoke, before adding a small question.
"What... name did I call you?"

August 30th, 2005, 10:47 PM
She dropped silently from her perch, landing lightly in a crouch. The panther stood and walked over, hesitantly taking the meat from him. The woman looked at it skeptically, then popped it into her mouth. Her eyes widened in delighted surprise, a content smile curving her lips.

" It's good, human, I'll admit that." She replied." You called me Rho..."

Her eyes were drawn to the ground once again.

August 30th, 2005, 10:54 PM
'Rho...' He gagged on the meat as he ate it. He had actually called her... Rho. It hurt him to think, but he brushed the pain away and replied to her.
"I'm sorry." He said, a teary smile on his face, "You just... remind me of someone... very important to me. I guess... I have idly called you by her name. Pay no attention to... a... rambling young man such as I." He finished his small meal and stuck the rest of the meat onto a large splinter of clean wood.
"I'm ready to go when you are..." He told her, failing his attempt to be cheery once more.

August 30th, 2005, 11:02 PM
" It would be best if you didn't call me that again...." She stated with a bit of cold tinge in her voice. " I am not her..."

With that she leapt into the air, flying towards the east. She had been to the elvaan homeland a few times, many of the people knowing better then to bother her. Angel did not bother to wait for him to fly with her, feeling reather cold and distant at the moment.

" Nyow!"

" GAH!"

" Nya!!!"

" Ryat!? WHere did you come from!?"

" Nyaooo!"

" What do you mean you were in my tunic!?"

The tiny black kitty clung to her head happily, causing her to slow down.

" I thought I left you back at the temple." She growled in annoyance.

" Nyaa!" He mewed, Angel rolling her eyes.

" Whatever."

August 30th, 2005, 11:15 PM
He sighed as he watched her leap off into the air. He knew he should follow her, but he decided he'd wait a moment.
"You women all... confuse me."
'Yeah. We do that.'
'Eyyy... Kata! Howya doin?'
"You... perverted chicken."
'It was her, honest...'
'It was.'
"I've had enough of this... ring around the topic." He said with a sigh, "If you're comin, come on." And the man got a small running start before he rose off and into the east.

He flew for a while, searching the sky for those black wings. He was going to take another approach to this confusing girl. Worst she could do is kill him...

"Angel!" He yelled as he found her. He tilted upwards and rose a dozen or so feet abover her before he dove in, gaining speed and catching up to her quickly. He had to make up his mind now, or rather, a minute ago, as he skimmed over her and wrapped his arms around the girl mid flight.
"Now you listen to me you.... oddly interesting and numbingly beautiful woman. I know you arent her. But dammit, I cant help but see her in your eyes. I told ya before, I'll say it again... I wanna know you. So stop treatin me like some human an treat me... err... crap. Just... Grr." The man growled as he pulled them both into the air and spun her around, steeling his mind and stealing a small kiss from the girl.
"You make me feel comfortable... and happy. I... think it's... I cant..." He whispered as he held onto her gently. He cradled her face in one hand and held her to his body with the other.
"Mind if I give you a lift? You... tell me where to go... and... I'll go. For you."

August 30th, 2005, 11:35 PM
She was caught by complete surprise, staring at him in shock. Her heart thudded in her ears, her breath coming in short gasps. What was this boy doing? Was he out of his mind? He doesn't even know me! Angel nodded dumbly, not fully comprehending what was going on.

" HISSS!!! NRAAAOORR!" Ryat hissed, batting his paw at Katajii angrily. The kitty clambered down from his perch in her hair and crawled down into the front of her shirt, peering out at him angrily.

" I...I don't understand...You know nothing of me...you are a human..." SHe said more to herself then to Katajii, trying to make sense of the situation.

August 30th, 2005, 11:42 PM
"Yes... I am human. But there is nothing wrong with that. Yes... I know nothing of you... but everything I do not know... I desire to. I... feel this... I..."
He was looking ahead, concentrating on where he was going, but he peered down at her for a moment, smiling as he finished his sentance.
"I feel... that I could need you, with me. So that I can... live." He smiled as he gazed into her eyes, and then looked down at the tiny kitten.
"I'm so sorry little one... Please forgive me... It's been a long while since I've spoken to a cat..." He told her as he glanced up to make sure he wasnt going to kill the three of them.
"Uhm... Thanks... for not killing me. I... figured you'd either... get confused, liked you did; throw me to the ground and... yeah...; or get very mad, throw me to the ground and kill me slowly." He chuckled a bit before he looked back down at her. "Which way... Angel?"

August 31st, 2005, 12:01 AM
Angel blushed at the sound of him saying her name,not really expecting that. She pointed dumbly to the northeast. Ryat rolled his eyes at the human and snuck back inside her top. The cat dragon curled up in a ball and drifted to sleep.

" Of course you need me to live! Who else is gunna save your sorry hide?" She replied sarcastically, a light smile curving her lips. The Panther hadn't realised how tired she had been, all of the effort from flying had taken it's toll, along with her not sleeping for a few days. Angel wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled into his warmth, allowing sleep to take her.

August 31st, 2005, 12:07 AM
He sighed gently, smiling as he spoke to her.
"I dont need you to stay alive. I need you so I can live while I am alive. There's a difference there. One can live, but not truely be alive. That... is... what I feel. I'm... rambling again. I'll just stay on this path and hope it's right. You sleep..." He mumbled, hlaf to himself as he flapped the wings given to him by the Fire God. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he was ready for just about anything.
"A Samurai is not a Samurai if he has no Lord to serve..." He spoke softly, bowing his head to give her a tiny kiss on the forhead.
"Be my... Empress..."

August 31st, 2005, 12:16 AM
" Shutup Human...I know what you ment.." She growled softly, kissing him lightly on the lips before letting herself drift into lala land again. Warmth encased her, Karnage's songs filling her dreaming mind and soul.

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August 31st, 2005, 12:32 AM
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He flew for quite some time before he found himself tiring. But he still wasnt sure if he was there. Finding a rather large tree, he set them down in a clear space and balanced himself properly. The night was beautiful, so he opted to rest and hold onto a woman he was surely falling for. It hit him rather quickly... that love thing did.

<< ^.^ it did. >>

He stared into the night, the black void that he gazed upon was dotted with shimmers of hope.
He thought of that word for a moment. It was soemthing that would drive countless men to their deaths. Why in the world would someone be willing to give up the only life they have for a small glimmer of hope... He scoffed at them.
"You know..." He whispered softly, "I never liked being a warrior. I was always opposed to violence. It's... weak. To kill or hurt someone. It shows lack of restraint. Lack of discipline." Katajii looked down at the woman in his arms. She was so cute sleeping. << ^.^ yup. >>
"I... I am not weak." He began again, "Just because I refused to kill those that had never harmed me, they called me weak. But... Isnt true weakness... taking the anger you feel and hurting someone?" Katajii pulled her tightly to him and inhaled that scent he'd begun to memorize. "I am strong, father... because I refuse to hate. I... I love... with all of my heart... while others hurt me, or push me away... I forgive them and love them. The world is bent on death and pain. Yet, I alone, seem to want to break that circle. I... will love. And in doing so... I will be stronger than any warrior could be."
'Nice having that heart to heart... Son.'
"Yeah. Same... You stupid chicken."

August 31st, 2005, 9:52 PM
(( LOL!!! I couldn't stop cracking up after reading that Inu XD))

Angel yawned widely, dawn barely touching the rim of the world. The panther the snuggled deeper into the warmth of whoever was holding her. She let out a soft purr, that viberated from her throat and outward. She felt so warm, and safe. Angel clamped her teeth down on the neck of the person who held her gently, a habit she had attained from birth.

"mmm.." She moaned in her sleep, sighing softly. Her eyes fluttered open slightly, taking in the features of the man who held her. She blinked once. Twice. Her eyes widened dramatically, her face turning red.

" Eep!" SHe yelped, releasing her hold on his neck quickly. Oh my god! Did I just do that!? To him?! Her heart thudded wildly, her blush deepening. I can't believe myself!! How could I do that!? He probabley thinks I'm a freak or something now!

" I-i'm sorry! I didn't mean to! It just, I um! I used to do that when I was little! I...Ugh! I'm so sorry!" She stammered, rambling on and on.

August 31st, 2005, 10:09 PM
(( LOL!!! I couldn't stop cracking up after reading that Inu XD))

<< whaa? why laugh? -.- >>

He sat there, motionless, as a small dribble of blood made it's way from his neck, a smile curving his lips.
"No... complaints... here..." he said with an unsteady voice. He remained there a moment before he looked down at her and smiled again.
"So... do i get to mark you too?" He teased, licking his lips. "You know... I seem to be falling... dont mind... do ya?"
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He waited a moment before he wrapped his arms tighter around her and looked back into the sky.
"It was a beautiful night. But I... couldnt stop... looking down at you. You're... so cute when you sleep. Anyways... where to now? I've lost track of... a lot of things... actually..."

August 31st, 2005, 10:37 PM
Angel blushed deeply, her mouth working for a reply. She raised a hand to where she bit him and wiped away the blood, still blushing uncontrolabley.

" F-follow me..." She murmered, holding out a hand to him.

She lifted into the air beaming down at him happily. Her heart fluttered as she looked down at him her crimson eyes gleaming with some strange emotion that she couldn't understand.

August 31st, 2005, 10:45 PM
He smiled at her blushing. He was never used to things being so fun. It was always... training and formalities.
It was never... just love.
He took her hand, smiling up at her as he fluttered off the branch, seemingly without a beat of his wings.
"I told ya... I'll go wherever you... desire. But it's gotta be with you... Gah... what ami sayin... I'm a geek. I'm sorry... meh... I cant believe I'm all... lovey dovey... and.... Well... See what you do to me? Gah! An you wonder why I cant breathe or speak well around you... Geh... -.-"; Whaddaya think this is? This... feeling?" He asked her, trying to hide is own blushing cheeks.

August 31st, 2005, 11:03 PM
" I am n-not sure...but... I am happy!" She replied to his question flying up above the trees. The panther couldn't stop the purr that filled her from escaping as she twirled about playfully.

" Forgive me human." SHe stated. She flew before him and cupped his face, kissing him gently. " Thankyou, Katajii."

With that she flew on towards the outline of a massive city ahead, her wings carrying her easily.

August 31st, 2005, 11:12 PM
He smiled for a second and followed her towards the city, not caring that it was HUGE.
'What happened to that lucky Cat that's in her tunic?' He thought to himself evily. He chucked at his hentai mind and caught up with her, flying beside her as he smiled.
"You know... " Katajii began, "No one has explained to my why I've been given wings, and why I'm here with you now and... Why that rude little dwarf got all pissed at me and... well... Why the hell am I here... I dont know." He admitted, glancing over to her with a nervous smile. They flow closer to the city, he wasnt watching anything else but her smile, but he could tell that they got closer... He was never too comforatable around people...

<< -powke- You alive? e.O >>