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August 14th, 2005, 8:07 PM
Nothing is the same as it was before in the world of pokemon.Most of the world is icy plains.The sun barely is visible anymore, as a cloud was to be placed surronding the world of pokemon for eternity.Buildings were collasping by theirself, and fires were spreading rapidly.Only several towns and citys were not destroyed by fire, but the crime rates were increasing massively.All this happened because of one pokemon, one that was more powerful than anyother pokemon.It was created by sciencetists in a lab located far away from mainland.This pokemon was not named yet, but it had the power to destroy the world.

From start, it destroyed everything in it's way.It thought it was made to destroy, so it tried to complete it's goal.It killed everyone it seen, including it's creator.It created a tower in the middle of the sea, unknown to anyone.The pokemon then gone to the top floor of the tower, and rested there, while causing destruction.It created the cloud surrounding the world of pokemon, causing a ice age because of the lack of heat.It then caused the fires, and the buildings collasping.Team Rocket used this to their advantage, and were commiting more crimes, with each one being succesful.Then this evil pokemon then made almost all pokemon kill anything they see.

Several people decided to hunt down this pokemon after finding out about it, only problem is that they don't know where this pokemon is hidden.You are one of these people, or you are one of the pokemon that are killing any one they see.

Form if you're human

Weapons (Up to 4):
Pokemon (If any):
History(Not required):
Other(Not required):

Form if you're a pokemon
What pokemon are you?:

Heres mine.

Name: Ryu Azreal
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearence: Ryu has long silver colored hair, and blood red eyes.Ryu is at a normal height for his age, and his left arm, left forearm, and left hand is made from metalic limbs known as automail.He wears a black jacket, and black pants.His sneaker's are black, and he has a silver headband.
Weapons: 2 pistols, and a slim rapier.
History: N/A
Other: N/A

You can create more than 1 character, and we need 4 other people to start.