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February 14th, 2004, 5:34 PM
Eevee Garden

Ones Fate

Poking its head out of the tight blue blankets, the Eevee squirmed to get free. Sniffing the air, it scrambled and swiped its furry brownish silver paws at the ground.

Heres another one Fiara, just like that one over there, a black haired girl wearing a bright blue and red kimono chattered excitedly pointing at a brownish bundle of fur on the floor. It had a patch of blue on it though. The other Eevee in the blue bundle wriggled furiously.

Feara, dont you think this is kind of getting crazy? asked a black haired girl just like the other. She backed off as an Eevee nearly pounced on her new kimono.

Fiara! One of them is escaping! AGAIN! Feara squealed. Just then, the Eevee scuttled into the fresh garden, which was just planted. Plus, it wasnt even theirs

AAHHGH! EEVEE FUR IN THE GARDEN! a stressed out voice called from beyond the hedge.

Oh no Feara, we are going to be roast meat now Fiara whimpered. This is the fifth time that Eevee has destroyed Winonas gardennow its going to Wallaces fountain

There was a splash and a loud wail as Wallace ran outside to see what happened.

That was my grand prize Milotic Fountain! He cried furiously. The Milotics tail had fallen off and the head was dangling dangerously at its hinges. It was new too! That isnt graceful you know!

The Eevee began to head towards Flannerys house, its silvery fur glistening in the sunlight

Hey! Look at this cute little furball! Its got cute little azure eyes! Flannery squealed, not even noticing Wallace and Winona raging over their broken possessions.

The Eevee twisted out of Flannerys grasp and ran back to Feara and Fiara frantically, as if it was in a horrible dream. That girl was a freak with all that hair!

Bad, bad Eevee! Feara screeched angrily and spanked the Eevee in the tail.

The Eevee winced and wriggled like an upset baby. Fiara squealed and began protesting that a small baby Eevee like that shouldnt be punished so harshly.

Now you will have a punishment of no playtime outside or in the backyard- Feara was cut off by the piercing loud wail of Fiara.

Feara, dont be so mean! Eevee is just a baby and is helpless without a mother! she yowled.

The Eevee remembered the day her parents diedit was a fine summer day and Eevee was prancing around in the road, and just as a car came, her mom and dad ran to push her away from the oncoming carshe never knew if they had survived, but they probably didnt

Fiara! This Eevee needs a punishment; so get out of my personal business! Feara roared louder and louder, making Fiara snivel. Fiara, tomorrow, the Eevee will be abandoned. I cant take it anymore!

The more Fiara pleaded Feara, the less Feara wanted the poor helpless Eevee.

Please Feara, its only a week old! We just found it yesterday! Please give it a chance!

But try as she might, the angered Feara threw the idea out. Stomping into her room furiously, the other entire baby Eevee perked their ears up and ran into the fresh green backyard.

Winona fumbled around with her ruined and ripped up now horrific garden. Huffing angrily while she uprooted the useless Eevee-bitten flowers and carrots. This week was the day off when everyone would go have a partynow her beautiful basket of blossoming flowers would be ruined. She knew she had to use artificial flowers now, but who would want to see artificial flowers! Her veggie feast plate was now ruined so she refused to look at the turnips.

Why, Ill get that stinky Eevee if thats the last thing I do! Winona thought furiously as she yanked a bunch of daisies with Eevee paw prints on them.

Wallace sat in his front yard examining the Milotic statue. The water it had been gushing out of its mouth was squirting all over the garden and soaking his hair, but he didnt care. All he could think of was the party, when he was going to finish his Milotics body with painthow was he supposed to paint a broken tail and neck when it was supposed to be on the body?

Fiara lay in her bed staring into the blank, white ceiling and thought about the poor Eevee who was going to the adoption center tomorrow. Feara was in her bed thinking the opposite as Fiara.

Dumb, fat, stinkythat all matches the EeveeIt smells like the pond muckit is fat as the garbage truckand it is even dumber than the hockey puckthose all rhyme and they seem just like that EeveeFeara was thinking furiously.

The next day, Feara went off into town to give the Eevee to the pound in disgust.

Dumb Eeveecant do anything goodnow me and Fiara will have to pay a big sum of money to Wallace and replant Winonas plantswhat a day she muttered angrily.

A couple of minutes later, Feara stood in front of a big drab building that read: Pound for Pokemon-Adoption Center in right. Feara went into the building and angrily threw the pokeball containing the Eevee into the receptionists hand. When she left, Winona scurried out of her hiding place dragging Wallace by the hand worriedlyhad she really been too tough for the young Eevee who would now have no hope?


Okay, this is a silly attempt at a fanfic...

February 14th, 2004, 8:42 PM
No its not bad at all, if anything its great with the amount of detail you put in it, I was visualizing on what was happening with the Eevee causing trouble in the garden :P.

February 16th, 2004, 3:36 PM
This is a good story-keep it going!:P;)

Hi, are you gonna continue?

May 16th, 2004, 6:17 PM
Here's my next chapter-sorry I didn't post for such a long time.

Chapter 1 - How to Hide an Eevee

After Feara left mumbling and cursing to herself, Winona grabbed Wallace and started towards the adoption counter. There was no sign of Feara or Fiara.

"Wallace, do you have any credits?" she asked hopefully.

"Umm...I think I left them with my top trainee?" he whimpered.

Winona raged over him.

"YOU! YOU HAVE CREDITS! I KNOW YOU DO! YOU ARE THE TOP GYM LEADER!" she roared furiously, making Wallace squeak.

"Um, but I'm not the pokemon champ..." he mumbled, but this was a mistake.

"WHAT?! Of course you aren't! If you are so poor, than you must be weak-" Winona suddenly stared horrified at the door. Feara had her head poking out at them.

"Wallace, get behind that counter. Now. Go. NOW!" she hissed poking him in the face.

Wallace tumbled back to the counter with a red spot on his head.

"Lucky me I hid those credits from Winona, I don't want to give her 5,000 or anything..."

"WALLACE! I HEARD THAT!" Winona stormed behind the counter, not even noticing the security guard staring at her curiously. You have credits. Where are they? I am going to get that Eevee back OR ELSE. She glared darkly into is face.

Wallace quickly brought out 5000 credits, his hands shaking like crazy.

H-h-here you g-g-go, 5-5000 c-c-c-credits f-for y-you he stuttered as Winona snatched the credits out of his now pale hands.


The Eevee was sitting miserably in a corner of its tiny new home. The musty smell was most disapproving and it sank bad thoughts into the Eevees mind. Whatever would happen to it, the Eevee hoped it wouldnt be bad. Then she came back to her senses. Two people were heading in her direction! Stars in her eyes, she leaped up and acted sweet. Then her heart sank. Those were the two people who she put destruction on. Quickly, she slunk backwards, kept flat on the floor and sulked. Now she was being picked up. I bet Im in trouble now, the Eevee thought as she went past the counter.

Fiara will be so happy if she sees it. Come on. Winona squawked at Wallace, who was looking at some Luvdisk in a tank.

Winona briskly swept up to the person at the counter.

I want to adopt this- she stared a bit disgustingly at the Eevee -Eevee.

The counterman gawked at Winonas angry face.

Erthat would beah2000 creditsnot including tax, he stammered as Winona began to rage. The taxyes, its aherumyou dont want to know

YES I DO! She roared, her hair bristling up aggressively. So tell me.

T-the tax is 1000 c-c-c-credits? he whimpered as Winonas once calm eyes turned red with flames.

SO YOU SAY SO! she snarled. Okay!

The counterman was surprised with her change of attitude as she handed over 3000 of Wallaces credits. Then she beckoned Wallace away from the tank full of Luvdisk.


Winona was driving in her small car slowly down the path when she suddenly saw Fiara sitting miserably at the bend.

So, what are you doing? asked Winona stopping the car. She carried the fluffy Eevee out of the car.

Eevee? asked Fiara. WOW! It is our Eevee! but she then frowned. If Feara finds it, Im bust. Then she smiled. Ill keep my Eevee, yes?

Winona gave the Eevee to her, which started frolicking around her.

Just dont run into my garden or Wallaces fountain. She grinned.

Fiara skipped back to her house and into the Nursery. Good. Feara wasnt in there. She ran into her room and put the Eevee into a cradle. Then she found a big white sheet and covered the cradle.

Youre safe here. Fiara sighed.

KLONK. Fiara was suddenly alert-Feara was at the door, and the Eevee was in here. If Feara found out, she was sure to get into trouble. Slowly, the door began to open.

This is the end, Fiara thought. The Eevee had just gotten to home, and soon, shed be dumped.

The Eevee seemed to be thinking the same thing. For some unknown reason, its heart seemed to have turned to ice. It sensed something bad was going to happen The door slowly began to open.

"FIARA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Feara roared as she slammed the door open.

Fiara started to say, "I-I just wanted to give it a home," but Feara contunued raving.


Fiara gasped with total releif. She hadn't caught her yet. Just then, Feara stared at the cradle and walked torwards it.

"It's just a doll," Fiara gasped quickly. "Now shouldn't YOU be with the Eevee? Come on."

Feara walked away, but when she left, she took a quick glance at the bundle and thought that it moved...or maybe it was just her imagination running wild.

Sorry that this chapter is so short. I might Edit it because I was in such a hurry. Sorry! :disappoin :nervous: