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February 15th, 2004, 8:23 PM
Well, I didn't want you to be down (even though no one cares if I write at all), so I decided to bring back my stories. But now, the two paths cross, into one epic thriller. (I know I sound corny, forgive me.) So, be forewarned: I will change perspective in the story. I might go through the eyes of Lance, of Blizzard, or anybody else. So no complaining when you're confused. Got it? Good.

Prologue: The Prophecy
I had landed in a bush, outside of a building. By the time I came to, it was night. I looked around, and it turned out I had been shot behind the Pokemon Center. Where I was, I was unsure. "Mandy? Coals? Jenny?" My call echoed through the night sky, with no answer. My ears lowered, as someone's footsteps echoed in my ears. I turned around, and jumped. "Hello," the voice said softly. "Um... hi..." I eked out.
"You're... white-colored, yes?"
"White as snow... why?"
"So it's true. The prophecy does exist."
"Erm... what?"
"It's true. It's the prophecy of revenge against the Rockets, Aqua, and Magma."
My ears perked up after hearing this. "You... you mean it?"
She nodded. "Blizzard?"
"Yep. You okay?"
"Sure... where's Coals?"
"Behind me." A Ninetales peeked its head out from behind Mandy's legs.
"Hey, Coals."
"Hey." He seemed somber.
"Where's Officer Jenny, then."
"Right behind you." And sure enough, when I turned around, there she was. I sniffed the air, and sure enough, I recognized the scent. It was her, all right.
"Tell me about this prophecy."
"Well... four Rocket, Aqua, and Magma experiments will join together, to bring down the united three teams, at least for a few years. They consist of two humans that are half-Pokemon (one a fire type, one an electric type), a white, fire/ice type Pokemon, and a black, red spotted fire Pokemon. Sad that fire/ice types don't exist."
"Mandy... maybe there's a reason I'm white."
"You think?"
"Maybe... we'll find out soon enough."
"Well, Officer Jenny is half-Pokemon (the fire type), Coals is a black, red spotted fire type, and you, Blizzard, just might be the white fire/ice type.
"That leaves our electric half-Pokemon."
"Let's find a hotel."
"Good idea."
And so the four of us checked into a hotel. Little did we realize, that next morning, we would find what we were looking for...

February 17th, 2004, 11:35 AM
Author's Notes: It's a little common courtesy to post feedback on how a story's doing. So I permit you to comment on this thread, that is: if you care.

Chapter One: The Transformation
I woke up, weary. Turns out that Electrode only sent me in front of the hotel in Rustboro. "Ugh... what time is it?"
"It's 2:30 a.m." A voice called to me.
"May?" I could swear I recognized that voice.
"Yes, Lance, it's me. What in the world are you doing up so late? And where have you been?" She came up to me and hugged me, and I kissed her cheek. I was thankful to have found my love again.
"Lance, where were you the last 10 hours?"
"Um... here, I guess."
"Someone knocked you out on purpose, didn't they?"
"I guess... you can say that."
"Who did it? I'll show them not to mess with my boyfriend."
"May, calm down..."
She sighed. "You're right, Lance... but there's just one thing I thought about all day.
"Our relationship would never work. Unless... I fused with your Espeon."
"What!? You leave Sunny out of this!" I was enraged at the very idea.
"But, Lance..."
I sighed. I figured I had no choice but to give in. "All right... climb on my back. We're going back to Littleroot. Wait, where's Sunny?"
"Here I am!" She called from behind me.
"Jump in May's arms, Sunny; we're going home."
"What? Why?"
"I'll tell you when we get there."
"Okay, Lance, I trust you..." She smiled, but I couldn't see this.
As I ran the route through Petalburg Woods, Petalburg, and Oldale, I had a thought, a thought as if something was going to happen at Rustboro while I was gone...

March 9th, 2004, 10:35 PM
Chapter Two: Can You See the Love?
When we arrived in Littleroot. I was tuckered out; my body just couldn't carry May's weight anymore. It was a huge relief when she got off.
"Gee, Lance," she commented, "You're quite strong."
"Not as strong as I should be..."
"Lance, if you can carry me for over 2 miles, running at full speed, with no breaks, you've got to be strong."
"Well..." I blushed.
"Come on, Lance... time to make our relationship complete."
"What?" Sunny chimed in. "What do I have to do with this?"
"Lance's gonna fuse you with me."
"What! What in god's name are you doing that for?"
"May feels insecure about our relationship. I figured I'd have to give in soon enough, so I thought, why the heck not?"
"If you think for one moment, Lance Morris Alaite, that I--" But I clapped my had over her mouth. My decision was final; no one could change it.
Twenty minutes later, after the dust had settled, May came out. She looked very much like I did, and I think she was really pleased.
"Oh Lance, this is great..."
"I'm so tired..."
"Me too."
And so we both fell asleep. And what we least expected was...

((Author's Notes: Cliffhanger courtesy of SPon11's factory of writing. Used only in the context that I wanted to make the month's wait for chapter two seem worth it. But it isn't likely. And please feel free to comment on the issues surrounding my stories. Such as inner beauty, illustrated by May's refusal of Lance until she changed herself... and free will, seen when Sunny's fusion with May costs her her freedom...))