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The Vince Knight
February 16th, 2004, 3:41 AM
I have quit The hylosto league because I did not know what to write or people forced me to type it up nice or umm Neater or something I forgot-_-.
But thats ok this story won't have The Drago: And all it will have the other one we usesally do,So that means I won't get any complanments.

Chapter 1: The adventure begins..
At Rocket Island 1 harbour:
"I have come here to know why the pkmn have been real sick. I have left ash at hylosto so he can get all badges there himself. I will stop the ones who make the pkmn sick and Use my pkmn to defeat them!" Drago said
A Balloon appears.
"What the?" Drago said
"We have come from Hylosto to stop you!" Jessie said
"To stop you we will battle!" James said
"What is this place anyway?" Drago said
"You twerp you don't even know do you... This is the Rocket Isle's! This is where the new rocket base has been built!" Meouth jessie and james said.
"You are the ones who want my master ball from Hylosto,do you?" Drago says
"Yes we are and give it quickly or ELSE!" James said
"No way it belongs to me and you will never get it!" Drago says
"Give it to us or we will battle for it." Meouth says
"Fine then I will give it to you." Drago said
He gets out a master ball bomb and gives it to them.
"There now go away!" Drago said.

Route 200
"Now it is time to tell the truth about me, I am a pkmn G-man I am a good one and I am here to stop TR's Plan!" Drago said

At Rocket Isle 10
"We finally got the twerp's ball" All of them said

In TR headquarters
"Now what do you want?" Giovanni said
"We have recived the master ball!" Saids meouth
"Hand it over." Said giovanni
Jessie hands over the ball and the ball BOOMS in frount of giovanni.
"Ok...When?" They say
"NOW!!!!" Giovanni saids

At rocket base one.
"Now I need a rocket's suit to get in." Drago said
He grabs a TR and gets into his clothes.

He sees the isle map
"Now let me see there are 10 bases." Drago said
A TR sees him.
"Hey,You look suspicous.." He said and took off his shades
"You are Drago!" He said
"I am and I will stop your evil plans!" He said
He punched the Tr member and saw a door saying TR Battle arena.
"Oh whatever I think I can handle a battle." He said
The door opens and There is the oppent waiting....

Next time:
Chapter 2 Rocket battle 1!