View Full Version : Which Pokemon U like In 3rd Generation?

September 5th, 2005, 8:40 PM
Well,in 3rd generation,theres only a few pokemon which i like..others really not my cup of tea de~For me,i only like Grovyle,Aggron,Absol,Salamence,Metagross,Latios,Latias,and Raquaza...How bout u guys out there~? :D

September 5th, 2005, 10:50 PM
I like loads.

Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein, Shuppet, Absol, Latios, Latias, Gorebyss, Clamperl, Huntail......etc

And of course, GARDEVOIR and BANETTE!! XD

September 6th, 2005, 1:14 AM
Wheeeeeeee! Salamence, Rayquaza, Altaria, Latias, Flygon... tch, well all tha beautiful Dragons. ^_____^

September 6th, 2005, 3:58 AM
Gardevoir (and family), Mawile and Sableye for the most love.
Zangoose and Banette for some love.

and theres the rest.

September 6th, 2005, 4:03 AM
I adore Duskull. +heart+ I'm also a fan of Banette and Harriyama. :3

Cybex Mewtwo
September 6th, 2005, 6:18 AM
Gardevour - Loves it to death.
Registeel - Possibly my most favorite pokemon above even Mewtwo...-_-;
Dusklops - Only becuase of the TCG card I have...he can instantly KO a
foe if you have luck
Latias - The only legendary with a gender.
Thats about it for meh...

Crystal Clair
September 6th, 2005, 8:32 AM
I just lurve Tropius! Since I first saw it too, and the first time I saw one I caught it. I also like Skitty and love Delcatty and like Combusken and Lotad and Taillow and a few more.

September 8th, 2005, 3:54 PM
Mine are Metagross, Blaziken, Macargo, and cyclops.

September 9th, 2005, 9:09 AM
Breloom: same type as Iveechan...also it gets spore and I like it better than Paras
Blaziken: cool anthro chicken, I just wish it has better speed.
Nuzleaf: Pinocchio with nipples!
Shiftry and Cacturne: I like grass and dark types
Sableye: more for its cuteness than its type combination. And it's super useful for early in the game.
Mightyena: even though it sucks, it's cool looking.
Flygon: it's green! And my favorite looking dragon.
Glalie: cool and scary

Alter Ego
September 9th, 2005, 9:53 AM
I like a lot of 3rd generation pokmon. Some of my favourites include:

Cradily, Trapinch, Flygon, Milotic, Absol, Tropius, Svampert, Mudkip, Torchic and probably a whole lot of others which I just forgot to mention right now. ^_^

The only 3rd generation pokmon I actually hate are Spinda and the Regi trio. <_<

September 9th, 2005, 11:08 AM
Now let's see I like Trapinch, Cradily, Swampert, wynaut, sceptile, flygon (my favorite dragon pokemon), Ralts and its family, altaria, mawile and sableye, spoink and jirachi there are alot more, but it would take pretty long to say them all.

Crystal Clair
September 9th, 2005, 11:19 AM
I also like Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Jupitle, Milotic and the Skitty family.

Cookie luvs Green
September 9th, 2005, 12:28 PM
Tropius, Blaziken, Gardevoir, and Zangoose are my fave pokemon to use in my Ruby game ^^

But I love Altaria a lot =3 So cute and floofeh looking >w< It's d4 p\|/ |\|4g3!! XD I like the attacks they learn for some reason =P

September 9th, 2005, 1:04 PM
I like: Mudkip, Latias, Spinda, Plusle, Flygon, Mawile, Torkoal, Numel, Cacnea, Swablu, Chimecho, Jirachi, and Zangoose.

Mawile and Chimecho are my favs of those though. ^^

September 13th, 2005, 11:18 AM
I love all the legendarys on it apart from regirock and registeel, spheal, zangoose, Gardivoir, Kirlia, Surskit, Nosepass. I like lots of others but these are my favs.:)

September 13th, 2005, 11:41 AM
Cradily, Lileep, Anorith, Armaldo, Gulpin, Swalot, Banette, Shuppet, Torchic, Mightyena, Roselia (but only if it's shiny!).

EDIT: Yippee, it's my 700th post!

September 13th, 2005, 12:24 PM
Zangoose and flygon. Those are my favorites from R/S/E.

September 13th, 2005, 1:35 PM
salamance, castform and metagross

September 13th, 2005, 2:16 PM
Linoone and Mightyena . . . there may be others that I've forgotten about.

Lord Jacek
September 13th, 2005, 5:38 PM
I like Metagross and Aggron.