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Hiroshima Yuy
February 19th, 2004, 12:12 PM
Please copy and fill out this form:
Digimon Partner(rookie)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(champion)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(ultimate)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(mega(biomerge))-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(omega(super biomerge))-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Mega)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Omega)-

This will be just like season 3 and we will start on Saturday Feburauy 21 at 2:00 PM

The King of Water Pokemon
February 19th, 2004, 12:46 PM
Name- Brad
Age- 13
Gender- Male
Digimon Partner(rookie)- Puremon
Attack A- Pure Wing Blade
Attack B- Whip
Digimon Partner(champion)- Auroremon
Attack A- Aurora Blaze
Attack B- Symphony of Stars
Digimon Partner(ultimate)- Aphromon
Attack A- Mirror Reflection Beam
Attack B- Timeless Beauty Bomb
Digimon Partner(mega(biomerge))- VenusAngemon
Attack A- Love Tempest
Attack B- Song of Love
Digimon Partner(omega(super biomerge))- Goddessmon
Attack A- Heaven's Tempest
Attack B- Rings of Gold
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)- A quaint, quiet angel like Pokemon. Blue vibrant hair, delicate skin, soft hands.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)- A mystic, semi-transparent Digimon. The images of stars are found in her body.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)- A overbearing, beautiful Pokemon with long red hair who attacks with a mirror.
Digimon Partner Description(Mega)- Much like Aphromon except with armor plates that are found on her arms, legs, and chest.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Omega)- A beautiful Siren Digimon with no face, and large golden rings found around her wrists.
Items- Digivice, Meat
Description- Brad was a raucous, tough boy before he met Puremon; the least likely of Digimon for him to be partnered with.

February 19th, 2004, 12:59 PM
Name- Rei itoki
Digimon Partner(rookie)-betamon
Attack A-lightning striker
Attack B-thunderbomb
Digimon Partner(champion)-seadramon
Attack A-splahdownbomb
Attack B-pike cannon
Digimon Partner(ultimate)-magnaseadramon
Attack A-ice beam
Attack B-thunder cannon
Digimon Partner(mega(biomerge))- (biomerge) Unisonmon
Attack A-Thunder staff
Attack B-Heaven's flood
Digimon Partner(omega(super biomerge))-Utomamon
Attack A-Oct-icebeam staff
Attack B-trinety waterfalls
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)-quite,shy
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)-full of energy ready to fight
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)-peacefull
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Mega)-Does what has to be done
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Omega)-Does what he see's fit to do
Items- Crest of life...b/spirit of ice...d-c(digivice) Digital-control
Description-Rei and betamon go great together they both think the same and are against fighting for anything but peace.

Hiroshima Yuy
February 19th, 2004, 8:47 PM
Sorry for any inconveniece but i also need:
Digimon Partner(rookie)-(Hit Points)
Attack A-(Attack Points)
Attack B-(Attack Points)
Digimon Partner(champion)-(Hit Points)
Attack A-(Attack Points)
Attack B-(Attack Points)
Digimon Partner(ultimate)-(Hit Points)
Attack A-(Attack Points)
Attack B-(Attack Points)
Digimon Partner(mega(biomerge))-(Hit Points)
Attack A-(Attack Points)
Attack B-(Attack Points)
Digimon Partner(omega(super biomerge))-(Hit Points)
Attack A-(Attack Points)
Attack B-(Attack Points)

And i will see you Saturday

Hiroshima Yuy
February 19th, 2004, 8:50 PM
Oh and don't forget you can make ANYTHING up but as long as it is REASONABLE

Hiroshima Yuy
February 19th, 2004, 8:51 PM
P.S. all rules will be posted at 1:00 on Saturday

Hiroshima Yuy
February 23rd, 2004, 11:15 AM
Sorry about anyone who wanted to do this on saturday but i was not here because of a family emergency

February 25th, 2004, 1:47 AM
Well congratulations, you broke the record for Quadra posting. BTW, there is a Digimon RPG already... Of course, if yours is different then I wouldn't mind but...

Name- Yuuki Hakashi
Age- 11
Gender- Male
Digimon Partner(rookie)- Demidramon
Attack A- Dragon Breath
Attack B- Dragon Claw
Digimon Partner(champion)- Wingdramon
Attack A- Dragoon Torpedo
Attack B- Ultima Strike
Digimon Partner(ultimate)- Saberdramon
Attack A- Saber Slash
Attack B- Wing Blade
Digimon Partner(mega)- NeoSaberdramon
Attack A- Dragon's Sword
Attack B- Dragon Fury
Digimon Partner(Mega Fusions?)- None yet
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)- Size of a Guilmon, mainly black with Silver swirl patterns and a white underbelly, small wings on back that can't do much.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)- Has a Greymon structure, has huge wings on his back and is mainly black with the same silver swirl patterns. Has red stripes in the pattern of Greymon. His head has a helmet covering it like the one BurningGreymon has only the red bits are in black.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)- Same as Wingdramon but has a more humanoid form, and has a sword. Smaller than Wingdramon a bit and has some armor on.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Mega)- Same as Saberdramon except fully humanoid and has lots of metal armor covering him
Items- a Digivice(the ones in Digimon Adventure and glows black with silver buttons)
Description- same height as Tai in Digimon Adventure, has black longsleeved shirt that has this weird symbol(his crest) on it. He wears beige knee length shorts and Black Nike Air Trainers.

U basically copied out my form and made it into your RPG... gee Can't you do it on your own!

March 29th, 2004, 2:28 PM
This still goin on? If it is, tell me, and I'll edit this post, and add my stats and such...