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September 15th, 2005, 9:03 PM
I have been put to a job =D My first in my artist history so I thought I would let everyone here know that the bobby you all know and like has given me a job to deck out a site of his and I am working on it as we speek ^^ Requests will be slow to finish while i add this to my quest of art =D However I have not left them!

This was are chat
DarkSmokeyShadow: Hi
FreeNatureArts: hey o.o
DarkSmokeyShadow: This is Bobby just in case you don't know ^^
DarkSmokeyShadow: I had a question for you
FreeNatureArts: Oh ! Bobby=3 what a plesure it is to see you
FreeNatureArts: Go head and help yourself ^^ I'll answer anything you wihs =3.
FreeNatureArts: wish*
DarkSmokeyShadow: You're good with art and stuff?
DarkSmokeyShadow: I found this layout and I was wondering if you can edit some buttons for me? please =D
FreeNatureArts: o_O Edit some things for a webpage botton ;_; Oh my gosh.
FreeNatureArts: =D what do you need me to do with them *_*
DarkSmokeyShadow: Just rename them ^^
DarkSmokeyShadow: http://www.pokeworld.wcconnection.net
DarkSmokeyShadow: I need them to say whatever I have as the table titles
DarkSmokeyShadow: Like Gaming and all that ^^
FreeNatureArts: ^^ ah.
FreeNatureArts: Does it list what you want them to say?
DarkSmokeyShadow wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Didi\My Documents\download\freenaturearts\layout.zip.
DarkSmokeyShadow: Those are al the images ^^
FreeNatureArts: ^^ :nods:
FreeNatureArts: I see now
FreeNatureArts: =D any style?
DarkSmokeyShadow: http://www.pokeworld.wcconnection.net/otherlayout/
DarkSmokeyShadow: That's the whole layout
DarkSmokeyShadow: of font?
FreeNatureArts: :nods:
FreeNatureArts: Yeah
DarkSmokeyShadow: The same one if you can do it
DarkSmokeyShadow: If not arial works
DarkSmokeyShadow: oh, and can you edit the contbg to be just the bg color
DarkSmokeyShadow: and a banner if you get bored XD
FreeNatureArts: ^^ Okay , any specific form?
FreeNatureArts: I will give you them all in JPG's if you wish o.o
DarkSmokeyShadow: er? XD
DarkSmokeyShadow: yeah
DarkSmokeyShadow: That works ^^
FreeNatureArts: ^^; Can you give me your e-mail address for when there done, or do you mind if I thred it on Pc =D
DarkSmokeyShadow: [email protected]
FreeNatureArts: ^^ :safes:
DarkSmokeyShadow: or you can put the on PC if you like ^^
DarkSmokeyShadow: Whichever you prefer
FreeNatureArts: Okay^^.
FreeNatureArts: WHoa X_X
FreeNatureArts: Overlode rush XD. brb I need greentea.
Hey you meen the font of the Four site title?
FreeNatureArts: =D I have that one, it's called Celtic goth.
DarkSmokeyShadow: Yay =D
FreeNatureArts: Do you have any images you want to replace the banner?
DarkSmokeyShadow: http://www.hellandheavennet.com/webmasters/layouts/misc1/001.zip
DarkSmokeyShadow: I have to go
FreeNatureArts: okay
DarkSmokeyShadow: That's the direct link to download the whole thing o.o
FreeNatureArts: okay:nods:
FreeNatureArts: So what your uploading me now can be found on that link?
DarkSmokeyShadow: cya
DarkSmokeyShadow: thanks
DarkSmokeyShadow: you can use whatever you like
DarkSmokeyShadow: Yeah
FreeNatureArts: Okay :nods:
DarkSmokeyShadow: That'll give you a zip
FreeNatureArts: ^^ I'll see what I can do.
FreeNatureArts: Thank you so much =D
DarkSmokeyShadow: Thanks you ^^
DarkSmokeyShadow: Thank*
FreeNatureArts: er ^^; lol I dont know if I was the one to say that but I'm VERY honored =3
FreeNatureArts: Your welcome ^^

Thank you very much bobby and I will do what I can =D If anyone has any tips on helping me that would be very kind of you^^.

And to start with I will be creating the bottons and backround. The updates of it will be placed here on Project bobby thred and I will give them a day to day update it it is possible ^^ Some may take awhile though for the detail is very rough and the initial idea base of the forum view is still unknown (I justfinished talking with him)
=D Thanks again bobby and I will do the website proud ^^

:edit: I'm confuzed @[email protected] Where would this go? I thought web masterdiscussion and then I came her cause I am about art and I figured thats what this would be, but now I'm torn cause I dont know what it should be in since it's kind of both.. Fg, if you know ^^ please place this in a area that is more suited to it for I do not know X_X... Never had this befor and I'm so poped with hyperness of something like this happening I'm kinda numb XD And bouncy but thats beside the point! LOLXD

Cybex Mewtwo
September 16th, 2005, 3:35 AM
Ciongrads and good luck with your endeavour FNA. I gots faith in ya!