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Solidus Snake
September 19th, 2005, 2:58 PM
Pokemon (15):
3 Ho-oh ex (i'm still trying to get 2) (UF)
2 Hitmontop (UF)
2 Electabuzz (UF)
2 Yanma (UF)
1 Pidgey (R/G)
1 Pidgeotto (R/G)
1 Pidgeot (R/G)
2 Feebas (HL)
1 Milotic ex (EM)

Trainers (15):
4 Poke' Ball (UF)
4 Energy Search (UF)
4 Energy Switch (R/G)
3 Energy Recycle System (UF)

Energy (30):
5 Fire
5 Water
5 Lightning
5 Fighting
5 Psychic
5 Grass

Stratagey: Annoy and knock out my opponents Pokemon to an extent witht the other Pokemon, using Pidgeot to get the cards for Ho-oh ex faster. Then, if I have all the cards necessary, i can bring out Milotic ex and turn after turn, use Reflect Energy to deal damage, and move energy to Ho-oh ex. Once Ho-oh ex has one of each basic enetgy type on it, i bring it out and finish my assault, which by then is about over. Also, i can use Energy Switch to move Energy to Ho-oh ex, bringing him out sooner.

September 19th, 2005, 3:41 PM
One thing in the Pokemon TCG series. 30 enegries is too much. I am also trying to make a Ho-Ho ex deck. But too many enegries. Take out 10 enegries and put in more trainers and basics.

September 19th, 2005, 4:20 PM
Ho-oh ex is just BEGGING to be combo'd with the Eeveelutions. Here's my take on that...

Pokemon (15):
3 Ho-oh
4 Eevee
2 Vaporeon
1 Jolteon
1 Flareon
4 Yanma

Trainers (26):
3 Lady Outing
4 Stevens or TV Reporter
3 Copycat
2 Admin
2 Surprise! Time Machine
4 EXP All
(5 spaces over)

Energy (19):
4 Water
3 Lightning
3 Fire
3 Grass
3 Fighting
3 Psychic

Yanma is a natural combo with Ho-oh ex. Dropping 4 energies is always nice to have. Lady Outing makes sure that you have the energies in your hand ready to drop. The preference towards Water is because Vaporeon can also help you in powering up your Pokemon, if you need a last-ditch powerup. EXPAll helps in saving Ho-oh's 6 energies if/when it gets discarded. This deck HAS to go second, giving it a distinct disadvantage against most decks in the format right now, especially ZRE. It has good power, I'm just concerned about its durability...