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September 24th, 2005, 4:07 PM
Have you always wanted to actually FINISH an RP but have been unable to do so because members always quit? Looking for a way to do so? Here is my latest idea if you're interested.

As a group, we will discuss and plan a RP that all of us like, so we are all motivated to continue RPing in it, and we'll attempt to actually get to the end of that RP. To do this however, it requires a LOT of teamwork, so you'll need to be able to work well with others, and have decent RPing skills.

Now, first of all, you need to submit a sign-up to this little group, by using the form below:

Name you wished to be called by:
RP Sample:
Favourite RP Genre: (Fantasy, Sci-fi, ect.)

I'd like to know your favourite RP genre so we can choose a common interest in the group to use for the basis of our plot. So, post your comments and sign-up here.

September 24th, 2005, 4:28 PM
Aah, sounds like a good idea, Yukito X) *signs up*

Username: Kakashi and Sasuke Lover *points to username* lol
Name you wished to be called by: In the rp? Neko :P
RP Sample: (We haven't the plot yet soo....)

Neko sighed softly to herself as she looked out her living room window. 'Nice night..' She thought to herself as she gazed out at the stars.

After a few minutes of staring in awe, Neko turned to her computer and put her right hand on her light gray mouse. Running the cliccker on the screen over to the Mozilla FireFox icon, she double clicked on it once. A window popped up, then a few tenths of a second later, the Mozilla homapage, which was google for Neko, appeared. Running the mouse over the arrow at the top of the page again, Neko clicked the left button and a list of other websites appeared. Highlighting the one that read 'www.Pokecommunity.com' Neko clicked it and, almost instantly, the home page of pc appeared.

Sighing out loudly, Neko looked through all the different threads. 'Man..Nothings going on tonite..' She thought bordely to herself. Then she noticed a thread in the rp lounge that read 'Operation: Completion' by Yukito. 'Well..Theres nothing better to do' She thought as she opened the thread's window.

Scanning through the paragraphs, Neko smiled. 'This sounds good..' She read through the sign up sheet. 'But what should I rp about for my sample..?' She thought as she copied and pasted the sign up sheet in the little reply bix at the bottom. She grinned widely as an idea suddenly popped up in her mind. 'Well, might as well..' She thought as she began typing away, rapidly on her keyboard.. ((LMAO))
Favourite RP Genre: Adventure and Action XD X3

September 24th, 2005, 4:29 PM
Username: AngelicExcalibur
Name you wished to be called by: Josh
RP Sample: (Does it have to be original, if so..i'll edit it and i'll post a longer one if you like.) A strange creature was focusing on a teenaged female which was running from it. The creature was hard to describe exactly with words, but it somewhat looked like it was a cross between a werewolf and a hunter y from a Resident Evil game. It gained speed and starter to get closer to the girl, who was about 5'2 tall, had blond hair, and wore a simple top and jeans along with a pair of white shoes.

The creature was ready to strike, with one of its razor sharp claws in position for attack. The female was getting tired, and started to slow down. As the girl was in range, the beast attacked her several time, with the claws dismembering her. When the creature was finished, it had a small grin on its face, and continued on, looking for a certain person named Leon Auo.

Later that day, the village known as Stoneyu Village had all their houses locked and the windows boarded shut. Strange creatures have been appearing and it isn't safe for anyone to leave their homes. Gunshots could be heard in the central plaza, and several roars as well. The beast was there, ready to claim another victim. Dead bodys and body parts were everywhere, only two people were in the plaza.

One wore a brown jacket, jeans, shoes and had brown short hair. That person looked like a male insted of a female. The second one was female and her attire was a top, and jeans along with shoes. Both had a weapon in one of their hands. The male had a shotgun, while the female had an acid rocket launcher which were quiet deadly if used. They were shooting at the creature, yet only a bit of it was damaged. The female fired another rocket, and this time it was critical. Just about half of the body was destroyed. However, the creature recovered. Shotgun rounds were doing most of the damage now, as the creature was being damaged by the rounds, the female unleashed another rocket, which destroyed the creature. Another person was watching, hidden from anyone. "Target confirmed," the person said, as he or she left the secne, as another creature came and attacked the male, leaving only the female left.
Favorite RP Genre(s): Fantasy, maybe pokemorph, and probably Sonic RPs. However, i'm more interested in Sonic and Fantasy rps.

September 24th, 2005, 7:55 PM
Username: GodofPH
Name you want to be called: PH, Pat
Sample RP:
(from the Take Over PC RP)

Unnamed Island in the South Pacific...

"There it is my lady, your Volcano Lair awaits."

A stern looking caucasian male in a tuxedo stood at the base of a volcano. The man had an army haircut and an eyepatch. He had the physique of a bodybuilder and was nearly 7 feet tall.

A lady stepped out from the shadows cast by a parked helicopter. The lady appeared to be in her early thirtys and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt beanath her navy trenchcoat. A watch was was on her right wrist, sunglasses on her head, and what looked like an earpiece in her ear. The lady was accompanyed by a large feline with sandy brown hair walking at her side. The feline had stripes similar to that of tigers. The feline had the bodily structure of a tiger and was nearly 5 feet long and had a diamond studded collar.

The lady asked, "Does it have all of the specifications and interior designs I ordered?"

The man said, "Yes ma'am, I personally inspected every inch of it. I'm sure it will fit your fancy. We won't have to worry about electricity because the heat of the lava within he volcano can be harnessedto create electricity. A mechanism bult specifically for that purpose is installed beneath the lowest level of the facility. The conference room is painted navy as you requested and-"

The lady interrupted. "Don't bore me with those statistics Mr. Heath, I will have the enjoyment of discovering them myself. Won't I, Tiereu?" The feline purred and rubbed against her master in affection.

Mr. Heath said, "Yes ma'am. Once we enter, I will direct you to your living quarters. My assasins will be moving in tomorrow. The henchmen's quarters are that way." Mr. Heath pointed to large bunker houses located at the base of a jungle. Mr. Heath continued his talk, "I placed a henchman order at Bioclone Industrys, They arrived yesterday and have already began work."

The lady smiled and said, "Good..."

The lady and her feline walked into the door of the lair stationed at the base of the volcano with the hulking figure of Mr. Heath following them.

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Keo Kirito
September 24th, 2005, 8:11 PM
Name you wished to be called by:Randall
RP Sample:
Walking down a dark alley way, Leon Makilo heard a slight crack as he stepped on a broken limb.....Why does his hideout have to be way the hell out here? Leon thought to himself as he leaped over a fence...
When he landed on the ground he noticed the light was off in Kameno's cabin.. "Wonder where the moron went?" Leon thought aloud... "The moron didn't go anywhere! He was just waitin for you so he can kill you." Kameno said walking into the light.
Kameno had a muscular build to him, he wore ripped blue jeans and a wife beater....I had a knife at his side.."I have been waiting years for this." Kameno said with a grin...
"Oh, your not the only one." Leon returned..."Actually the funny thing is...I left my knife at home...So I get to fight with my hands...Hope thats alright?"
"Oh, thats fine! Its just easier for me to kill you!" He yelled as he drew his knife and swung. Dodging, Leon tripped him and leaped onto the cabin...
"Is that all you got? I know your better than that!" Leon said leaping to dodge another swing.
This went on for about an hour until one of them made a terrible mistake...
"You are making really bored!" Leon yelled as he dodged yet another blow...
"Jesus! This is so boring!" Leon taunted Kameno....
Getting angry at himself for being so slow he stopped. Kameno took the knife and jabbed it into his stomach..........."Stop!" Leon yelled!
To late, Kameno had fell to the ground dead....Wondering why Kameno killed himself, Leon jumped the fence and ran as far as he could to get away from the suicide........
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