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September 27th, 2005, 11:20 AM
Okay I know it's a kid like show but it's HAMSTERS XD My second favorite rodent in the world along to my first being Rats, and my therd being the unknow Rodencia family of the Guinea pigs.

So I will be making a new theme for myself next month that I am dedicating to my loving ham hams, Halo ,Ruby ,marill ,pikachu, Lucia and Cosmo.
They all died from sep 13th and a few days after christmas and befor(Diffrent years of cource)

Halo being my first hamster he lived only 9 months but he was a pet store one along with my sisters hamter named Ruby(Who died a month after we got him) So it is not of my knowlage that killed him but possible desease from the pet store which was just beginning at the time.

Then on My second hamster try was a year laiter and a day after Halo's deth on Sep 14 at a Animal Expo, I got Marill and pikachu by a well know breeder named Linda.
Marill died of a lung problem two years after I got him but he was old anyway .
Then I learned who I was when my Hamster Pikachu amazingly lived 3-4 years, for a dwarf hamster that was out of the ordinary and he died in his sleep the same day halo died four years befor him. It got creepy when a few months laiter I whent threw my first rat Expo and I got 4 females named Cali,Mayflower,Monkey and cerenady. Now I'm sitting here with yet another Strangly Over the age expectancy of 1-2 years , Cerenady who is a happy 3 years in october! While the other rats have died I learned I have a special something with animals cause they where all Killer and scared like to everyone but me o_O This includes some of the rats, My brother brent has been attacked by many of my animals and in a sense I feel like I'm there Goddess XD. They protect me like some weird Willard intro but they never kill eachother or even bit me once.

However befor I go on I learned I just went way off track with my plans (sorry)

My aunt tina Gave me Cosmo two years after pikachu died and then my sister got me my first female named Lucia(after me)
Thats when I found out I was Fetaly alergic to the Mites they carried in their furX_X(whent to the hospital for 12 hours)
And i had to place them in the mud room connected to are house, sadly I didint know a Raticus Norvijacus was out there and he opened there cage with ease to dismember them ;_;.
So I can not hav any more hamsters at this moment and I am settling with my new Guinue pig's Aris and Matimayo.

Anyway I want to dedicate the banner to everyones Ham Hams! not just my 6 =D So if ANYBODY ever had a hamster or has one now, please discribe them to me here and I will make a personal image of them and have them in the up coming banner of my Ham Hams Unite (Banner of the season idea!)

Ham hams so far:


Ham Hams made:

Halo and Marill