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DeathMetal Anarchist
February 23rd, 2004, 6:21 PM
Ok, this is rated....Hmmm I guess G or PG, I don't know. Anyway its about this boys adventure to see his father. On his way he sees many pokemon. Ohhh yeah there's a twist at the end but I'm not going to give it away. Ok hope you enjoy it!

One dark gloomy day were no sun is out, its raining, and no one dares to go out. Because a war is going on and no one knows what's going to happen, there was many ways to die now that there is a war going on...But this is not a war story its about a boy, Jeero. Jeero has a "perfect" family two brothers Tomo and Hiro, a wonderful mother Mrs. Secoma she is a teacher an art teacher and a father the best father any kid could wish for he would take his kids to movies, the zoo, amusement parks and more. But his father is at war, he sends them post cards once and awhile that is the only way they communicate.

His mother would not allow him or his two brothers to go out. Jeero's mother would say "no you will not go out besides your father will be fine" he could here her say "I hope" under her breath. That night Jeero got up and walked down the wooden stairs to get a glass of water for he was parched. He saw Hiro come down with sleepy eyes almost like he was sleep walking. He took his water and said "thanks" Jeero was pretty angry but he did not care as he walked up the stairs he thought I don't care I'm going to find my father!

So he got his raincoat for it was raining still. Jeero ran out the door and started running on the trail witch takes him to the war. Soon a odd pokemon comes to sight it was a pikachu. "pika?" and stared as if Jeero was a nice juicy plum soon it started to case him! Then the pikachu jumped on to Jeero and shocked him. Jeero slapped the pikachu it flung of like a rubber band. Soon he came to the war grounds.

A big boom startled him a bit but he did not care he wanted to see his father so badly. Soon a man came up to him it was his father! As he waked up to him he said "what are you doing here Jeero? Go home now your mother is probably scared sick!". He shook his head and all he said was "no" nothing else just "no". Then a BANG sounded off Jeero was not scared of the BANG because he was with his father. Jeero's father fell to the ground....He was dead.

The twisted story of Jeero part 2 coming soon!

February 25th, 2004, 2:40 PM
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