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October 5th, 2005, 8:53 AM
Also need help with a new name

Dark Tyranitar x1
Dark Pupitar x2
Larvitar (Fury attack) TRR x2
Blaziken (Blaze pokebody) E x1
Combusken (Lava Burn) E x2
Torchic (Hypnotic Gaze) E x2
Zapdos EX x1
Articuno EX x1
Poliwrath FRLG x1
Poliwhirl UF x1
Poliwag FRLG x1
Metagross HL x1
Metang HL x1
Beldum HL x1
Arcanine FRLG x1
Growlithe FRLG x1
Snow-cloud Castform HL x1
Electabuzz UF x1
Dark Macargo x1
Slugma UF x1
Dark Arbok x1
Ekans TRR x1
Dark Weezing x1
Koffing TRR x1

Roket's Admin. x1
Roket's Pokeball x1
Wally's Training x2
Buffer Piece x1
Mr. Stone's Project x1
Solid Rage x1
VS Seeker x1
Master Ball x1

Metal x1
Double Rainbow x1
Cyclone x1
Ground x5
Lightning x5
Fire x5
Water x5

This deck is in modified format (if any cards aren't in that format please let me know! thanks in advance)

October 6th, 2005, 6:33 AM
OK, Just some helpful deck tips here...

Take out some of those single lines. They are mostly unnecessary and will just clutter the deck.
The more Trainers you put into a deck, the better it will be.
Drop the energy count to below 20. This will give you more Trainers and Pokemon to work with.
Decide which Pokemon you want this deck to revolve around, and build the deck around a full evolution line of that Pokemon.
More than 3 evolution lines does not work. Period. Do not try to make a deck with more than 3 evolution lines.
For a start, try balancing your Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy at 20-20-20. As you get more skilled in playing and deckbuilding, you will eventually take out Energy and add Trainers to make your deck faster and more resilient.