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October 5th, 2005, 7:32 PM
DONT CLOSE YET (Hear me out Moderators and Super mods, Mostly the art moderators being that I do know you personaly o_o Give what I have a lisen please, I notice alot of people have been "Botton happy" On the close botton>>! I meen no harm and only want those with outmost information to answer o_o Can poeple who have the same question or other not post? This is important, and it's not no ordinary question. oO; Not placed in a rule book, hens, no Ordinary question XD.

Forest grovyle will be gone for the better half of the month, but no one is here to moderate the art gallery area itself cause shes the only art moderator for the one place, now many other super mods may feel it's their job to take over but Grovyle isint.... Lets say"As harsh" as I know some of you can be.

So I want to know if there is any plans for a moderator duble to come in like stider or CC. This way things wont get super stricked since they know this area a little more ( no effence)
And if there isint are you willing to lend it to someone who will report any unnessesary posts?

O_O Now I know I cant say: Hey cant I be that person, or can I be the mod duble, and babble around like a little hyper person of power lolXD For that is just not me !

But please I dont want to have people feel unhappy while Grovyle is gone and as long as they are open I would be Much happier with them for the moment being of how things have been in the past befor forest Grovyle (Would say her real name but some people may think I'm talking about someone els) became moderator of the place, I'm very honored to see anyone protecting us and everyone will be sure to report bad people .. But try not to get to stricked if the answer is no : Puppy eyes: I really dont wanna have half this next contest and half the new artists coming in the next 18 days feel unwanted and belittled .


Again if anyone has questions almost like this, Please dont post for it will be repeating me o_O
May get anoying to those reading after us, and for people with other questions of this importance ^^ Please make another thread so it is more even and easy to read threw.
I'm a moderator of four other art sites and its anoying when people ask again and again within' a 7 hour period o_O And I respect everyone here and what they have to say, Trust me . I love ya guys ^_^. But it will be much more help for them.

Again please dont close till you know for yourselfs what the answer is, I know my place and know I'm being very out of my line here. But I will defend this place befor I Protect myself. And I do know how this site was taken care of befor grovyle in some cases and know some of you guys will be hard on new artist just cause they post what you may or may not consider true art o_o. Again no effence. I'v just been spying on this site in the past and my teacher raven saw the first overtake befor she came around XD If it was for my teacher he would possibly tell me shes got quite abit of ground to make up for the art world. =D But she would have much more if someone nice and kind to new artist doesint take her place in the next 18-20 days.

I hope you dont take any of this the wrong way, I respect all of you .

Forest Grovyle
October 6th, 2005, 5:16 AM
I am getting chances to check up on things here (more than I thought I'd get!) To be honest, the main Art Gallery itself gets so few reports that it really doesn't need another moderator in my opinion (the specialist forums get many more). I generally deal with those in the specialist forums more than the ones in the main forum itself! :)

Thanks for voicing your opinion, FNA - I'll be here to check up as often as I can (probably once a day or every two days at least, especially next week when I will be on campus most days due to lectures starting) so things should be covered with the help of the great mods in the other art sections! ^_^

I'll close this now as I feel it's been dealt with. :) Always feel free to PM me if you have any questions or issues! ^_^