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October 6th, 2005, 6:20 PM
Well,here's a deck that needs rated.Bad.
(But all the cards below Fire red/leaf green have been banned in the TCG league I go to please don't suggest those cards)

Pokemon cards:
4 Mudkip(ex emerald)
2 marshtomp (Ex emerald)
2 swampert (Ex emerald)
2 luvdics(ex emerald)
1 snowcloud castform (hidden legends)
3 bagon (destiny deoxys)
2 shelgon(destiny deoxys)
1 salamence ex
3 numel ( destiny deoxys)
1 camerupt ex ( ex emerald)
1 camerupt

1 rare candy
1 copycat
1 ancient tomb
1 prof. elm's training method.(unseen forces)
2 sitrus berry(unseen forces)
2 potions
1 switch
1 mr stones project(ex emerald)
1 rocket's admin(team rocket returns)
1 pokemon retreiver

9 fire energy
11 water energies
1 heal energy
4 multi energy

October 7th, 2005, 3:50 AM
What exactly do you want to do with this deck? I see 2 cards almost haphazardly thrown together. Who do you want to be the main attacker? Who do you want to be support? Where do you want this deck to go? and Who decided to ban RG without approval from PUI?

October 7th, 2005, 1:15 PM
I basically just try to get out my Salemence or Camerupt ex.
Luvdisc can search for any basic I want.
Snow cloud Castform is so I can put my oppanent either asleep or paralyze it.
Salamence's 'Jet flame' does 40 damage to any bench pokemon I want to attack.
And Camerupt is to burn the pokemon.
Also,the Swampert is so I can do 10 damage to all benched pokemon.

The cards got banned because of "Nintendo's new rules".

October 7th, 2005, 1:25 PM
Buddy, might want to head over to the OP website (check my siggy) and check the new rules for yourself. HL, RG, TRR, DX, EM, and UFO are all legal under the new format. With that in mind, and that you want a SallX/CamX deck, here's what I'd go for...

Pokemon (22):
4 Beldum
3 Shelgon
4 SallX
3 Numel
3 CameruptX
2 Pidgey
1 Pidgeotto
2 Pidgeot

Trainers (22):
4 Candy
4 TV Reporter
3 Lanette's Net Search
3 Copycat
2 Admin
2 Retriever

Energy (16):
4 Boost
8 Fire
4 Water (right?)

Setup with whatever you can, using LNS to get your bench filled up. ETM>Celio here b/c of the ex proliferation. Boost for Sally, and Pidgeot to get the Boosts out. Takes 3 turns to power for Sally, but once its out, its 3-4 guaranteed prizes. Then, just start smacking the bench like there's no tomorrow. You might want to consider using Strength Charm for OHKO Basics with Sally, but that's your choice. Enjoy!

October 7th, 2005, 1:27 PM
Thanks for the advice.
Well,the person leading the TCG league won't allow us to use cards below FR/LG.

But I will consider using that advice.Thanks for it.