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February 26th, 2004, 5:37 PM
I wake up cranky as always. But I am a little happy because I am out of that stupid pokeball. Ash is a great owner but it isn't him it's the pokeball, it's so hot. Oh well, today I am being sent to the mountains in Kanto. I heard there would be other charizards. I was let out the pokeball at lunch time. I was so glad. I got time to spread my wings. We were at lilycove beach. The air was so fresh, the water was nice and warm, and it felt so good. My fighting technique I felt, was a little weak, so I decided to battle Pikachu. Of course he has beaten me 5-3, but it will be different this time. I am going to cheat on that little runt.
The battle was set. Me and Pikachu were standing in the middle of the sand. Ash, Misty, and Brock were making their bets. I bet they were all on Pikachu. I didn't care because I would show them wrong. The match was set 3 falls or nothing. The match began. I flew in the air.

Who would win? The story will continue but I need you to give comments so far!
To be continued...

February 26th, 2004, 10:04 PM
Cool! ^_^ Will you look at my fanfics?

February 27th, 2004, 6:31 PM
Isn't this something? I left yo guys off with me against pikachu. Ash all of a sudden stops the match right when I fly in the air. Can you guess for what reason? He says I need to save the little bit of fighting I have in me left. I wanted to flatten him for that. I flew down next to Ash. He took out a pokeball really it was mine. I slapped the pokeball out of his hands. I wasn't going back in there. What was the point? I was getting out right when we reached Kanto. It was stupid. My flame on my tail grew higher because of my anger. As Ash bent over to get the pokeball I let out a loud roar.
"Charizard what is your problem?" he asked.
Well I couldn't speak his language so I slammed my tail three times on the ground. Brock started to interupt on our conversation but Misty pulled him back. I couldn't decide whether Misty was Ash's girlfriend or Brocks'. She took control over both of them. Anyway, Ash stood back up and finally let me stay out my pokeball. I flew ahead so I didn't have to be around them. I would have rather stay with the mean guy I was with when I was a charmander than with him. The way he treats me. He dosen't know how it is to be cramped up in a tight ball. But I bet he let's that yellow pikachu out. Really wrecks my nerves. I started to speed to see if the mountains were coming up. What do you know they weren't. The trio decided to take a break and I did too. I laid down under a tall tree and took a nap.

To be continued...