View Full Version : New Pickachu Pokemon?

October 22nd, 2005, 4:37 PM

Is this a new pokemon in Diamond & Pearl?

I typed in "real pokemon" on google and this image came up. Is this for the new D&P games or a fake. the website says planetnintendo.com. So it may be an alternate-evo of Pickachu. Let me hear comments please.

October 22nd, 2005, 4:41 PM
It's not a pokemon, but it's not really a fake, either. That's a Keaton from the Zelda games. Aside from vaguely resembling a pikachu, it has nothing to do with it or any other pokemon.

October 22nd, 2005, 4:44 PM
I wondered when somebody would think of that.

October 22nd, 2005, 4:45 PM
Okay. Sorry then i thought it was a new pokemon.

October 22nd, 2005, 4:52 PM
I thought he was pikachu,too, when I first saw Keaton.

October 22nd, 2005, 4:54 PM
I wouldnt be to surprised to see something on Pickachu in D&P.
But it kinda caught my eye when i saw it.

October 23rd, 2005, 2:38 PM
I wondered when somebody would think of that.

Haha. I thought that when I first saw Keaton in Ocarina of Time. I was all 'Hey, it looks like Pikachu!' oO

Dawg 2005
October 23rd, 2005, 4:50 PM
That's a Keaton from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask(Tingle's floating in BG).

Definatly not a pokemon. Keaton...^^

October 23rd, 2005, 4:52 PM
heh, fell for that once too, I thought it was a pika-jolteon-vulpix hybrid @@*faints*

October 23rd, 2005, 5:57 PM
Pikachu is MUCH too much of a main character. If there were an alternate form of pikachu.. there would be utter chaos!!!! (Mwahahaha)

October 24th, 2005, 12:02 PM
Looks like Pikachu but it's not and My topic that I made in this forum can help you about fake or real pokemon.Thread made by me

looks like ninetales+pikachu cause of the nine tales it has.Get it?

October 24th, 2005, 2:31 PM
Action gamer that is called advertising *reports*

October 24th, 2005, 4:31 PM
But I did'nt advertise the site and anyway it's in this website not in any other it'sin PC