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October 27th, 2005, 7:29 PM
what do you think maake a cute couple in pokemon?

Crystal Clair
October 28th, 2005, 5:47 AM
Well Clair and Liza of course. Then Ash and Misty, then Brock and Suzie, then May and Richie and then Butch and Cassidy.
AKA my favorite ships

October 28th, 2005, 7:45 AM
I think that Ash and Misty or Brock and Nurse Joy would make a cute couple.

October 28th, 2005, 5:17 PM
Um, if this is refering to the characters in the show, then this thread should be moved...

But if it's just Pokémon, I'd still have to say the Nidoran. They're just adorable together!

Oh, and if it is characters, I'd go Ash and Misty all the way. Been a fan for the longest time! I also like the idea of May and Drew getting together, though it's not really a 'cute' thing.

October 28th, 2005, 5:44 PM
All taken care if *reports to be moved*

And next time report.

October 29th, 2005, 4:05 AM
for some reason i reckon max and a twin of the game man they would look cute together

Supreme Edgeboy Max
October 29th, 2005, 4:15 AM
Ash and Misty
Brock and May

Meh, I'm a Pokeshipper and Shoppingshipper. =P

October 29th, 2005, 4:22 AM
yeah for some reson it's just always the first thing that
pops into my head after asking what the best couple would be
in pokemon is ash and misty but maybe may and ash they might
have a chance no wait may and drew perfect that's exellent

Supreme Edgeboy Max
October 29th, 2005, 4:25 AM
=P A lot of kids are Advanceshippers, thats Ash and May shipping. I'm not, 'cause I simply hate May. lol

October 29th, 2005, 6:01 AM
Hm... for the pokemon:

Pikachu and Clefairy
NidoranM and NidoranF
Meowth and Skitty
Meowth and Sneasel

For the anime:

Ash and Misty
May and Drew
Jessie and James
Misty and Tracey *brick tossed by avid Pokeshippers* What?! I think it's cute... ;_;

Eh... that's all I can think of now. ^^;

Supreme Edgeboy Max
October 29th, 2005, 8:21 AM
*hits Light Azumarill with bricks* =P

I forgot to put these in.. Questshipping: Gold x Crystal.
Oldrivalshipping: Blue x Green.

October 29th, 2005, 10:41 AM
I'll say Misty and Ash ^_______^.

Supreme Edgeboy Max
October 30th, 2005, 1:26 AM
Wow, so many Pokeshippers. =P I've even seen a really nice piccie of Ash and Misty together in a manga.

How about ya'll Pokeshippers join the Ash and Misty Pairing Club with us?

Lord Nidokingu
October 30th, 2005, 4:41 AM
Dun like the whole shipping thing...

But yes...
Nidoran F x Nidoran M
Nidorina x Nidorino
Nidoqueen x Nidoking

image from here: http://www.tenzor.cz/jolteon/]http://www.tenzor.cz/jolteon/ It was resized for my signature on another forum.

October 30th, 2005, 5:41 AM
Anti-shipping: Why do we have to interpret every movement of a finger as a "shipping hint"?

October 30th, 2005, 5:46 AM
I donno, I think Meowth and Pikachu's kinda cute. ._.;; And the Nidorans too (that picture is so adorable <3).

For humans, meh. I don't know anymore. I used to like Pokeshipping, but I'm not too sure anymore. Ash and May looks okay now too.

October 30th, 2005, 7:19 AM
Here are the facts:

Pokeshipping: Ash & Misty
Advanceshipping: Ash & May
Gymshipping: Brock & Misty
Rocketshipping: James & Jessie
Questshipping: Kenta/Yoshi & Marina/Dani
Oldrivalshipping: Green & Blue

Kawaiishipping: Pikachu & Togepi (^_^!)

That's all I can think of, and Crystal Clair, what do you mean Clair and Liza??? They're both girls, not lesbians!

Crystal Clair
October 30th, 2005, 7:25 AM
Crystal Clair, what do you mean Clair and Liza??? They're both girls, not lesbians!
How the hell you know if they are?! Come on, they dont freakin have to be lesbians, they could be just freakin bisexual.
If you have this idea that two girls or two boys cant be together in Pokemon, then go bother Phantom Bugsy, she's the real deal.

Supreme Edgeboy Max
October 30th, 2005, 8:59 AM
=P Meh.. a lot of things.

I also forgot about Ash and Pikachu.. I think it was PartnerShipping.

October 30th, 2005, 1:59 PM
My favs are:

Blue x silver (teh cuteness X333)
Whitney x Falkner (They look cute together)
Eusine x Crystal (I don't know,it's just cute)
Gold x Crystal (What can I say?)
Lorelei x Will (I don't have a reason XD)
Sneasel x Jigglypuff (Blue x Silver 'Pokemon' Style )
Duplica x Todd
May x Drew
Misty x Ash
Karen x Sidney or Karen x Morty
Me x silver(Uh,does this count??? XD)
Flannery x Brawly
Wallace x Winona
Janine x Tate
Liza x Bugsy

and for now,that's about it.I have others---really weird.

October 30th, 2005, 5:05 PM
Hmm... I think AshxMisty, MayxDrew, JessiexJames, and MarinaxKenta make cute couples :)

October 31st, 2005, 6:53 AM
After seeing a bunch on oekakis...



Lightning Scott
November 1st, 2005, 9:05 AM
I could think of lots but im going to say one that no one else has said drew and may.

November 1st, 2005, 4:21 PM
i think umbreon and espeon are cute together. referring to pokemon.

November 1st, 2005, 4:24 PM
Drew X may
Ash X msity

i love those sets, they work well, and who cant say no to ash x misty =3

November 1st, 2005, 4:35 PM
Advanceshipping ish t3h pwnage~! Satoshi and Haruka all the way :P

November 2nd, 2005, 8:31 PM
1. Junsa X Joi
2. Rion X Zanna
3. Yamato X Musashi
4. Musashi X Kojirou
5. Ookido-hakase X Hanako
6. Harley X Kojirou

November 2nd, 2005, 8:33 PM
I can't stand Contestshipping. Shuu freaks me out :P